True Believer: CNN Host Calls President Trump A “Piece of S–T”

downloadI have been writing about how President Donald Trump has brought out the worst in his critics in the media as well as the courts.  Ironically, some in these institutions appear to be rushing to confirm the stereotypes that he has painted of them.  The latest example is CNN host Reza Aslan.  CNN has been criticized by many for its coverage of Trump and alleged bias against his Administration.  The loudest critic is of course Trump himself.  Recently, CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria declared that Trump attained the White House through “bulls–t.” Now Aslan, who hosts CNN’s program “Believer” has called  President Trump “a piece of sh–” and “an embarrassment to humankind” after Trump used the latest massacre to his call for U.S. courts to approve his executive order banning travel from six Muslim-majority countries.  Aslan seemed intent to establish that he is a “true believer” in the anti-Trump cause but he also represents a media organization.  His attack is the latest evidence of media personalities losing any sense of professionalism and dispassion.  As I said yesterday, media must decide if they still want to report or merely rave at the new and newsmakers.  Aslan may be as “spiritually curious” as advertised but he is now professionally dubious as a journalist.  At the same time, as discussed below, President Trump is again causing an international outcry with his tweets after the attack.

CNN-Aslan-Eating-Brain-640x480Aslan, 45, is already controversial for one of his programs where he ate a human brain with cannibals.  It was an apt image for a profession that seems to be now devouring itself.

Many were angry when Trump’s first response to the London attack was not to send condolences or promises of aid (which came shortly after) but to use the attack against the judges who ruled against him and to call for a victory in the appellate courts:  “We need to be smart, vigilant and tough,” Trump also tweeted on Saturday evening, leading to Aslan’s initial response. “We need the courts to give us back our rights. We need the Travel Ban as an extra level of safety!”  In honestly, many of us cringed at the first tweet which came off as a bit opportunistic and callous.  Trump then enraged British citizens (and others) even more by criticizing London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan as he tried to reassure his city under attack.  Khan merely told citizens that they would be seeing a lot more police and heavily armed security officers in their neighborhoods but not to be alarmed by seeing such increased law enforcement presence.  Trump struck out immediately and tweeted “At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!”  It was a very harmful tweet for many in London who saw a president lashing out at a mayor who was trying to restore calm and merely explain why people may see a lot more security out their windows.

The first tweet by Trump also set off a controversy when NBC refused to rely on Trump’s reference to a terrorist attack.   When Trump retweeted a headline of the attack, NBC responded that “Pres[ident] Trump has used Twitter to share news report on London incident. We aren’t relaying president’s retweet, as the info is unconfirmed.” I cannot recall any time that a news organization has opted not to run a presidential claim of an attack, which is itself news.  This week Trump started his speech on the Paris Accord by claiming that the attack in the Philippines was an act of terrorism (it turned out to be a robbery incident).

I have not seen a statement from CNN or an apology in the first 24 hours, which I would have expected in such a clearly inappropriate posting.

We have been discussing how employees increasingly have found themselves punished for their use of social media and how it can raise a “little brother problem.”  This is different. People in the media use social media today as an extension of their journalistic writings and voice.  For CNN, the issue is particularly acute given the criticism of its coverage.  On the heels of the Kathy Griffin controversy, this type of crude and juvenile language is wholly inappropriate for someone representing a leading media organization.

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  1. “Restoring calm” sometimes a euphemism for ignoring the problem. I don’t have the impression that the British People are not calm. I have the impression that their leaders refuse to face up to the problem and what must be done to solve it.

    How many people do you think the Terrorists would have been able to stab if they had tried their “stunt” in Miami, where honest citizens carry guns?

  2. The sooner people stop showing deference to war criminals the better. However, I do agree with Tired of it that this is lefty hypocrisy, not a courageous stance based on principle. Obama is a war criminal. Why wasn’t he called a POS and an embarrassment to the world? Hillary is a war criminal and CNN fed her questions, an lovingly adored her. There’s the problem.

    It’s beyond time that every person in this society started speaking truth to power. That means truth to all the powerful, even if they are your “team”! Things are so far gone in our society. There is no justice, no rule of law. We don’t owe powerful, evil people our allegiance or our pretense that they are good people trying to help out others. They aren’t. So POS is o.k. with me if it’s applied each and every time it is applicable.

