Polls Shows Both Trump and Macron Down In Popularity

Emmanuel_Macron_in_July_2017donald_trump_president-elect_portrait_croppedWhile President Donald Trump has claimed that his “base” remains strong and is growing, the polls indicate that the reality is quite different.  Two additional polls continue to show a decline in support with one, the Investor’s Business Daily Poll, showing Trump at a remarkably low 32 percent.  There is however an interesting comparison with a politicians who is the polar opposite of Trump in style and substance: French President Emmanuel Macron.  Polls show Macron at the same not-so-sweet spot in polling: 36 percent.  That is even lower than the CNN poll for Trump out this week at 38 percent.  That is also one percent higher than Bill Clinton around this time.

What is clear that it is not true that Trump’s base support is growing.  The IBD poll shows Trump’s decline shows a decline from 83 percent to 71 percent among Republicans.  His support among independent is plummeting.  The vast majority of American no longer believe Trump or his Administration.  That is obviously a serious problem not just for Trump but the Republicans facing reelection fights in 2018.

However, it is also true that other politicians have similar figures, including media darling Macron.

Macron has dropped seven points with just 36 percent with a positive view of his performance.  He has 49 percent with a negative view — a 13 percent rise.    That is even a more startling drop for Macron than it was for Trump. After all, Trump lost the popular vote while Macron won with  66 percent of the vote.

The drop is due in large part of austerity cuts in public spending in France — something long overdue.

The emphasis on the polls is understandable, but the lack of context is disappointing. The polling numbers for Trump are presented as unprecedented and disastrous without any comparison to prior presidents like Clinton or contemporaries like Macron.  The conclusion can be that none of this is good for any of these leaders but the reasons are different. Trump may indeed be alienating voters in a way that is unlikely to be reversed, but a comparative discussion would be interesting.

I still believe that Trump is making a serious mistake with these tweets and the personal attacks on opponents and the media.  The independent voter figure could be a disaster for the GOP in losing both houses.  Trump could then face a ramped up series of investigations and a virtual shutdown of any remaining chance for legislative reforms.

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  1. All they need to do is go shirtless kayaking while netting a lockness monster….that’ll make my twat quiver. Kidding.

    1. What I mean to say is when metro sexuals try to hard it’s obvious…and unless putin wants attention….hormone replacement therapy will be mandatory.

  2. Macron possesses intelligence and high style. The Donald only has $$.

    1. Why people compare winning percentages with poll numbers is absolutely stupefying. The Princeton study could have been 100% accurate and Trump could have still won, because that’s how math and probability works. The odds in roulette of hitting 17 are less than 3%… but here’s the shocker… sometimes it lands on 17!!!

    1. I read McMaster was doing things differently than Trump wanted. Sorts is a long-time Clintonista.Is anyone in DC who will turn down a job because he disagrees with the President? Will McMaster lose a star?

  3. Is this true? Joseph Rago was revealing the criminal truth about Hillary?

    Is it true that “LITTLE DEBBIE IN BIG TROUBLE” has a brother who is the US Attorney for the District of Columbia in charge of investigating the Seth Rich assassination? That would staff the Crime Offices of Wasserman and Wasserman,

    and that Fox is now confirming Seth Rich’s communications with Wikileaks?

    Joseph Rago
    Wall Street Editorial Writer
    Died: July 20, 2017

    “Joseph Rago was a 34-year old Pulitzer prize winning journalist who had been highly critical of Obamacare and had a general reputation for “going against the grain.” At the time of his death, he was reportedly working on an article about Hillary Clinton’s links to Russia. We was found dead in his apartment just hours before he was supposed to meet with Russian consulate officials to discuss Hillary’s role in bypassing Russian sanctions in the 2014 sale of Veropharm (one of Russia’s largest medical companies) to the American medical corporation Abbott Laboratories. Handling this takeover transaction was the Russian investment bank Renaissance Capital, who paid former President Bill Clinton $500,000 for a speech he gave before their top executives in Moscow.

    Police ruled out foul play in Rago’s death before an autopsy was even performed.”

      1. You and Professor Turley have to keep up.

        Allegedly, on July 20, 2017, Joseph Rago “…was found dead in his apartment

        just hours before he was supposed to meet with Russian consulate officials to discuss Hillary’s role

        in bypassing Russian sanctions in the 2014 sale of Veropharm

        (one of Russia’s largest medical companies) to the American medical corporation Abbott Laboratories.”

