Rosenstein: Comey Memos Were Confidential and Improperly Leaked

Rosenstein agreed with MacCallum that

“As a general proposition, you have to understand the Department of Justice. We take confidentiality seriously, so when we have memoranda about our ongoing matters, we have an obligation to keep that confidential.”

When asked about releasing the memos in light of those rules, Rosenstein stated “As a general position, I think it is quite clear. It’s what we were taught, all of us as prosecutors and agents.”

That is a pretty damning statements against Comey who did not have to leak the memos in order to have them considered by investigators, as I have previously discussed 


One matter that was not discussed was Rosenstein’s much delayed recusal.  I believe that Rosenstein has a glaring and troubling conflict given his interactions with Trump before and after the termination of Comey.  I am frankly flabbergasted by Rosenstein’s refusal thus far to recuse himself.  Presumably the Justice Department Ethics Office said that this conflict is both clear or pressing. If not, the office is a paper tiger.  Rosenstein is showing a willful blindness to his conflict. At some point, further delay will look less like sheer stubbornness and more like arrogance in refusing to acknowledge his curious positions as both a potential focus and ultimate authority in this investigation.

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    1. Hey, Autumn, you say–“a bi-partisan group owned by AIPAC seeks to criminalize DBS (divest, boycott, sanction) of Israel.” What does this have to do with the subject at hand? We all know you are anti-Israel and pro-Arab, but when you speak of a Jewish organization owning members of Congress, then you become an anti-Semite.

      1. oh sorry, forgot to say OT. This is huge – limiting first amendment rights in OUR OWN DAMN COUNTRY. Israel needs to take care of itself and stop interfering in our policies. BTW – the article I posted was written by Glenn Greenwald who is a Jew. Many Jews are not in favor of supporting Zionist policies. Zionism is a political movement – nothing at all to do with the Jewish religion.

        1. Autumn, Israel can take care of itself. If it wasn’t for US involvement Israel might have ended up occupying Cairo and Damascus in the 67 War. Israel doesn’t interfere with the US to any great extent except for the fact that most people in this country are generally disposed to a democratic form of government rather than dictatorships that kill and subjugate their people making those of different faiths second class citizens. Remember, the Arab nations expelled about as many Jews as the number of Arabs that voluntarily left Israel with their possessions. That was not true of the Arab states that killed many Jews living in their lands and stole their money and property.

          You might be correct in calling Zionism a political movement that involves Jews moving to Israel that were there long before Mohammed was born. Israel is surrounded by over a billion Muslims. The number of Jews living and protecting Israel is only around 8 million lives. It is not a purely Jewish democracy as if one looks at the Knesset one will find Arab members as they will on Israel’s Supreme Court.

          Try saying the same in any Arab land where they kill their own. We don’t hear much about that. Let us take Egypt where Morsi was permitting the Coptic Christians to be killed and have their churches desecrated. Al-Sisi took over and to his credit has more or less said All Egyptians are Egyptians no matter their religion or race. Move over to other countries in the Arab lands. Lebanon used to be Christian. It no longer is. Christians are killed all over the Middle East without much complaint from the west.

  1. This is nothing more than a Coup attempt by the Deep State.

    The Deep State should remember this.
    65 Million Americans voted for Trump.
    Most of us are armed.
    Most of us will not accept a removal attempt.
    Tread carefully.

    “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers, may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual state. In a single state, if the persons intrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions, or districts of which it consists, having no distinct government in each, can take no regular measures for defense. The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair”.– Alexander Hamilton
    The Federalist Papers, No. 28

      1. I think you underestimate the amount of people who will are willing to remove the government that seeks to usurp power from the peoples vote

          1. If they try to Impeach and remove Trump school kids will be reading about it as a Civil War or Revolution

  2. Let’s see now: that fat, bloated genital-grabbing pig who occupies the WH gives an interview in which he says that if he had known that Sessions would recuse himself from the Russian investigation, he wouldn’t have appointed him, and you keep harping on Comey releasing documents that allegedly violate FBI rules? This, according to you, is a more serious ethical matter than the fact that fatass still doesn’t understand that the AG is not his personal attorney, and that the AG must follow ethical rules? You continue to lose credibility, Jonathan. Just sayin’.