    If you look on wikileaks one will see how the U.K. and the US have done everything in their power to arm and financially support terrorism. This includes Trump. So yes, that makes him a POS. He has killed the innocent and now he’s trying to use this killing for nefarious purposes. That’s worthy of condemnation. I wish CNN wasn’t a propaganda network, but it is. They don’t care about the deaths of the innocent either as long as the person doing the killing is someone they like. That’s also an example of being a POS.

    We need much better people to come forward in our nation. We need truth-tellers. We need courageous people of conscience. You will know these people because they will speak plainly and they will speak whenever an atrocity occurs. This man isn’t one of those people. He’s a propagandist. Nothing more. But plain spoken people willing to confront the powerful are exactly what is needed at this time.

        1. Getting here late in the day. Well said (again), Jill. Thank you.

    1. Don’t forget one of our 5 eyes partners New Zealand.
      The mega upload scam was us and our allies at their worst.
      Don’t you dare challenge the man.

  3. The reporter has apologized. K. Griffin has apologized. Bill Maher has apologized. Even if they did it under pressure, or with a concern for ratings/money, it’s far more than Trump has ever done for the always lengthening list of his disgusting and appalling behaviors.

    1. Not hat dude again. He is on at least once a day. Spent too much time on this blog. Taking a break.

      1. Thanks Roscoe, just helping independent media commentators get more exposure. BTW – also thanks for the new word – I had never heard of “pellucid” =)

  4. “The truth never hurt a just cause.”

    “If the foo shits, wear it.”

  5. CNN.. KGB… B I Bickie Eye, Bye O Bee…
    Bickee Eye, Bickee O Boobee.

      1. Why anyone took Obama seriously is beyond me. And, sadly, the truth is that most didn’t. That’s why Democrats lost so many elections during the Obama years. Dems are the majority? If so, why are they losing so many elections?

      2. No, Joe no one takes Josh Marshall of TPM seriously. Total pro establishment shill.

    1. It’s Sunday. He’s golfing.

      How about Obama getting off the golf course from one of his many vacations, throwing on a blazer, making a statement about the beheading, the execution of an American journalist, and then teeing off about 90 seconds later…with photos of him yukking it up with another one of the many celebrities he hobknobs with?

      The media protected their Jesus Obama for eight long years. Now? Their political agenda is out in the open and they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

      1. Tweeting nonsense and golfing..That’s about it. Sometimes signs an executive order he has not read.

  6. “The first tweet by Trump also set off a controversy when NBC refused to rely on Trump’s reference to a terrorist attack. When Trump retweeted a headline of the attack, NBC responded that “Pres[ident] Trump has used Twitter to share news report on London incident. We aren’t relaying president’s retweet, as the info is unconfirmed.” I cannot recall any time that a news organization has opted not to run a presidential claim of an attack, which is itself news. ”

    The WAPO Fact Checker reports nearly 500 false or misleading statements in Trump’s first 100 days alone (As of Trump’s 100th day, we counted 492 false or misleading claims. ).

    Some might argue that Trump has become more adroit handling the levers of power in the presidency. But his ability to distinguish truth, embellishment, exaggeration, and out right lies has not improved at all.

    It would seem essential that any news organization verify Trump’s remarks before releasing them to the general public. Anything less would be irresponsible for a news organization.

    1. The dementia is getting worse. Maybe he is just very ill and does know what the truth is.

    2. And then of course it turned out it was Beatrix Potter and Mary Poppins serving tea… no terrorists… none in view. All a big mistake and Trumpet, wrong again.

      1. If only we had you to warn us of Trump’s false statement when he claimed the robbery at the Manila resort was an act of terrorism.

        Some people don’t realize that a false alarm of terrorism can be as dangerous as failure to report a genuine threat. Panic can result. And no organization, regardless of how well trained, can remain at peak effectiveness when it has to respond repeatedly to false reports.

        Safety and effectiveness require that we get this right.

        Trump’s exaggerations and lies make it harder for first responders to do their jobs. It is tragic when the president is part of the problem.

        1. I know! I lie awake at night worrying about Manila!… and Duterte!. Just as the Democrats tell me to do!… They are far more interested in him than in the Muslim insurgents in the Phillipines.

          1. “I know! I lie awake at night worrying about Manila!… and Duterte!.”

