Iranian Presenter and Advocate Of Islamic Dress Laws Allegedly Caught Without Hijab and Drinking Beer In Switzerland

IAzadeh Namdari promoting Islamic dress in an Iranian newspaper - she is pictured walking down the street in a headscarfranian state television presenter Azadeh Namdari is known as an advocate of the strict Iranian dress codes for women that many women have bravely resisted in the authoritarian country.  For that reason, a photo of Namdari sitting outside without a hijab and allegedly drinking a beer has caused a firestorm of criticism from both secularists and Islamists.

Alcoholic drinks are banned under Islam and prohibited in Iran.  Namdari is shown above in an article espousing her support for the restrictions imposed on women in her country.  The article was published in the conservative Iranian newspaper Vatan-e Emruz under the headline: “Thank God, I wear the veil”.  While other women have gone to jail to oppose those restrictions, Namdari has supported the government in denying women such choices.

The picture however appears to show Namdari at a table enjoying a drink in Switzerland and basking in the sunlight.  In a two-minute video of explaining the photo, she is wearing a veil and insists that she was in a “maharem” – or among close relatives at the time. A woman is allowed to take off her hijab around close relatives.  She insists that her scarf fell suddenly . . .  at the very moment the picture was taken.   There is no explanation of what appears to be a beer in her hand.


I would be glad that Namdari is able to enjoy the freedom of women outside Iran except for her own efforts to support the denial of such freedom to her countrywomen.

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  1. I have known a lot of Muslims over the years.

    One of the reasons why Persian women support the strict Islamic rules in Iran is because, without at least a roosari, which is their version of hijab, combined with a light rain coat, you’ll be harassed constantly by guys. In many Islamic countries, failure to wear a veil labels the girl as “easy”. They are raised to believe it’s OK to harass girls who are “asking for it”. Guys get beaten by male family members if they take a picture of a girl, or speak to a girl to which they are not related. So they are really repressed. Any indication that a girl is not strictly religious, such as less modest dress, is greeted with a lot of attention. Sexual harassment of women in Iran is really…intense. Those who wear the roosari and raincoat combo are harassed more than those in chador, and those who try to forego any veil are open season. Without modest Islamic dress, they will be also harassed by the morality police, the Gasht-e Ershad. They’ll get that finger wag by the morality police for dressing like a harlot by letting their hair show too much under their roosari, let alone going without it. The younger generation is pushing hard against modest dress, and the government and morality police are pushing back – hard.

    But a woman in either a modest roosari, or holding a chador closed with her hands or her teeth, will sail by those finger wagging Gasht-e Ershad. She’ll hold her head up as a virtuous woman, valued more than those girls trying to dress like harlots. And all those frustrated, repressed guys can’t see her figure under her shapeless black shroud. Which, by the way, is the stupidest design possible. What kind of idiot designs a national form of dress with no closure on it, which is required to be closed? They have to hold it shut with their hands or their teeth. Literally, they use their teeth when their hands are busy.

    But…when she’s in Switzerland, where there are no finger wagging, no judgement, no feeling of shame for pushing those boundaries, it’s likely fun to just relax and do what you want.

  2. This is akin to Obongo and Susan Rice abusing the authority to deploy Intel assets for “wiretapping” and “unmasking” against political opponents during an election and using Bleachbit on 30,000 e-mails during a federal investigation.

    1. Bub,
      You need a new TV station. The one you watch is giving you a case of paranoid propaganda.

  3. Could you visualize these people pledging for a fraternity
    of a sorority?

  4. You’re obsessive interest in this subject borders on the pathological.

    Dress codes operate to regulate human relations within particular social contexts. She’s with relatives traveling abroad. Their presence and the demarcation line between her and the Swiss matrix around her provides distance. In an Iranian city and without her brother proximate, head-coverings provide distance.

    Those look like Molson bottles, but you cannot quite tell what she’s drinking.

  5. News commentators are actors who act out support for those in power. For example, the media political assassination of President Clinton was evidence that he did not hold power. The right wing held power during the Clinton Administration. It appears that the left wing holds the power today, notwithstanding the President and Congress. The media, not public office, tell us who holds power.

  6. Which to me, this story just proves the Iranians are probably right to be so strict about how their women behave. Let this chick loose in the West, and what is the first thing she does??? Start drinking beer and letting her hair down. Probably screwing around to boot.