    1. Natacha,
      Glad you’re “sayin'” it… cause I’m thinkin’ it, too.

    2. The one-issue troll Natachacha gotcha rants once again from its cuckoo nest, blasts Trump as usual, and accuses JT of losing credibility? Give me a break!!! It is you Natachacha who has no credibility!

    3. Really? Like the ethical rules which were followed by the OBAMA administration. Like the Uranium one deal? Like the VA scandal? Like the IRS scandal? Like Fast and Furious? Like Benghazi? Like the Clinton email scandal?? Like the Clinton foundation pay to play scandal? I’ve probably forgotten other OBAMA criminal activities which were never investigated let alone prosecuted . Where was the AG(fat ass Loretta Lynch)??? Hmm. I guess justice only runs one way with you. Mueller is a democratic hack and has hired nothing but OBAMA and Clinton lawyers including Hillarys lawyer. Comey is a longtime buddy of Mueller. Rosenstein is also compromised and an OBAMA appointee and you some how are talking about ethics?? Really. This is nothing but a political witch hunt and if Mueller or Rosenstein were ethical they would recuse themselves . But then we are talking about democrats and they will never do the right and ethical thing. All of America knows this is a witch hunt. They have had 11 months to find collusion on Trump and they cannot. So they open the investigation up to any myriad of areas to try and get one thing that they believe will get Trump. Jeff Sessions should unrecuse himself and put an end to this fiasco. Either that be replaced. He did not have to recuse himself in the first place . Does anyone believe Lynch would have recused herself in a similar situation?? Never happen.

  3. I remember when Clinton was under a far more intense scrutiny even than Trump by an overtly partisan extremist that was given full independent power and how unfair it seemed to me at the time. Indeed, Clinton was ultimately brought down by something that occurred long after the witch hunt had started which only went to prove to me that the point was the witch hunt; keep it going until you could get him to slip up and the hell with whether or not he had originally done anything wrong.

    Indeed, the blow job and the lie that finally brought him down would have simply gotten him re-elected in Paris, but not so much in Arab countries and we here in the US, in our Puritan excesses, seem more inspired by the rigidity and cruelty of some Muslim groups – with our torture mentality and our stoning of the poor from gated enclaves – than we are like the more moderate and tolerant French.

    Anyway, history has been far less kind to Clinton than Ken Starr was, for Starr inspired sympathy on the one hand and ire at the Republican party for backing such a slimy witch hunt on the other. But history has simply pulverized most illusions about Clinton and his so called accomplishments that have turned out to be Vichy like opposites to the values the erstwhile Democratic party once stood for.

    Much the same thing is happening to Trump. There is plenty to criticize about him and his fickle self serving policy, the health care debacle being an excellent example, but we may have to wait for history to grind it out, piece by piece, from under the current spectacle of a Democrat witch hunt that does little other than generate sympathy at how unfairly he is being treated.

    1. Kenneth Starr, if assigned the Trump morass, would have substantive evidence, with which to work. But, Starr had to make something out of nothing on Clinton to stay in favor with the right wing. A passenger in the car that a former Republican First Lady was driving was killed in an accident and the media shows decency by ignoring it. But, a Democratic First Lady knows a guy who commits suicide (nowhere near where she’s even at), and right wing media manufactures and endlessly perpetuates shady intrigue. Ridiculing the appearance of politicians’ daughters, wives and mothers e.g. Chelsea at 13 years-old, Ted Cruz’ wife, Michelle Obama, etc., manufacturing false narratives, and making a cottage industry out of story diversions like Turley does … the sole province of the right wing.

      1. LInda – problem is the number of people who dealt with the Clintons/DNC are dead. Clintoncide has become a word! And no, it’s not the province off the right wing. Indies/libertarians are on it.

