Urine A Lot Of Trouble: California Man Arrested For Burglary For Failure To Flush

Burglar_Bathroom_Break_44480It appears that poor manners comes with some particularly high costs forAndrew David Jensen, 42.  After a burglary in Thousand Oaks, police found that the burglar had used the toilet without flushing.  That meant a bowl full of DNA which the police used to identify Jensen from the DNA data bank.

Jensen was tracked down in his home in Ventura on July 28th.  He has been charged with first-degree residential burglary with a bail set at $180,000.

It is a tough way to learn manners but this is a lesson that is likely to stick.

15 thoughts on “Urine A Lot Of Trouble: California Man Arrested For Burglary For Failure To Flush”

  1. Really? Seriously? I am suppose to “trust” dna evidence…..hmmm i’ll remember this if I am ever on a jury….good god so anyone from the mens room can track around others splatter dna….seems to me then dna evidence ain’t worth much.

    1. As far as I know, DNA evidence is far and away the most reliable evidence there is. If it’s your DNA, you were there.

  2. Great. So not only is a repeat offender criminal, for his DNA to be in the database, but he’s rude too. Well, either that or he’s trying to save water.

    I always wonder when a grown man commits burglary. For a teenager, you think perhaps they are just going through a self destructive phase, or they weren’t raised right. But a man in his 40’s? Why does he think he has the right to steal what belongs to someone else? Drugs? Entitlement? Perhaps the punishment should be that people are allowed to regularly steal from him – rob him of money, carjack him, carry out his TV. Just keep robbing him until he gets it.

    When people break the law like this, they drastically affect their prospects in life. They pay for taking the easy way out.

  3. Ususally CA hippies would prefer that you DON’T flush. The fact that they can’t even be consistent about this, it pretty much invalidates everything else they stand for (not that they needed this to help them with that ;). I just can’t take the state seriously anymore, and I lived there for three years. Somehow, they have fallen even farther, they really are a small nation of children. I kinda wish they would secede and then Californians ‘abroad’ in the rest of the country could be kicked out over their illegal status. Alternately, perhaps one day they will finally ‘Lord of the Flies’ themselves.

  4. His testimony before the jury will be: “I was walking down that street and really had to pee. So I went up to a tree. A guy popped out of the back door of a house and said: Hey come on in and pee. So, I was then on one knee and went in and peed. There were two pees in the pod.”

  5. I went to my bank and they said that they did not have a sample of my DNA. Just where are these DNA banks located?

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