Erdogan Calls The Netherlands “Nazi Remnants” After Denial Of Landing Rights For Turkish Foreign Minister

220px-Recep_Tayyip_ErdoganIt appears that if you are an authoritarian tyrant everyone looks like a Nazi when they oppose your will.  Recently, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan denounced the  German government for blocking rallies of Turkish nationals — saying that the decision is “no different to those of the Nazi period.:  Erdogan has been widely denounced for his destruction of the secular traditions of Turkey and his attack on free speech and the free press.  Erdogan somehow missed the global ridicule of his (of all people) objecting to the denial of free speech.  Now, undeterred, Erdogan is denouncing the Netherlands as Nazis after the denied permission for a plane carrying Turkey’s foreign minister to land in the country ahead of a rally supporting his notorious expanded powers.

I think it is a mistake to deny protesters for either side of this controversy despite the curious image of protesters celebrating Erdogan’s assumption of authoritarian powers and his denial of free speech and a free press in Turkey.  Yet, Erdogan returned to his favorite theme and proclaimed  “They do not know politics or international diplomat . . . these Nazi remnants, they are fascists.”

Well, if any one could recognize fascists or authoritarians, it would clearly be Erdogan. Yet, most of us would not put the Netherlands in his same category.

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  1. Ergodan has learned well from the American Leftists.

    And they are all following this guide, which has become a best-seller:

    1458431063_Everyone-I-Don-t-Like-is-Hitler (1).jpg

  2. There’s more to the story.
    First of all, Turks abroad are regarded by Erdogan as subjects at his disposal. This idea is constantly being reinforced by any means available, from sat TV programs to sermons in state controlled mosques, while also emphasizing the importance to resist Western culture.

    A large group of these Turks duly comply, even though they also possess Dutch nationality, so these effectively form a 5th column.

    After entry had been refused to Foreign Minister Cavusoglu by witholding landing rights, rumours started Turkey would send someone else to the Netherlands, this time over land, a Minister Kaya from neighboring Germany.

    At the same time the Turkish Consul in the Netherlands denied this visit when the Rotterdam mayor asked him several times, Turkish communication channels called upon loyal Turks to take to the streets and ‘protect’ their Consulate in Rotterdam.

    Soon thereafter, the Turkish Minister of Family Matters appeared to try and bluff her way into the Consulate. The Rotterdam mayor, who was furious for having been blatantly lied to, blocked the effort, had her declared persona non grata and had her escorted back to Germany.

    Immediately ‘spontaneous’ riots followed, which continued today, in both Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

    All this comes at an unfortunate time as the Dutch national elections are held this Wednesday.

    It’s also noteworthy that Art 94/A of the Turkish election law (since 2008, proposed by Erdogan’s AK party) explicitly forbids campaigning outside Turkey, which was the reason for the intended visits: campaigning for the Turkish referendum for more powers to Erdogan.
    However it seems impossible to impose sanction against transgressions, so no one really cares.

  3. It is very strange that Trump employed a Turkish agent to be NSA director. That is even stranger than employing Russian agents.

    1. Not as strange as your unsupported remarks but then that’s what happened when you are fascist in nature particularly in the area of thinking is not allowed. Actually it’s not strange at all The only question is are you a National Socialist or an International Socialist or a mix of both e.g. secular regressive liberal. .

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  5. Plaine and simple. He had indicated he was going to fly to the Netherlands. The PM had asked him not to come. He tried to appear even after he knew he would be blocked from the Borders. He made a fool out of himself.

    I can tell you personally, you do not want to mess with the armed secular forces patrolling the airport border, the countries or the sidewalks downtown. They march in groups of two and can cover a block in 1.5 minutes. What is interesting is I had less fear of them than I do our police and TSA. They try and be cordial as opposed to treating everyone like a criminal.

    1. NATO is assez pointless. A string of bilateral alliances with select European countries (Baltic States, Portugal, Denmark, Britain, Italy, perhaps Germany) would serve us passably and a European Alliance (a concert of Britain, France, Germany, and Italy to which smaller states could subscribe) would serve their interests passably.

