Kathy Griffin Channels Her Inner ISIS [Updated]


As some on this blog know, I have never been a fan of comedian Kathy Griffin.  I have found her crude humor to be juvenile and never understood why CNN and Anderson Cooper continued to use her during New Year’s Eve programming.   As I previously stated, Griffin often seems to substitute an increasingly obvious lack of comedic talent with a rising level of obscenity.  Now, she has shocked even many of her many enablers with a picture holding the bloody severed head of President Donald Trump.  Griffin clearly must have known that a firestorm would result from the disgusting and deeply disturbing image.  That buzz however seems to be turning into a buzz saw with even her former supporters are expressing outrage at the image. Update: CNN finally cut Griffin after two days of fierce criticism.

Griffin initially refused to apologize and insisted that she was just mocking Trump.  She noted that she captioned the picture “there was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his…wherever.” That somehow was supposed to make this all acceptable and she added “OBVIOUSLY, I do not condone ANY violence by my fans or others to anyone, ever! I’m merely mocking the Mocker in Chief.”

So let me try to work through this.  Griffin (like most of us) found Trump’s comments disgusting.  Her response is to create an even more disgusting image of beheading the President and displaying his blood soaked head.  Moreover, while Griffin has been appalling many of us for years with her crude, shocking comments, this grotesque act was meant for some higher calling.

Late on Tuesday, the hue and cry finally caught up with Griffin who admitted that she went “too far.”  For the irrepressibly and unapologetically profane Griffin, that is quite a statement.  For two days, CNN said that it had not decided whether the grotesque display will keep it from using Griffin again as a co-host for New Year’s Eve.  It later announced that it would indeed cut her from the New Year’s Eve coverage.

Just out of curiosity: if a co-host hoisting the bloody severed head of Barack Obama, would CNN still be deliberating whether she might still co-host New Year’s Eve coverage? Indeed, talking about killing Trump appears a common discussion point for some celebrities.

I once said that Trump seems to bring out the worst in his critics.  Griffin is now the best example of that curious pattern.  Her blood-soaked message will do more for Donald Trump than he could have possibly achieved on his own.  Just as Trump’s ratings were falling, Griffin swooped in to make him the victim and liberal extremism the story.  She is the face of the increasing hysterical and unhinged response to Trump, a trend that undermines the very arguments against his actions and policies.

 The only good thing that could come out of this would be the final removal of Griffin from the public eye, including CNN’s annual shock fest with Anderson Cooper on New Year’s eve.  However, I will not hold my breath.  There remains a percentage of Americans who thrill at the mention of crude sexual references and simulated sex acts.  This is likely to be no different for her target audience of the lowest common comedic denominator.

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    1. I had no idea Ted Nugent took a picture with a bloody President Trump head. Do you have a link?

  1. 11 year old Barron Trump saw the Griffin image on TV and thought it was real. Pretty traumatizing.

    But hey, he shouldn’t have chosen Trump as his dad, right?

    1. Kid may have money but no much else. Does not even live with his dad Wonder if the Obama girls thought the effigies of their dad hanging from the trees were real. A president’s kids life is no life for a snowflake. Ask Chelsea Clinton.

  2. Right wing noise machine has something to flap their mouths about while Trump and his Saudi pals are massacring people in Yemen.

    1. Yemen is in a state of armed insurrection, Kimi. Suppressing the insurrection is going to require killing some people. Quit being childish.

  3. Breaking news: Kathy was fired by CNN. Venues are cancelling her shows. The Secret Service will be calling.

      1. No, she was definitely free to be an idiot. Everyone else has the freedom to not support the idiot. Free speech/enterprise wins again.

        1. Kimi’s perspective is juvenile. Employers and the state are ‘authority’, just like your parents.

      1. I appreciate your point, DSS, but you’re still elevating false-patriot/false-musicman to far too lofty a level by comparing him to Chief Inspector Dreyfus, the character wonderfully played by Herbert Lom.

  4. The Double standard by the media and the Dems is sickeningly obvious to more and more voters who will remember this in 2018 elections.

    Remember how the rodeo clown got fired for wearing an Obama mask and the organization he was part of was required to undergo ‘sensitivity training’? But Al Franken is not forced to cancel his appearance with Griffin? CNN is still ‘thinking’ about what they will do with Kathy Griffin’s employment status? Both of those decisions were easy ones to make quickly.

