Prime Minister May Pledges To Curtail Human Rights If Necessary To Combat Extremists

Theresa_MayBritish Prime Minister Theresa May has declared that she is prepared to dispense with human rights laws if they hinder her efforts to fight terrorism.  The statement is a chilling example of how politicians are willing to take a hatchet to civil liberties and privacy in response to attacks. The more chilling fact is that many citizens will willingly part with their freedoms based on such promises of greater security.  May has already pledged to curtail free speech on the Internet to fight extremists.

May is pledging to dispense with the niceties of human rights in a speech that seems lifted from Rodrigo Duterte:

“But I can tell you a few of the things I mean by that: I mean longer prison sentences for people convicted of terrorist offences. I mean making it easier for the authorities to deport foreign terror suspects to their own countries.

“And I mean doing more to restrict the freedom and the movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough evidence to know they present a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in court.

“And if human rights laws stop us from doing it, we will change those laws so we can do it.”

The proposed measures would impose curfews, longer periods without trial for suspects, travel limitations, limits on communication devices and expansions of intelligence powers.

220px-BenFranklinDuplessisThe pledge to set aside human rights laws should be a disqualifying factor for a Western leader. However, many will rally to the notion of restricting their own freedoms.   If the English would entertain the advice of a former colonist, they would be wise to consider Benjamin Franklin’s warning that “they who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”




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  1. These actions make May an extremest. No wonder the Saudi’s and the US support her!

  2. The options are running thin. It’s time to formally identify this enemy to western civilization and declare war.

      1. When I joined the Navy in 1979, we had a clearly defined enemy. At that time, the threat was against western-style democracy and the countries that had established institutions to secure the freedoms of its people. It was in this environment that I developed my appreciation for national security and the ways our enemies would seek to exploit any weaknesses to that security.

        Fast-forward to the events today and I see we have a direct threat not only to western-style democracy but to western civilization’s secular rule of law. Our greatest strength and weakness in this regard is the fundamental belief the 1st amendment protects the free practice of religion. I say weakness because the free practice of any religion should never be allowed to subordinate our constitutional rule of law to it. This is why I constantly focus on natural rights. The “gift” to humanity is Islam (insert any religion) and hidden in this particular Trojan Horse is Sharia Law.

        In my opinion, our enemy should be clearly defined as anyone that would seek to infringe our natural and inalienable right to life, liberty and property. That might seem to be redundant given the oath to support and defend the constitution, but not everyone agrees with the existence of natural rights. If we cannot as a country and to a greater extent, western civilization openly commit our common defense of natural rights, then we will have enemies foreign and domestic running free to continually undermine and destroy western civilization.

        1. The first and best defense from the time of the Romans until today to barbarian invaders who would knock down every stone upon a stone your civilization has worked to build is to keep them out.

  3. Wonder what JT thinks about Lincoln suspending habeas corpus during the Civil War? Hatchet to civil rights or taking necessary action to preserve the Union? I know what I think.

  4. The 1933 Parallels. Coming to a theatre near you. Sooner than later.

    1. I agree Jack. And it’s going to take a WWIII to clean up this mess that sadly hasn’t been remembered by so called Free Societies. Unless of course, we all want to be kneeling on prayer rugs in another decade.

  5. Theresa May has a successor coming to her office soon. Her name is June Cleaver.

  6. The so called attacks on human rights has to get a lot more severe before it merits the BS on this blog. It is a case of fine tuning. If some suspected trouble maker has its rights compromised momentarily, well????

    1. The Trumpers are jumping at the bit to take our rrights away in the USA.

      1. No, it was Obama and his Party of Socialists who have been taking away our freedoms. SPYING ON JOURNALISTS, SPYING ON AMERICANS, UNMASKING AMERICANS CAUGHT IN FOREIGN SPYING, SPYING ON CONSERVATIVE TAX PAYERS, AND ON AND ON. I DESPISE OBAMA AND LOOK WHAT HE’S DONE TO EUROPE! OBAMA, THE LIar in Chief. I hope he burns in hell for all eternity!

