“Cafeteria Classism”: Florida Middle School Under Fire For Offering $100 Front Of The Line Food Passes

56-3688899-oliIt appears that the Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Fla. is teaching its students a bit about living as the one percent.  The middle school sent out a  fundraising form to parents stating that for a $100 donation a student would be granted a “front of the lunch line pass.”   According to ABC Action News, the PTSA promised that the “last name or company logo feature on the website, as well as PTSA events AND front of the lunch line pass.”  The ad should be “Name logo sponsorship: $100; PTSA promos: $100; Lording over the unwashed: priceless.”You can imagine the response from parents to what they called “cafeteria classism.”



The PTSA however has only scratched the surface.  There are a variety of aristocratic tastes that could generate funds:

  1. Surrogate gym passes: paying to have any designated poor kid to work out for you.
  2. Prima donna dances:  the right to demand any date for school dances.
  3. Elite grading curves:  it is ridiculous that wealthy children should be required to compete with the Hoi polloi.  The elite should have a grading curve running from A+ to A — or simply move to the head of the line on the grading scale.

The notion that these measures shows a lack of love for common people has been shown to be false:

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  1. This vaguely reminds me of a story I read regarding Yanks in Britain in WWII. The Yanks noticed that local people queued up very politely and waited their turn, whether it was for some purchase in a store, or for getting on a bus. These Yanks thought all this politeness was silly – the next time they went to get on a bus, they moved up the block in order to beat the queue and get on ahead of everybody. Whereupon the bus driver chewed them out soundly, and wouldn’t let them on at all.

  2. Freedom and Self-Reliance – 101

    When did “school,” which should be singularly focused on rigorously and persistently teaching the three “R’s” without the communist propaganda and indoctrination curricula perpetuated by the lazy, greedy, striking teachers union thugs (i.e. insolvent Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles school districts), assume the responsibility for nurturing the children of free and self-reliant Americans?

    My mother packed a tuna sandwich wrapped in wax-paper, some chips and an apple in a small brown paper bag and wrote my name on it. There were a few wooden benches to eat my lunch on, provided generously by the taxpayers.

    I have zero recollection of paying for food or being provided food by the taxpayers. Absolutely ridiculous. A lunch pail should do nicely.

    Are modern “schools” simply free daycare facilities with absurdly paid child “monitors,” having lost their focus on education (what is the average GPA of public school graduates. That GPA should be published daily and ubiquitously but it isn’t – why not?)?

    If Americans are not self-reliant,

    Americans are not free.

    1. George – the GPA of students is protected under Federal privacy laws, They are very strict as to what the school can and can’t release about students.

      1. If the taxpayers can’t be told

        what the taxpayer’s money is spent on,

        the taxpayer’s money shouldn’t be spent.

        I’m just sayin’…

          1. PCS,

            Thank you for the honor of your reply.


            And that is precisely why the school district should publicize its records. Those are the taxpayer’s records. If students and districts want privacy, they should go to private school and seek employment in the private sector; where only criminal activity is public. I’ll bet the stockholders/owners of private corporations can obtain the complete record of its enterprise activity down to the very last penny. Have you ever seen an annual report?

            1. George – back when I was in grade school and they had a ‘permanent record’ that followed you from class to class, school to school, any teacher could look at the file and did. Now, with federal laws, the records are considered the student’s and the student may or may not give permission to certain people to see their file. Now it is need to know. Parents get to know until the student is 21.

      2. “…the GPA of students is protected under Federal privacy laws,…”

        PCS, indeed, most federal laws are unconstitutional and it is a contradiction in terms to say that public endeavors enjoy privacy. The government structure in America looks exactly like the government structure of the consummate communist experiment, the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics. I’m going to guess that it is unconstitutional to impose the Communist Manifesto on America.


        Begin here to explore unconstitutional law: Congress has the power to tax solely for General Welfare, definitively excluding any and all taxation for any form of Individual Welfare or redistribution. Proceed to the right to private property which James Madison defined as

        “that dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in exclusion of every other individual.”

        Government cannot take private property from one man to give that private property to another without violating the definition of the word private and the Constitution.

        Affirmative action, quotas, welfare, food stamps, social services, forced busing, utility subsidies, WIC, HHS, HUD, HAMP, HARP, Education Dept., Labor Dept., Obamacare, Obamaphones, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unfair “Fair Housing” laws, discriminatory “Non-Discrimination” laws and every other form of redistribution of wealth and social engineering are UNCONSTITUTIONAL (public schools may only be promoted federally and paid for locally through user fees).

        1. George – do you have standing to sue a college or university over their privacy policy? I don’t. I am just telling you the facts of life.

          1. PCS,

            Thank you again.

            The “facts of life” you refer to exist in


            The Constitution has been abrogated.

            Ben Franklin, we gave you “a republic, if you can keep it.”

            Did Mr. Franklin imply that America was lost from the outset

            or did he challenge Americans to struggle to hold it

            and, if necessary, to take it back?

    2. Oh ya, more “good ole days” syndrome; especially since “those people” knew their place back then, right? News flash: it’s 2017, it ain’t happenin.

      this is to “don’t drink out of my water fountain” george

      1. Mark M. Segregation was a terrible thing, but some say the effects on the family after the war on poverty were terrible. Without drawing conclusions take a look at Harlem pre LBJ and years later. Look at statistics involving marriage, crime, educational status, jobs etc. You might find that the statistics are a bit different than you believe.