    If I see another Republican ever back down and grovel or apologize for anything in the face of left-stream media pressure, I will puke. Take a lesson from Trump and stand your ground and keep moving forward with no apologies. Just like the Dems do.

    1. Al Franken is a popular elected official. No one can force him to cancel anything. Only the people that elected him can fire him and that seems dubious.

      1. No one can force him to cancel anything.

        Nor should they. He should do a tour with Griffin and the GOP should pay for the advertising.

        1. Franken should do another Stuart Smalley flick w/ Griffin as his borderline personality sister. It wouldn’t be a stretch.

          1. Franken has been doing a number on “lyin” Ted Cruz. Did not Trump say Rafael Cruz was involved in Kennedy’s death? Is that fake news?

          1. Franken is no fool.

            Perhaps; more likely the grubers that elected him in the first place.

            Only the people that elected him can fire him and that seems dubious.

      2. I meant ‘pressured into cancelling’…..or ‘hounded’ into cancelling….simply because Franken is a sitting Senator and it’s the right thing to do…..and because the Secret Service has now opened an investigation into Griffin’s ISIS style violence directed at the president. I hope she is charged with a felony.

  5. Has anyone read of Kathy Griffin addressing an apology directly to President Trump?

    1. No, and it won’t ever happen. I just saw that Sen. Al Franken is NOT cancelling his upcoming appearance with Kathy Griffin. And CNN has not yet made a decision on whether it will fire Kathy Griffin from its New Years Eve show.

  6. ” The only good thing that could come out of this would be the final removal of Griffin from the public eye, including CNN’s annual shock fest with Anderson Cooper on New Year’s eve. ”

    NO! NO! A thousand times NO!

    All sane people want her to be given a prime time show on CNN displaying her “talent” night after night.

    On a similar note, it’s too bad the DNC didn’t choose the nutcase from Minnesota, Kieth Ellison, to lead that pack of rats, as well.

    What America really needs is to have Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi talk more, and encourage more Griffins to behave openly like the savages they are, and have it promoted widely. If these things happen, normal people will flee from their association in droves, leaving behind forever any sentimental attachment to the Party of JFK (which no longer exists).

    Then, certainly, a new party would emerge, one that represents not the despicable Republican Establishment, or the Walking Dead Democrats, but the normal people who hate them both, and voted Trump as (in Michael Moore’s wonderful formulation) the biggest F-You in American political history.

    Kathy is a treasure. She should marry Al Franken, who is almost as perfect. Al Sharpton should officiate. And all America should be compelled by law, Hunger Games fashion, to watch it on national television. If THAT wouldn’t drive the remaining normal people out of the Democrat rat’s nest, I’ll eat my hat.

    1. Patrick, I hope you find an edible hat! =) No sign at all of diehard Dims waking up.

      1. Just wait. Trump is president because millions of normal people, used to voting Democrat, already woke up. There are lots more who watch so-called comedians on late night television and feel disgust, but still have more of a sense of repulsion to call themselves “Republicans.” Trump gave many of these people an opportunity to vote their feelings because he is neither a conservative nor a Republican. This will continue.

        What America needs is for the nasties in the Republican establishment to continue being themselves, and for the wackos of the entertainment establishment of the Left to express their true selves. And oh, Maxine Waters needs a LOT more air time. She’s EXACTLY what America needs more of. John Lewis, too. And Elijah Cummings. Talk, brothers! Preach it!

        Normal people, trust me, will eventually find the Demo brand toxic. And once a genuine party emerges that speaks for normal people, lots of people who vote Republican because it’s the only port in a storm will go there too.

        It’s way too soon to be shopping for candy hats, autumn.

  7. Trump is about to pull out of the Paris Evangelical Global Warming Agreement. JT will have a fit and write a scathing post quickly. Easy prediction. He’s probably had one written for a while, like the obit for Francisco Franco.

        1. He starts the ball rolling at about 4 a.m. with an often offensive tweet.

          1. I love the smell of covfefe in the morning!

            This likely had anon up all night trying to figure which tweet to retweet. 😉

      1. tnash, LOL! The left are manic about a freakin’ typo! Just like Obama and “48 states.” Wait..they gave Jesus Obama a pass.

        1. Nick – Obama visited all 57 states and the press gave him a pass.

  8. She obviously has a mental problem, drugs or what ever need to be addressed. The meaning of free speech has been misused by so many. Free speech is able to say your side without vulgarity, cussing, and disrespect.