            Thank you. It is truly refreshing to hear someone (especially on this blog) admit the error of their thought process.

            Now if you would just pay attention to the problems Trump creates when he exaggerates and lies, we would be making real progress.

            1. Don’t make me laugh too hard, now. I did not vote for Trump, nor do I defend him. I also don’t defend the serious malfunctions of the Democrats, the DNC, their chosen leaders, from Clinton /Clinton to Obama to senators, etc. Rum bunch. Dreary, malodorous people. Not to even get in to pay-to-play with the Clintons and their CGI.

              I also find it hilarious that people pretend we always had great statesmen in the Oval or running like crazy to get into the Oval. Hardly.

              The political class has failed. Utterly. That is often when you get a Trump.

              1. “…. I did not vote for Trump, nor do I defend him. I also don’t defend the serious malfunctions of the Democrats, the DNC, their chosen leaders, from Clinton /Clinton to Obama to senators, etc. ”

                Yes, but you have admitted that you are concerned that Duterte is a greater threat than ISIS and that you do follow the talking points of the Democrat elites:

                “I know! I lie awake at night worrying about Manila!… and Duterte!. Just as the Democrats tell me to do!… ”

                I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you in making so much progress overcoming your political delusions.

                Ata’boy, keep up the good work.

                1. oh stop. and you are completely unable to catch sarcasm as it flies right past you.

                  Enough… I couldn’t possibly care less what happens in Manila, the whole of the Phillipine islands – or with Duterte.

                  1. “I couldn’t possibly care less what happens in Manila, the whole of the Phillipine islands – or with Duterte.”

                    Oh, so you don’t care about our ally the Philippines and its historic battle against Islamic Radical insurgents.

                    What is it with you people. Don’t you realize we are in a great war testing the west and our democratic institutions?

                    1. LOL.. what the Philipines has been for my state is decades of incoming service workers. Anyone who can get out of that country, does. Even to take service jobs in the ME and Gulf States.

                      Good Luck to them all and to you….

                    2. May the Philippines and all of us have good luck in the battles yet to come.

    3. bfm – I wouild posit that WaPo has made more false claims about Trump since his election then Trump has made Tweets.

      1. ” I wouild posit that WaPo has made more false claims about Trump since his election then Trump has made Tweets.”

        I think we should all take every news source with a grain of salt – remain skeptical, and consider what other forces might have guided the story besides pure fact.

        Nevertheless, over the years, I have found the WAPO useful and often reliable – but far, far from perfect.

        I found one report that Trump made 260 tweets in his first 50 days – more than 5 tweets a day. Does it really seem reasonable that the WAPO makes 5 or more false claims regarding Trump, each and every day?

        That might be a good exercise for someone who wants to take a break from reading bloggs: Select a few days of WAPO and do a count of false claims regarding Trump in the International, national, and Op-ed sections.

        Well, Paul? I am sure we are all eagerly anticipating your results! I can’t wait.

        Oh, and be sure to include the statement from the WAPO and why you claim it is false.

        1. bfm – WaPo is owned by Bezos who was/is a supporter of Hillary and the DNC. It really should be named the paper of record for the DNC, but it would have to have a cage match with the NYT for the title. Neither has an honest journalist working for them. Have you noticed that all the quotes are from anonymous sources or papers they will not reveal? Do you think they are making s**t up? Sounds like it to me. The whole idea is to keep Trump reacting instead of acting. However, he has done both.

          1. ” The whole idea is to keep Trump reacting instead of acting. However, he has done both.”

            Well, … Trump has certainly proven himself adept at reacting – that’s for sure.

            1. bfm – because Trump is constantly acting, he is causing the press, liberals, RINOs, etc. to react, too.

  7. When’s the last time an attack like this happened and the perps were heard yelling “This is for Jesus Christ”?

    The self-righteous arrogance on the left (and in the media) is astounding.

    1. True, they yell this is for the White Race, our homegrown terrorists are racists not religionists, what is the difference…carnage ensues.

