Oregon Case Renews Debate Over Sanctuary Laws

Sergio_Jose_Martinez_31_1501021110440_10127549_ver1.0The case of Sergio Jose Martinez, 31, in Portland, Oregon is likely to magnify the current debate over sanctuary cities.  Martinez broke into the home of a 65-year-old woman and sexual assaulted her. He then stole her car and proceeded to assault another woman.  He was finally arrested after a chase by police. It was discovered that Martinez was previously arrested and, despite a long criminal history and an immigration detainer, was released by authorities.  He has been deported 20 previous times and has at least five probation violations.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged an immigration detainer against Martinez and asked for authorities to notify them before releasing Martinez.  The notice would have allowed ICE to take custody, but in December 2016 he was released without notifying ICE.  Multnomah County leaders and Sheriff Mike Reese wrote a letter to assure the public that “The Sheriff’s Office does not hold people in county jails on ICE detainers or conduct any immigration enforcement actions.”

Martinez has a felony conviction for burglary and three misdemeanor convictions for battery, theft, and obstructing a public officer.   I have previously discussed how sanctuary laws are too restrictive on the underlying crimes that are exempted from the protections.

Martinez is now facing include first-degree kidnapping, first-degree robbery (two counts), second-degree assault, first-degree sex abuse, first-degree sodomy and first-degree burglary.


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  1. 1. Have a Trial.
    2. If the man is found guilty, erect a guillotine on the court house lawn.
    3. Chop off his head with all the media present.
    4. Send the President of his country an appropriate execution bill.
    4. Have the chief law enforcer in the state make an announcement:
    “If you cross our border and commit a violent crime, you will be beheaded on the courthouse lawn.”
    5. Sleep well, knowing that violent criminal alien crime will drop 90%.

    At some point in our distant future, I suspect, after considerably more unnecessary violence, this nation will take a harsher turn when it comes to “punishment.”

    And the punishment we mete out will – as the Hiroshima Bomb – be the more societally humane tack.

  2. The other extreme in guarding the borders This took place Aug 2nd about 8AM crossing from Mexico aka United States of Mexicanos into the United States of America.

    I like oranges. I usually have six or seen or so f the smallest one’s I can find and consume them all prior to reaching the bus stop nearest the border and leave them in the trash pickup. This time there were two discarded as too old.

    Rucksack in hand I went thorugh customs and immigration and found my bag had to be hand searched. The culprit was a single orange. Now bear in mind the damagte a ingle inch and a half in diamer orange can cause and it’s place in the listing of WMD. Probably important to fruit growers although the entry State unlike California has no mandatory inspection.

    At the conclusion my name and passport number were entered into the official record as, I suippose, entering with a controlled item. The orange placed in an evidence bag I assume to tested for whatever.

    And the individual informed me a second occurence would be immediate payment of a $300 fine. US not pesos.

    On the bus itself I looked and sure enough the garbage bag had not been emptied and the peels and two rejected oranges were still present. The inspection procedure missed that little detail. Even though I had mentioned it.

    Welcome to the world of the socialist bureaucracy. “Not my fault” said the first inspector I filled out the form on the computer.” You can imagine the rest of the conversation had that orange been hypo injected with ….. or something. Did the offending items of interest made it off the bus in the first USA
    stop? No. Probably the second one I know I checked the trash.

    But somewhere there are two illegal undocumented oranges up to who knows what mischief and perhaps aware of the nearest sancturary.


    For travelers be aware they wre not joking about the $300 fine and I’m just glad it wasn’t a Patriot Act charge. although also be aware the protection of the Constitution and Civil Rights do not apply within 100 miles of the border or sea coast or navigable waters of the USA.

    Return trip back south we pulled into the inspection point and after a few moments someone selling burritos came aboard and a few moments later we were waved through That was not a USA operation. I reckon they were looking for some more of Eric Holders operation.

    PS That was immigration not Border Patrol. One is armed clerks the other are Law Enforcement Officers.

    If you are reading this and involved with one of those agencies might want to tell them to tighten up inspections. Once in the trash bag the bus became the guilty party.

    No wonder I feel safer south of the border….

  3. Arrest the Mayor’s, the Sheriffs, the Chiefs of PD, all who signed the laws into effect. Charge them with Sedition and go for maximum penalties, including potential loss of citizenship and Guantanamo.

  4. Poster here Isaacbasonkavich would prefer this meth head rapist of seniors be POTUS instead of Trump. A progressive Dem like Isaac, on Tucker Carlson’s show last week, an Oxford PhD, said Trump is more dangerous to America than MS13.

    As totally stupid, outrageous, and dumb is Trump, Progressives have lost their ability to properly and effectively criticize him because they are worse.

  5. It is heartbreaking that the victims and their families have the added pain that this monster was not supposed to be there. The only reason why both women were raped was because they lived in a sanctuary city that refused to cooperate with ICE, and in a country that has a porous border. Both levels of government failed to protect them.

