“You Are A Good Man”: Trump Praised Philippine President Duterte For His Blood-Soaked Crackdown On Drugs

We have previously discussed the worrisome affinity that President Donald Trump has appeared to show toward authoritarian figures like Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdogan.  Now the Department of Foreign Affairs has reportedly released a transcript of the call between Trump and its blood-soaked president Rodrigo Duterte.  The transcript shows Trump heaping praise on Duterte specifically for his crackdown on drugs — the very program that has made him an international pariah over its extrajudicial murders of suspects. Thousands have been reported murdered under Duterte’s reign of terror for criminal suspects.  The White House has not denied the accuracy of the transcript.  Duterte is now threatening to remove any semblance of a democratic system and declare martial law over the entire island.

On the April 29th call, Trump praised Duterte (who has faced calls for both prosecution and impeachment for his admission of murders going back to his time as a mayor) for his war on drugs.  Trump says that Duterte is doing an “unbelievable job.”  Trump seems to have bonded with the unstable strongman and said that like him, Duterte doesn’t sleep much.  “I just wanted to congratulate you because I am hearing of the unbelievable job on the drug problem,” Trump told Duterte “Many countries have the problem, we have a problem, but what a great job you are doing and I just wanted to call and tell you that.”  Trump seems oblivious to the fact that Duterte has destroyed due process and embraced extrajudicial killings as part of that “great job.”  Despite Duterte’s profane attacks on the Pope and others (and his bragging about personally killing suspects), Trump declared “You are a good man . . .  Keep up the good work . . . You are doing an amazing job.”

This “good man” has declared  “Hitler massacred three million Jews [sic], now, there’s three million drug addicts. I’d be happy to slaughter them.” He has encouraged citizens, particularly the unemployed, to “kill all the drug addicts.” Yet, Trump seems intent on conveying a new position of the United States on our view of such killings.  In distinguishing his Administration from the critical Obama administration, Trump basically professed that “I get you.”  At one point he says “I understand that, and fully understand that, and I think we had a previous president who did not understand that but I understand that and we have spoken about this before.”  That sounds a lot like the United States is now supporting authoritarian extrajudicial murders.

What is equally bizarre is that Trump asked the notoriously unstable Duterte for his view of the stability of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who Trump described as a “madman with nuclear weapons.”  He also revealed that two nuclear submarines were moved into the area.

The statements made on this call would go well beyond Trump’s tolerance for authoritarian figures and push the United States into praising — even encouraging — such abuses.  Duterte has destroyed the legal system of his country and openly mocked basic human rights.  Like Trump’s call congratulating Erdogan on acquiring near dictatorial powers, Trump’s praise of Duterte is chilling.

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  1. We must admire Duterte for his principled opposition to PC and the monstrous horror that spawned it, the idea of human rights.

    Human rights are not a good idea in theory but problematic in practice, they are not something to which we should aspire in the future but which are not yet feasible, no, human rights are EVIL. Lucifer and his senior demons spent many years dreaming up the concept of human rights and how they laugh when some liberal idiot acts as if members of species homo sapiens sapiens who are not human in the sense of being entitled to human rights are in fact so entitled.

    In no nation can human rights be affordable for 100% of the homo sapiens sapiens inside the borders, in advanced countries the entitled may be as much as 80% of the population but in high poverty third world hell holes like the Phillipines human rights can be afforded for no more than 5%.

    There are many reasons why a particular member of species homo sapiens sapiens may forfeit any entitlement to human rights. Here are some examples:-

    1/ Being indigenous where the indigenous are an obstacle to development that will enrich multinational companies and local oligarchs;

    2/ Being Palestinian where the idea that Palestinians have rights over the land that they were occupying is an impediment to the Jews returning to occupy the land that God Almighty granted them 4,000 years ago;

    3/ Opponents of the rightful government such as Anna Politkovskaya and Boris Nemtsov, in Russia;

    4/ Any member of the 11% of homo sapiens sapiens in the US who are members of the black underclass produced as a result of that most egregious excess of political correctness the abolition of slavery. These people do not have the right not to be shot to death because they match the description of a suspect or bwcause the police mistake their mobile phones or wallets for Glock nine millimetres.

    5/ Protestors agains economic activity such as the DAPL have no right not to be shot in the arm with a tear gas grenade.

  2. In small way, many here will be pleased to learn that we, too, have politicians who have the character and skills that approach those of Durterte. We need only to look to the Montana House race and the admirable Gianforte who body slammed a journalist who had the temerity to ask Mr. Gianforte what he thought of the new CBO rating for ACHA.

  3. They both have plenty of innocent blood on their hands. There is a natural affinity among world “leaders” for this very reason. Trump just exchanged money for selling out the families trying to sue the Saudi’s for their part in 9/11. Isn’t that pretty blood soaked.

    I don’t see a problem with calling out Duterte. It’s just bizarre to pretend that USGinc. “leaders” aren’t as bad or worse. It only makes sense that they all admire each other as they all share the same value system of extreme evil towards the earth and it’s life, including other human beings.

    1. Perhaps droning the drug dealers would suddenly make it acceptable. It was not worth making a fuss over when President Obama did it to terrorists.

  4. Duterte is all hat and no cattle. Davao City has a homicide rate precisely the national mean in the Philippines. It’s all performance art. The smart money says the ‘extrajudicial killings’ are quite fanciful.

  5. I realize Jonathan is a dedicated citizen rights defender, and I respect that. However, it’s naively idealistic to try to apply the same standard of defendant rights to murderous cartels and Islamist terrorists. In the PP, these psychopathic outliers are on the warpath to destroy Constitutional government with its checks and balances, and replace it with thug totalitarianism. It is reasonable to have martial law until these threats to the Phillippine Republic are neutralized.

    The liberals in the US are so devoid of street smarts….the Central American child-smuggling gangs played them like a fiddle for 3 years post- DACA until Pres. Trump ended their vile business plan (extorting poor families to hand over their life savings under threat of killing their child). Libs could do well to seek out the big picture before taking up a sanctimonious, meddlesome stance.

    Phillippinos are our allies, and we should give moral and intel support to thrash the drug gangs and Islamist militias out of existence.

    1. That type of unconstitutional activity is more dangerous to constitutional government than any criminal. You have a narrow view of history if you believe people are more violent now than in the past. Any reason given to authorize extra legal state sponsored violence to preserve a legal system is baseless. The only exceptions would be those that advocate for the need for state sponsored violence against bogeymen as a pretense disguising their real intent to steal resources by moving unwilling people off of their land, sell weapons, or engage in many other nefarious schemes to become enriched by the misery of other humans.

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