  8. Don’t blame Trump for the unbridgeable chasm begun by LBJ and completed by Barry.

  9. Certain facts should be surfaced here. As much and worse has been said about Obama, Clinton, Trump, Bannon, Kushner, etc., on this blog as well as on extreme Right and Left wing media vehicles. Trump is a piece of *@#t in the opinion of some as are Clinton, Obama, Bannon, Kushner, etc pieces of *@#ts. It is not appropriate for media people who are there to present scholastic treatise and other objective stuff, to voice opinions such as these. Aslan stepped outside of his box and did his scholastic position harm. He is not supposed to show political, religious, or other bias if he wishes to connect with a scholastically inquisitive audience. This was a bad career move.

    It does expose the hypocrisy of those who comment and defend that piece of *@#t, however. Unfortunately heels just get dug in deeper and reality smolders away.

    1. Very few people defend Trump.
      They defend the pushback against the status quo of extortion by the ruling political classes that have been doing business their way after being elected to do the people’s business year after year.

      1. Roscoe

        You are surfacing the problem with our oligarchical status quo, the status quo that maintains the puppetry we have called elected representatives, every one bought and paid for. This is the America that would disgust the founding fathers. This is the America that most everyone hates but has little control over as both sides, Democrat as well as Republican are nothing more than stooges of the oligarchs. With Supreme Court Justices like Scalia supporting the oligarchs and more conservative judges on the way, we have little to look forward to but more division, as that is the great distraction created by the oligarchs and a frozen democracy. This is fact. This is not criticism of America but a cry for awakening. The greatest example of this oligarchy that we have yet seen, greater than the Clintons, greater than Obama, is Trump. Trump is the head oligarch. He has absolutely nothing to do with the average American, or for 95% of America. Trump is nothing more than a stooge whose strings are visible cables being pulled as we watch helplessly.

        The first move is to outlaw all concentrated funding of political parties. The second move will come with second and third party alternatives. After that the ‘sacred’ in American politics must be reviewed and those idiotic arguments about it has always been this way and was intended this or that way, dispatched along with the oligarchs. America needs to try democracy. America is the least democratic country of all advanced nations. The founding fathers would be ashamed. They wouldn’t even believe a stooge like Trump could ever get nominated let alone elected. The biggest crook of them all, the wolf, has been elected to guard the hen house.

  10. Wrong, wrong, wrong, and yet wrong again, Turley. Trump does not bring “out the worst in his critics in the media as well as the courts.” He causes the Leftists everywhere, including the media and the courts to bring out the TRUTH about THEMSELVES.

    Turley, I know you want to vainly twist, distort, mangle, prevaricate, and lie, as Leftists are compelled to do, but the FACTS are FACTS. The Lefitsts ARE what they are: depraved, despicable, wanna-be despots who want to PROJECT their own perversions, prevarications, perversity, and poison onto non-Leftists.

    But it doesn’t work. Leftists ALREADY ARE what they are. They fool nobody but themselves.

      1. Of course he J. Turley is a Leftist. The ONLY area where he deviates a bit is on the First Amendment and free speech. That is, when non-Leftists speak on matters that Leftists oppose, while J. Turley will not vigorously support the non-Leftist’s right to speak, but, at least, he does not applaud the Leftists for shutting down the non-Leftist’s free speech. But even that position is a front and a deception because J. Turley still has his heart with the Leftists, but he recognizes that free speech is something that should be gradually curtailed for non-Leftists, not shut off like a switch, which the mainstream Leftists would prefer.

  11. Will Ted Turner get over getting pushed out of his own company CNN?

    “You’ve got to be able to take some disappointment in life, too … you just have to roll with the punches [when] adversity hits you.” “It was really fun. I mean — and it was scary.”

    Based on Ted’s comment, this is how to shut up CEO & board of directors at CNN.

  12. Aslan is not a journalist or a news reporter. He is a commentator, an editorialist. His show is not meant to be a source of objective news reporting. This is true of most of the shows on the mainstream broadcast media. I don’t understand why you and so many others keep expecting these shows and their hosts to behave as though they are suppose to be simply sources of news reporting, free of bias. They are not. He is now “dubious” as a journalist? Your mistake JT seems to be in assuming that these people are suppose to be journalists in the traditional sense of reporting news in an objective manner. They are not.

    Aslan is right. Trump fits the description. It obviously is not polite to call someone a piece of sh– and an embarrassment to humankind. But many millions of Americans – I count myself among them – share this view of Trump. Expressing it out loud is fine except to those to who overlook the many character flaws that warrant describing Trump in such unflattering and impolite terms.

