Saudi Police Hunt Down Dangerous Woman Who Launched An Attack On Historic Fort In Miniskirt [UPDATED]

_96977823_mediaitem96971517The Saudi Kingdom is still leading the boycott of Qatar over its support for extremist Islamic groups.  However, the Kingdom has not stopped pursuing threats at home with an attack launched against a historic fort.  Saudi police are searching for this woman who has shocked the Kingdom by posting images of herself wearing a miniskirt in public. That’s right, the police are pursuing the case brought to them by the infamous Saudi morality police to bring the woman to justice. UPDATE: The Saudis have now arrested the woman in the miniskirt in the latest madness of Saudi extremist values.  


Notably, the photographs were taken in a street in a fort at Ushayqir Heritage Village in Najd province. That is the province where the founder of  Wahhabism was born.  Many of the most violent groups adhere to Sunni extremist views, including Wahhabism, which also support the Saudi denial of basic human rights for women.  Saudi Arabia continues to fund mosques around the world teaching Wahhabism, including many associated with extremists.

In these photos, a model called “Khulood” is shown simply walking around the fort without being covered up by the medieval “abaya” required under the Saudi dress code.  While many supported the model for her bravery, other Saudis called for her arrest Journalist Khaled Zidan wrote: “The return of the Haia [religious police] here is a must.”

This is how precarious this medieval system remains. A young women in a miniskirt can become a national threat.  It not only shows the lunacy of religious orthodoxy but the need to stamp out any expression of independence or individuality lest it should inspire others.  What Wahhabism cannot do is allow people to make up their own minds and live their lives according to their own beliefs.  The Saudi princes made a deal with the Wahhabi clerics to gain power in exchange for mandating Wahhabi values in the Kingdom . . . and now a woman shows up in a miniskirt.

The sooner they catch her the sooner the Saudi government (with the support of the Trump Administration) can return to fighting religious extremism in Qatar.

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  1. Dum de dum de dum. That’s defined as indecent exposure under Saudi law. It would be regarded as that in most Arab countries. There is no indication from social survey research conducted in the Arab world or points adjacent that there is a constituency for western conceptions of permissible exposure. In Saudi Arabia, the share of the population down with uncovered heads in public places is in the single-digits:

    It’s not your country. If it bothers you, don’t visit.

  2. Next thing we know there will be naked burglars in their bedrooms.

  3. If I had a figure like the lady in the photo, I’d wear a damn miniskirt, too.

  4. I always believed that if change was ever going to come to the fanatically patriarchal Muslim world where women are severely oppressed, abused and treated like chatel that such a movement would be ignited by Muslim women.

    I applaud this woman for ditching hijab and wearing a miniskirt. In fact, I wish that every female in Saudi Arabia would burn their hijabs and wear miniskirts.

    1. The keyword, of course, being, ingnited. Yes. The Muslim women, were they to revolt, would, indeed, be ignited. Ignited with gasoline. Ignited with kerosene. Ignited. Set ablaze. These throwbacks routinely set their woman on fire, for any host of reasons. Parading around, in front of strange men, uncovered, in what these knuckle-draggers view as a state of indecency and immodesty, would trigger such violence against their own women.

    2. You’re not ‘oppressed, abused, or treated like chattel’ if you get a citation and a court appearance for traipsing around in a mini-skirt. Such items were scarcely known in this country prior to 1920 and quite atypical between 1920 and 1960. My grandmother got trough life without showing perfect strangers her thighs.

      1. And did your grandmother cover her arms in the middle of aummer and cover her head and face, all but her eyes? This particular woman could have had a skirt that hit the floor and probably still been arrested for showing her arms.

        1. Again, Pew research has surveyed Saudi Arabia. The niqab is the preferred garment for women per over 60% of the population polled.and only a tiny minority countenances uncovered heads. You may not like it and Turley may not like it, but that is the popular preference in Saudi Arabia.

  5. The US should have nothing to do with Saudi Arabi but they have lots of money sooo after 9/11 they got special treatment and still do. I’m sick of it .

  6. Everything was ok in this article and then out of no where comes “with support of Trump Administration “. What a disgrace , just until 6 months ago women could have walked in mini skirts in sa and see what trump made sa do ? Things were so different under clintons and obamas and if it were not for trump ….

    1. I think “support of Trump Administration” was referring to dealing with Qatar, not the lady’s manner of dress.

  7. When I compare the transformation of a culture and the incredible effort it took to gain independence in this country, SA is trapped in a culture that seems centuries away from the enlightenment era. I don’t know much about what it took to bring about the Magna Carta but their religious doctrine seems to predate that cultural transformation. It’s difficult to imagine any major shifts happening as long as their religious practice denies the existence of inalienable rights. This is where Sharia Law is such a danger to western civilization.

