North Korea: Come For The Surfing, Stay For The Beatings

The_statues_of_Kim_Il_Sung_and_Kim_Jong_Il_on_Mansu_Hill_in_Pyongyang_(april_2012)North Korea’s tourism agency is launching a campaign to attract tourists with promises of surfing (and curiously rice planting) despite its murder of Otto Warmbier, 22, who was enticed to North Korea as a tourist and then arrested when he stole a hotel propaganda poster.  He was tortured and return to his family years later in a coma (only to die shortly after his return).


Warmbier was one of over a dozen such Americans in custody.

However, the DPR Korea Tour website, run by the North’s National Tourism Administration, is selling such sites as the Majon Bathing Beach, where “surfing has come into vogue among tourists.”  You only have to get beyond gorging yourself in a country where an unhinged dictator is starving his people and savagely killing anyone deemed a threat.  North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is particularly fond of watching people being torn apart by anti-aircraft guns.  However, the beaches are awesome.

Of course, North Korea is not the first to see surfing as a distraction in a war zone:


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  1. You know, it’s almost as if, in retrospect, Truman was wrong to stop MacArthur at the 37th Parallel, and fire him when he refused to accept a political solution to a war. So, how has that political solution worked out for us in a nuclear North Korea? Just think, if we had let the generals fight their war, there wouldn’t be people starving in North Korea while clueless Marie Antoinette tourists stuff their faces in front of them.

    And while we’re at it, let’s blame China for North Korea, too. They rushed in to help their comrades. And they wouldn’t stop fighting and sign the armistice until Eisenhower got elected after threatening them with The Bomb during his campaign.

    North Korea is their creation, along with our attempts at political solutions to war. Enjoy.

  2. Ever notice how tall the army hats are? What are they trying to say? We are short people so we add a few inches?
    Short people got no reason to live. — Randy Newman

    1. I’ve wondered about that also. But we can all thank our Lucky stars that WE live in a country where lots of men can grow to be six feet tall and are not looked down upon.

  3. Given a choice of Washington DC and North Korea? As it happens I’ve had occasion to visit both places….i would pick …..Gee are they any other choices? Chicago? ….please Mr. Custer. I don’t want to go.넘버 10 바보 babo 위의 중 해당 사항 없음

  4. Countries which are demeaned in the US media, have to assume all visitors from the US are spies. It’s unwise to visit those countries. Wait a few years. Maybe US leaders and media will realize that demeaning other countries and their leaders is childish and highly counterproductive.

  5. Here’s the DPRK’s latest attempt to attract German tourists.

  6. This posting reminds me of Playboy magazine. I don’t need to actually read it; I just look at the pictures. (Or in this case, the movie scene.)

    1. ModernMiner – I only read Playboy magazine for the articles, I did not know there were any pictures.

      1. Funny Paul! My Dad used to hide Playboy and Oui in the basement – we would sneak down there just to see what he was hiding and couldn’t figure it out. Uh, I think he read the articles too.

        Hey OT – think you can keep “your boy” McCain in AZ and send a non warmonger to the HIll? =)

        1. autumn – McCain is a problem. He could hang on until he was dead or retire. This early we wouldn’t want a place holder for his seat. He has some decisions to make and then the governor has a decision to make. There might be enough of his term left they would call a special election. I’m not sure exactly what the law is at this point. I am sure there are Republicans throughout the state who are revamping their CVs as we speak. I know a friend of mine is already called the governor’s office for her suggestion as to how who to replace him with.

          1. I looked it up. As near as I can tell, the governor would appoint someone to replace him until the next election. No special election, but in the next general election(2018), a permanent replacement would be elected.
            The temporary replacement would have to be from McCain’s party.

            1. Jane Surber – according to statements from McCain today he has decided to die in office.

    1. Be my guest Comrade. I give you the address for a good coyote if you want to sneak back into our country again.

  7. Surfing is enjoyed by the tourist. I take it that the locals cannot afford surf boards.

    1. The locals are the surfboards December or January a perfect time to visit.

  8. Maybe Dennis Rodman can start a basketball camp? Seriously, who in their right mind would go to NK?

  9. Hate to sound so heartless, but if anyone is insane enough to risk his safety and his life, by willingly–willingly–making a pilgrimage to this country, where human rights and the rule of law are non-existant, then bon voyage. Have at it. These are the same lunatics who dance with venomous snakes, thinking that they are special. The lucky ones. The ones who are invincible. A death wish. It’s a pity that these fools, who don’t truly comprehend the mortal danger, into which they are stepping by visiting this Hell hole, will, undoubtedly, pay dearly for such foibles with their lives.

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