Kathy Griffin Channels Her Inner ISIS [Updated]


As some on this blog know, I have never been a fan of comedian Kathy Griffin.  I have found her crude humor to be juvenile and never understood why CNN and Anderson Cooper continued to use her during New Year’s Eve programming.   As I previously stated, Griffin often seems to substitute an increasingly obvious lack of comedic talent with a rising level of obscenity.  Now, she has shocked even many of her many enablers with a picture holding the bloody severed head of President Donald Trump.  Griffin clearly must have known that a firestorm would result from the disgusting and deeply disturbing image.  That buzz however seems to be turning into a buzz saw with even her former supporters are expressing outrage at the image. Update: CNN finally cut Griffin after two days of fierce criticism.

Griffin initially refused to apologize and insisted that she was just mocking Trump.  She noted that she captioned the picture “there was blood coming out of his eyes, blood coming out of his…wherever.” That somehow was supposed to make this all acceptable and she added “OBVIOUSLY, I do not condone ANY violence by my fans or others to anyone, ever! I’m merely mocking the Mocker in Chief.”

So let me try to work through this.  Griffin (like most of us) found Trump’s comments disgusting.  Her response is to create an even more disgusting image of beheading the President and displaying his blood soaked head.  Moreover, while Griffin has been appalling many of us for years with her crude, shocking comments, this grotesque act was meant for some higher calling.

Late on Tuesday, the hue and cry finally caught up with Griffin who admitted that she went “too far.”  For the irrepressibly and unapologetically profane Griffin, that is quite a statement.  For two days, CNN said that it had not decided whether the grotesque display will keep it from using Griffin again as a co-host for New Year’s Eve.  It later announced that it would indeed cut her from the New Year’s Eve coverage.

Just out of curiosity: if a co-host hoisting the bloody severed head of Barack Obama, would CNN still be deliberating whether she might still co-host New Year’s Eve coverage? Indeed, talking about killing Trump appears a common discussion point for some celebrities.

I once said that Trump seems to bring out the worst in his critics.  Griffin is now the best example of that curious pattern.  Her blood-soaked message will do more for Donald Trump than he could have possibly achieved on his own.  Just as Trump’s ratings were falling, Griffin swooped in to make him the victim and liberal extremism the story.  She is the face of the increasing hysterical and unhinged response to Trump, a trend that undermines the very arguments against his actions and policies.

 The only good thing that could come out of this would be the final removal of Griffin from the public eye, including CNN’s annual shock fest with Anderson Cooper on New Year’s eve.  However, I will not hold my breath.  There remains a percentage of Americans who thrill at the mention of crude sexual references and simulated sex acts.  This is likely to be no different for her target audience of the lowest common comedic denominator.

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  1. Supposedly Kathy Griffen is a gay icon, although I do not know why. Anyway, that is her connection to Anderson Cooper. When they are working together, you actually have two gays, a guy and a woman, all for the price of two. More target audience. I stopped watching her before she got divorced.

  2. Is there a more vile human on Earth than her? This is just another example of hypocritical liberals. She will probably win an award for being so brave.

  3. As bad as it is to have to look at the lying pussy grabbing orange overweight monster everyday. I condemn Griffin got this. She is way out of line.

      1. Yeah! What you said! Plus, Frank should have said “pussy grabbing, cigar stuffing” monster. They keep leaving out the cigar stuffing part. Maybe it’s an oversight, or maybe it is an anti-smoking thing???

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  4. Griffin is one of those like Andrew Dice Clay and Howard Stern. They make us feel better by allowing us to be disgusted at them, look down on them, and level valid criticism at them. But, more importantly, they give us that necessary confusion which allows us all to claim a platform of some kind, when we realize that they are all making loads of cash doing this, what we look down upon. A lot of that going on.

