Italian Court: Lobsters Cannot Be Kept On Ice At Restaurants

250px-lobster_nsrwItaly’s highest court handed down a victory for animal rights activists last week that mandates that restaurants can no longer keep lobsters on ice because it causes them unjustifiable suffering.  It is a decision applauded by many who viewed the crustaceans as being subjected to unnecessary discomfort.  As much as a applaud such decisions in favor of animals, it does still leave the rather obvious conflict with the fact that the lobsters are then boiled alive.

In upholding a lower court order, the owner of a restaurant near Florence was ordered to pay a 2,000 euro fine ($5,593) as well as 3,000 euros in legal fees.

The court acknowledged the disconnect between protecting the comfort of lobsters right up to the time that they are dropped in boiling water: “While the particular method of cooking can be considered legal by recognizing that it is commonly used, the suffering caused by detaining the animals while they wait to be cooked cannot be justified in that way,.”

While I like lobsters, I have not eaten them for many years because I cannot get around the notion boiling the creatures alive.

33 thoughts on “Italian Court: Lobsters Cannot Be Kept On Ice At Restaurants”

  1. Icing and boiling lobsters? That’s small time.

    In Hong Kong, there are restaurants that sashimi the lobster tail, while the lobster is still alive, to ensure maximum freshness. Once the tail is consumed by diners, the lobster gets a hot bath and diners a tasty soup.

    China and 5,000 years of human civilization is not wrong…

  2. Lobster seaman what you say?
    How bout letting me out today?
    Ain’t no reason for me to stay cause…
    Everybody is far away.

    Get me back on my claws again!
    Back on my claws again!
    Open the cage.
    Let me free.
    Get me back on my claaawws… again!

    1. The previous comment was from a Randy Newman song about mental patients.

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