        1. I guess you missed the passage of the Patriot Act under Bush.

  7. In the eyes of a Texas Ranger, a stranger had better know the truth of wrong from right.

  8. The west has supported and colluded with “terrorists”.

    Who created the tyranny that is Saud-land? Britain! Who sold Saud-area over $100B in weapons? Trump!
    Who visited Saudaria this April? Theresa May!
    Who refused to [ublish a report concerning the funding of jihadi schools? Theresa May!

    Turkey/Isreal faciliate and support IS – oh they call them moderates against Assad…of course.

    Which country has weaponized energy to protect it petro-dollar? US? Which criminal, nepotic family has deep ties to oil exploration in the middle east? Bush?

    Cui Bono? Which group of murderous criminals has benefitted the mnost from the “war on terror”?

    What is the effective amd reassuring response by statists to these “terrorist” attacks? Martial law, militarized police, increased censorship?

    Cui Bono? Statists and corporate interests are the biggest beneficiaries!

    1. Who drew a RED LINE in Syria and failed to do anything when it was crossed, over and over and over again. That POS OBAMA!

      1. Indeed. I will never defend that hope and change liar! I will close Guantanamo…NOT! Disgustring, murderous puppet!
        Obama and Trump should UNDERLINE to any thoughtful person that hidden interests run the state. In the UK Labour and Conservatives have both continued the criminal destruction of lives in foreign lands.
        Blair (labour) and Bush (rep), Obama (dem) and David (con). Now we have centre right party candidates (rep/con) keen to sell weapons to Saud family land.

  9. What you are witnessing first hand reports of is what’s known as the Cycle or Circle of Repression. Original author or creator Carlos Marighella of Brazil and used in his thin but effective volume Mini Manual For the Urban Guerrilla as a way of maximizing the strengths of an under funded under equipped and under manned revolution against a strong and popular government . Especially that was openly democratic or republic in form with lots of human rights.

    First attempt in Brazil failed
    Second attempt in Uruguay by the Tupamaro movement also eventually failed

    But the system itself works and works even better when the Government or the administration takes the bad guys in as much as they are not under paid, funded, equipped or staffed. Or if it becomes the cycle of economic repression..

    1. the revolutionary movement follows key rules. Never attack in the same area, the same manner , the same type of objective, or using the same tactics, techniques and technology twice in a row although mulitiple attacks on the same day may be employed.

    2. Emphasize targets with helpless bystander victims and kill most if not all o fthem. regardless of gender or age.

    3. Then do another action following the rules of item 1.

    4. The citizens will demand protection from the government who will reply We will have to remove some civil liberties such as road side stops for vehicle searches at first nothing major.

    5. The next ‘acton’ again per rule 1.

    6. citizens respond with pleas then demands for protection. government removes, temporarily it is hoped more civil rights and freedoms.

    7. At some point the revolutinaries shift gears and, as was popular in Brazil, target a major grocery type store. tossing free food out to the population. location near a poor neighborhood. then kills the manager and staff. Early on they target banks for funding but may throw fistfulls of money to the population.

    8. It continues untill gradually, as Prime Minister May has stated removed all human rights. she isn’t waiting for the intervening steps from the Jihadists. But in Marighella’s scenario the bad guys become the good guys the good guys become the bad guys and the government is overthrown.

    9.So which role is the Mayor of London playing?

    I’ll remind you of a statement made popular by Rahm Immanuel the mayor of Chicago. ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’ That includes setting up sanctuary cities to promote a crisis event and Chicago is a micro example of the methodology . Times numerous other places while the last administration cut the military and law enforcement budgets and staffing. No way they haven’t read Marighella.

    As far as this country is concerned i woudn’t go to a friday night high school basket ball game without wondering had they watched Carrie The Firestarter especially in Beaver Oklahoma. or some similar event in some dissimilar place.

