Alabama Postal Worker Charged With Feeding Dogs Nail-Laden Meatballs

BurhansSusanna Dawn Burhans, 47, allegedly took the whole mailman versus dog rivalry to a highly disturbing extreme.  She is accused of feeding meatballs filled with nails to a dog in Madison County, Alabama.


 Police believe that there might be other dogs but she is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, a Class C felony.

Ed Glover called police after he found one of the nail-studded meatballs on the ground near his mailbox. When he took his dog into the vet, an x-ray revealed nails inside the animal.

What do you think the sentence should be for such a heinous crime if Burhans is found guilty.

34 thoughts on “Alabama Postal Worker Charged With Feeding Dogs Nail-Laden Meatballs”

  1. Oh my God! What happened to the dog??? Did the nails slit its esophagus and intestine the whole way down? Was it eviscerated from the inside? Or did the meat manage to blunt the sharp ends enough to prevent any damage until surgery?

    It’s really easy to cause such damage that an animal or person cannot swallow at all, not even saliva, if it’s bad.

    This is one of those times when I’m usually disappointed in the laws that protect pets. People rarely serve any serious time for animal cruelty. Whatever the law allows, she should get the maximum. She sounds like a sadist.

    I seriously doubt that someone can arrive to the moment where they are feeding nails to dogs, and they haven’t harmed anyone or any other animals. They need to thoroughly investigate her history of interactions, especially any involving animals or small children.

  2. Given the connection between sadistic animal abuse and more heinous crimes, I’ll bet she has a basement full of tortured, dead children. I’d focus on finding her other victims and putting her away (or, preferably,, “down”)!

    1. It’s very true that most violent psychopaths get their start with the torture of animals. Not all psychopaths express their traits of extreme lack of empathy, enjoyment of others’ pain, and their hyper-inflated opinion of themselves as actual violence. Sometimes they content themselves with emotional pain and manipulation. It is disturbing what percentage of our population, outside of jails, would test positive for psychopathic tendencies.

      Who knows what else she’s done.

      1. Take a look at how damaged she looks. Wager it’s alcohol or street drugs? (Recall Jeffrey Dahmer was an alcoholic, in addition to having a hobby manifest in adolescence of killing small animals and dissolving the corpses in acid).

        She’s listed in White Pages under an associated name ‘Susan Dawn Rosenblum’. There are a couple of men named Burhans in that age group listed in north Alabama, but White Pages does not associate them with ‘Susana Burhans’ or ‘Susan Dawn Rosemblum’. There are young adults in the area who are of age to be her children, but White Pages does not connect her name with their’s, either.

        My guess is divorcee. A Jew living in north Alabama and working a wage job is a sociological curio. Wonder what the story is there.

    1. A revival of the birch, the cane, and the pillory-and-stocks is much in order.

  3. What do you think the sentence should be for such a heinous crime if Burhans is found guilty? Life in Prison or the Death Penalty or her next Big Mac filled with arsenic.

  4. I wonder what she would do to her neighborhood kids if they got on her last nerve? 😬

    1. Never happen. Parents would woop their ass.

      Wow. This was Madison county….Huntsville, Hi-Tech….NAASA and all.

      Dogs fault! He wanted them Al dente.

  5. I could see poisoning the occasional dog on your route but this is over the top. The punishment should be the maximum provided by the statute and she should be fired.

    1. Fired? Oh come on…you know Government Employees can’t be fired. Not even for deleting 30,000 eMails that had Classified Information in them. Or spying on Americans, or spying on American Journalist, or Lying to Americans so you can pass a health care bill that really doesn’t let them keep their doctors or their policies, or… get my drift. Firing a Government Employee has odds closer to winning a State Lottery. She’ll be promoted before its over. And the MSM will turn her into a hero saying that she filled those meatballs with nails as a new vegetarian diet for some animal that was overweight. You wait and see.

      1. Elise – maybe it is just me, but I do not see nails as vegetarian. 😉

  6. All postal workers are wacked. It must have something to do with the poor lighting in those places.

  7. Punish her by requiring she clean the animal pens at the nearby pound for 5 years of weekends. Monday through Friday she can sort mail and earn the money to pay a $10,000 fine.

  8. It was wonton cruelty, so I’d give her two years in prison, and she does every day of it.

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