Day 11: Hawaii

img_7135Day 11 was my hiking day in Hawaii.  In the morning, I did one of Hawaii’s famous waterfall hikes followed by a second hike to a crater.  I then climbed Diamondhead overlooking Honolulu.  I ended the long day by going swimming at Waikiki. I did not wait for changing into a swimsuit.  After the three hikes, I was dying to go into the warm green waters and dove in as soon as I made it back.  It was great to float in the surf as the sun went down over Waikiki.  After cleaning up, I then went back to Waikiki to watch the evening fireworks.  They were awesome. You can just lie on the beach and they fire off truly impressive fireworks from a small lagoon.  I loved it.  It was a great way to spend my final night on the island.

Here are some of the shots from the hikes:

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The Diamondhead hike was a bit tougher due to the first two hikes. It is also advisable to tackle Diamondhead in the morning (which I obviously blew).  It is not a long hike but it is steep with a significant climb through tunnels and long steps.  They lead to the top with a series of World War II bunkers. Indeed, you have to squeeze through the opening of one of the bunkers to get outside.  It is all worth it.  What a view.  Indeed, the sweet breeze at the top is rejuvenating.



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13 thoughts on “Day 11: Hawaii”

  1. The working title is “Sh**canned! A tale of love and loss as seen by the last golf course officer in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.”

    1. Steve57 – I hate to be critic at so early a stage, but there is nothing in the title that would get me to buy the book. 😉

      1. I’ll have to have it poll tested, I thought “Shi**canned” would be an attention grabber but I guess I was wrong.

        If you have any recommendations I’m open.

  2. I could crawl across 700 yards of broken glass to rescue a comrade in arms and win the Medal of Honor. Iffy. I could defeat knife-armed armies of home invaders in single combat. Maybe. But I kill a spider? It’s almost guaranteed.

    She: “Honey, can you come here and kill this?”:

    Me: “Tonight’s the night”

    And a spider we both hate must die. Because an ancestor bit me on the FREAKING tongue.

    No, it’s more than that. When I was forced to live in the tropics every goddamed morning at zero dark thirty when I was heading to work I’d have to wade through a sea of spider webs just to get from my door to the goddamed car. So I’d step out the door. Immediately I’m sweating, so already I’m in a bad mood. And then a sea of cobwebs. I’m thinking, “This **** has got to stop” but it never does. Until you transfer to the Aleutians.

    I’m working on a novel.

    1. Steve57 – reads more like a nightmare than a novel. I lived here 4 years before I saw my first scorpion. I used to call people, describe the bug and ask “Is that a scorpion?” The response was always the same. “When you see your first scorpion, you will KNOW. 😉 BTW, good luck with the nightmares.

  3. I hate spiders. Ever since on picnic one hiding in a drinking straw bit me on the tongue. And I bit her back.

    Ruined my picnic.

    Just trying to get in front as this is about the tropics and inevitably spiders will involve themselves.

    And I’ll kill them. Which is, I am convinced, the only reason women keep me around.

  4. Professor, great trip report, as usual. Nice pictures of Diamond Head and Honolulu. You bring back my memories of staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu just a few years ago. My youngest daughter Sarah learned to surf on Waikiki Beach there. The best beach ever for those wanting to learn how to surf.

  5. As I’ve said here and elsewhere, jumping into the ocean or lake after a long, hot, hike is one of the most profoundly pleasurable experiences in life. It’s right up there w/ good sex and food. Hawaii is one of the 2 states I’ve yet to visit and hope to replicate JT’s experience soon.

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