Chris Christie Supported By Only 15 Percent of Voters — The Lowest Popularity Rate in History

Chris_Christie_April_2015_(cropped)New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) is close to reaching a statistical zero for support.  According to a new poll, Christie is supported by only 15 percent of voters.  Given the error rate of standard polls, Christie is rapidly reducing his support to his immediate family.  This is the lowest approval rating “for any governor in any state surveyed by Quinnipiac University in more than 20 years.”

This includes a now 81 percent disapproval rating.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Eighty-one percent disapproval.

There are likely a combination of influences. The first was Christie avoiding criminal charges for Bridgegate while two top aides were convicted.  Many felt that Christie got a free ride while his aides were forced to answer for the underlying crimes.  The second is likely Christie’s support for President Trump.

Whatever the cause, Christie now has the distinction of being the first governor with close to universal disapproval from the voters.

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  1. @Darren Smith, June 16, 2017 at 12:17 AM

    “Isn’t this in line with what Congress’ approval rating is?”

    Christie’s 15% actually makes him considerably more popular. Every recent poll I’ve seen on that august body, the US Congress, says its public approval is hovering steadily between 9 and 11 percent.

    I don’t know what the answer is because it’s orders of magnitude more true now than when Will Rogers observed it that “We have the best Congress money can buy.”

    If only we had a more corporation-friendly Supreme Court, perhaps that would help.

  2. That statistic is probably reflective of the majority of his tenure, did he finally run out of money? 😉 I can’t say I’m surprised.

  3. In many ways Christie would have been a better choice for AG than Sessions but his successful prosecution of the Kushner crime family nixed that idea.

  4. What is amazing is just a few years ago he won a landslide victory, getting many Dem votes in a very blue state. That was because he took on the corrupt, bloated, and incompetent teacher’s union. Independent Dem voters saw an entitled group of teachers bleeding hard working taxpayers and put an end to that. He’s a good attorney. He’ll do fine in the private sector. Hell, even ham n’ eggers who are part of the ruling class do just fine when they are voted out of office.

    1. That was before the Bridgegate fiasco. Before that, he had a somewhat favorable reputation as a prosecutor. Now, he’s almost on a par with Blagoyevitch (sp?) in Illinois.

  5. The second is likely Christie’s support for President Trump.

    Yes, I’m sure the constituency likely to offer its support for a Republican governor in New Jersey is terribly cheesed that Gov. Christie offered his support to a Republican president.

    Soi-disant libertarian academics live in mini-bubble of their own manufacture.

    1. Thanks, Desparate! You’ve improved my vocabulary. And to think that I took French in high school.

  6. Visuals make a difference. Obese people are universally disliked. Remember that when you are thinking about ice cream.

  7. Former NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey was a strange governor.

    Take a look at this resignation video. But keep an eye on his wife when he says he’s gay.
    Results: Trashed his political career & marriage.

  8. True CC is unpopular but the state is a heavy Dem state. The legislature is is overwhelmingly Dems. The poll was probably taken in the northern counties which always vote Dem, more people up there. The state workers hate him for two reasons 1. He froze cost of living benefits on pensions, 2. Because state, county and city workers salaries are high he required them to pay part of health benefits. He failed at lowering real estate taxes highest or 2nd highest in the nation. More residents movin out then in states. Previous Gov McGreevy decided the state was a partner when you sold your home and added another tax when you sell, residents call it NJ Exit Tax. Unfunded liabilities in NJ are huge and will eventually hurt the state big time (not his doing). Not a big CC fan but polls don’t tell the reasons for the results. The guy did get Obama to send money for 1000’s of victims and businesses of Super Storm Sandy who would have been on the balls of their you know what had he not jumped in.

    1. Free speech will never die as long as this blog is active. You gotta love it. No matter how ignorant, insipid, dumb, fatheaded, bigoted, stupid, divisive, beef-headed, doltish, idiotic, duncical, numbskulled, pinheaded, asinine, imbecilic, or uninformed is the comment, it is allowed and no one asks that it be removed.

  9. He is The Bus.
    As in the one you one you get thrown under.
    To me he’s Scott Walker with balls.
    Honestly, wanting to punch the teacher’s union in the face?
    Tell me he doesn’t channel Jimmy Hoffa in the most ironic way.
    If I had to compare him to a weapon it’d be a flame thrower loaded with napalm.
    And now a final thought from Bugs with the appropriate accent:

    1. Perhaps there is a disturbance to the space-time continuum. This can be caused by the presence of an extremely heavy, dense object. (Christie?)

  10. Ahhh you have yet to figure it out. The outsider upsets the cart and dumps the contents for all to see. shiny and delicious or rotten to the core. Judged by that standard he’s a miracle worker. Also getting things on track for correction .Three or Four months from inception to knock knock knocking on SCOTUS Door? When has that ever been done?

    Man knows how to run a bulldozer and set construction charges. If there is no solution knock the building down … what was supposed to be there.

    Then the line up that follows. Pence and Gowdy.

    No talent like that to found any where else . and the suggestions are ….SND fodder Biden? He was picked for votes like most of the VP’s. Eight years of sitting but no training, no practice no readiness.

    That’s how you put Our Constitutional Republic back together. not with a gavel but a sledgehammer. Just think of Constitutional Republic Party versus the Secular Progressive Party.