    1. The Dutch are not at war with Islam nor should they be. Islam is an abstraction. The Netherlands has the same problem other occidental countries do: a snotty elite-cum-professional / managerial class at war with the domestic wage-earning stratum, whom they’re sidlining by importing Moroccans, engaging in campaigns of legal harassment against anyone who objects, and transferring discretion over public policy to unaccountable apparatchiks in Brussels.. Another problem the Netherlands suffers from is a mix of perverse incentives and cultural enervation which has generated chronic fertility deficits for 44 years without interruption. The Netherlands does not benefit from a ‘war’ with ‘Islam’. They’d benefit from a restructuring of their political economy (which would include departing the EU, the Council of Europe, and wretched affiliates of these).

      1. Too bad Islam, in the person of its leadership, violently disagrees. Islam is no abstraction but rather a political movement of Wahhabism using religion as a mask. It’s frighteningly real (as it’s true believers in ISIS murderously shown) and has the stated goal of undermining and then subjugating the West. It’s no less nefarious than fascism but has learned to use the West’s own ideals of tolerance and pluralism against it to conceal and evade. Maybe, we’ll wake up before the ultimatum of “convert or die” is rendered. Maybe not, but no one can honestly say we weren’t warned — over and over again.

  6. According to France24, Erdogan is calling for sanctions on the Netherlands. Makes me laugh. He’s playing a domestic game of being the big strong man, leading up to April vote on constitutional referendum.

    Meanwhile the Turkish Foreign Minister is in France, at rallies there.

  7. Nazi is unique. It is an ethnic cult white supremacy Kraut supremacy groupage which has no other similar collection like it on Earth. Their heathen need to be repressed and right now German law does so. We do not need a comeback kid. Hitler might have some offspring. Or ospreys.
    Erdogan is a turk bird. He needs to be isolated. Kick them out of NATO. Don’t let em in the EU.
    Rally round the flag and put Erdogan in a bag. Not a laundry bag.

    1. It’s National Socialism which differs from Internatinal Socialism in only a few small areas. Economics is primary. Communism states there is no such thing as private ownership incuding your shirt and pants.. Everything is owned by the State which is The People. National Socialism allows private ownership but holds the ‘owner’ resonsibile for reaching norms. of production. The rest is summed up by saying both are completely fascist in nature including the version we had imported into the USA in 1898.

  8. Leftists call anti-Muslim people ‘Nazis’

    Maybe its the Muslims who are like Nazis

      1. Fascism with a large F refers to the Italian Fascist Party of WWII. Fascism ‘small f’ means taking and maintaining control by any means available to any extent needed. ALL the socialist left are fascist in nature. The two most fascist religion on earth also totalitarian are Catholicism and Islam. As a part of a control system it can be used in business, schools, anywhere there is a social contract.

        Fascist Economics aka State Economics is described as Marxist Economics with a thin patina or layer of Capitalism.

        Before he developed and implemented Fascisim, Mussolini asked Lenin (they both came from the Socialist Party movement) how to explain Marxist Leninism etc. The answer? You don’t teach it your preach it.

        The placement of Nazis or National Socialism to the right of the center of socialism was an attempt fill in the real center and the real right. In this country the center of a Constitutional Republic IS the Constituton not some foreign system no matter who imported it. That would be the Progressives in 1898.

        They do love their fairy tails but cannot present facts worth frijoles. What they are doing is called dialectical materialism AKA bouncing off the walls and ceilings.


  9. If the rallies were against him he would be whining out of the other side of his mouth. However, the guy the Dutch refused was a diplomat. Any country should have the right to restrict or prohibit rallies concerning other countries, on their soil. Why should a country have to put up with riots erupting through discord in a country that has nothing to do with them, other than having those of Turkish descent living there?

    This is a complicated affair created by Erdogan. It seems to be his forte to start a fight in someone else’s country to advance his fascist ideals.

