Trump Posts Video Showing Him Physically Attacking CNN Figure

150709164948-donald-trum-wwe-photo-super-169As discussed yesterday, President Donald Trump has said the he will not yield in his continuing tweets with personal or insulting attacks on the media, political opponents, and journalists.  To drive that point vividly home, he re-posted  a video showing him punching a man with the CNN logo on his head during a wrestling match.  It seems a posting designed to virtually taunt his aides and allies on the Hill who have tried to convey to him that these tweets are alienating allies and costing the GOP critical time and energy.

With the raising anger and threats directed at the media, it is a chilling and irresponsible post from anyone, let alone the President of the United States.

The video follows tweets calling out CNN saying, “I am thinking about changing the name #FakeNews CNN to #FraudNewsCNN!” The video is altered from  from WrestleMania 23 in 2007.

Here is the video:



CNN has responded with the following statement:

“It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters. Clearly, Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied when she said the President had never done so. Instead of preparing for his overseas trip, his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, dealing with North Korea and working on his health care bill, he is instead involved in juvenile behavior far below the dignity of his office. We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his.”

206 thoughts on “Trump Posts Video Showing Him Physically Attacking CNN Figure”

  1. The bottom line here is that the President of the U S is beneath the job, not above the circus that he should be ignoring, you know, above the circus. Trump is an idiot.

    1. If true, your homey Clinton lost to an “idiot.” We know, earlier “the Russians ate Hillary’s homewor,” now it’s “Trump’s insane” and he encourages “violins against journalists.” (Violins used on purpose v. “violence.”)

      Maybe Trump paid Hillary’s dentist to implant a receiver in Hillary’s tooth. Yeah, try that one next month.

  2. Obama with his Regan like neoliberal economic warfare against the poor and middle class, insured if not outright invented a Trump Presidency – even if he did have massive help from the DNC and from the queen of corruption herself.

    Trump is simply returning the favor.

    Without Trump, the Democrats in 2020 would look like cadavers on the end of sticks so far have they moved from any semblance of what they once stood for. With Trump really on top of his game like this, I fear, there will be a backwash of people who hold their nose and vote for cadavers before anyone sharing even the letter R with the Trump party, so much will a terrorized public come to associate R with “Riches for me cat sh*t for thee.”( I hope, in the Trump tradition, that was blunt enough).

    The difference is all style of course. Trump is a wreckilng ball and Obama’s a pick-pocket. You wake up broke either way.

    1. If I could do the typo over, I would use “wreckling” instead of “wreckilng.”

  3. Hey, Lefties, lighten up! Trump has been doing funny videos for a long, long time. So why should he stop now? We know you have virtually no sense of humor, but at least you’ll get a laugh out of the first segment in the following series of video clips because Trump demonstrates that he can take it as well as receive it:

  4. I thought it was quite funny. The pearl-clutchers are doing their usual thing.

    1. Snob circle finds Kathy griffin holding the head of the president as art or comedy , but this hilarious tweet oh no ! What Mental disease has affected these bipartisan idiots/elites ?

  5. So horrible, and demoralizing to see the president of the USA behave like a clueless, vulgar and common twat!
    Sadly, this man can’t meet the standards that are expected of an adult in a civilized society, never mind a president!

    1. You just called our President a “twat” yet you stand on some sanctimonious moral high ground? I think not!

      1. Trump has exposed these worthless creatures of snob circle like no one else could have !

          1. Conversely, he, also, proved there are many ignorant sychophants. Rethuglicans need a daddy figure since they are incapable of thinking for themselves as evidenced by your posts.

  6. Baby Trump can dish it but he can’t take it. He represents the federal government and even joking about beating the media is inappropriate.

    If Obama similarly joked while president about taking away everyone’s guns, every commenter here would be MELTING.

    Hypocrites all.

    This orange doofus is a total charlatan and he’s always been a charlatan. Gooooooo, Trump University.

