Trump Posts Video Showing Him Physically Attacking CNN Figure

150709164948-donald-trum-wwe-photo-super-169As discussed yesterday, President Donald Trump has said the he will not yield in his continuing tweets with personal or insulting attacks on the media, political opponents, and journalists.  To drive that point vividly home, he re-posted  a video showing him punching a man with the CNN logo on his head during a wrestling match.  It seems a posting designed to virtually taunt his aides and allies on the Hill who have tried to convey to him that these tweets are alienating allies and costing the GOP critical time and energy.

With the raising anger and threats directed at the media, it is a chilling and irresponsible post from anyone, let alone the President of the United States.

The video follows tweets calling out CNN saying, “I am thinking about changing the name #FakeNews CNN to #FraudNewsCNN!” The video is altered from  from WrestleMania 23 in 2007.

Here is the video:



CNN has responded with the following statement:

“It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters. Clearly, Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied when she said the President had never done so. Instead of preparing for his overseas trip, his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, dealing with North Korea and working on his health care bill, he is instead involved in juvenile behavior far below the dignity of his office. We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his.”

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  1. Everyone’s pretending to be outraged that Trump retweeted a silly-looking video of a pro-wrestling match, calling it an “incitement to violence”, but CNN hosts have repeatedly and openly incited real violence, having “joked” about Trump’s assassination, about his plane crashing, about him being beheaded, about him being a piece of sh@t. Congressional baseball game anyone?

  2. “Trump Posts Video Showing Him Physically Attacking CNN Figure”

    Professor Turley, please ask one of your staff to explain the fictitious WWE to you.

    Professor Turley, please ask one of your staff to explain “photoshop” to you.

    Professor Turley, did President Trump actually physically attack anyone?

    Was yours a deliberate statement of fact or falsehood?

  3. Could we just have a one -week break on trump tweets news? If the media ignores him maybe he will quit tweeting. We need a break at any rate. I’m changing the channel each time he name is mentioned. Let ‘s just watch Congress and ignore hm for a week and see if our mood doesn’t improve.

    1. “Could we just have a one -week break on trump tweets news? ”

      Are you nuts!!! Oh, excuse my enthusiasm. Have you thought through the full implications of your position.

      If Trump is half the marketing genus he claims he will issue entry visas for world leaders to settle international disputes in a cage fight to take place vicinity of the ellipse at sunrise.

      I can’t wait to see Trump the Magnificent vs Putin the Pitiful.

      Well … wouldn’t you rather have world leaders settle it face to face, man to man, or man to whatever, than a dozen combat brigades blasting it out in the desert?

      I say keep the troops at home and may the best despot win – fight to the finish, no holds barred, all takedowns, throws, trips, drops and slams allowed.

  4. There is plenty of evidence that Trump is suffering from symptoms of Alzheimer’s. He certainly is an embarrassment to himself and the country, but piling on to an ill man, even if he doesn’t know it, is unseemly. The Republican’s will remove him when they no longer serve their purpose. Right now he is keeping the rest of the country distracted from stuff they are doing, or maybe his family will wake up and convince him to resign when they have stuffed their pockets sufficiently. In the meantime, we need to note, then ignore is angry tirades, and focus on the what else is going on. In the meantime, I hope his staff is successful in distracting him from the nuclear codes.

      1. (iotanewsservice) First Lady Melania Trump will begin her book signing tour on Independence Day to promote her new book, “Cosmetic Surgery as a Business Strategy,” co-written with Donatella Versace. She will be meeting and greeting, one floor at a time/one day at a time, starting in her husband’s holding company, Trump Organization, on the 22nd floor of Trump Towers and working her way up to the penthouse where she intends to sign a copy for herself by summer’s end.

    1. bettykath – there are no real ways to test for Alzhiemer’s. You have to wait for them to die and then autopsy the brain. BTW, Alzhiermer’s is not a form of mental illness.

      1. People with Alzheimer’s present with symptoms of mental illness.

        1. frankly – and you know this because you are a specialist in the field?

          1. Common knowledge for anyone that has had a relative with the disease.

        2. Let’s use the logic of the leftist pundit.

          “People with Alzheimer’s present with symptoms of mental illness.”

          Leftists present with symptoms of mental illness.

          Therefore leftists have Alzheimers.

          PET scans in experimental units are being used to try and determine if there are plaques of amyloaid and tau. Those two things are strongly associated with Alzheimers.

  5. Trump did not need or want to be President mind you. He feels has had to because the country is in ruins.He ran because of love for the country. Say what you will about him but thats more than you can say about any other President since Reagan or Carter

    1. No, he “needed” to run for President, in order to ramp up the adulation he craves.

      1. And get more money for Trump Kushner inc…. He did not know there an emoluments clause.

  6. “The video clip tweeted out by the president, which used an altered version of a years-old promotional video for professional wrestling, showed Trump, clad in a business suit and tie, administering a choreographed beat-down to another business-suited figure whose head, flapping in time to simulated punches, was superimposed with CNN’s logo. The president embellished the tweeted video with his own hashtags: #FraudNewsCNN and #FNN.

    Trump’s friend Vince McMahon — the professional wrestling magnate whose wife and former business partner Linda McMahon is now in Trump’s cabinet, as head of the Small Business Administration — is thought to be the figure whose head is blotted out by CNN’s logo in the clip, a version of which has been in circulation in recent days on the Internet platform Reddit.”

  7. What is the story?

    CBC News refers to the video as showing Trump “symbolically” beating up a “news organization” (

    Fox News reports (

    “The video appeared to be a doctored version of an appearance Trump made on a World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. show called “Battle of the Billionaires” in 2007, in which Trump appears to attack WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

    McMahon’s wife, Linda, who founded and built the company with her husband, now heads the Small Business Administration for Trump and was a generous benefactor to his campaign.

    The video was posted several days ago by a Reddit user with the title, “Trump takes down fake news.” It was not clear whether that was where it originated or where Trump found it. Still, the user wrote Sunday about being “honored” Trump had tweeted the video. The user who posted the video has a history of posts using anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant language.”

    So what is going on with this video? Is it acting of a symbolic attack as CBC News states? Is it a doctored video as Fox News reports? After the hysteria calms down perhaps we will learn what is going on.

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    1. The author of that song instantly made millions of dollars, back when a million dollars was a lot of money. He soon died a horrible premature death from drug and alcohol consumption, because of the success of that song. “interesting,” as Spock would say.

  9. I’ve been in NYC in the summer and you can taste the filth in the air. The people have a condescending attitude where they tend to look down on others. Say what you want these are my real life experiences of gathering rotten apple!

  10. CNN, CIA, b i bicki eye, bye o bee
    bickie eye bickee o bee bee.

  11. Very interesting that people who have not been half as successful in their lives as trump has been , consider themselves to be in a position to patronize him . Talking about idiots!

    1. He’s only successful because Russian Banks and oligarchs bailed him out when his businesses were failing/bankrupt and no decent bank in the United States would lend to him. He’s a joke in New York City where people know him the best. And these Russian $$$ connections? That’s why he’s in the heap of trouble that he’s in.

      1. From your level of development and being a member of snob bubble all that must be so self soothing , continue to soothe yourself and trump will smash your bubble again and again !

        1. Will Jared,Ivanka and Steve Mnuchin help him smash the snob bubble while they are partying at the Hamptons?

        1. Madonna is a liberal, female version of trump, but rather even more vulgar.

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