    Resources spent on massive protection for air travel have to be duiplicated each time and those folks read novels and go to movies for ideas.

    The book by Marighella is available at many sources among them Kindle version from Why not. it isn’t classified. But on the other hand the form OSS and Special Forces black book under a TM or
    Technical manual cover page was declassified and is now widely available in some places at no charge but the publisher printer is the US Government Printing Office. Not too man pages not the volume is the Oklahoma City Bomb.

    A word of caution … The Anarchist Cookbook contains some partial info enough for you to kill yourself attempting the recipes. After all the goal was to promote Anarchy.

    But back on track Cycle or Circle of Repression is being used in Europe even in Iran as a form of terrorism. and Marighella has been dead for fifty some years. His trainers at a foreign student Universit in Russia have been disbanded due to a cycle of economic repression that drove them broke. but they still have supporters in our own country. and in Britain and Belgium and France.

    Are you getting the picture? Whose blocking moves to raise the security and protection levels and who voted a complete suspension of civil rights as part of the Patriot Act? Same group. Last extended and expaned Dec 31, 2015. The population looking for protection or some administration not wasting a good crisis with some lone wolf Judges testing legal theories and betting human lives? Actually the decision belongs to the citizens. Since the people I refer to were elected by yourselves and subsequently appointed the people I also comented on.. It’s up to you as voting citizens

    My thanks to present and former staff on Smoke Bomb Hill, Fort Bragg NC for their excellent training fifty years ago. I haven’t forgotten the lessons or my oath of office. De Opresso Liber.

    Oh yes the cycle of economic repression. Heavy borrowing = inflation = devaluation of worth of the dollar not reflected in any change in COLA is a direct attack on the fixed income retired elderly. i applaud the efforts to put the beaks on and reverse this particular form of terrorism against people unable to relive their working lives and renew their savings.

    It’s the Deplorables vs the Rejectables.

    1. Para Three “….when a government or an administration takes the role of the bad guys ..” is better phrasing. and it isn’t the entire administration or government.

  10. The irony of this is that the UK seems, at least in the press, to allow Islamists to chant jihadi threats in public but when someone criticizes the jihadi they are subject to summary arrest for hate crimes.

    That aside, once again the UK slips into Orwell’s predictions. And as Mark mentioned earlier, when Raqqa falls the UK can expect more terrorism and we will see liberty curtailed.

    In watching the situation often, I suspect Raqqa will fall to the Kurds within a few weeks. The SDF surrounded the city on three sides and coalition forces continue airstrikes. Plus, the SDF just graduated 240 recruits from their military academy and are certain to add in some way to the effort.

    While the West can clamp down to some degree on jihadi fighters returning to UK from Syria and Iraq. When the terror organization is on the verge of destruction in those countries all they will need to do is give the green light to terrorist infiltrators who posed as refugees and Europe will be in a state of shock after the inevitable occurs.

    1. Plus there is that interesting discovery that a great many refugee males claiming to be children are actually older than 18.

      This is such a mess. How many more terrorist attacks can the UK take? And what if it starts happening daily, here? There are some hits that could happen here that would bring the country to hysteria and ruin the economy, but I won’t name them to give anyone any ideas.

      This is sad. But on the hopeful side, we have significant Moorish architecture in Portugal, Spain, and France because for a while, they were conquered by the Muslim Expansion. At some point, they were driven out of each of those countries. So there is hope. Even if it gets really bad, I still think we can get the extremists out. My concern also is for the truly moderate, Westernized Muslims in the US and Europe. What’s it going to be like for them if the current trend in terrorist attacks continues until there is an attack a day? It’s impossible for people not to become afraid and wary, because terrorism works. (I think this is the right video listing each and every battle during the Muslim Expansion of the ME and Europe, including the enslavement of over a million Christians.) (Alan Dershowitz – Terrorism persists because it works)

  11. best thing to do would to do is clear out the area around Mecca of civilians and bomb the crap out of it. Get rid of the shrine and let the demented rats scurry out. And then get the hell out of the Middle East — including Af-Pak. Let them take care of their own damn countries for better or for worse. We have major domestic problems that need serious attention!

    wow, I can’t even get that I’m posting this as I normally against interventions. But I’ve had enough! FU Saudi Arabia and your funding and interference with our government and support of crazed terrorists.