  7. Moronic media with mentally ill abchors and pundits have been triggered , hope trump precipitates a mass media psychosis to commit these filthy characters to a mental asylum ! Oh wait , they are already psychotic if not corrupt !

  8. Bongino is right. The Donald is just a ” typical New Yorker”. Loud, brash, brassy and sometimes obnoxious. New York is a big dirty city full of rude people.

    1. How rude of you. Where do you live so I can label every person there as “rude.”

      Infinite dimwit.

      1. Dave137 – I travel a lot and NYC was the dirtiest city I have ever been in. The flags on the buildings have soot on them. It was depressing.

        1. Paul, the city isn’t that dirty and it is a great city though in recent years going downhill again because of a foolish left wing mayor. Expect some soot when you have so many millions living in a small area and so many millions more travelling in and out every day.

            1. You are talking about big cities with large numbers of people, cars etc. in a concentrated area so yes they are dirtier than smaller and more rural cities.

              California has the most large dirty cities so I would say Fresno, but you are entitled to call NYC dirty. But when you calculate the level activity on a cultural level and divide by the dirt it’s pretty good. 🙂 (I so happen to love NYC and have a home in Manhattan. You have to experience NYC in a different light.)

              1. Allan – I stayed in NYC for a week. Generally, the people were lovely, except for the girl who tried to short-change me. The energy level in the city is very high, almost electric. I went to Wall St. at 5pm and almost got killed in the stampede of workers leaving the buildings. I went to several shows, both Broadway and off-Broadway, plus a special showing of a theatrical Brazilian film at some small venue near Chinatown. I rode the subway from 154th to the end of the line and then back, the people are amazing. I didn’t know you could get at a 50-gal water heater on the subway (don’t know if it needed a ticket). Went to the bookstore’s of several publishers, wasn’t used to that. Also made a pilgrimage to the Strand Bookstore, it was nirvana. Loved the architecture of the city. Got to visit a brownstone and tour it.

                1. Paul, It sounds like overall you enjoyed NYC. You actually can’t truly see the city on short visits. It’s vibrant, alive and one great walking city with unbelievable variety. Multiple things are always going on and there are always quiet places such as pocket parks along with the larger parks that are all over the city. It even has an elevated park about 2 miles in length known as the High Line that covers the old elevated rail line. I have the luxury of taking it easy when I am in the city so I can actually enjoy it. I only stay for a week or two at a time since I prefer my other quieter environment.

                  1. Allan – I enjoyed the trip, overall. However, I still content it is the dirtiest city in America and that includes L.A.

                    1. OK, my island home, Manhattan is dirty, but my house is spotless.:-)

                    2. Allan – well, living in the desert we have a habitual dust problem. My house is spotless only when my sister comes to visit. 🙂

                    3. Nice to have such a sister. Do you loan her out? Amenities: sunny, warm, nice breezes and quiet. 🙂

      1. Hail Obama: whistleblower prosecuter in chief

        “In his eight years in office, the Obama Justice Department spearheaded eight Espionage Act prosecutions, more than all US administrations combined. Journalists were also caught in the crosshairs: Investigators sought phone records for Associated Press journalists, threatened to jail an investigative reporter for The New York Times, and named a Fox News reporter a co-conspirator in a leak case. In Texas, a journalist investigating private defense contractors became the focus of a federal prosecution and was initially charged for sharing a hyperlink containing hacked information that had already been made public.”

        “The absolute twisted passion with which the administration under Obama’s leadership has pursued whistleblowers is just appalling,” says Norman Solomon, executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy and co-founder of “And as far as I can tell, the administration is unrepentant in that process. There’s just no other administration that comes close.”

        1. You are spot on as usual Autumn, but I think Obama started a tradition that Trump will not be too proud to carry on. Does anyone know what happened to that leaker (girl) who gave a story to the intercept and got caught because the Intercept didn’t even bother to retype the thing?

          1. Ynot – typical ad hominem attack. You going to move the conversation forward?

      2. Huh??? Why is “true” or “false” even relevant??? If you don’t like a President, then you should be able to say whatever you like about them, right? I mean, how else could CNN run with the Russia-collusion nonsense for 6 months or so?

