Pakistani Justice Pledges To Treat Blasphemers On Social Media As Terrorists

State_emblem_of_Pakistan.svgPakistani media is reporting a disturbing series of comments by Islamabad High Court (IHC) Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui who has shown the danger of Sharia law and the erosion of the separation of mosque and state.  Justice Siddiqui  went on a religious rant recently in denouncing “disrespectful”  comments on social media and  pledged to treat all such blasphemers as terrorists.

Siddiqui angrily demanded to know “Why is the blasphemous there on social media? Has the government taken any steps in this regard thus far?” He directed Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to appear before the court to answer these dim-witted questions.   The answer is that these is blasphemous material on social media because it is a free forum that has not be bent to the will of religious extremists like Siddiqui who want to enforce religious edicts.

Unwilling to just destroy freedom of religion and speech, Siddiqui went to proclaim his extremist views in case anyone could mistake him for a real jurist:

“I submit and sacrifice myself and everything that I have –my parents, job, my entire life – to Allah’s messenger (Peace Be Upon Him). If they cannot block the sacrilegious pages the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) should cease to exist . . . Anything and everything can be sacrificed for the honor of Allah’s Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him). I will shut down the entire social media, if I have to. I hereby declare anyone blasphemes against the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) a terrorist.”

Spoken like a true authoritarian religious zealot.

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  1. The question that everybody should be asking here:
    Why is Jonathan Turley Failing to Discuss Vault 7 and its Significance?

    The answer is simple. He is protecting the Elite Establishment and their corrupt government agents and tools.

    So, silence about the truth is the next best thing to hoping it goes away.

  2. I’ve long since come to the end, to a finality with these people, the incoming immigrant and ”refugee” groups dragging their truly horrible, violent, excuse ridden, religions along with them. And just today, we have an honor killing over in the East Bay, a Sikh beat his daughter in law to death with a hammer. The police say massive head trauma. In the family home, 3 generations. Parents, their son, the now deceased mother of a 2 year old. The reason? She “disrespected him”.

    I see no reason for them to be here, at all. We have enough of our own, already-in-place crazy people. Enough poor that we don’t help, enough mental illness that we don’t care for.

    50 years ago when I lived and went to school in Europe, the vast majority of the small numbers of Muslim and others, or merely citizens of various countries of the ME, were self selecting, they WANTED to be in the West, they were delighted to be away from their extended families in many cases, away from the religion, not anxious ever to go home and happy to return to the West. It is not like that anymore.

    1. We’re deluding ourselves about the possibility of assimilating these relics from the 7th Century. We can’t; they won’t; we’re all screwed.

      1. these relics from the 7th Century.

        Care to define that?

          1. The Wahhabi school was founded in the 18th century and followers are uncommon outside of Saudi Arabia.

              1. There is no profit in them.

                A protestant ‘fundamentalist’ is devoted to a particular method of interpreting Scripture, full stop. That has some theological implications (doctrinal, moral, and ecclesiological). George Tiller is about the most gruesomely unsympathetic character one can imagine. His killer, Scott Roeder, is notable for his association with a nexus of organizations of a Posse Comitatus type, not for any denominational membership.

    2. One guy commits a crime for reasons unknown, and now the entire class of persons from his area of the world is guilty? I thought the boogey-men of the mob here were Muslims? Do you even know what a Sikh is? A mind is a terrible thing to waste, or maybe not in some cases; knowledge is power after all, and there are those here who probably couldn’t handle it. Also, isn’t it your wish to inflict collective punishment, and wasn’t there a country that practiced that in the 20th century? I mean besides the United States.

      1. it is years of this. It is the windows of Cody’s in Berkeley repeatedly fire bombed when they displayed Rushdie’s Satanic Verses. I salute Cody’s, they put the displays right back in the windows… It is the killings in Paris, Nice, Madrid (Atocha in iirc 2004, March 11) it is London, it is NYC, San Bernardino… it is all the machete attacks in Europe, the beheadings, the rapes,… it is the fatwa on the Japanese translator of Rushdie, taken up by a wealthy jihadi, murdered for translating literature. It is the violence against women, against gays, it is the enwrapping of little girls, earlier and earlier. The honor killings the FGM that the West winks at more and more.

        Muslim, SIkh… read up. They don’t EVEN LIKE EACH OTHER, within their fractious religions…. Loads of sectarian violence with in those religions. Or murderous cults, whatever they are.

        As I said, if you can read, a long time ago in small groups, people who WISHED of their own volition to come to the West, wished to be there, wished to embrace the West. The others should be apportioned to Muslim and fundamentalist countries, IF they are truly “refugees”.. NOT to the West. We are not their rescuers.

        1. Well since a Sikh is not a Muslim–and no knowledgeable person could ever confuse the two–let’s just say they have the same dusky-hued skin; at least to a real, by-gawd ‘Merican, so it’s close enough for guvmint work.

          1. Oh stop. You reveal your own ignorance. In their home region, that turban and the long hair is dying out. The temples hold workshops to try to encourage the men to embrace … christ, what is clearly a burden in the modern world. Yards of hair and yards of turban. I doubt those men wash that hair every day, let’s be blunt.

            We are making ourselves the religious fundamentalist toilet of the world, imo. Bringing in fundamentalists from a range of horrific cults. Embracing regression and embracing gender apartheid.

            Now I am done with you.

