Sister of Salman Abedi Insists That Her Brother Was Trying To Revenge The Deaths of Muslim Children

downloadThe sister of Manchester bomber Salman Abedi came to the defense of her dead brother.  The words of Jomana Abedi fell considerably short of reassuring the public about her family and its association with Islamic extremists. It is now known that Abedi spoke to his brother only 15 minutes before he savagely murdered dozens of young girls. 

170524134101-hashim-ramadan-abu-qassem-al-abedi-exlarge-169His younger brother, Hashim Ramadan Abu Qassem al-Abedi (right) had been detained in Libya and allegedly knew of the plot and may have helped with preparations.

Then the sister entered the fray as described this murderous extremists as a a kind and loving man, the Wall Street Journal reported.  She explained that he was merely looking for “revenge” as if that could ever justify the murder of dozens of little girls.  She explained “I think he saw children—Muslim children—dying everywhere, and wanted revenge. He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge.”  She then added “Whether he got that is between him and God.”

Really, that is the measure?  First, seeking revenge against little girls is not some open question outside of an extremist family like this one.  Her brother was seeking the massacre of innocents in some demented belief that he would attain paradise through such a despicable act.  Second, this family was associated with extremist groups.  His father, Ramadan Abedi, was a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group in the 1990s — a group associated with Al Qaeda.  So a family supporting Al Qaeda was outraged by the murder of innocents?  That is the signature of Al Qaeda, senseless and indiscriminate murder.

So, no, it is not between him and God.  He never was going to “get revenge” by murdering little girls.  He was going to simply murder dozens of innocents in a perverse belief that it would gain entry for himself into paradise.


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  1. How does America, Europe, and the World, deter terrorists?
    One way, the American Way. Round up this dork’s mother, father, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles and grade school teachers. Put them on a plane. Throw them out at 50,000 ft without any chute. Drop them on their home town. Video the entire escapade.
    The next terror guy will think twice. If he or she can think.

    1. Much easier to simply stop supporting them. ISIS = Israeli Special Intelligence Service

      Our government created al Qaeda (with help from Bush family business associates aka bin Ladens) and we support terrorism just as Israel and the Saudis.

      Former Reagan official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes about this fairly frequently.

      1. I was in Cairo, Egypt in 1980 when the CIA and MI6 were recruiting folks in that arab land to go fight the Russians in Afghanistan. We created al qaeda. I met Aymen al Zawari there when he was being recruited. He was The Doctor.

  2. WARNING: What follows is not politically correct. The past few decades have convinced me that people in the Middle East (and by Middle East I am including both Arabs and Israelis) think backwards. Really. No joke. They confuse cause and effect. For example, Al-Qaida attacks us on 9/11, but we become the aggressors when we take out Al-Qaida in Afghanistan in order to prevent more attacks. ISIS kills innocent American civilians, but we become the aggressors when we take out ISIS bases in Syria. Israel takes over Palestinian land, but the Palestinians become the aggressors when they defend what is theirs. Muslims take over the Christian Holy Land by force, but the Crusaders are the aggressors when they try to recapture what was taken from them.

    This warped way of thinking reminds me of a youth basketball team I once coached. One kid liked to instigate trouble. He would, for example, take another kid’s ball and kick it to the other side of the gym. The other kid would then retaliate in kind. The troublemaker would come to me complaining “Coach, coach, Johnnie kicked my ball”.

    We need to call comments like those made by Abedi’s sister what they are: the result of backward thinking.

    1. “Israel takes over Palestinian land, but the Palestinians become the aggressors when they defend what is theirs.”

      Actually, no. Israel was formed out of the British Mandate as a solution to the global Jewish diaspora. You will recall that anti-semitism was almost universal. And there was that concerted effort at genocide later on by the Nazis that solidified support for a Jewish state. That happens when maniacs make lampshades out of the skin of Jews and stuff cushions with their hair. Plus the Jews have been persecuted in the Middle East for centuries, fined just for not being Muslim, treated like 3rd class citizens, having lands seized. The reasons for the formation of Israel are just as valid today as they were then.

      “Palestine” refers to the ancient, extinct sea faring people the Philistines. “Palestinians” are actually descended from nomadic Arabs. Palestine was never a country, but a region. It was referred to by the ancient Greeks, as well. The Romans changed the name of this Jewish region after it put down the Bar Kokhba Revolt. The entire region was under the control of the Ottoman Empire, and was not an individual country, ever. The land has been quarreled over for thousands of years. According to the census of the Ottoman Empire, just prior to dissolution, the region that is now Israel was “sparsely populated.” There was no “Palestinian people” and no Palestinian language. It was nomadic Arabs for the most part.

