Iranian Morality Police Force Christian Women To Wear Islamic Hijab Inside of Church

Iran’s infamous morality church has reportedly turned its attention to a segment of the population that appears distinctly non-Islamic:  Christians.  The police stopped women outside of churches like the medieval Holy Savior Cathedral in Isfahan to enforce the requirement of veils under the country’s Islamic modesty laws.  So Christian women are expected to dress Islamic in church.  That captures the lunacy of these Sharia-based legal systems that are so insecure about their values that they must force others to follow them at risk of arrest and imprisonment.

Women wanted to attend the Armenian Orthodox Church had to show that their hijab met Islamic “modesty” standards before entering church.

Iran of course is the loudest objector when Islamic values are insulted in other countries while routinely denying both the freedom of speech and freedom of religion to people within its own country.  It is not enough to protect the right to wear the hijab, the Iranians must force non-believers to live Islamically correct lives.  It borders on sectarian insecurity that, absent the threat of flogging and execution, people would chose for themselves in how to live and whether to follow the medieval dictates of Sharia law.


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  1. I think you summed it up, “That captures the lunacy of these Sharia-based legal systems that are so insecure about their values that they must force others to follow them at risk of arrest and imprisonment.” But it’s the law whether we agree or not. Good post bringing attention to this matter.

  2. As an American who has many freedoms, it’s easy to criticize or pity those who don’t. This is the wrong attitude and it leads towards the idea that our way is the only right way and we just might kill you until you agree with us. How many wars have happened because our “free” country can’t allow other countries to live differently? If this is how Iran wants to live then it’s their business not ours. I’m more impressed that citizens are allowed to even practice Christianity in Iran. If we HAVE to wear a shirt and shoes to walk into a 7-Eleven in the USA, why is it so offensive that a different country also has a different dress code?

  3. Just possibly the church authorities asked the religious police to enforce the head cover requirement? This thread doesn’t give enough information.

  4. Democrats working for the Gays and Women by…bringing in those who wish to enslave them or kill them and…. all because they hate White Male Christian Republicans

    Democrats really dont love America. They love themselves so much they will do anything to defeat the Republicans, including treason or violating their own supporters in a sacrificial bid.

    For example they throw the Gays and Women under the bus to bring in Muslims all while throwing the Unions, Low Wage workers, Black America under the bus to bring in cheap wage Illegals.

    They really dont care about illegals or Muslims. They care about votes and opposition to the GOP down the road.

    Democrats are a menace. Most people are smart enough to realize this and grow out of being one by the time they hit 40.

    1. PS- Im not a big fan of the Republicans either but they are still a heckuva lot better than the Bolshevik aka Democrats

    2. The notion of civil dialogue suggests that if you actually had a conversation with those who vote as Democrats, you could find common ground. People who vote for each party hold a wide array of political positions and feel strongly and less strongly about different issues. They are certainly not all as portrayed in your comment.

  5. For many people religion is not a belief system but a power system. Take out the model of domination and subjugation and there is nothing left.

  6. Remember when the Soviet Union and Red China were the evil empires? The Muddle East is the lowest part of planet Earth. Almost as bad at Nazi Gemany under Hitler. Yet I do not want to go to war to somehow save them from themselves. We should pull out of all of those tent head territories.

    1. ‘Tent head territories”

      Very classy, Jack… very classy…

      You sure know how to close the sale…

      1. Therepi ,ic:
        Jack is expressing the sentiment of many that respect is earned not freeely given. Make stupid rules; get called stupid names.

  7. Perhaps we might follow this role. Get people out of those places that clearly doh’t belong and are in danger…..Leave people who fit into -the mode of that culture what ever it is unless they ask for asylum.

    Then let each country live as they wish. Iran and others want to re- establish the culture of the time of Mohammed. Not quite the stone age but clearly before the machine age or age of metallurgy.

    So be it. No nuclear anything. No oil or oil wells or machinery. No docks, ports or air fields.

    We don’t have to go there.

    There is nothing, including oil, in the middle east we need.


    1. “Get people out of those places that clearly doh’t belong and are in danger…..Leave people who fit into -the mode of that culture what ever it is unless they ask for asylum.”

      And that, in a nutshell, is my immigration/refugee/asylum conundrum. I want to rescue the persecuted, not invite the persecutors. I want to let in the Christians, Kurds, all the girls who just want to get their hands on an issue of Cosmo, and anyone who would thrive with our Western values. I just do not want those who agree with that extremist world view, who would come here and hurt our girls, gays, Jews, or otherwise import the Stone Age here.

      The Stone Age is intriguing to visit on an archeological dig, but I sure as heck would not want to live there. So don’t bring it here.

  8. Catholic Churches used to required women to follow a dress code, even if they were just visiting to see the architecture.

  9. Freedom. You don’t know what it is…..
    Till it’s gone. 😑

      1. The way sons and daughters are treated in Iran, and many places in the Middle East, is so unutterably different. There is this obsessive hyper scrutiny on the girls and women. How ridiculous to require girls to wear a raincoat in summer.

        The young people in Iran have really been pushing the envelope. You wouldn’t believe how loose they are wearing roosaries (hijab). I’m waiting with baited breath to see if they make some headway, or get violently smashed down by the more organized religious police. It always seems that the extremists are more organized in the ME, which is why the Arab Spring turned into more of a GOT Winter is Coming.

        It’s not my country. I have no say. But those are all my sisters out there being controlled for their entire lives, even subjected to violence if they do not conform. It bothers me.

  10. Did the police enter the Church? If not, why is this an issue?

    I’m not familiar with Armenian practice, but mantillas are common though not universal at Catholic services where the 1962 missal is being used.

    Oh, here’s an advisory here

    The money quote: “Please, be aware that Church canons dictate that women should cover their heads in church.”

    My suggestion to you personally would be that if the definition of ‘indecent exposure’ in Iranian law bothers you, stay out of Iran. The appellate judiciary and law professoriate fancy their opinions and tastes on life, style, and life-style should be binding on everyone else in the world, not because the appellate judiciary and the law professoriate is perspicacious, but because they live in a little bubble and have no challenging interactions with people outside of it.

    1. You are way out of line.
      The article clearly says that the mullah police is enforcing Islamic law. Also, you idiotically assume they are now surrogates for Armenian church officials who enforce attire rules. Your ignorance of facts is obvious, and I would be deeply embarrassed if I were you. What is happening here is but another instance of coerced subjugation to Islam and its tenets, even within the confines of a church where only Christians go.
      My personal suggestion to you is to learn more about the subject before emitting vapid arguments where you try hard to appear superior and virtuous for your pretense of tolerance that you even fail at the insult you’re clearly attempting to hurl.

  11. Does this mean that JT supports banning Moo Slims from entry and access to U.S. welfare benefits? Does it also mean JT would support pressuring Saudi Arabia to end support for their present Stone Age legal system?

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