Two Florida Men Arrested After Allegedly Torturing Turtle And Then Attacking Man Who Tried To Save It

urlIn Dayonta Bearch, Gary Blough, a disabled Navy veteran, is recovering from a vicious beatdown. The reason is not a mugging or a personal feud.  Rather, Blough rescued a turtle that was being tortured by two men.  Ryan Ponder, 23, and Johnnie Beveritt, 18, then allegedly jumped Blough as he tried to release the turtle back into the water.

When people gathered, the men took off but were later arrested. Police believe that the turtle died after sinking in the water.  The two men had been slamming the turtle violently into the concrete and kicking it.

Beveritt is being held in a juvenile facility but would likely be tried as an adult. They both face two felonies for aggravated battery and animal cruelty.

What do you think should be the range for any sentence if convicted?

87 thoughts on “Two Florida Men Arrested After Allegedly Torturing Turtle And Then Attacking Man Who Tried To Save It”

  1. The man who tried to save the turtle will probably retreat into his shell. Dammit. Six more weeks of unseasonably warm weather. Then several months of potentially regularly hot weather. The world is doomed.

  2. I need to see the pre sentencing reports before deciding their sentences.

    As for the turtles, we should respect all turtles, including Senator McConnell, whether we agree with them or not.

  3. Whatever we might suggest would mean very little, since the Judge would be influenced by the sentencing guild new. This being Florida, and the Turk=tle might just be a “Senior” we have laws that would add some time for crimes against Seniors. Frankly, I would hope that–based on the apparent age of the Turtle–perhaps this might influence the Judge.

    Additionally, all animals, in their own way, are prt of there food-chain, and, by terrorizing and killing this turtle, they have also committed a crime against the Natural Laws.

  4. Two floridamen!! Shiver me timbers! Bligh me and alas and alack! Will some one not rid me of this priest?

  5. These two guys, are animals of the worst kind.
    They need to be taught a lesson.
    Stony Lonesome, for a prolonged period, should do it.

  6. I don’t care if these people bad upbringing, abusive parents, genetic reasons, environmental reasons, or other reasons to be like this. They are so cruel, and their presence is dangerous to people and animals and they should be locked away for the longest time possible, No forgiveness, Just let them rot and die.

  7. As a non sequitur, I am in mourning. CA just proposed single payer health care, with benefits to illegal aliens. You know, CA, with the Oroville Dam in danger of collapsing after they were warned in 2005 it was unsafe. With several major bankrupt cities. With some of the most potholed roads in America. With the Vacation Train boondoggle on the verge of collapsing, costing way over budget at $65 billion and rising and all the land snatching. Alternating with NY as the #1 or #2 most taxed state in the union.

    Now they’re going to try to go make it all so, so much worse with single payer, after Obamacare was financially ruinous and collapsed.

    I can’t believe this is happening.

    1. Karen – did you see the press conference where Gov. Moonbeam explained his nickname? The man has not got a clue. California is in so much trouble. And the Dems cannot bail them out.

      1. Well, there’s the fact that it’s down to a single insurer in many Exchanges across America, and when those lone insurer’s go there is no coverage, and that many insurers lack a single covered specialist in many popular fields, and it was down to I believe 2 insurers in CA, and the premiums and deductibles add to the equivalent of a 2nd mortgage and most doctors don’t accept it.

        So…there’s that…

    2. Are you still waiting for Trump’s “beautiful” healthcare? No one has any idea of what his plan even is. Repeal and replace has not been all that easy has it? You could always move to a red state.:)

      1. Sweet Jesus, the only reason why health care is in danger of getting disrupted now is because Democrats literally, not figuratively, but literally, lied to us to get it to pass because they knew it would fail on its merits at the polls. So they lied and said we would save $2500/year, we could keep our doctors, we could keep our insurance.

        You do know this, yes?

        So every ounce of pain, disruption, and inconvenience that comes about is laid squarely at the feet of Democrats. Obamacare was failing, and would have failed under Hillary. It’s down to a single insurer in many Exchanges, insurers are hemorrhaging money, the coverage is unaffordable unless it’s heavily subsidized…

        Oh, and let’s not forget my own, lovely, parting gift experience with Obamacare. My bank info got caught up in one of those big store hacks. So my bank shut down my card and issued me a new one…which interfered with my auto payment to the insurance company…so they cancelled me. According to the company’s CEO, and the Insurance Commissioner, this was because Obamacare indicated that you would be terminated for non payment for any reason after 30 days if you are unsubsidized, or, if you are not the enemy and are subsidized, you had 90 days. The whole for any reason clause meant that even though I was a victim of a crime, I could not keep my insurance. Also, non payment did not qualify for a special event, so I, with asthma and a child, would be without insurance until half a year later when the next enrollment event happened, AND I would be fined. My husband’s insurance was grandfathered, and adding us would lose his grandfathered status.

        Whoever wrote Obamacare and worked to get it passed should, OK, maybe not die, but should get Norovirus that lasts for 2 weeks.


        1. never let it be said that alleged progressives don’t engage in the fine art of the false equivalency that conservatives have used so unsparingly for the past eight years.

          1. Torturing animals is torturing animals even if billionaires sons do it. Have you informed yourself about how these trophy kills operate?

  9. isn’t the mistreatment of animals a hallmark of mass murders in the making…combined with savage violence delivered to a human who tried to stop their mistreatment of an animal should qualify them for capital punishment.

    they don’t deserve living the rest of their days in any level of comfort—or discomfort—on the taxpayers dime.

  10. There’s no shortage of turds disguised as human beings. Unfortunately, our country seems to have more that its share.

    I would suggest amending the constitution so that these ‘people’ could have their citizenship taken away, but who would take them?

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