    That is why the Muslim countries are sooo strict. Because they have to be, or their women will go completely to pot like they have in the West. That is the natural tendency of all people – – – to party it up, screw around, and be irresponsible.

    What happened to the Jews in the Bible, who once they were free from the Egyptians and King Tut or whoever, what did they do when Moses took a little vacay up on Mt. Sinai??? They got out the Golden Calf, started boozing it up, and having an orgy! Party time!!!

    That is why they had to have the Ten Commandments. Because without them, their society was having all the problems that come from whorish women, and illegitimate kids, and a lack of structure. How were they going to be able to survive against the various other countries around there, who were more organized and disciplined???

    If you want to see what a society without a moral code looks like, look at the Inner City Black America. Savagery, violence, and stupidity run rampant. Do you think a society of such people would ever get to the moon, or discover how to use electricity, or figure out how antibiotics work? Or maybe one day divert an asteroid from striking the Earth? Not gonna happen. Those stupid baboons can’t even figure out how to get married, or figure out why you might need two incomes to raise a kid.

    That is why societies have moral rules, and strictures. That is how humans can live a life beyond a hunter-gatherer existence. Because of the artificial veneer of civilization.

    IMHO, in the end, the societies that don’t “let it all hang out” will conquer the countries that overly emphasize partying and whooping it up.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky –

      I trust you will be entering a convent soon, to keep your wild impulses under control !

      1. Jay S – we know that Squeeky is incapable of running around naked, so I don’t think wild urges are her real problem. 😉

        1. True. I am through with the whole sex thing ever since my last little affair. I realize that most women are not like me, and can’t bear to be without male attention, or if they are by themselves, then they are miserable and eat, drink, and drug themselves into a stupor. Thankfully, I enjoy being alone, even though I can be most sociable when required by circumstances. I am hoping that doesn’t change as I grow older, because I am not sure what biology and hormones and stuff will do to me as I age. My mid-30’s are coming up, and I am praying I do not lose control.

          But for the nonce, wild urges are not a problem for me.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. God, are you judgmental. Do you know “most women” or what their needs are? How do you know that “most women” “eat, drink and drug themselves into a stupor?” I’m thinking you better enjoy being alone because you are no prize–your ability to be sociable is contrived by your own admission. What worthy man would want to be with someone like you, anyway? You are ignorant, racist, judgmental and arrogant, plus an ardent Trump supporter. But, at least, you have plenty of time to do your roots, earth woman.

            1. Well, you know, Natacha, we often do not see ourselves as others do.

            2. Who’s being judgemental now? You anti-Trump specimens are bigoted hypocrites.

            3. True, I am very judgmental. I use my judgment a lot. How do you make decisions about things? Do you just accept what other people say and then believe that???

              As far as what other women do, I meet a lot of them when I help Penelope Dreadful at her office, or I see the “other side” of them if we represent the husbands. I also have a lot of friends and acquaintances. A lot (maybe about 1/4 to 1/3?) of my friends I went to high school and college with are pretty much worthless strumpets, and we were a pretty much upper middle-ty class bunch of white girls.

              As far as me being a racist, I suspect that you are like Betty Kath, who both abhors and avoids seeing or watching anything to disrupt your year 1925 view of blacks in this country, and therefore think anybody who slams them (rightfully so IN MY JUDGMENT!) for their abhorrent and savage behavior in the year 2017, must be racist. Because who else but a racist would ever notice the 72% illegitimate birth rate, and the excessively high crime rate, and the overall violence and stupidity of far too many blacks???

              Anyway, here is a timely “female” video for you to not watch:


              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

                1. Sen. Chuck Grassley, Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, fired off a scathing letter to the Department of Justice, demanding answers from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over Hillary Clinton’s confirmed collusion with Ukrainian officials during the 2016 election.

                  The Senator references a Politico article from January of this year that outlines coordinated efforts between the Clinton campaign and Ukrainian government officials to bring down Donald Trump’s presidential bid.

            4. Hey Natty-Like your the catch of the day? Give me a break. The Squeeker is an intelligent lady and she’s hot. If your all that post a photo.

              1. “Hey Natty-Like your the catch of the day? Give me a break. The Squeeker is an intelligent lady and she’s hot. If your all that post a photo.”

                Please, no.

