Meet Gavel: The World’s Greatest Hope For Salvation

puppy-fired-too-nice-governor-queensland-png-1496934565Despite the depressing news domestically and internationally, there is proof that there is still hope for the world.  Gavel has found a home.  Gavel flunked out of police canine academy in Queensland, Australia, for being too friendly.  It was a disappointment because Gavel came from are “family bloodline” of top German Shepard police dogs. The problem is that Gavel just wanted to be friends . . . with everyone.

Fortunately, his traits appealed to governor of Queensland, Paul de Jersey AC.

Gavel’s page on Facebook (Governor of Queensland)

Gavel will now  include welcoming visitors and tour groups to the province’s government house.

26 thoughts on “Meet Gavel: The World’s Greatest Hope For Salvation”

  1. This is a great dog photo. Look how his feet are curled up. He is content. He is happy. And he is not with the Russians too.

  2. Great post Prof Turley — we need some relief from politics. My bro has German shephards – beautiful animals, loyal but wild as hell. He’s gonna have to hire a trainer.

    1. Autumn, find someone who trains police dogs. We had a guy that trained dogs for the local county sheriff’s dept. train our dog. Our dog was a Australian Shepherd/Cattle dog mix so we wanted to make sure she listened when we needed her to. Best money ever spent. Might even learn a little Polish too!
      Tulsi Gabbard 2020!

  3. He gets my vote for world leader! What a sweet dog. Thanks for posting this JT!

  4. I am an Eighth Day Dog Adventist. On The Eighth Day Dog Was Sent To Earth by God To Watch Over Mankind.
    God spelled backwards is Dog. There is a reason for that. Christians were dyslectic. Get it straight.
    This particular dog is here to give Australians guidance. He is a guide dog. You do not have to be blind to understand this.

  5. I have met another dog who failed the training for the same reason. He could not be made aggressive. He was the most obedient dog I have ever met, too. Shortly before his supper he sat on the porch outside an open door to the kitchen where his bag of food and food bowl waited. He did not move until he was given the okay to eat from his bowl. Lesser animals would have not only come into the house but would have also dug into that open food bag.

  6. i think if you check the bloodlines some female ancestor had sex w/ a golden retriever.

  7. you have to train dogs to be unfriendly—people come by it naturally

  8. Just wish ADULTS could be more like Gavel.!

    Hoping he doesn’t become disillusioned, in his new home.!!

  9. With all the stuff we get and deal with every day these kind of stories restore faith and are trul welcome.

  10. Dogs will always love you no matter how they are treated, a lesson we should all learn.

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