      When they created Israel, they divided up the region that was referred to as Palestine into parts. The vast majority went to form the Muslim country of Jordan. The teeny, tiny, part left was given to the Jews. It is their spiritual homeland in a similar fashion that Mecca is for the Muslims. Judea has a history of Judaism going back thousands upon thousands of years, while Islam has been around for about a thousand years. And I rather suspect that if another religion expelled the Muslims from Mecca, they would eventually take it back.

      I support the existence of a Muslim holy land just the same as I do a Jewish one.

      In any case, Israel has made offer after offer to give the “Palestinians” AKA Arabs their own country, giving away even more of their teeny tiny country. All offers have been refused. Because the Arab world will never accept any country in its continent that is not Muslim. They want the annihilation of Israel. Period. End Stop. “Death to Israel” is how they start the school day.

      Now there is talk of giving the Kurds a homeland, since they are persecuted in the Middle East as well.

      1. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the Arab/Israeli conflict. All 3 Abrahamic religions proclaim the area as holy. Their disputes will not be resolved by determining whose religion historically or theologically has the best arguments for possession. It does not matter who ruled the area thousands of years ago or whether the area was considered a separate province by the Greeks, Romans, or Ottomans. The problems of the region will only be resolved by resort to the secular realities of the present.

        Moreover, regardless of whether one characterizes Palestinians as a separate people with a separate language and separate culture or merely as generic Arabs, the point is that the Palestinians are people. They have never consented to being governed by the Israelis. The Palestinians did not invent anti-Semitism, nor did they perpetrate the holocaust. The horrors of history should not fall solely on them.

        Every despot in the Middle East uses the plight of the Palestinians to stir up the masses whenever it suits their purposes. Resolution of the Palestinian issue will go a long way to end terrorism.

        1. > Resolution of the Palestinian issue will go a long way to end terrorism. <

          Agreed. But I've personally come to believe it just isn't possible.

          The Palestinians are, and will remain, victims.

          Humanity just isn't capable of a solution.

          1. Nate – the Grand Mufti of Palestine refused to allow the Palestinians a homeland, because he (friend of Hitler) wanted it all.

  3. If the 1%, ISRAEL, and Saudi Horribla wanted to end ISIS, they’d simply stop funding it.

  4. The FBI warned British intelligence this sh!tbird was planning an attack. PC is killing people.

    1. The Brits typically don’t believe any intelligence they don’t originate or independently confirm according to a friend of mine in the US intelligence community. Don’t know why and neither does he.

      1. mespo – don’t forget that the British missed the Battle of Bulge, confirmed WMDs in Iraq and thought the Japanese couldn’t fly. And who can forget “Peace in Our Time” with Hitler.

        1. You and your inane remarks; America allied with Nazi Germany as well as Britain, making money off of both. America missed the writing on the wall until the Japanese wrote it for them in their blood. America came back, being potentially the world’s greatest military/industrial power and beat two thirds of the Japanese army and air force-the rest were fighting the Chinese, and pretty much the entire Japanese navy. Along with the British, Canadians, French, etc the Americans were responsible for beating about thirty percent of the German war machine. The other 70% was whooped by the Soviets. You should really stop cherry picking when you blog.

          1. issac – the US did not ally with either England or Germany or Japan prior to their entry into WWII. We were officially neutral. However, Roosevelt was a great supporter of Churchill and did his best to sell food and equipment to England. We also used our destroyers to notify conveys where German subs were off the coast of the US. Just to make matters interesting, we cut off the supply of oil and gasoline to Japan so they only had a two month supply. Their choice was to attack us or surrender China. They chose to attack us.

        2. True on all counts except that Monty merely took a wrong turn and missed the battle. As I hear it, he “turned” tail.

          1. mespo – the Brits missed the intel, as did the Americans who were holding the front in the Ardennes. After the attack, Monty will replace Bradley as the northern commander, while Patton was able to turn his tanks 90 degrees and get to Bastogne in 36 hours. However, the 101 Airborne feels they were still holding their own and were being relieved, not rescued. 😉

  5. There comes a time when a well-subscribed political philosophy inevitable devolves according to Machiavelli’s classic arc of government decline* and in this malevolent form becomes an enemy of the people. The divine right of kings might have had some value to unite warring factions into a peaceful political body but its oppression and disregard of the popular will rendered the system what the Norwegians call en folkefiende — the people’s fiend. Communism and facism suffered similar rises and fates. Islam is madness and whatever it’s historical or cultural value might have been, it is now time for it to go — forcibly if necessary.

    * “Other authors, wiser according to the opinion of many, count six kinds of governments, three of which are very bad, and three good in themselves, but so liable to be corrupted that they become absolutely bad. The three good ones are those which we have just named; the three bad ones result from the degradation of the other three, and each of them resembles its corresponding original, so that the transition from the one to the other is very easy. Thus monarchy becomes tyranny; aristocracy degenerates into oligarchy; and the popular government lapses readily into licentiousness.” (Discourses on the First Ten Books of Titus Livius, bk. 1, CH. 2 (1531).