  13. Aslan–Muslim, turned Christian, turned, once again, Muslim–is a believer, alright. What an apt and appropriate title for his show. He is using his voice, his platform, via CNN, to promote the idea that Trump is mad or insane for correctly believing and advocating for the policy that at this specific time and place in history, given the terror and horror occuring on a daily basis, worldwide, our country needs to shut its borders to protect its people from the maniacs and subhumans possessing a poisonous and deadly ideology that orders them to kill infidels. To hunt them down and destroy them, wherever they may be. Funny how this walking human turd, masquerading as a journalist, who is only alive and free to spew his filth because his family was allowed to escape the madness which engulfed Iran when the mullahs took over, now rails against a President trying to prevent the same lunatics from invading our country. A true believer you are, Aslan. The mullahs and the insanely brutal and savage society, which they have established in Iran, would be proud of you. It just further proves that you can take the boy out of a regressive and throwback culture and religion, but you can’t take the regressive and throwback culture and religion out of the boy.

      1. Ask the family members, friends and loved ones, of those injured or murdered in the recent terror attacks in England and around the globe, who we should keep out. Ask the family members, friends and loved ones, of those injured or killed while simply riding a bus and committing the grave and intolerable sin of merely being Christians in Egypt, who we should keep out. These terror attacks are perpetrated by the same individuals, belonging to the same poisonous ideology, every f’ing day. Day in. Day out. They are driven, charged and commanded to kill those who are unlike them. Those who have a death wish want to import more and more. Until and unless there is a drastic and major change is that ideology, which, or course, there never will be, the only course of action is to keep the barbarians outside of the gates.

        1. I agree, I am long since over the immigration game. All forms of it. And the excuse that these first generation born in the West are so marginalised, so isolated, etc., is a joke. They came all too often for the benefits, the social safety net in the West, they and their children abused it and then got unhappy enough to kill.

          Just watching a stampede last night in Turin, in the huge square there, 30K gathered, a firecracker a few screams, and people stampeded out and into the side streets, terrified it was an attack.. Hundreds injured, some still missing.

          But the authorities rush to a mic after ever massacre and say things are alright. We are united, we are strong. NO ONE calls out the mosques or the imams, who are a part of this nightmare.

          No we are not “strong”…

        2. The suicide bomber of Manchester was born and raised in England. Just keeping people out because of their religion is irrational. The majority of the problem are citizens who feel alienated in their own country because of people who hold views like yours.Also because many of them are young and susceptible to radicalization through Social media. In the USA we have a threat of violence from white supremacists that we ignore completely. But they kill and maim plenty of people.We need a real, responsive purposeful policy to try and deal with at risk people in the USA who are possible candidates for terrorist brainwashing, both Muslim and non Muslim.

          1. When Trumps keeps Muslims out from the countries he does business with he will have more credibility.

            1. Not just him, but our government. Saudi Arabia is a huge problem, yet our government has turned a blind eye for decades.

          2. White supremacists vs Radical Muslims?
            As to murder and mayhem . . . Nothing even close.

  14. JT, why do you always start off “President Trump has brought out the worst in his critics”. These people are not and never have been good! This is the hypocritical progressive con artists left. They simply are the worst, they will do everything and anything to push their narrative to include violence. Please stop with the “President Trump has brought out the worst”, call it like it is, they are the worst!

    1. Because he is after all a liberal in a liberal university engaged in brainwashing another generation of liberals . He says many were upset over trump not saying the empty words first like the liberals use to win two terms , only liberals worship platitudes not the real people with an ounce of mental sophistication

    2. No, Trump is the worst. That you don’t see this, or acknowledge it, says a great deal more about your malfunctioning ethical and moral compass than those who are critical of Trump.

      1. Once again YOU prove my point the President isn’t responsible for the worst in YOU. See your comment says a great deal about YOU!