      1. Not a WARMONGER but a Realist. Obama brought this HELL down on America and on Europe. He and his little buddie, Angela Merkel, should be tried for TREASON because they did nothing to protect their citizens.

    1. Bombing Mecca won’t do much when our President is smiling and urging the Saudis on.

      1. That is actually correct. Until the world turns against the Saudis, none of this is going to change. It really is that simple. It is impossible to even make a beginning with them in the narrative, and BTW: Obama smiled at them in just as equal a measure.

      2. Justice Holmes, true that. I was offering an overly simplistic “solution” as I am angry. But while Bush got the “Patriot Act” through it was Obama who pushed indefinite detention. As much as I despised Dubya, Obama did far worse IMO.

        1. Bush started the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. After that the mideast began to further unravel.

          1. After that the mideast began to further unravel.

            Your grasp of history seems to have a blind spot. You should explore your own use of the word further and then pursue it backwards to world events that unleashed the Islamic Extremism we see today. Hint: It was many decades prior to Bush II entering the world stage.

      1. No, Frank I do not believe all Muslims are demented — I actually have several Muslim friends I’ve known for over 20 years. I DO believe the wahabi sect is dangerous though and Mecca is in Saudi Arabia which supports militant madrassas and jihadists. I think any fundamentalists are a danger to civilized society whether Muslim, Jewish or Christian as they seek to impose their “values” on others. They never embraced separation of church and state.

  12. 10 years ago I predicted that Old England would end up suspending the rule of law in response to their ridiculous decision to let a foreign entity take over their island by means of immigration.

    1. Good call. Through muddled thinking we always permit the circumstances requiring the Hobbesian choices we have to make.

    2. You mean because of colonization which gave residents of the Commonwealth the opportunity to easily immigrate.

    1. When you understand the difference between a rebellion and a revolution, you’ll understand the difference between our fight for independence and what is going on in England.

  13. There are about 20,000 jihadis in the U.K. (More coming when Raqqa falls) backed by their pettifoging lawyers who together represent a considerable and potentially lethal invasion of the Britain. I’d back a temporary period of martial law to drive the invaders out along with their clerics, families and friends who recent polls show would not report an ISIS-style terrorist attack if they knew about it beforehand. The polls range from 50% to 70% of so-called “moderate” UK Muslims who would refuse to report the pending mass murder. Quite religious, indeed. Nothing moderate about Islam except their moderate to little interest in coexistence with the non-believer.

    1. Dude, let me know if you ever run for political office so I can may sure and NOT vote for you.


      1. Wouldn’t want your vote. You’re a defeatist and we’ve got too many of those. You either meet a challenge or succumb to it. You’ve succumbed.

      2. Wow Jeff. Let me know if what Liberal high school/College you attend? Because I know YOU are a Socialist just from this one post. When we run the Islamic Terrorist out of American, you and and the other little snowflakes will need to go to a Camp to unlearn all that Obama’s teachers taught you!

      3. t!hayjeff: Before you judge offhand, have you researched these polls for yourself?

        I am not familiar with the more recent poll Mespo mentioned in regards to an unwillingness to report ISIS planned attacks. However, I have read polls by reputable companies which revealed a rather surprising support for blasphemy laws, and punishments for apostasy among populations I considered moderate. And I am aware that in Brussels, it was discovered that “moderate” Muslims were hiding terrorists from the police. Support for terrorism was far wider spread than previously thought.