        1. Is the death count in the triple digits yet, because at some quantity, it becomes humor?

          1. Linda Laughing at a problem where significant evidence abounds reveals a perverted sense of justice.

      2. Really? Clinton was a criminal then, and was left off by Comey who had no power to let her off. There is indisputable evidence of all the scandals I have cited previously yet no investigations. The whole OBAMA White House and the intelligence communities were all involved in scandal and cover up. The real criminality is there, not on Trump. I guess you are a typical democratic hack that will never give credence to real corruption and criminality if it points to democrats. This investigation is nothing more than a witch hunt to undo a legitimate election in where Trump campaigned his ass off and Hillary took her victory for granted. She believed it was her turn and she got her ass soundly defeated. She had no message other than vote for me because I am woman and it’s my turn . Trump spoke to the silent majority of blue collar and middle class people who lost their jobs thanks to 8 years of OBAMA and his anti economical positions of higher regulations and taxation. Increase government spending by 9 trillion dollars. The Dems had no message for struggling Americans and gave none today . Your party has moved so far to the left that it makes the party of JFK look conservative. Identity politics is your mantra and the hell with the people’s well being and constitutional rights. Your party and the RINO’s is what is wrong with Washington. Trump is correct in his labeling it the Swamp. There is not one member on your side and many on the other side who are not the problem. Dems only care about bringing Trump down and could give a crap about those who want change. So please spare all of us on the innocence of Hillary or your party. Hillary will always be crooked Hillary to anyone who is neither ethically or morally biased. Bill and Chelsea also fall in that category . That is the real corrupt family.

    2. BB – actually this Democratic witch hunt IMO is less about Trump than deflecting from the all the issues that MSM chooses to ignore: DNC related deaths, DWS’s laptop/Awan brothers, Rice/Powers unmasking, DNC Fraud lawsuit, Guccifer 2.0 emails, the anti-BDS bill, etc etc etc.

      1. actually this Democratic witch hunt IMO is less about Trump than deflecting from the all the issues that MSM chooses to ignore


        1. That said, the DNC actually IS angry at Trump himself. They have projected their own neoliberal hypocrisy on to him. The problem is it fits him and those who are defending him out of sympathy now are going to feel crushingly cheated when and if they ever sober up, just like the Obamabots, but that doesn’t really provide any meaningful satisfaction to the VICHY liberals who are currently having this hissy fit of roasting Trump at any cost. ..

      2. Exactly. And all the other scandals which the OBAMA admin was involved in. No investigations or outrage by the MSM. The real news they could have been reporting on, passed them by. Hmmm, Guess that biased showed through then and now . There credibility is lower than congress and that is low. Guess when the news channels are behind reruns in the ratings, you are losing credibility. Real ethical people in this country (not MSM , democrats or RINO’s) know what’s going on. It is exactly what you are stating and more .

    3. More of some 400 emails are being read while we speak from Huma Abedin’s computer that implicate pay for play in the Clinton Foundation.

      My assumption is that we will have many more email releases that will make historians wonder how Clinton wasn’t put in jail.

  4. It seems that Mueller is now looking into Trump Intl. as a money laundering arm of the Russian mafia going back decades. Part of the potential case is that Russia is currently a mafia-run rogue state, where organized criminals under Putin control the key state bureaucracies (e.g., FSB) and the judiciary. If Trump had become too involved in helping launder money, he would be blackmailable by the Russian mafia. This would explain why people in the US intel sector made moves to derail his Presidency.

    If this turns out to be the case, it may destroy this Presidency (short of impeachment).

    If true that Trump Intl. get wealthy laundering money embezzled from the Russian taxpayer, it will reflect very poorly on the US journalism establishment, that such dots were not connected before the election.

    1. Whatever else might be in their minds this is also research for insider information to be used against Trump should he as an outsider decide to run in the next Presidential election. It might also be a warning to other outsiders that it is hopeless to run against the establishment.

      Bernie Sanders supporters saw what happend and they should remember it.

    2. There is absolutely no evidence that matches that of the evidence on OBAMA and his administration. I have already pointed all the criminal activities of the last 8 years that was neither investigated and or prosecuted . Mueller was given job to investigate Russian collusion of which there is none. So now he is off in other areas to try and find something on Trump. Anything . He has his team of political hacks working on it. All the while the DNC and the corrupt Dems get a pass . It’s a witch hunt by any definition. It’s not about justice. It’s about bringing down a president without dilligence of the law . That’s how Dems operate. No ideas. No ideals. Why do they hate America and her values so much?? Why can’t they let go of their loss ?? They were clueless and now they must somehow justify their loss . Mueller will never do that. The Dems lost because Americans finally caught on to who they are. They are a bunch of elitist globalists who want to strip American sovereignty and push for a global society . They don’t care about constitutional freedoms. They scoff at the constitution and push for a world court . Look at the left wing anti-constitutionalist judges throughout the country and in the Supreme Court. Activist judges who want to legislate and execute from the bench . Nothing more evident than the ninth circuit . There rulings were not constitutional but political. The left is a sorry lot. They have undermined our way of life for over 100 years. There is much evidence to support this. The Mueller investigation is part of it. Undermining a duly elected president and with it a nation. What word can one use to describe the Democratic Party ??? My word is “unconscionable ” sure there are others out there.