    The tragedy for Europe and what we are beginning to see in the United States is our western cultures are being force-fed this ancient culture for political gain. We won’t need to fear a terrorist attack by some radical Islamist. Instead, our western cultures have slowly and in some cases more rapidly begun assimilating to their culture. The west is committing national suicide.

      1. You mean, miniskirts will be banned in the US?

        Nah, that’s just crazy talk. No one would dare try that in this country. Well except for this one very isolated incident that the local Muslim community denounces. Other than that there is nothing to see here. How about those Padres?

        In a recent interview, Rashid said he aims to turn Cedar-Riverside into a “sharia-controlled zone” where Muslims are learning about the proper practices of Islam and that “non-Muslims are asked to respect” it.

        “People who don’t know me would say I’m a terrorist,” he said. “I’m someone who’s dedicated to Islam and trying to help the community all ways I can.”

    1. SA is trapped in a culture that seems centuries away from the enlightenment era.

      I think most Enlightenment philosphes fancied despots on their same page (e.g. Frederick the Great). Hegel saw in the Prussian state the acme of political form.

      And, of course, Saudi Arabia is a literate and technically sophisticated place – much more so than late 18th c Prussia.

      1. And, of course, Saudi Arabia is a literate and technically sophisticated place…

        This story would be evidence of that. Not that any of that would matter at her trial or sentencing. As a matter of fact, it’s her technical sophistication that will likely be her undoing.

        1. What are you talking about? Saudi Arabia is a modern country in the technological sphere, with per capita product (outside the oil sector) similar to that of an occidental country at mid-century. The population is predominantly urban. Literacy is quite generalized and nearly universal among the young adult population. The population of women enrolled in tertiary schooling approaches that of men. It has some severe problems in the realm of labor force development, to be sure.

          1. What are you talking about?

            LOL! I agreed with you, that’s what. This young girl used modern technology to post a video of herself that went viral. It has apparently resulted in her arrest. I’m not so sure right now she wouldn’t rather be living in mid-18th c Prussia.

  8. So crazy. This is why we need to mix more religion in government. Come on, Pence, please save our culture here in the US as well, by invoking the “principles” of another version of some version of some other deity. That would be much more sane.

  9. The fact is that men, not women must be constrained. If men are unable to control their bodies, they need external restraint. Women are ready, willing, and able to control their own bodies.

    1. The narrator of the song is a woman rebuking her husband / paramour for unspecified shortcomings (there’s a suggestion of adultery) and promising to punish him. I think she cut the record after her divorce from husband #1.

      Their divorce decree was issued just months after the broadcast.

  10. One is reminded of the Chinese and how they bound the feet of women to make them more dainty. The women went along with it. The only way this stupidity will stop is if women stand up. Unfortunately, the first bunch will not live long enough to see the changes.

  11. Why, JT, do you mention, with the “support” of the Trump administration? As if this so-called support, to which you allude, is something unique and special with regard to the Trump administration. Right. You think that things were any different with the Obama administration or with the Clinton administration? Huh? That those idealized administrations publicly and vociferously denounced the Saudi regime for its policies regarding the treatment of women and, in particular, how the regime addressed its policy pertaining to dress codes? Puh-leez.

    1. Why, JT, do you mention, with the “support” of the Trump administration?

      bam bam,
      That snark is not JT’s style. I believe this to be post written by someone else. Also, he routinely has some form of grammatical error in his posts and this one appears clean.

      1. The double standard is, most definitely, his style. Whether JT wrote this piece, himself, or whether he had one of his snot-nosed students write it for him, the bottom line is that it is posted to his blog and under his name. The being, responsible for actually penning it, is irrelevant.

      2. JT has to dish out once in while to the Left. Otherwise he could be drummed out by the ANTIFA snowflakes taking over the young people’s minds on Campuses.
        The fear is real for all faculty.

        1. Obviously I could be wrong. His posts on the environment and especially the topic of climate change seem to really bring out an almost religious fervor. On all other topics, he seems to be fair and reasoned in his opinion. Almost as though he was arguing before a court. When I read posts that contain these jabs without some reasonable supporting evidence, my opinion is he wouldn’t do that. But then again maybe he just lets his freak flag fly every so often.

  12. I have to agree. It starts with miniskirts and always leads to the horrors we have seen in the west such as wearing white after Labor Day

    1. You watched Serial Mom? She takes wearing white after Labor Day very seriously.

    2. The horrors are found in the statistics on divorce, illegitimacy, and abortion. These are in turn derived from a defective understanding of morals and human relations. Such understandings are manifest in small things, like standards of modesty.

  13. I am with the morality police on this one. The country is going to hell in a hand basket if they cannot find her and punish her. Evil is evil.

    1. Paul, the Rochester Police Department arrests some woman for running up and down Ontario beach topless and bare-assed. She’s released in makeshift clothing and issued an appearance ticket. A city court judge slaps her with a $100 fine. All done per New York state law. You object? Why?

        1. It’s an archetype. I’m sure it happens a score of times every summer. No, I don’t have pix.

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