  10. Also, not at all unlike what happened in 1965 when the Argentine military refused to permit a plane carrying then-deposed and exile Argentinian dictator, Juan Peron, to land in Argentina. In that instance, they also threatened to fire on the jet if it entered into Argentinian air space, forcing it to return to Spain

    1. They also did not let Ernesto back in the country and would have excecuted him before Bolivia given the chance. All things corn cidered with out Fidel he was just another medic and was run out of every country he tried – including Cuba

  11. Actually, the Nazis used the suppression of rallys as an excuse to invade.

  12. Why didn’t the Dutch just deny him a visa or advise him that he was “persona non grata”?

    1. They did that’s what set this off. As if it wasn’t planned . In advance.

  13. Most Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving. But not on my ward. We get together and have Kraut burgers and fries. It is a day in which the Warden says that the inmates have taken over the asylum. There is an antique army tank visible on the corner from here. It is part of an ROTC group. The ROTC group has a band called Tanks R Us.

  14. Now, undeterred, Erdogan is denouncing the Netherlands as Nazis after the denied permission for a plane carrying Turkey’s foreign minister to land in the country ahead of a rally supporting his notorious expanded powers.

    The job description of ‘foreign minister’ does not include headlining political rallies in foreign countries. The man has a talent for effrontery if nothing else.

    Erdogan has been widely denounced for his destruction of the secular traditions of Turkey and his attack on free speech and the free press.

    Turkey does not need ‘secular traditions’. They might benefit from law that is something higher than a politician’s or a jurist’s imperious will, from local decision-making in most matters, and from a political culture wherein it’s understood that you compete for office and deliberate over policy, something which in turn requires public discussion which is not an artifact of the will of a ruling party.

  15. As a religious fascist himself Erdogan should expect that kind of treatment. As for Netherlands – their country their rules. As for us “Self Determination and Freedom for Independent Kurdistan!” that includes all their lands in Iran, Turkey and Iraq.”

      1. Hey, desperatelyseekingleftism, were you one of these people interviewed by Mark Dice?

    1. I agree with giving the Kurds their own land. It seems like everyone has tried to wipe out the Kurds at some point. Their own land would be a solution to their diaspora.

      Their plight reminds me of the Jewish Diaspora, but on a less lengthy scale. Israel was a solution to the global persecution of Jews, culminating in the horrors of the Holocaust (although Great Britain had begun construction on Israel prior to that.)

      I wonder if the hard Left will be anti-Kurd the way they are anti-Israel, and identify with their persecutors as they have in Israel.

      As for Erdogan, this is the way of all despots and dictators. They want freedom for their speech, but crack down on their own dissenters. They want their own way and will thrash and lash out if they are stymied in even the smallest fraction.

      Thus I am on guard against the “one way for thee, another for me” on any level in our own government. I was distressed to learn of Hillary Clinton’s and others on the Left’s efforts to create anti-blasphemy laws and otherwise restrict the First Amendment. Come to think of it, they wage war against the First Amendment, Second Amendment, freedom of religion, etc, etc. I sense a trend. Beware anyone, regardless of political party, who would restrict your individual liberty with grand promises of a better life. That is a very well worn path to hell.

      1. I wonder if the hard Left will be anti-Kurd the way they are anti-Israel, and identify with their persecutors as they have in Israel.

        Of course they will. Just about every odious cause imaginable has the idle sympathy of the sort of twerp who adjudges Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman prophets.

        1. They are knee jerkers and haven’t yet learned how to jerk…….Nothing new in that bunch since 1898

  16. This guy is a creep and I’m sad for the Turkish people but they elected him…… The electorate needs to educate themselves about a candidate or they might get a psycho like this gem.

    1. Still trying to figure out why Trump hired Erdogan’s agent, Flynn, to be director of the US’s national security.

      1. Why are you wasting time on that? I suppose because you all ran out of fairy tails on other subjects. Besides it’s much easier to apply mysticism and subjectivism fighting a battle that was lost on Nov 8th than to actually try to do something Ergo Sum The left is doing the same as they did for eight years. Pay For Play and talking is the same as doing. You would make a good Arab. Nothing here. Iran’s tank as a target of opportunity is far more interesting and most of that is supposition based on thin air. Seen it move yet?

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