  5. I don’t pretend to know what Mr. Comey was thinking about when he released the memo, or why Mr. Rosenstein does not perceive the need to recuse himself. Frankly, however, in an atmosphere in which the rules, customs, protocols and procedures of governing are daily being jettisoned at breakneck speed, these lapses of judgment, if they can be properly so described, appear increasingly insignificant.

    The great underlying truth is that the Trump presidency is on life support, and it is only a matter of time before the President himself pulls the plug. I will not mourn that moment.

    1. The irony in all of this is that Chump, his ego and his lack of leadership skills will bring him down, but his supporters will never admit this. He wanted to be President because he perceives it as the ultimate honor, the biggest big shot of the big shots. A place in history. His picture in all of the history books children must read. He assumed that the Republicans, because they were in control of Congress, would bring him neat little stacks of bills that he could just sign, and then take credit for his masterful legislative achievements. He thought he could push around leaders of foreign governments, cancel contracts, twist arms for a better deal, and then brag about how “great” America is. He knew nothing about health care when he promised better coverage for all at a lower price, pre existing conditions covered, etc.. He actually said that Barak Obama was the stupidest man ever to occupy the White House.

      Well, things are not going the way he wants because he doesn’t understand how government works, how to lead people who don’t have to jump when he snaps his fingers, the complexities of health care or how to behave diplomatically with people who don’t have to kiss his fat ass. You don’t just lay down the law to Angela Merkel. As yesterday’s interview with the NYT shows, he doesn’t even understand that the AG is not his personal attorney. He won’t release his tax returns because they likely contain a wealth of information showing his business dealings with Russians, and probably show he’s nowhere near as wealthy as he’d like people to believe. He makes broad, sweeping statements about too many regulations, but can’t specify which ones are excessive nor can he articulate any reason why they should be abolished. He just simply signed away environmental protections enacted by President Obama. His empire is starting to collapse, brick by brick, and it’s not political. It’s personal, a reflection of his lack of fitness for the job.

      1. I have refrained from commenting on this President since the election for two reasons. First, I believe that his unfitness for office is self-evident. Second, I find that attempting to discuss this gentleman with his supporters is much like attempting to convince Jim Jones supporters not to drink the kool aid.

        1. If only… the “supporters” would literally take that sip there would be fewer voters to make a colossal mistake
          that aids and abets Russian oligarchs, next November.

  6. Schaub, the ethics head who just resigned, said in an interview last night that Rosenstein doesn’t have a conflict of interest and didn’t need to resign.

  7. Rose on a stone is really a dorky looking artFay. If you go on Google Translate and put Rosenstein in on the German side and seek the English translation you will get Rose on a Stone.
    This is probably a name given to them at Ellis Island. when the grandparents came over.

    1. I’m sorry. But it is comments like this that no place in any discourse. What he looks like, who his parents were, or how he got is name are unimportant. Grow up.

      1. No kidding, Paul. That’s just gratuitous ugly talk. But at least it’s not his usual porn.

  8. This summer is heating up. Fire Jeff Sessions, Rosentein & Robert Muller. Then invite Putin to the White House & give a speech to congress. To clear things up.

    1. After the Kremlin poisonings, wouldn’t the Democratic seats in Congress be empty (except for DINO’s Manchin, Bennett of Colo., Wasserman-Schultz, Booker and a few others)?

  9. It’s my understanding that Comey wrote several memos but gave a copy of only ONE memo to his friend for the purpose of making the information available. This memo was of a conversation that the President had already declassified by discussing the subject meeting. I don’t see this as leaking classified information. Comey’s “leak” then is when he gave all the memos to the Special Prosecutor?

    As to his waiting and turning the memos over to the special prosecutor, there was no special prosecutor at the time, the Attorney General and the Asst Attorney General had both been involved in having him fired. Under those circumstances, who was he to trust to not just bury his version of the conversation?