        C’mon, dude, get with the times!

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Hey Squeeky!! In case I get bogged down with my rant, I hope you have a great 4th!

          You are no doubt aware that I don’t agree with you on Trump. To me, he’s just another con artist out to make a pile for himself and the wealthy. But enough. That’s my opinion and of course I could be whistling up the wrong tree.

          But I do have a question for you and it is how can you possibly not include Fox News in the category of Main Stream Media? They have told so many whoppers, and -worse- held back so much from the public that they are fully qualified, card carrying members of the biggest fake news consortium in man’s (and/or women’s) history along with MSNBC, CNN, and the lot of em.) Their boss, like CNN’s boss (and all the rest) is MONEY and their specialty is how to convince the public to part with it willingly in exchange for a shabby ideology (dim wit or re thug idolo – doesn’t matter) that couldn’t stand up to a two year old’s logic.

          EOR (end-0-rant)

          regards and (again) hope your 4th is meaningful and full of fun…

          1. Same to you! I hope you have a Happy Fourth!

            As far as FOXNews, I don’t include them, not because they don’t have their own slant on things, but because they were the first major media to be off the Democratic Party Narrative. Even if they weren’t always “balanced”, they were the first real source where you could hear a different story than the liberal silliness promulgated by the MSM.

            Which, IMHO, makes them a lot more trustworthy than the other side.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

      1. Someone should photoshop the MSNBC logo on Terry Tate’s head and then it would be perfect. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need a cigarette.

          1. It was gonna be a pretend cigarette since I don’t smoke but I guess i could live on the edge and have a whole pretend carton of them.

  9. It’s a cartoon, a cartoon. Imagine yourself in his shoes, he knows they have been after his testicles and shown themselves to be his relentless and ruthless enemies. He’s not the type to deny what he knows their real intention is and give them a chance to get to his throat. Remember this whole Russia scandal, that still isn’t over? He’s the one in the cross hairs. Does he believe that they have changed their tack just because they have been exposed and forced to retract their lies? I guess he doesn’t and he shouldn’t.

  10. Breaking news: The People’s Champion, The Rock asked Booker what 2+2 equals.

  11. Thats right America eat it up, don’t watch what the other hand is doing. Trump is a right out con-man in every sense of the word. and he’s feeding you all to the dogs of war and finance

  12. I’m really starting to have confidence in President Trump as a true non-establishment outsider. He really is one of us! This is awesome. It might not have been acceptable if CNN wasn’t such a threat to our society. It’s also funny to hear the thumb sucking MSM having a tizzy over this while they provide cover for fake news outlets like CNN. Awesome, Mr. President. You made my day. Happy Independence Day! Yeah!

    1. He sure has you fooled. He prefers rich people that work at Goldman Sachs and has openly said so.

    2. It sort of made me think the same thing. Can’t get behind his war efforts..but who knows?

    3. He bought politicians for years. He’s the very swamp he complains about.

  13. CNN’s response translated into the truth:

    “It is a sad day when the President of the United States reveals corporate presstitutes such as ourselves to be the fraudulent and phony propagandists that we are. Clearly, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has also shown us up as the liars and frauds that we and we dislike her immensely for it. So, while the President is busy making great trade deals to benefit America, preparing for his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, dealing with North Korea and working on his health care bill–things that we detest–we strenuously object to him making fun of us. We will keep doing our jobs: i.e., lying and disseminating fake news. We only wish that Trump would have greater respect for presstitutes and the role that we presstitutes serve in deceiving the American public.”

  14. That’s Vince McMahon Trump is faux pummelling. “That’s a good thing” as Martha Stewart would say. Trump is trolling elitists and haters. That they can’t see it is comical.

    1. Trump keeps his cultists engaged by attacking the media while the real action was at Soros’s place in the Hamptons. Jared,Ivanka and Kelly Anne were all spotted at the event.

    1. Oky1 – I did hear that it was legal to tear the tags off once you own them.

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