    1. Free speech is able to say your side without vulgarity, cussing, and disrespect.

      No, you’re confusing free speech with morality. The former is protected regardless of how diminished the latter has become.

  9. Tasteless, yes. About the same as Obama as a voodoo witch doctor or Obama hanging from a tree.

    1. Those Obama effigies were not done by celebrities w/ a platform on CNN!

  10. Okay. I’ll do it, since no one else, apparently, has the b@lls to do so–Kathy Griffin, aside from this major, colossal and monstrous mistake in judgment and human decency, just happens to be one of today’s most incredibly talented, insightful, original, hysterical and push-the-envelope sort of comediennes around. Not familiar with her, outside of her New Year’s stint with Cooper? Do a YouTube search and watch one or more of her taped performances, which are usually conducted in front of roaring, sold-out crowds. Her timing. Her material. Her delivery. Simply brilliant. NOW, if you want to discuss this major, complete and disastrous faux pas–a photo shoot, where she is pictured with a dangling image of Trump’s bloodied and severed head, that’s another issue. While I have seen the mea culpa that, I assume, she was forced to tape, by either her handlers or managers, in which she claims that she went too far with this photo, I did not hear her utter a direct apology, whatsoever, to President Trump, himself, over this highly inflammatory and inappropriate act. I suspect that she will be getting a call from the Secret Service, if she has not received one already, for such an incendiary photo. What I find most interesting is that her lack of judgment and basic, common decency, in setting up this photo shoot and planning it, in advance, didn’t meet with any objections or interference from, what I suppose are, yes-men surrounding her. This wasn’t an off-the-cuff remark, made in haste, where there was no time to reflect upon its suitability. Didn’t anyone, along the way, while this was being shot, edited, published, etc., say, hold on? This is beyond the scope of decency? That goes far beyond Kathy Griffin, alone, as the only person who should be held to account.

    1. Bam, Superb comment. I agree, Griffin is very sharp, witty and fearless. She will not suffer from this horrible stunt. The liberal media will quickly elevate her. Bet on it.

      1. Nick, don’t get me wrong. What she did–not to mention, what a whole host of others actively involved in this project, from inception to completition, also did–was wrong. Terrible. Disgusting. Vile. Shameful. But, unlike others on here, I actually look beyond just Kathy Griffin for blame. Yes, ultimately, she must take responsibility for the brunt of this catastrophe, but nothing, and I do mean, nothing, occurs in a vacuum. I also blame a society, gone stark, raving mad, where half of the population didn’t get its f’ng way in an election, and the lunatics in the asylum won’t settle down. Won’t understand why Nurse Ratchet won’t let them watch the World Series in the dayroom. From the incessant marches and protests, to the daily rants on the news, President Trump is not only criticized, he is demeaned and dehumanized. There are no limits. There are no boundaries. There is no respect for him, as the duly elected President of the United States. As such, I find it unsurprising and quite predictable that someone, who, like Griffin, who is inundated with the inflammatory rhetoric heard daily in the MSM, along with images of burning effigies of Trump paraded through the streets with glee, would not hesitate to depict the head of President Trump, severed and bloody. Want to look for blame? Look to the circus- like atmosphere, in which we live, where the life and safety of the President, regardless of one’s political views and affiliations, are not even sacrosanct.

        1. Bam, A great follow-up comment as well. I understood your original comment completely. And, I LOVE the Nurse Ratchet reference, but I think you are wrong there. Nurse Ratchet did play a rigged game as RP McMurphy said. The boys should have been allowed to watch the World Series. Hillary could have played Ratchet even better than Louise Fletcher.

        2. bam bam – Kathy Griffin would have done this without the drumbeats from the media. Her vagina cannot forgive Trump for being elected.

    2. bam bam – I have watched Kathy Griffin when she correctly listed herself as a D-lister. As a D-lister, she was funny since the bar was so low. Now, the bar is higher and she has not reached it. She peaked at D.

  11. With this woman and this act it’s simple. PT Barnum said, “The only bad publicity is no publicity.” Same w/ her buddy, Anderson Cooper and his, “take a dump on your desk” comment.

    1. I find him as an offensive piece of s , as well , and CNN is full of filth !

  12. Regardless of how one feels about Trump personally, this is a threat against the duly elected President of America. The article says this is defended as “art”. If Obama has been depicted as lynched and hanging from a tree, would that be “art”? I hope she is investigated and held accountable.