    JT is looking at this as a prosecutor, not an impartial observer or a defense attorney.

    1. JT is doing everything and anything he can to spin, distract, deflect from Trump and all the problems that are coming at him at full speed.

    2. It’s’s all in the details. The President might have opened the subject, but he didn’t state all the details so Comey very much violated FBI rules. The President never read the memo.

      Even excluding the above Comey violated FBI rules by simply giving the memo’s to a friend for him to give details to the media so you are absolutely wrong.

      Additionally bettykath says one memo, JT refers to memos leaked so she has the additional obligation to prove JT wrong who said it was more than one memo.

      1. allan – before the friend went into seculsion, he referred to several memos, which meant that Comey had been a continual leaker;

        1. Paul, Despite the claim that only one memo was leaked, these numerical claims have no basis other than what was said by Comey. Whether his friend only leaked to the press one Memo of many he was provided is not really known. The only thing known for sure is Comey leaked by his own admission. The rest is conjecture.

          Someone also said that only 3 of Muellers investigators were registered Democrats. I think Mueller hired 14 investigative attorneys and they all have their own staffs. The reports I have been hearing despite how people registered was that almost all 14 or all 14 either are Democrats, or were donors to Clinton, supporters of Clinton and others that would likely have unfavorable feelings towards the President. These things are unclear, but we already know that Trump is an outsider greatly disliked by the Bush’s (GOP) who befriended Bill Clinton. So I think we can safely say that most if not all of the 14 lead investigators are NOT partial towards Trump.

          Take note that the invetsigation has expanded to perhaps the largest investigatin of a President ever. This tells me the insiders both Democrats and Republicans want to make it clear that oursiders will not be permitted. Any Bernie supporters should take note of this because they have already seen what the parties have done to their own. This is very dangerous to our Constitutional Republic, which some claim, perhaps with some validity, that our Republic is run by an oligarchy.

    3. bettykath has a better understanding of the law than the Deputy Attorney General of the United States.

      Who knew?

    4. Interesting. In five or six sub comments to yours, we get a full spectrum of partisan opinion. I can’t resist adding another.

      From having followed your comments loosely for some time, I would say you are one of the least partisan commenters on this blog. You take on the Democrats as much as you do the Republicans and you seem to have a pretty good idea that neither of these parties is really the “source” of legislation or policy, but rather seems to provide different windows into the same underlying phenomena that shapes it; that is, prevailing interests taking place globally but being closely related to the US by its place as an economic and power center. I may be projecting some of my own opinions onto yours and if so, my apologies.

      Anyway, on this particular issue, the memo(s), you have been careful too point out that it’s “your understanding” and so on and you have been careful to frame your observations respectfully as questions, that can be examined as such. Indeed, the major charges against you seem to consist of the fact that your opinion, offered as such, differs from those making the charges.

    5. Bettykath, I have challenged you on this before, namely your assertion:”It’s my understanding that Comey wrote several memos but gave a copy of only ONE memo to his friend for the purpose of making the information available. “.
      Please provide facts to support your assertion.

      1. Roscoe, I have noted that whenever asked for proof of facts suddenly we hear nothing. Maybe we should keep asking for proof and the list will suddenly disappear.

      2. I believe that he “leaked” only one memo is because that is the only one that I heard about until he testified before a Congressional committee (I forget which one). At that time, he indicated that there were several memos. All memos were turned over to the Special Prosecutor who had been named by that time. If you have information that shows that he leaked more than one I would like to see it. This is not a challenge, it is a request for information that has the potential of changing my mind.

  10. It depends whose under Rosenstein as to whether he should recuse himself or not. Right now, the Mueller team seems made up of the DNC front line. If the person below Rosenstein is a DNC hack then there will never be a fair hearing.

    1. Hmmm. Three people gave contributions to dems, one person gave contributions to both dems and repubs, and there are no records of contributions from the rest. That’s hardly the DNC front line.

