The United States and Syria Against The World? Trump Pulls Out Of The Paris Accord


In fulfillment of his campaign promise, President Donald Trump has defied the world and pulled our country out of the Paris Accord.  The United States will now join Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries outside of the agreement.  You really cannot include Nicaragua because it did not sign in protest of the agreement not going far enough (a valid objection).  That leaves us and our environmental fellow traveler, Syria.

In terms of delivery, I thought this was one of Trump’s stronger speeches though MIT scientists say that he got their data wrong.  Other experts noted that Trump was wrong on the details of the agreement regarding China’s commitments as well as its costs to the United States.

Trump has declared climate change to be a “hoax” despite the virtually unanimous opinion of the scientific community and many Republicans who now acknowledge the reality of climate change.  (Though some appear to accept climate change while insisting that God will take care of it).  He started calling the theory a hoax in 2014: “This very expensive GLOBAL WARMING bullshit has got to stop. Our planet is freezing, record low temps, and our GW scientists are stuck in ice.”  As evidence mounted and the science community unified on the role of man in causing climate change, Trump became more and more firm on the idea that all of these scientists and studies promulgated a myth.

While Trump did not repeat his view of climate change as a hoax, he declared the agreement as “very unfair at the highest level to the United States.”  In fairness to Trump, I was highly critical of the agreement in the deal given to China and India.  I was also critical on the low level of achievement set by the countries.  However, the world united behind American leadership on the most important environmental agreement in history.  We are now withdrawing and placing our country in the position of a global spoiler.

At the same time, Trump is ramping up coal reliance while downgrading alternative energy programs.  As we have previously discussed, our allies are making huge advances in reducing their reliance on fossil fuel energies.  From this transition, Europe is taking a lead in new technologies.  We on the other hand are rushing in the opposite direction like an investor doubling down on buggy whips despite the rise of automobiles.  This point was driven home by an impressive collection of companies and CEOs, including companies like Exxon, who fought to keep the United States in the agreement and rejected the economic claims made by Trump.

Again, in fairness to Trump, it is worth noting the Obama administration also expanded coal production.  However, countries like Germany are showing how to lead on this new technology while shifting to solar and other energy sources.  Part of benefit of the Paris Accord is to create incentives for technology and alternative fuel advancement.

The irony is that, in the name of protecting the United States economy, Trump has taken the country toward greater dependence on fossil fuels and an economic model linked to the last century rather than the next century.  We will be all the poorer for it not just in terms of the environmental damages but also the economic losses.


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  1. The United States and Syria Against The World? Trump Pulls Out Of The Paris Accord

    Dear Masters of the Universe,

    Perhaps after you are done with playing God (ie megalomania) and fixing the climate on planet Earth you can return your omnipresent gaze to the terrestrial troubles of the masses in the great unwashed. You know the mundane aspects of every day life like: housing for the record numbers of homeless, universal access to medical care, feeding the hungry, potable drinking water and the other trivialities associated with being a living breathing human being.

    In all seriousness stealing money (ie taxation) under the guise of stabilizing Earth’s climate while there are a whole host of real human problems we can solve if we only had the resources is insane.

    1. Climate change will affect and is affecting the poor more adversely. They can’t afford to build walls around their homes like Trump is.

      1. frank – I thought Obama was the one who built a wall around his new house?

  2. “We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete

    When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.”

    Attributed to William Casey, CIA Director.

    With the onset of “Russian Collusion” psychosis and the Trump Derangement Syndrome,

    it looks like we’re just about there.

    Are there any adults in the room?

    The inmates have taken over the asylum.

      1. Typical David B. Benson. A seven word opinionated response, with zippo in the way of argumentation.

        But hey, usually you just say “hogwash” or “balderdash” as if that is a suitable response. Sooo, maybe you are at least expanding your vocabulary!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

  3. Maybe the comment about rain in Oregon was on this thread.

    Yes, we certainly had a lot of precipitation in the Pacific Northwest this wet season just past. Too much. This affects agriculture adversely, with lots of crop failure. For some of the farmers right around here, possibly out of business. This follows several rather dry years with more than normal wildfires in the forests.

    The reason, as I understand it, is the slowing of the Rossby waves which move weather systems to the east. The slowdown is due to the warming in the Arctic. That is, global warming.

    1. David Benson – you are talking about weather, not climate. You really need to learn the difference.

        1. Yes, there is always more to learn. Recently I read some of Aristole’s Nicodemian Ethics.

          I recommend you do the same.

          1. Surprised you just got around to it. Most of us read it in college. Try a little Marcus Aurelius, too. It will help with your disposition,

            1. With all my degrees from CalTech and and a career in computer science there wasn’t time until I retired.

              Now move on to deontic logic and relevance logic.