        1. Trump is a dimwit. Hard to tell if he is dim or evil but the answer is more likely both.

        2. I never said that Trump was responsible for the worst in me. That you think my comment implied this reveals the prejudiced lense through which you filter things you read. Given that you know virtually nothing about me you have no basis for assuming or concluding as you have that I am a terrible person. Though you undoubtedly will refuse to accept the claim, there is a great deal more good in my nature and deeds than Trump’s. Trump is considerably worse as a person than most of his critics. Anyone who has — as I have — bothered to perform in-depth research into Trump’s life and background knows he is a person severely lacking in conscience, honesty, trustworthiness or genuine concern for the welfare of others. I’ll not try to convince you that I am actually the opposite of a terrible person because I suspect it would do no good. You appear to conclude from virtually no evidence at all that a person must be bad because they don’t like Trump, think unflattering thoughts of him, and disagree with you. Trump has an incredibly defective ethical and moral compass, almost certainly is a narcissist, and has a very serious problem with facts and the truth. And these are only the short list of his character flaws. I have never treated people in the shabby way that Trump has throughout his personal and business life. Given the principles which guide my life as a secular humanist, I could not even bring myself to consider treating people in the way he has and does. Yes, I occasionally say unflattering, even impolite, things about those who are in my judgement the worst among us. But judging a person as a horrible human being solely on the basis of some insulting words simply is unjustified. A person’s actions and deeds should carry more weight in such judgements. You know nothing of the actions and deeds that make up my life, nor of any of the millions of others whom you lumped together in your original comment. Therefore your rush to judgement based solely on my agreement with Aslan’s characterization of Trump speaks volumes about your own prejudices and says nothing about who I am as a person. Trump’s defenders are willing to ignore all that is wrong with him because he stokes their fears, and falsely assures them that they are victims of the acts of a conspiracy of liberals, immigrants, foreign nations, and a whole range of bogeymen. He is the most unfit, unqualified individual to have been elected to the office of the Presidency – and as the result of our archaic electoral college system rather than by the popular choice of the voters. That you can defend and support him all the while ignoring the many horrible character flaws he has reflects poorly on your ethical and moral judgement.

          1. dogfightwithdogma – Obama is the one that got narcissist taken out of the DSM as a mental disease and Trump isn’t half as bad as he is. Personally, I think you are jealous of Trump. You want all he has, the wife, kids, grandkids, houses, casinos, businesses, money, etc. Obama didn’t have anything. Now after being paid 6m for a speech he has a 8m house in DC

      2. dogfightwithdogma – Hillary is way worser than Trump. You need to open your mind to reality and not the false reality bubble that you have been living in.

        1. She is not President of the USA…remember, you won now he and you need to act like it.

            1. Trump is disliked more with each passing day. Has nothing to do with Hillary as many people do not like her either/ We had poor choices and now we are stuck with the worst president ever It is a damn good thing he is so ineffective or this country would be in even more trouble.

                1. Looks like Trump took a hit when he pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Would expect the bottom to be about 33 percent. Most posters on this blog are in the hardcore 33 percent that will stick with him no matter what he does. Trumo has a lot of work to to to improve his standing with the majority.

                2. I’d say given the nonstop media bashing and negative spin on all things Trump, that’s a surprisingly high job approval rating.

        2. Paul — I’ll agree that Hillary too has some serious character flaws. But I do not accept your claim that she is worse than Trump. I’ve read extensively about the life and background of both. From my research Trump is worse. That I think this does not mean I live in a false reality bubble. Truth is not necessarily what you say it is. I am a committed freethinker, practiced and trained in evaluating information and evidence as free of cognitive biases as is possible. I could just as easily claim that the fact that you think Hillary is worse than Trump means you are living in a false reality bubble. Which is closer to the truth: your claim about me or my claim about you. Neither of us has offered any objective criteria nor evidence to support either claim. Either of us at this stage of the discussion could be right. I am warranted in holding my view of Trump based on my examination of the evidence. Part of that body of evidence that has weighed on my conclusions about both Trump and Clinton consists of the biographies I’ve read about each (six in total; three about HRC and three about DT). I’ve read much of the written record about them both. This examination has led me to conclude that both are deeply flawed human beings, but Trump’s flaws run much deeper and wider than Clinton’s.

          1. dogfightwithdogma – I have lived through the Clinton years and all of her nefarious deeds in the WH. I lived through her being in the Senate and her nefarious dealings there. And I lived with her constant incompetence as Sec. of State under Obama. Add to that all the scandals and dead bodies that surround her, the latest is Seth Rich, and she is way worser.

        3. Paul Schulte, EXACTLY, and she was the epitome of entrenched DC interests.

          What people can’t fathom is voting for Trump was a no brainer.

          Why people didn’t get that, primary after primary is very telling.

          Not the river in Egypt.

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