True Believer: CNN Host Calls President Trump A “Piece of S–T”

downloadI have been writing about how President Donald Trump has brought out the worst in his critics in the media as well as the courts.  Ironically, some in these institutions appear to be rushing to confirm the stereotypes that he has painted of them.  The latest example is CNN host Reza Aslan.  CNN has been criticized by many for its coverage of Trump and alleged bias against his Administration.  The loudest critic is of course Trump himself.  Recently, CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria declared that Trump attained the White House through “bulls–t.” Now Aslan, who hosts CNN’s program “Believer” has called  President Trump “a piece of sh–” and “an embarrassment to humankind” after Trump used the latest massacre to his call for U.S. courts to approve his executive order banning travel from six Muslim-majority countries.  Aslan seemed intent to establish that he is a “true believer” in the anti-Trump cause but he also represents a media organization.  His attack is the latest evidence of media personalities losing any sense of professionalism and dispassion.  As I said yesterday, media must decide if they still want to report or merely rave at the new and newsmakers.  Aslan may be as “spiritually curious” as advertised but he is now professionally dubious as a journalist.  At the same time, as discussed below, President Trump is again causing an international outcry with his tweets after the attack.

CNN-Aslan-Eating-Brain-640x480Aslan, 45, is already controversial for one of his programs where he ate a human brain with cannibals.  It was an apt image for a profession that seems to be now devouring itself.

Many were angry when Trump’s first response to the London attack was not to send condolences or promises of aid (which came shortly after) but to use the attack against the judges who ruled against him and to call for a victory in the appellate courts:  “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough,” Trump also tweeted on Saturday evening, leading to Aslan’s initial response. “We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!”  In honestly, many of us cringed at the first tweet which came off as a bit opportunistic and callous.  Trump then enraged British citizens (and others) even more by criticizing London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan as he tried to reassure his city under attack.  Khan merely told citizens that they would be seeing a lot more police and heavily armed security officers in their neighborhoods but not to be alarmed by seeing such increased law enforcement presence.  Trump struck out immediately and tweeted “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!”  It was a very harmful tweet for many in London who saw a president lashing out at a mayor who was trying to restore calm and merely explain why people may see a lot more security out their windows.

The first tweet by Trump also set off a controversy when NBC refused to rely on Trump’s reference to a terrorist attack.   When Trump retweeted a headline of the attack, NBC responded that “Pres[ident] Trump has used Twitter to share news report on London incident. We aren’t relaying president’s retweet, as the info is unconfirmed.” I cannot recall any time that a news organization has opted not to run a presidential claim of an attack, which is itself news.  This week Trump started his speech on the Paris Accord by claiming that the attack in the Philippines was an act of terrorism (it turned out to be a robbery incident).

I have not seen a statement from CNN or an apology in the first 24 hours, which I would have expected in such a clearly inappropriate posting.

We have been discussing how employees increasingly have found themselves punished for their use of social media and how it can raise a “little brother problem.”  This is different. People in the media use social media today as an extension of their journalistic writings and voice.  For CNN, the issue is particularly acute given the criticism of its coverage.  On the heels of the Kathy Griffin controversy, this type of crude and juvenile language is wholly inappropriate for someone representing a leading media organization.

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  1. these LIARS, and LEAKERS like their Animosity till President Trump make it known to WE THE PEOPLE that elect our LEGISLATORS? kinda puts their job in Jeopardy they would really miss that INCOME of a Government job?

  2. Why open-minded and independent thinkers afford CNN credibility is a mystery to me. It’s sad considering in the beginning they were a welcome source of news, especially when willing to travel world-wide to provide in-depth and credible news despite certain risk at times to their reporters. Christiane Amanpour broadcast excellent news during the Iran-Iraq war, the Persian Gulf War, and the Bosnian Conflict, to much acclaim and admiration. Now, it has fallen from respectability and become more of a political mouthpiece. It’s quite a loss to true journalism.

    1. You may be aware that CNN would cover the same news differently overseas (Europe) and here, with a markedly different political slant. Perhaps it has not just now learned how to become a ‘political mouthpiece.’

  3. Democratic Party aka liberals aka progressive aka left wing is on big racist organization, the founder of the KKK.

    They call conservative and Christians racist to deflect the reality whom they are.

    They oppress minorities, especially black people, by giving them welfare entitlements without true help to improve the community or the education system.

  4. And yet another Leftist BS article by J. Turley. Leftists are like constipation victims who overdose on laxatives and, as a result, compulsively release their colon materials repeatedly via the media in one article after another.

    Contrary to Turley’s false spin, Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan did NOT try “to reassure his city [London] under attack.” What Khan was actually doing was getting London prepared for a POLICE STATE — the ultimate Leftist wet dream, including, of course, the fantasy of their Muslim brothers in crime.

    Khan was NOT trying to “restore calm.” He was encouraging MORE Islamic terrorism and MORE PASSIVITY among the British fools so that the citizens could be persuaded that a POLICE STATE is necessary for their “protection” and “safety.”

    I’m convinced that the Leftists will succeed in such a Police State in London. After all, if the citizens could be easily persuaded to vote for an avowed ENEMY of Civilization as their mayor, then they will most certainly applaud even more widespread Islamic terrorism with greater and greater frequency (which the Leftists love), while those same Leftists peddle their Police State “antidote.”

    As the travelers were advised on The RMS Titanic that were told to assemble on the main deck after it careened into an iceberg, “There’s no cause for alarm.” The Leftists will ultimately finish the job on London that Hitler and his National Socialists [i.e., Leftists] started.

  5. Somebody please take Trumps Twitter and put it where the sun does not shine.

  6. I have said it repeatedly in your comments, but never in my life have I had less respect for the left. I am never voting democrat again. They are puerile and abominable and have zero respect for our laws or for common decency. They are more monetarily corrupt than the GOP (that is unfathomable to me, but it is). The camel’s back has been broken. Incidentally, I voted for Bernie Sanders. The DNC are inexcusable. Period.

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