  6. It is good to let these animals voice their opinions. When they are illustrated in their complete insanity, it should become easier to simply eradicate them. Religion should not be an ingredient. This is complete insanity. At the same time, we should resist the insanity of obliterating entire groups of innocents in order to kill one nut case. Their argument is the act above all or terrorism. That should not be ours.

  7. MY reasons for causing death and destruction are morally, politically and legally justified. YOURS are not.

  8. I recall that, until the 14th Amendment, the US Constitution relegated citizenship to the states perhaps by omission. Of course, the original intent of the 14th Amendment is to be sure the recently freed slaves would be citizens. I don’t know if the courts have ever specifically ruled on “birthright” citizenship as a concept that extends beyond the slaves. I do know that the Congress has acquiesced to the standard practice of the Executive Branch to apply “birthright” citizenship to those Congress and the States did not consider when passing the Amendment. Under the English Common Law, “birthright” citizenship for those not “submitting to the jurisdiction of the King” did not apply. I believe “submitting to the jurisdiction” means being in the country legally and perhaps being a citizen. The birthright citizenship concept, therefore, does not extend to the children of those illegally within the country’s boundaries under English Common Law. It may be that the English Common Law only applied the concept to the children of citizens. I’d be interested in Prof. Turley’s learning on this subject. If I had my way, then only those who are the children of citizens whose citizenship is legally obtained would benefit from the birthright concept.

    1. I would add ‘legitimate asylees’ to the list, they do exist, believe it or not. Otherwise, I concur. I think it’s time to end automatic birthright citizenship. People can go through the proper channels as so many others do every week. I honestly believe that people in opposition to tightening illegal immigration laws have never been to a naturalization ceremony and seen the hoards of people (and yes, at least two thirds are from Mexico, people whose anchor children are ‘sponsoring’ them, they actually break doen the numbers at the ceremony, but a lot are legitimate) that attain ther citizenship. A whole lot of people get through the legal way. A whole lot. We don’t need to be further blowing up the population with illegal immigrants.

      I liken it to people trying to trick the system when taking a drug test or drive away after they cause an accident – they know it’s dubious right from the start, they proceed anyway. I have no empathy for someone walking down the street clamoring for the law to grant them amnesty when they knowingly shirked the laws of a country to gain entry in the first place, then shirk them after they are given stay. ‘Robbing a bank’ and ‘dealing drugs’ are not the only forms of unlawfulness, libs. Enough is enough.

  9. It may be time to jettison the defence of “passive acquiescence” for these types of terrorist crimes.If one is aware or has good reason to suspect that some friend,associate or family member is about to commit such criminal atrocities,that state of mind is sufficient to attract penal liability in cases where death or serious injury results.At the very least,it should be sufficient to deport such persons guilty of this form of complicity or revoke their citizenship.

  10. Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Downside is Ramadan. It started May 26, 2017.

    Setup a to do list from past experience. I was at world trade center tower II on 79th floor, 1993. Two weeks before that bombing. I saw the 9/11 WTC dust cloud from Mahwah, NJ @ 10:00am that day. Both WTC towers were down.

    Now a days I fill up car @ ½ a tank (to full tank of fuel), wear expedition style clothing, hiking shoes, carry water & emergency gear for a getaway plan. Just in case.

  11. Thanks, I am aware of that. However, slowly after years of immigration games, anchor babies, visa fraud and on and on… and far too many incoming of questionable origin and political criminal agenda, I no longer support birthright citizen ship. I think it is a huge mistake.

  12. Families cover for families, especially siblings. I see it as misguided, but not evil. With luck she will marry someone with a different last name and the shame will go away. It never will for the parents. People will always look at them out of the corner of their eye suspiciously. Always afraid to sit too close.

    That said, this boy/man perpetrated a horrible massacre of innocents. He purposely targeted children, which is cowardly. May he rot in hell!!!!

      1. My understanding is that the Constitution says everyone born in the USA is a citizen.

        1. No, the constitution says that anyone ‘subject to the jurisdiction thereof’ is a citizen.

    1. She presented revenge on innocents as an acceptable excuse for his murderous rampage. That’s more than covering. Her comments indicate that she is ok with his actions. I don’t think she feels any shame whatsoever.

      1. Justice Holmes – isn’t denial step one? This is just a form of denial. I do not agree and I think she is an idiot, but if she makes the same statement in two weeks, then Katie bar the door. 🙂

  13. I don’t care! I’m sick of these people. They kill innocent people and then we hear they did it for revenge and some how we are supposed say “well that’s alright”! He was a vicious, cowardly murderer. There will be some who say it’s all our fault! No it’s not. There are other ways to protest that with which you disagree. Once you pick up a weapon or a gun, I have no sympathy. None.