    I am curious if the local police also would not cooperate with the Department of Homeland Security, or if it’s only ICE with which they reserve the right not to cooperate.

  6. Why is it we will put sanctions on foreign governments that pose a threat to our national security, but we won’t impose sanctions on domestic governments that actually harm our national security?

  7. I truly hope that the victims sue Multnomah County. These are non citizens committing crimes in our cities yet our government fails to protect the citizens of the US. Our City Government has failed to cooperate with our Federal Government Agencies that is working to protect the citizens of this Nation.

    1. They can’t sue, unfortunately. An illegal deported several times, murdered in cold blood a beautiful woman walking on a pier in San Francisco. Surviving family members tried to sue SF, and have no recourse. Scientific studies show that sanctuary cities are slightly less safe than non-sanctuary cities.

      1. Anyone can sue.

        Scientific studies have a lag time. That is why trends are frequently followed. Sanctuary city status is relatively new.

  8. I would like Prof. Turley to explain to us if victims of such crimes have standing to sue the city, considering the element of reasonable foreseeability.

  9. Any and all officials of “sanctuary cities” must be arrested and prosecuted.

    Officials supporting “sanctuary cities” are engaged in subversion of the Constitution.

    Immigration is established by Congress not states, counties or municipalities.

    Article 1, Section 8

    “The Congress shall have the power… to establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States;…”

  10. Since we cannot seem to keep this reprobate out Then just shoot the S.O.B. and perminately rehabilitate his axx!!!!!!

  11. Portland for years was always a nice place to go. Not violent, plenty of things to do and places to go. Go to any dive bar and the locals were always nice. Go on a hike or bike ride around the place and always the same. It looks like someone has decided to destroy this along with the area to make sure everyone knows they are more PC than the rest of the coast. To bad. I will not be spending my money there for a long time if ever.

    1. This is the way to handle sanctuary cities. As well as having the Feds apply the screws. Hit them in the pocket.

  12. A bare minimum requirement for either a visa or naturalization is to be law abiding.

    If an illegal alien is a violent felon then they should be deported and denied reentry after their time is served. They are also considered a flight risk between their arrest and sentencing.

    Why is this an issue with the Left? Do they know how many times MS-13 members have been in and out of jail preying upon communities.

    It’s not mean to deem an immigrant persona non grata if he or she breaks the law, and bar them from reentry. That is merely being responsible for all of the citizens, visa holders, and visitors who are here. It’s an arrow in the quiver of public safety.

    A porous border cannot be enforced. We have the right and the moral obligation to say who, how many, and to set minimum qualifications for those who want to live here.

    I needed my passport to function in Italy and yet the world does not consider it abusive.

  13. Considering he is a repeat immigrant, the local courts will do a better job of protecting the public than ICE. The sanctuary city should not turn him over to ICE, they should try him on the charges and, if found guilty, put him in prison for the appropriate amount of time.

    1. Considering he is a repeat [illegal] immigrant, the local courts will do a better job of protecting the public than ICE.

      Just to be clear, you believe because a criminal has evaded our federal line-of-defense, that the criminal should no longer be considered a federal criminal but rather under the jurisdiction of state or local law enforcement? Brilliant! Using that logic, when the criminal evades state or local law enforcement, should state or local law enforcement lose jurisdiction as well? Where does your jurisdictional subordination end, your neighborhood, your driveway, your front door, your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom?

      1. Betty’s logic doesn’t make sense, but she has done something else. She has insulted all legal immigrants by associating them with killers and rapists. What does betty have against law abiding citizens born in another country?

        1. Take that a step further allan; what does bettykath have against law-abiding citizens…period?

  14. At the core of this sanctuary city insanity is the Dem party trying to enslave Hispanic voters like they have black voters. Obama also did everything possible to get Hispanics to accept food stamps. Dependency and beholden are the core values of the Dem party and minorities. This sanctuary city ploy is backfiring.

  15. Sanctuary city leadership believe that providing sanctuary to killers and rapists is good for their citizens, even the dead ones. The rest of the cities should garther their own murderers and rapists generously depositing them in the center of those sanctuary cities.

  16. After 20 deportations, this guy is more of a danger to Americans than to anyone in his own country. But this wasn’t caused by the immigration mess. Why was this creep still on the streets ANYWHERE?

  17. The Democrat Party was quite sane about illegal immigration as recently as 22 years ago.


    Since then, hundreds of powerful advocacy groups have been agitating to change immigration policy and promote open borders. This letter opposing Trump’s nomination to head the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services was signed by 319 immigrant advocacy groups.


    They’ve turned the Democrat Party 180 degrees in about 20 years. I’d like to know who funds all these groups and why they are so desperate to change America’s demographics.

    1. The left and Soros fund these groups. And today they are more than ever flush with money that Eric Holder coerced the banks and financial institutions to cough up and divert directly to progressive groups, even though such “penalties” belong to the Treasury.
      The aim is to change the demographics to such an extent as to achieve a permanent leftist, Democratic majority.

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