            1. We are making ourselves the religious fundamentalist toilet of the world, imo. Bringing in fundamentalists from a range of horrific cults. Embracing regression and embracing gender apartheid.

              I’ll remember that the next time the federal Justice Department tries to strong arm a local school district into allowing cross-dressing freaks to use the ladies’ room.

    3. I’ve long since come to the end, to a finality with these people, the incoming immigrant and ”refugee” groups dragging their truly horrible, violent, excuse ridden, religions along with them.

      Bar where there’s been a breakdown in political authority, Muslim countries generally have low homicide rates. That’s not the case in Tropical Africa, of course, but even there the homicide rates for countries in a state of civil peace tend to be lower the closer you get to the Sahara. The places where baseline social violence is most severe tend to be in Latin America.

    4. You have 3 million Muslims in the United States and fewer than 30 honor killings in a typical year. It’s really a modest part of the quantum of social violence in this world.

  3. Oh I know! He should immigrate here any anyone opposed deemed racist. 😏

  4. “pledged to treat all such blasphemers as terrorists.” Meaning he’s going to give money to them and name streets and plazas after them?


      “The mosque’s prayer leader, Mohammad Ashfaq Sabri, told Dawn: “The mosque was built to pay tribute to the services of the man who taught a lesson to a blasphemer,” adding that the name was chosen in consultation with religious scholars and residents of the area.”

  5. Similar to what our clown prince has said about “opening up the libel laws.”

    1. The current regime in libel law dates from 1967, when extant law was gutted by the federal Supreme Court as a favor to their fellow word-merchants (who subject the courts in return to zero critical scrutiny). The judiciary has also awarded itself thorough immunity. Defamation law is such a joke that random private citizens whose names have appeared in the paper are defined as ‘public figures’ and even the most reckless and malicious conduct is not actionable.

  6. Evil is subtle and the “good” Muslims have been subjected to this evil their entire lives. They have not known any other way. They “trust” their leaders. Many leaders of Muslim countries are evil. They cloak their evil with religion and some of the most evil people in the world are hiding behind religion to disguise their complete evil deeds.

  7. Let’s talk about a parent’s right to physically punish their kid in the good old USA. I’m sure that there are a lot of families in which an adolescent child would be slapped across the face for saying “f*ck Jesus and the donkey he rode in on.” You think a prosecutor would prosecute that? I doubt it.

    Both of my parents were beaten for Jesus as kids (i.e. beaten up, badly, for once refusing to go to church) here in the USA. I doubt very much that any prosecutor back then in the 1950’s would have prosecuted either of their parents.

    1. You’d be best advised to take what your parents say about their parents with a hunk of rock salt.

      That aside, you can look to Sweden for the implications of what you’re implicitly advocating. The rate of child seizure by social workers and family courts which hold in camera proceedings exceeds that in Germany by a factor fo 20.

  8. You live in a country where 11 of the 21 judges who have since 1972 sat on the national court of last resort have ruled that the constitution ratified in 1788 requires that no state may proscribe or even restrict someone from contracting the services of a perverted gynecologist toward the end of murdering an unborn child with the use of cutting tools or caustic brine. Another 4 members who have sat on that court would certainly rule that way if a case presented itself. Until that travesty (and the law professor culture which promotes it) is remedied, you might just be more circumspect in your complaints about randomly selected Pakistani jurists.

  9. Sign on the condom machine at the Sudan Temple in Philly:

    If you are a Muslim. Put in a quarter or two. Always use a rubber. And stop the gibberish too.
    –Al Franken

  10. Allah sucks a big one.
    He does it every day.
    I will come him out on it.
    Each and every way.
    Kill Islamic judges and all their offspring too.
    Putting up with their BS is worse than eating poo.

    –Poet Who Don’t Know It

  11. The idea of a god or a prophet has always been symbolic of the fact that men who advance that notion want themselves to be worshiped by women, children, and other men. If an individual thinks that he isn’t being honored enough, he attacks people for not honoring a god or prophet enough. It’s highly destructive to a culture for men to view themselves as deserving to be worshipped by others. Obviously it has prevented people from engaging in life sustaining innovation and development.

    1. It’s called human nature Doglover and if it weren’t done in the name of god it would be done and is done using some other vehicle.

  12. America isn’t far behind. Both the right and left are pushing speech codes that are weaponizing the law in pursuit of political goals.

  13. I say the creators of Facebook are blasphemous and must be punished.

  14. I declare that accusations of blasphemy are blasphemous, and such perpetrators should be punished.

  15. Where is the pushback from ‘peaceful’ Muslims? Are they really concerned that their ‘religion has been hijacked’ or are they just waiting till they have enough children & enough ‘refugees’ to just vote their way into power?

    I dunno, I kinda don’t want the USA to be another Germany, France or Sweden…any one look up Honor Killings In The USA, Stealth Jihad or Muslim Demographics?

    I say do as Japan & some other countries regarding Sharia & Islam. That may be kind of a hard battle given Muslim complicit US 0bama/HillarySuperPAC media & that Rules For Radicals #4 is commonly used against US.


    1. The only concern I see is from some of the Muslims who espouse reform of the religion, modernisation.. Other than that… you basically have versions of CAIR and other Muslim groups that simply want to swell their numbers and make demands, demand after demand. I don’t see anything else. The endless Khizr Khans, the truly horrible Farooks and so on.

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