    1. Calm down bro.

      Just close your eyes, click your heels and repeat after me… It’s a religion of peace. It’s a religion of peace. It’s a religion of peace.

  14. Can someone please tell me… why are we wasting resources deporting Mexican illegal immigrants?

    The majority of the US resources should be focused on finding these guys, not Mexican illegal immigrants, petty criminals and small time drug dealers.

    Wake up people!!!

    1. Can someone please tell me… why are we wasting resources deporting Mexican illegal immigrants?

      Can you explain to anyone why enforcing the law is ‘wasting resources’?

    1. Absolutely, but add in France and Germany… and the fools htat the Scandinavians have become.

      The only thing to be said for Europe, UK, France, Germany is that they usually do massive sweeps and arrest quite a lot following these deadly messes…. Tho they have clearly dropped the ball badly on tracking these criminals. And one would think …. after (iirc) the Berlin truck killer of a few months ago, wanted all thru Europe, photo and ID every where, supposedy a marked man… and he blithely slides thru Germany then France and into Italy and two cops walking patrol in a small town sense he is just wrong, do a stop and ID and he reaches for a weapon and they shoot him. I would hope Germany and France turned red iwth shame, but I doubt it.

  15. And thanks to the judges on the 4th Circuit, the Abedi family can now move to the U.S..

  16. “In a perverse belief that it would gain entry for himself into paradise”. What perverse religion would tell any of it’s followers to terrorize, murder and maim in it’s name and you will gain entry into paradise?

      1. Here is mainstream Islam filmed in the USA by ‘moderate’ everyday Muslims. Listen closely to what they are saying about Gays.
        It is the same thing the Quran says about hypocrites and unbelievers;

      2. Not mainstream Islam.

        An advisory from Robert Spencer: “Moderate Islam is a cultural habit. Radical Islam is Islam”. As a general rule, cultural habits are what governs behavior. Not always, however, and you cannot argue that jihadis are off the reservation.

        Apart from outliers like this person, you have to ask the question if your society benefits from importing confessional minorities. The answer will be contingent on circumstances. The thing is, the disposition of the professinal-managerial element toward the domestic working class in occidental societies is such that imported populations are organized into a weapon to be used by the former to injure the latter. Britain is an amply populated country that might benefit from a modest immigration stream (say, 90,000 per year) to correct for fertility deficits; they absolutely do not need to be drawing off the bachelor herd of the Near East, North Africa, and Central Asia; given their geographic location, they’re not an appropriate place to harbor refugees wholesale, either.

    1. Islam does not promote such heinous things such as suicide bombing, I’ve been Muslim for four years and id never do what the suicide bombers do. ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence service.
      Trump had no problem killing innocent kids in Syria without the authority to do so, he sent them back knowing what would happen, instant death.

      Nowhere in Qur’an does it say to bomb or behead people. ISIS, Al Alquida, whoever goes against Islam to perverse it is an enemy not only to Muslims but to all people. There are Turkish Muslims fighting for their land, every day they fight Isis, plus its a proven fact that all the members of Isis are not even Muslim, they are Jewish pretending to be Muslim to make you and the rest of the world hate us.

      Watch the video that went viral after asad and trump hurt those innocent people both men in power don’t care, trump only did it to prove the point that he’s number one, he don’t care about anyone but his selfish self. I forgive you and the rest of the world for not understanding.

      What about the man who shot innocent Muslim men praying or the fact that a mosque was burned down in America last year, you don’t see us doing it to the churches so why do it to us, to get into paradise you don’t follow Isis, you follow in the footsteps of Mohammed (SAW), treat people right, forgive. Islam truly is a religion of peace, I’m Muslim and I’m no terrorist, Allah bless you and you family, sir. And Allahu Akbar means (Allah is the greatest) not I’m gonna whip out a weapon to hut you. Salam alikoum-peace be upon you.

      1. “…you don’t see us doing it to churches…” Have you been missing the news out of Egypt in the last couple of years?

      2. “ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence service.”

        Just like a Muslim, blame your own problems and failings on Israeli and Jews.

  17. I am dead weary of these criminal terrorist families. Either the level is so low as to b appalling and they never should have been brought in (the NJ, NYC bomber of a just a few months ago) or like the Farooks, imo ALL questionable… Tsarnaevs, my god what parents go “home” to the ‘stans after years of sketchy US employment and much welfare, go “home” for cancer treatment?… all so questionable. The Mateen (Orlando) again, lousy people and all questionable on involvement or knowledge.

    We’ve slit our throats…really and truly.

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