  13. She’s a talentless hag – a has been – and needed to apologize to save her back side. No one really cares about her and her limited sick demented talent. She needs to go away.

  14. I’m not surprised that an employee of CNN will do this offensive stunt , they do it 24/7 the same but under the facade of fake news . There is a special place in hell for everyone even remotely affiliated with the most distrusted name in news !

  15. What’s the difference between a “Progressive” and a U.S. Savings Bond? Answer: The Savings Bond eventually matures!

      1. No Joe, pointing out the increasingly unhinged and severely mentally ill nature of the left does not equal support for Trump.

      1. Ah yes Nick I forgot, this would be the progressive form of healthy humor aimed at anyone who does not subscribe to their point of view.

  16. She should not apologize. Trump has committed war crimes. What do American’s think happens when our leader’s torture and commit other war crimes? Trump (like Obama) just sold weapons to the Saudi’s–number one with the heads!

    Again, what do people in the USA think is happening when we take money from brutal dictatorships who regularly behead people? Does anyone even bother to read the accounts of US torture? I guess not, because this is simply a depiction of reality, not that reality. Our nation’s leaders stack up bodies like cord wood: women, men and children.

    It is not offensive to point out that our current president and our past presidents engage(d) in horrific crimes. That is the truth. What is offensive is that they engage in these actual crimes against others, again and again, around the world. This govt. funds ISIS. We’ve all seen what they can do. Until that stops, I would like the reality of our wars and support for terrorism to sink into the consciousness of the American public. We have been well propagandized not to know how brutal this govt. is. If we want to stop this brutality then we need to know about it. She made a valid point. She isn’t committing violence, which is wrong, even when done by the most powerful people in the world.

    1. Jill,
      Although I disagree with you, you are making a point that she is not. Did you really get all of that from Griffith’s tasteless act? I wish you would see her for what she is, she doesn’t know how to present a case like you are trying to do. Instead she is just looking to try to make herself relevant again. And for her, she has to keep going deeper and deeper into the tasteless well because she lacks the talent to do otherwise.

      1. Yes, but the point she’s making is utter rubbish, and self-aggrandizing rubbish for a that.

      2. “Instead she is just looking to try to make herself relevant again. And for her, she has to keep going deeper and deeper into the tasteless well because she lacks the talent to do otherwise.”

        Swap “she” for “he” and it describes Trump’s run for president perfectly.

    2. A couple of points. First, it is a real toss up which of you is the most offensive and obnoxious.
      Lastly, no one cares what you say. That simple.

        1. I wonder if one of us could be more offensive and the other more obnoxious. Or does one of us have to be both?

    3. Jill – I thought people were innocent until convicted. You seemed to have convicted without a trial, new concept, except for lynch law justice.

      1. You thought wrong. They may or may not be innocent prior to, and also after trial. They either did the deed or didn’t. A trial can’t change that fact. If they did the deed they are guilty of it even if a court says they can go free.

        What you (hopefully) mean is that under our system accused persons are PRESUMED innocent, under the law, until the legal process unfolds.

        If someone, in other words, holds up a liquor store, and murders the clerk in the process, he wasn’t innocent at any point along the timeline, no matter if he is allowed to go free. He is guilty, even if the court calls him innocent. He DID IT. Lack of evidence, or bad witness testimony, whatever, can mean that guilty people go free because they are presumed innocent in the court system. But they most certainly are NOT innocent, if they actually did the deed.

        1. Wow, that’s really profound!

          Do you have any other blatantly obvious patterings you can share.

        2. patrick – you are guilty or not guilty. You are never found innocent.

          1. I am guilty of stealing a red light a few days ago. No cops saw saw do it, so I did not get a ticket. That does not make me innocent.

            If, on the other hand, I did not steal the red light, but a cop told me I did, and I fought the ticket in court, it would not matter what the judge decreed. I would be innocent, because I did not do it. If I were found guilty, or not guilty, I would in fact be innocent. The opinion of the court would not matter.

            1. patrick – the opinion of the court matters very much if the put you a$$ in jail. However, even the innocent are found guilty and the guilty are found not guilty, such is the system. It is how much justice can you afford? The more you can afford, the more likely you are to be found not guilty. Still, you will never be found innocent.

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