          2. Squeeky, you are still young. I saw your picture, though only a stick picture, and you have a big smile and seem happy. That along with your obvious witty intelligence means Mr. Right is out there looking for you.

            1. Thank you Allan!!! Yes, I could probably find a Mr. Right sort if I wanted one. My BFF Penelope Dreadful, and her Male Soupe de l’année are always trying to fix me up, but I am just plain happier by myself. I can go to bed when I want, get up when I want, drive myself wherever, and generally just do whatever I want. I know it is just plain selfishness, but I figure when the oil runs out, that women will be back to being wives and mothers again, so why shouldn’t I enjoy this little perk of fossil fuel???

              Plus, if I had children, then I would stay with the baby daddy until they got grown, even if I was miserable, so why risk it when I am already happy and fulfilled? Plus, if I decide to move somewhere like Canada or Denmark, it would be a lot easier. Just pack up my stuff and the cats and whooosh! There I am!

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

              1. squeeky, think of the demographics. If all witty and intelligent women decide not to have children the nation is doomed to stupidity and will slowly devolve. The nation already has enough stupidity.

                Spouses add a lot as do children.

                1. True, but the nation is already doomed to stupidity. Remember, our country elected Obama TWICE. The first time — eh, maybe Obama looked good compared to McCain. But the second time??? Sheeeesh! No excuse for that.

                  Even now, half the country is determined that there is something wrong with us if we don’t let any illegal goober in who wants to live here, period. I guess if 3 1/2 Billion people swam the Rio Grande, that would be fine as long as they voted for Democrats. There are no illegal people, you know.

                  That same half (mostly white) is convinced that white people are toxic, even though black,brown, and yellow people the world over try to sneak in here. Those people think that white people are the only ones who ever took over countries by conquest or anything. Or, that white people invented the tomahawk and war club and bow and arrow, and before whites came to America, all the Indian tribes lived here in peace and harmony with nature, leading a Vegan life style. (Never mind those pesky Mayans and Aztecs who slaughtered hundreds of thousand of their own people.)

                  Most all of the Democratic Party leaders and activists know better, but the run of the mill Democrats really do believe that kind of hogwash in large numbers. Some here, like Chris, Natacha, and Betty Kath, do not even live in the current century, in the year 2017. They are still going on about Jim Crow 75 years or so and even more after the fact in some areas. They haven’t even noticed the 75% black illegitimate birth rate for the last 25 years or so, and over 50% since about 1975 (42 years). FWIW, Pat Moynihan was worried about the problems if the b*st*rd rate exceeded 25%. Whew, was he ever an optimist!

                  But the operative point is, that people like Chris, Natacha, and Betty Kath are not some kind of lunatic fringe in the Democratic Party, sort of like some of the Birthers were among Republicans. No, they represent a sizeable majority chunk of the Democratic Party. They actually are the types who put on hoodies and ate Skittles when Poor Old Trayvon Martin bit the dust. These idiots even want to turn black criminals loose out of jail!

                  So no, the country is already doomed. Unless, we have a natural disaster like a super volcano, asteroid strike, nuclear war, massive power grid failure, complete financial failure, or we get our own Hitler who will come along and take out the garbage. Because just like junkies and drunks, these people haven’t been hurt enough yet, and they will not reform until they hit rock bottom, and maybe not even then.

                  Damn, ain’t I a ray of sunshine in an otherwise bleak world???

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

              2. Squeeky – have you looked into the problems of importing your domesticated pet into another country? Many want you to impound them for three months to make sure they don’t have various diseases.

                1. No, I haven’t looked into any of that yet. Because if I move, I will probably move somewhere more White in this country first, like Vermont. A lot just depends on how well my neighborhood holds up, and how the crime rate develops. Right now, Louisiana leads the nation in murder rate per capita among the states:

                  Louisiana had the highest murder rate per capita among all states in the country last year, a streak the state has maintained every year since 1989, according to new data released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday (Sept. 26). The state’s high murder rate figured as one of several metrics in data that showed murders throughout the United States jumped by 10.8 percent from 2014 to 2015–the largest percentage increase since 1971.

                  Louisiana logged 10.3 murders per 100,000 people in 2015, up slightly from 10.2 in 2014. That rate placed the state higher than Mississippi but lower than both the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, for which the FBI also keeps data.