    2. And also, Bush put Mueller in as head of the FBI. And last I checked, Bush was GOP.

  11. If Sessions has any guts at all, his resignation should be on Trump’s desk at 7 am. If he stays on after these comments, he’s only in it for the Title…..backbone, is what’s needed now. Then leave the top job empty. Since Trump can’t be trusted to put anyone in there who will say ” BOOH” to him.
    Rosenstein should follow Sessions, out the door. Or is he already in the bag…,having written the letter on WHY Comey….should go.?? Aiding and abetting the Boss.???

      1. Because that investigation is a witch hunt and anyone that is participating in that is a problem

        1. Sure… they get closer to obtaining the Deutsche Bank records,Trump is getting more and more uncomfortable. In the end it will be all about the money.

  12. Must be nice to be so far up and deeply embedded in the fourth branch as to be able to ignore rules, codes, and breaches of ethics that would get pretty much anyone else fired.

  13. Prof Turley’s bias towards Trump is palpable. It’s not that Comey didn’t break some rules. He did. That should be acknowledged. As should Rosenstein’s conflict of interest.

    But the appointment of a special prosecutor would not have happened but for what Comey did. And a special prosecutor was absolutely needed. Trump’s latest actions (criticizing Sessions because he refused to recuse himself) confirm that point.

    The analogy is far from perfect, but the situation bears some resemblance to a situation where a person engages in torture and, in doing so, stops what appears to be a serious crime from taking place. The use of torture was illegal, and some people might argue that the use of torture deserves to be prosecuted. But no prosecutor will ever prosecute because no jury would ever convict under those circumstances.

    Turley focuses on the use of torture and ignores what appears to be a much larger problem. In doing so, Turley wittingly or not carries water for Trump & Co. Sad.

    1. Don de Drain, this is what JT does all the time, spin, distract, deflect, and repeat over and over.

    2. Tueley no longer seems concerned about torture. Black water folks are in with Trump folks.

    3. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read. Presenting verifiable (emphasis on verifiable), factual information can’t be described as ‘bias’ in any universe. I don’t see a whole lot of speculation in this piece. If there are factual errors, by all means send a correction. It’s unfortunate that you don’t like the facts, but that’s life sometimes. In and of themselves they are inert, they don’t represent a preference of any kind. That thing that feels like a slight is actually your own brain in the middle of a knee-jerk reaction rather than a considered response (guess what? YOU control your brain). Critical thought really has been stripped from the species, hasn’t it?

      1. Don’t check your reading comprehension at the door. The bias is in Turley’s continuous posts about Comey, while failing to discuss much more serious problems that Comey was attempting to rectify when he “leaked” whatever he leaked.

        Don never accused Turley of misstating the facts.

        Turley is complaining about Michael stealing Trevelyan’s corn, in an effort to deflect the discussion from a much larger problem.

  14. The real story is the President’s statements in the New York Times Interview where he basically threw Andrew McCabe, Jeff Sesssions and The Deputy AG under the bus–It seems to me that if Jeff sessions had any sense of purpose, he’d resign tonight. If there is no story, why is the President on this path? That’s the real story here…and I realize some within JT will say it is fake news/etc…but the President’s Words are out there–although he will probably change his opinion in about 5 minutes anyway. What I hope Professor Turley understands is how this reckless disregard at all levels (beginning from the President downward) is making a laughing stock out of the United States. On a more important note, though, congratulations on achieveing 32 MIllion views….hope I could have that bragging right for the start up I work for, the Daily Outsider.

    1. Laughing stock was not the first biracial president who exploited the bin laden raid for his reelection but failed to get the Pakistani doctor released who still is in prison there ? What about brutal murder of Qaddafi and beheadings of Americans while mr obama laughed at golf ?

      1. Interesting Point of view, did you ever think for one second that if getting Bin Laden failed? Obama risked his presidency for reelection. Then again Dubya didn’t care where he was did he. I take that back that you might think, its quite clear you don’t.

        1. To me both dubya and obama are pathetic and were pathetic . It’s a shame that these were our leaders

          1. Yea Squeak, as I recall you were a Dubya cheerleader. Change your name but you are still vile.

        2. If getting Bin Laden -by killing him outright without trial- had failed, it is unlikely we would have ever heard about the incident.

          1. Moreover, this seems to be the point of all these rules about leaking classified information – to protect the President or any higher ups from their own wrong doing and little else. It’s the same sort of protocol that protected the generals and people high up in government who were really responsible for the senseless mind numbing torture at Abu Ghraib.

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