    W’ell have something good to hand over to the new largest voting bloc by 2040.

    How’s your Spanish?


  11. I was shocked into laughter sitting in a History and Civics Class first to hear the USA described as Europe West and then New Jersey and Delaware described as overpopulated Counties and Rhode Island as Township. So my reaction called for a required 2 minute impromptu or was it extemperaneous which centered on a quick thought “The Bane of Historical Nuisances.”

    On the historical side they had and have justification to exist as States, On the Civics or Government side the same. Fitting those States in and making them fit was, after all the reason for the Electoral College.

    But on the practical side they, like Europe were confined with no place to grow. Which led to states Wyoming and Nevada. Very large but a county or a township size population.

    All because of the agreement for westward expansion where each State could extend their western borders due west until the Pacific Ocean – not quite. but it allows for Pennsylvania, and all the mid atlantic and southern states …that weren’t blocked. Two documents perhaps the third and fourth most important after the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution provided for the westward expansion. One provided the land and the second the people… Northwest Ordinance and…..(has to do with a continuing and current issue or problem.)

    That’s a pop quiz question.

    But they also effectively ensured Rhode Island and New Jersey or Delaware remained townships and county size. It’s also why County Commissioners and Township managers never make the grade

    1 George Washington Virginia
    2 John Adams Massachusetts
    3 Thomas Jefferson Virginia
    4 James Madison
    5 James Monroe
    6 John Quincy Adams Massachusetts
    7 Andrew Jackson Tennessee
    8 Martin Van Buren New York
    9 William Henry Harrison Virginia
    10 John Tyler Virginia
    11 James K. Polk Tennessee
    12 Zachary Taylor Virginia
    13 Millard Fillmore New York
    14 Franklin Pierce New Hampshire
    15 James Buchanan Pennsylvania
    16 Abraham Lincoln Illinois
    17 Andrew Johnson Tennessee
    18 Ulysses S. Grant Illinois[1]
    19 Rutherford B. Hayes Ohio
    20 James A. Garfield
    21 Chester A. Arthur New York[2]
    22 Grover Cleveland New York
    23 Benjamin Harrison Indiana
    25 William McKinley Ohio
    26 Theodore Roosevelt New York
    27 William Howard Taft Ohio
    28 Woodrow Wilson Virginia
    29 Warren G. Harding Ohio
    30 Calvin Coolidge Massachusetts
    31 Herbert Hoover California
    32 Franklin D. Roosevelt New York
    33 Harry S. Truman Missouri
    34 Dwight D. Eisenhower Kansas
    35 John F. Kennedy Massachusetts
    36 Lyndon B. Johnson Texas
    37 Richard Nixon California
    38 Gerald Ford Michigan
    39 Jimmy Carter Georgia
    40 Ronald Reagan California
    41 George H. W. Bush Texas
    42 Bill Clinton Arkansas
    43 George W. Bush Texas
    44 Barack Obama Illinois
    45 Donald J. Trump New York


  12. He will be a small footnote in US Polltics. I feel sorry for the person who will be taking over to clean up the mess he’s created because he was a part time Governor–unless Donald Trump gives him some sort of a job. Oh, BTW, apparently the FBI Nominee (who’s a qualified guy), was a Christie recommendation–no news on him now, right? As for Christie, He’ll go on to make millions in consulting and lobbying…

    1. He will be a small footnote in US Polltics. I feel sorry for the person who will be taking over to clean up the mess he’s created

      The ‘mess’ in New Jersey has little to do with Christie per se and a great deal to do with problems you see anywhere: the hijacking of public policy by attentive rent-seekers, the arrogant and officious judiciary, highly fragmented local government units, a bad electoral system, and a wretched excess of public provision in the educational sector. A revised state constitution which addressed these matters would be much in order. However, the elected officials would never formulate such a revised constitution, the judiciary would attempt to declare it’s provisions ‘unconstitutional’ if their prerogatives were threatened, and the general public would reject it out of the vague sense that institutional adjustments might cause their property taxes to increase by 5c.

  13. Not a popularity contest: Chris Christie pulls a fast one on the voters

    Columnist, The Star-Ledger

    “On a day when Time Magazine named him the most unpopular governor in any state in the past 20 years, Chris Christie gave us graphic proof of why.

    “He did so by winning a legal victory over a bipartisan group of legislators who challenged his effort to borrow $300 million without asking the Legislature or the voters.

    “The state constitution clearly states that he needs the approval of both. But the constitutionality of his move wasn’t at issue in the hearing before Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson in Mercer County Court.

    “That was moot. Everything was moot. Jacobson let the two sides argue for two hours before issuing an opinion she could have announced when they walked in the door.

    “That opinion, boiled down from the legalese, was:

    “The Governor pulled a fast one. But since he pulled it fast enough, I’ll let him get away with it.

    “The events in question occurred at a May 11 meeting of the Economic Development Authority. This is a state agency that was created to promote business but is used to promote pork.

    “The pork was a $300 million deal to renovate the Statehouse that Christie announced in December and then rammed through without asking the Legislature, which has the power under the state constitution to appropriate funds.” …

    1. Congressional reating is so low it always begins with a number one. The rest is pure imagination.

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