                  However, the rate varies widely by city in Louisiana:

                  Rate by City (United States)
                  Murder and Non-negligent Manslaughter Rate per 100,000 (Population)
                  New Orleans 41.7 (393,447)
                  Monroe 36.2 (49,703)
                  Baton Rouge 26.2 (228,727)
                  Houma 20.4 (34,238)
                  Lafayette 14.9 (127,273)
                  Alexandria 14.5 (48,305)
                  Shreveport 11.1 (197,592
                  Bossier City 7.3 (68,918)
                  Lake Charles 4.0 (75,564)
                  Slidell 3.6 (27,746)


                  Sooo, it looks like Shreveport is nowhere near as bad as New Orleans or Baton Rouge, YET. But, we have a 75% illegitimate birth rate among blacks in Shreveport, sooo that could change. Plus, Shreveport is a very conservative type place for white folks, and most of here are very well-armed, and quite disposed to pop a cap into a criminal. It would not bother most of us in the least, and in fact, there are many who are just praying for such an opportunity.

                  And, most of the victims of murder are just low life Negroes shooting other low life Negroes, sooo who cares unless you live in one of the black neighborhoods, and could catch a stray bullet??? Just like with Chicago, most of their shooting and murder victims are worthless blacks being shot by other other worthless blacks, sooo who really cares unless some innocent civilian or little kid gets shot???

                  Plus, I am always practicing situational awareness when I go shopping or fill up my car. I am always packing heat, and looking over my shoulder. So unless things really deteriorate, or my neighborhood starts going black, I will probably just stay right here for a while.

                  Squeeky Fromm
                  Girl Reporter

          3. Squeeky – hormones and HTC can do strange thing things to your system. It is easier to control the drugs or alcohol or food.

    2. Excellent dis on renegade liberalism, confirming why Hollywood, Democrats and extremist bureaucrats are all in the toilet. Camille Paglia couldn’t have said it better.

    3. Your opinions aren’t humble. If I were you, I’d give a little thought to the concept of Karma. Check it out.

      1. Natacha, is it your belief that Squeeky’s opinions are not as valid as your own?

  7. Actually, of all the Mid Eastern countries, Iran is the most liberal and Westernized. You don’t see young women wearing hijabs in public to the same degree as in, say, Saudi Arabia, which is absolutely amuck with Islamic extremism and Sharia law. The only people who are criticizing this woman in Iran are the Islamic extremists, who are a dying breed in that country, not unlike liberal extremists here at home who are already dead.

    1. Actually, of all the Mid Eastern countries, Iran is the most liberal and Westernized.

      It isn’t.

  8. Wow! A religious zealot hypocrite! I’m shock, just shocked!

    /sarc off

  9. An interesting note:

    Most, if not all people, do not take, immediately, to the taste of beer. It is, most definitely, an acquired taste. I can’t help but wonder as to how our little Khomeini sweetheart, when she isn’t chanting, DEATH TO AMEREEKA, picked up a taste for beer, where she could enjoy guzzling it with her pals. You mean she just picked up a bottle of beer, for the very first time, and started swigging away? Surely, there is no beer in Iran, where she could have gotten used to the taste of that forbidden beverage and trained her palate to appreciate the brew! Couldn’t be! There’s no beer in Iran, just like we were told that there were no homosexuals in that God forsaken country.

  10. This whole Islamic thing is madness. The woman should arm themselves and tell their clerics to take a hike. Woman hiding their beauty, killing yourself and innocent people and you’ll go to some paradise where hopefully 19 “Virginians” are waiting to beat the hell out you for being stupid. Insanity. Put on a short mini, get soused and shake your booty.

  11. Please remove me from your mailing list. I have NO interest in the subjects that seem to be of interest to you.

    Sherwood MacRae


  12. The increased use of the hijab in some areas seems to correllate with increased militancy. Is the Hijab purely for religious or modesty means or is it a method to exert political pressure in the direction of Sharia Law?

  13. Unless she admitted that she was actually the one in the photo–which, obviously, she did–I would never have been able to link her with the being walking down the street and covered with all of that voluminous fabric. They all look the same, covered by those yards of sheets. . .I often wonder if their husbands would even realize if the wrong woman walked into the house or climbed between the sheets.

  14. Payback is a bi*ch. I hope the Morals Police track her down and beat her into submission.

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