        Now, that’s certainly disappointing. But we have to deal with facts as they are, not how we wish them to be, nor should we attack the messenger.

        If you have a problem with the poll, then please find it and post a criticism of a valid point – methodology, sample size, etc. Just declaring it wrong doesn’t cut it.

        I personally have known very non political Muslims who were delightful people. The ones born here were more Westernized than their parents who were born in the Old Country. I’ve personally known Afghanis, Lebanese, Persians, Palestinians, Saudis, Muslim Indians, Turks, Jordanians…I’m probably missing a few. Anti-semitism was quite common among their families, even though I considered them extremely moderate. People are not black and white, all good or all bad. But it’s rare for someone to be raised in a heavily anti-semitic country and not be anti-semitic, for example. The absolute most passionately anti-semitic person I ever met was a Persian, and his relatives would nod along when he said outrageous things like the Jews knew about 9/11 in advance and stayed home. I also knew people in the families who were NOT anti-semitic. But it was a minority. Other typical Middle Eastern viewpoints were also common among family members. There was a lot of resentment among Persians for our role in the fall of the Shah. There were also those who loved America.

        It just is what it is. Cultures are different. Values are different. We are all very lucky who live here. But we cannot expect everyone else to share the US’s legal protections for women, gays, apostates, religious freedom, etc. They just don’t. And when people come here from those countries, they do not suddenly become Mr Rogers the moment their feet hit our soil. They are still the same people here as they were there. So if they come from an extremist region they will be at risk for bringing those beliefs here. (Or Brussels, or elsewhere in Europe as the case may be.)

        That’s the problem. We only want the Ayan Hirsi Alis, the Malala Sousafzais, the poets, dissidents, etc. Those who will blossom in the West. But when you get a random cross section of an extremist country infamous for being terrorist breeding grounds, you’re not going to only get super nice people.

    2. Wow….really. You want to kill hundreds of thousands of people and devaste our country rather than vote out the members of Congress who have broken their oaths to the Constitution and the American people? Your answer to violence is more violence. Nothing like a responsible gun owner!

      1. Wouldn’t kill them unless they turned violent but deportation is a good option for migrants and exile/offshore jail for residents. They surely have no compunction for violence themselves.

    3. Martial law is rarely temporary. That kind of power is hard to put down.

      1. Agreed but it works in practice. Lincoln used it successfully in 1863 and the Romans had a 90 day dictatorship to defend the city with Cincinnati s at the helm. Like all government it depends in large measure on the good will of the folks in charge.

  14. In one breath May decries Islamists for not assimilating western liberal freedom and democracy, then she solves her “problem” by cancelling those freedoms.

    Only three constants are guaranteed from now till modern civilized Europe is a rotting corpse (well on the way), and shortly after the same for the US (or all out civil war against our “handlers”):
    1. More debt
    2. More war
    3. Less personal freedom and liberty

    Only the 2nd Amendment gives the US the opportunity to fight another civil war, rather than lay down and die as is Europe’s certain fate.

    1. It was about free people’s violent response to an oppressive theocratic government which gained power using the credulity of the population and then imposed its own version of law. Sort of like a caliphate. Too bad the fictional England didn’t do more to stop it earlier. The real one can.

      1. As Italy born “Fabio” (and now an American citizen) said: “Whatever you do America…don’t give up your guns. See what has happened in Europe!” This blow up of Europe lies directly at the feet of Obama who did nothing about the “red line” in Syria and gave away Afghanistan AGAIN. Now we have a whole generation of kids that grow up under Obama’s policies (indoctrination) and it’s going to take STRONG America cahones to keep these JIHADIST from gaining ground in our Country. They are already here as we know from Chattanooga, Orlando, San Bernandino, Boston. But if the Muslim leaders will state that they will not give prayers to the Terrorists Among Us, they will not make it to heaven with their 13 Virgins that drives this insane so called religion.

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