          2. David Benson – there is reading and there is learning. I learned Aristotle and the Stoics.

      1. I thoughly do. I have lived here for 48 years and have experienced the changes.

        Study Weart’s opus before you comment. As it is, you appear quite, quite ignorant.

        1. David Benson – I have lived here for 73 years and seen a lot more weather than you have, Bucky. I have seen the eye of the storm. Weather is cyclical, you can’t blame every change on global warming. I was here when there was global cooling.

          1. No you weren’t. Weather is not cyclical. The change in the Rossby waves is for the reason I stated.

            You could learn something.

            1. David Benson – I looked at the Rossby waves and learned they were a new name for something old. However, what I did learn was that they change with the seasons, hence cyclical, as I said.

  4. To put the Leftist Global Climate-Fraud criminals into sharp perspective, consider the background of one of its strongest and most powerful representatives in the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker, who was Luxembourg’s former prime minister and is currently European Commission chief.

    Note that Turley does NOT dare to so much as mention Juncker, let alone discuss him, even though he is the LEADER behind the Global Climatists. Andf, of course, no other Leftists mention him either, even though he is their LEADER!


    Well, the answer is quite simple. Juncker, like all true Leftists is really a Nazi. Juncker’s father fought hard for Hitler in World War II. Juncker’s father-in-law was a Nazi sympathiser who persecuted Jews in his home
    country. Juncker’s father-in-law, Louis Mathias Frising, dad to Juncker’s wife of 35 years Christiane, was a teacher in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, when the Germans invaded in 1940. Frising volunteered to be a Nazi propaganda chief while banning spoken French in favour of German. Frising was also responsible for enforcing a law which stripped Jews of their rights and professions — the first stage of the Holocaust.

    Of course, in the Leftists’ depraved, illogical, duplicitous minds, they will argue that all of Juncker’s close ties to the Nazis are merely coincidences, and that Juncker is otherwise a brave and nobel hero in the Global Climatist Movement.

    So, it’s a simple choice, really. You either support the Nazi Globalist Climatists or you oppose them. Anti-American Leftists will choose the former and intelligent, decent, honorable people with integrity will choose the latter. It’s just that simple.

    1. “Note that Turley does NOT dare to so much as mention Juncker, let alone discuss him, even though he is the LEADER behind the Global Climatists. Andf, of course, no other Leftists mention him either, even though he is their LEADER!”

      Imagine that: Mr. Turley “NOT daring to so much as mention Juncker. . .”

      Adamo, in times like these, just light up a Kool menthol for people who drink Colt 45 for that malt liquor satisfaction. You’ll be glad you did.

      Most aren’t quite that stupid. Ayn Rand Akbar.

      1. As is typical, when I raise FACTS, Leftists like David Bensonhurst and Steve Groin EVADE the facts. And the reason they do that is exactly for the reasons I already explained. Leftists HATE facts.

        1. Adamo, you’re a bull in a china shop. Life on earth is much more sensitive to climate than you think. If you’d simply take a walk in the woods, you’d understand this, as everything humans do has a local effect. In its aggregate, humans can and are obliterating species on a daily basis. (Why? I’ll call it an insatiable thirst for everything everyone else has.)

          If you don’t agree with radical change to meet this challenge, then at least consider the “lukewarm” option of acknowledging and facing it with gradual modifications:

          “Such lower sensitivity does not contradict greenhouse-effect physics. The theory of dangerous climate change is based not just on carbon dioxide warming but on positive and negative feedback effects from water vapor and phenomena such as clouds and airborne aerosols from coal burning. Doubling carbon dioxide levels, alone, should produce just over 1 degree C of warming. These feedback effects have been poorly estimated, and almost certainly overestimated, in the models.

          “The last IPCC report also included a table debunking many worries about “tipping points” to abrupt climate change. For example, it says a sudden methane release from the ocean, or a slowdown of the Gulf Stream, are “very unlikely” and that a collapse of the West Antarctic or Greenland ice sheets during this century is “exceptionally unlikely.”

          “If sensitivity is low and climate change continues at the same rate as it has over the past 50 years, then dangerous warming—usually defined as starting at 2 degrees C above preindustrial levels—is about a century away. So we do not need to rush into subsidizing inefficient and land-hungry technologies, such as wind and solar or risk depriving poor people access to the beneficial effects of cheap electricity via fossil fuels. . . .”

          In the meantime, feeding people garbage about there being no carbon footprint nor irreparable harm to the environment from synthetics and genetic modification is akin to the tobacco industry arguing that keeping people addicted to tobacco is constructive government policy because it creates jobs.

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