  4. Low info voters who actually have landline phones they answer at dinner time are easily swayed by fake news headlines, hence the poll numbers. Trump has great numbers in swing states.
    But they don’t want you to know that. Can the Dems explain what happened to Hillary’s coronation? No.
    So guess what? Dems are the ones who should be worrying. But they don’t want you to know that either.

    1. I agree. We are so tired of calls during dinner from who knows. So if there was a poll, they got nothing from me. What Democrat could get thousands and thousands to an arena? They just don’t poll in places he won. I’m convinced of that!

  5. Prof. Turley,

    Google’s internal analytics have Trump currently at 61%!

    I forget the other big name analytics that say about the same.

    The poll stuff you’re posting is just propaganda for those still following the Dying Fake News Media, CNN, Wapo, NYT, MSNBCLSD etc…

    Financial reports out today show cable lost another million subscribers last quarter & almost a million in the 1st quarter.

    IE: Their Lies can no longer hold the eyes & ears of the American people.

  6. How has Stalin been polling lately?

    “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

    – Lavrentiy Beria – Head of Joseph Stalin’s Secret Police

    “Compel the gullible Sessions to recuse himself and I’ll find you the crime.”

    – Rod J. Rosenstein – Head of the “Deep State” Secret Police

  7. I don’t trust most politicians, Trump, the main stream news media or polls. Can’t anyone tell me their common denominator?

    1. I trust Trump. He isn’t a politician. He’s working on all the things he ran on. Obviously there a incredibly tainted people in DC.

  8. But they never seem to get around to polling the 40% who banded together to stop Clinton and who for the most part are not represented by a party. I can see no valid reason to trust or quote a poll. Realclear still had Clinton at 98% for months after she to not only failed to win a required majority in the national popularity poll but trucked inat 45% in the real voting. California and New York had their three million strong phantomn army. We had ours. Ours won 55% to 45% and the rest is BS.

  9. The poll you need to pay attention to will occur on November 6, 2018, when Americans will decide if they like the coup d’etat being conducted by the RINO’s, MSM and the ruling class “deep state” including the full deployment of subversive Obama “holdovers.”

    “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

    – Isoroku Yamamoto

  10. I am fairly sure that Trump is over 70 years old. Not 30 or in his 30s.

  11. Both men represent the oligarchy. They deserve their unpopularity because they are liars who don’t care about the lives of most people. They are lackeys of the banking and other industries, war mongers and jerks as human beings. I’m surprised they poll as high as they do.

    It’s very sad because I think Trump, like Obama before him, could have actually taken on the MIC, the IC (at least a part of it) and banksters with the backing of the people. Instead, both men bow before their masters and collect their paychecks. They have thrown most people under the bus. Instead of being great men, or at least using their power to help others, they have chosen narcissism. Choosing to commit harm when one could be of service to others is the sign of a complete loser.

    1. That’s your opinion, an opinion of one and a very unsupported subjective mysticism driven opinion it is. Color it clueless. Since nothing factual was presented.

    2. There was never any variation for Macron. This is what he intended, what he campaigned on, and what he is doing. He was always honest about it, but had the brilliance to package it in the form of a new party and the marketing know how to make the party look like a lot of people were climbing aboard. Quite remarkable because while most peoiple are still somewhat vague on the whole austerity issue, there are plenty that have had it up to their eye balls with it. So Macron’s magician’s honesty on the subject was nothing short of a coup. Now many are waking up as if after a bad hangover. You know, “Huh?, Huh?? Wa-happened?”

      Trump as you put it, simply opened his mouth. Oh no, you said lied. Oh well, one and the same. 🙂 On a more serious note, Trump has proven himself to be a weakling. Look at his capitulation to the sanctions on Russia; a capitulation that removes Presidential authority to manage such sanctions should they prove to be against our national interst (which they are, btw).. It is more or less a historical given that sanctions purely at the will of Congress are never lifted. Trump is buying himself a little time, but at what a cost to himself down the road and to future heads of state who will have to deal with Russia hands tied.

      We have not seen the end of this with Europe either. We are driving them into Russia’s arms. Anyone who thinks Europe will fall for our much more expensive liquefied gas is smoking some heavy stuff. Even if they do, the resentment will simply build and build. God only knows what insanity possessed our Congress in the first place.

      1. “It is more or less a historical given that sanctions purely at the will of Congress are never lifted. ”
        Cannot tell you how angry I am at my do-nothing, ‘show up only for the salary and pension’ Congressman for his vote for these sanctions. I’d call his office, but I know from extensive past experience that his staff has nothing but contempt for us poor district residents. Fauxcahontas and Markey are similarly pathetic WRT foreign policy.

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