    1. Blah. Blah. Blah. No, Kathy Griffin, and Stephen Colbert, and Mel Streep are simply soldiers in the Democratic Fascist Army, who are engaging in the Gleichschaltung Movement, to wit:

      In Nazi Germany, a chief role of culture was to disseminate the Nazi world view. One of the first tasks Nazi leaders undertook upon their ascension to power in early 1933 was a synchronization (Gleichschaltung) of all professional and social organizations with Nazi ideology and policy. The arts and cultural organizations were not exempt from this effort. Joseph Goebbels, the Minister for Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda, immediately strove to bring the artistic and cultural communities in line with Nazi goals. The government purged cultural organizations of Jews and others alleged to be politically or artistically suspect.

      Kathy Griffin, and the others, can’t get that arm up to Seig Heil fast enough.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  5. Secret Service should interview Kathy Griffin. It was Herodias that ordered the beheading of John the Baptist.

  6. What does Anderson Cooper do at home when he is off the air and in bed with his partner in crime? Yeah. Bent. Get him off the air too.

    1. Yes – he has a law degree. He’s never practiced law, but that isn’t a requirement. Although I very much doubt he would be interested. There’s too much money to be made building hotels in Russia.

  7. Let’s face it. Even some members of the Left recognize that CNN lacks any credibility:

  8. I abhor the dimwit Steak-Salesman but things like this are absolutely abhorrent. One can express disagreement and outrage by ranting or even better by voting.

    Nevertheless if she wants to take an abhorrent picture, she’s rightly protected, as we all are.

    1. Nevertheless if she wants to take an abhorrent picture, she could have done so without the severed head.

        1. Apparently my post was a bit too nuanced for you. Her picture would have been abhorrent with or without the severed head.

    1. Good one. And yes the spirit of Jezebel lives on…
      expect a nice visit from the secret service. They put out a statement on twitter.
      Put the coffee on Kathy.

  9. CNN will illuminate its true colors in the next few days in any statement concerning this controversy, or in the absence thereof.

  10. The whole CNN low life “news” network is full of despicable characters like her , so what’s the news here . I have always known what kind of “educated” people belong to the left , trump has just helped to expose them to even those who uptil now had not seen the true colors of this life form that had gotten a thug elected not only in 2008 but again in 2012. Now everyone knows how close we had come to losing this country in 2016. For anyone who says oh this is not the face of liberals just remind them of the laughter Clinton had at the brutal murder of Qaddafi or obamas non non-chalant behavior after the murder of any American , whether Kate steinle or a journalist . These is a sub human life form even if it has been awarded nobels like krugman or obama

  11. She’s just the wind….and winds drift away…..but the very unfortunate tone the President has set will be with us–it is clear that especially with the supposed staff shakeup, he’d be surrounded with an echo chamber…and when General Kelly or General McMaster condone even the possibility of a back channe, these are what should concern us–not a comedian who’s just the wind that withers away……

        1. Well done anon. You could have dropped political out of your comment, but it was your comment and not some retweet.

  12. Turley says: “I once said that Trump seems to bring out the worst in his critics. Griffin is now the best example of that curious pattern.”

    Wrong, as usual. Trump merely helps his opponents to show their TRUE selves. Since Trump’s opponents are invariably Leftists, what we have here is simply the embodiment of Leftism: the lowest common demnominator of humanity—the sub-pond-scum, if you will. So you have unabashed hate, contempt for freedom and human rights, a love of lies and deception, and a passion for brutalitarianism. So Trump has not only brought out the TRUTH about Kathy Griffin, but he’s also helped to show Turley’s true Leftist colors as well, as he engages in unabashed lies and deception

    1. Totally, the Right would never put tribal bones through Obama’s nose at rallies, for example. Much more respect.

      Her stupidity is her own.

  13. Trump will ride TDS/Trump Derangement Syndrome right into his second term.

    SCOTUS Justice Kennedy (swing vote) can’t retire soon enough. Then the uber “regressive” senile jack arse Ginsburg. If Trump gets two jurists who believe in a historical view of the Constitution, that is a major generational shift that lives far beyond Trump’s administration(s).

    1. Justice Kushner will have a lot on his plate. But he’s fantastic, just tremendous.

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