        That doesn’t mean we should go back to segregation or racism as a way of life which is disgusting rather it means that societies are more complex than your simple responses might suggest.

  3. https://thelongestway.com/2017/04/08/i-dont-like-the-antifa/

    This is a great, great article on how to deal with Nazis [or in US, neo Nazis and white supremacists] that doesn’t mean embracing any violence on the left. It means redefining one’s entire approach to resistance. It worked in this small town in Germany.

    I wish this approach would replace the angry, and occasional violence, of the left. Their outrage at the white supremacists is understandable and legitimate. But meeting violence with violence never works. Try something different.

    1. Lol! Exactly! The faster little pimple-faced and overweight Johnny and Mary understand that money buys convenience, accessibility and opportunities in life, the better off they will be.

  4. This is just another step on the way to a totally a la carte America. The airlines operate pretty much this way already. Next, all roads to be toll roads, pay to walk on the sidewalks, pay toilets for all, etc. The ultimate expression of freedom and capitalism. We could even bring back sumptuary laws, to suppress the hoi polloi.

    1. Note the use of the word “academy”. It’s part of the well-funded ed reform vocabulary, like “charter schools” which are in truth, “contractor schools”, bought to us by colonialists, i.e. the richest 0.1%. The two most recent Dem presidents encouraged the sell off of the kids of the 99% for profit-taking, as have the recent Republican Presidents. Hillary’s campaign manager, John Podesto can be seen in a YouTube video with Jeb Bush calling for donors to support the campaigns of those candidates who would join the plot to privatize America’s most important common good- public education. Privatization fractionalizes our society and destroys the bedrock of the nation’s communities.
      Bill Gates and Walton heirs are funding privatization with $1 bil. each.
      In Nov. when, Mass. voters turned down privatization, their opposition was both parties.

      1. Linda is going through her ritual denouncements of charter schools. She wants to make sure minority kids can’t get a private education like rich kids can. She is promoting ignorance by preventing competition in our public schools where the education of our youth is simply a biproduct of an employment machine that permits substandard teaching to exist throughout America.

        I wonder if Linda is a product of that substandard teaching? Alternatively, maybe she is revolting against her parents for sending her to private school? I don’t know which scenario occurred but if it was the latter I think her parents wasted a lot of money.

      2. Linda:

        Charter schools are about school choice. There is a demand for charter schools when the public schools underperform. Case in point – there is a high school that I know of where less than 10% of the students test proficient in math. The local charter school has over 85% test proficient in math. They admit everyone who applies with a lottery, and have a waiting list.

        If the public schools do well, there is not as much demand for alternatives. But where the public schools do poorly, parents lobby for choices on where to send their kids. I have met more homeschooled kids when I moved to my current location than I have my entire life. The public schools are so bad that about half the kids in the area are homeschooled. Most moms had never considered it before realizing their kid was going to miss out on opportunities in life due to a poor public school education.

        Now, not all public schools are the same, and not all charter schools are, ether. There are good and bad. There is certainly argument about whether the best model is for or non profit. But, as a parent, I can tell you that pretty much all the parents care for is the quality of education. Luckily, test scores are now posted online so we can shop around.

        Instead of looking for a complicated conspiracy theory, the truth is much simpler. Parents just want the best education possible for their kids. If they live in an area where the schools severely underperform, they look elsewhere – homeschooling, charter school, public school, or district transfer to another public school.

        Parental choice is a grand idea. Be suspicious of anyone trying to take away choice from parents on where to send their kids. Oh, it’s easy to claim that school choice is some sort of Koch brothers plot, but the reality is that there are parents out there looking at high schools with a student math proficiency of less than 10%. They need real choices, not politics.

        1. Karen, excellent post – as you point out it’s not a black or white issue. Also, access to quality education often depends on zip code. My bro and sis live in Vegas – my sister’s kids are fortunate to go a public school which is an academic academy plus offers pre tech training in various fields. My brother who lives on the other side of town has terrible schools, large class sizes, discipline problems so he has put both of his sons in a Christian school.

          1. Starving public education into failure, selective enrollment of students leads where, Autumn? To a human throw-away society.
            A Gates-funded ed organization describes schools as “human capital pipelines”.
            An external affairs manager of a Gates-funded organization, in a Philanthropy Roundtable article, wrote a quote from ed reformers, we’ll “blow up the (university) ed schools”. That’s a reassuring statement for a democracy, right (sarcasm)?

        2. There’s ample research that the education “market” doesn’t work as Karen describes it. The savvy parent selecting the best school narrative, falls apart when a person reviews situations like DeVos’ grand scheme for Michigan schools, Ohio’s largest charter school, etc.
          Research out of Columbia Teachers College by a professor, who is, IMO, a charter enthusiast, wrote about 5 “successful” cities for contractor schools. Columbus was cited as one. The primary determinant of success, was support from state legislators (not local community support). The state Republican Party receives hefty campaign donations from the school contractors, for fleecing Ohio taxpayers.
          BTW, Chiefs for Change, the Aspen Institute’s education programs funded by Gates, e.g. Pahara Institute and Senior Congressional Education Staff Network, the hedge funds of DFER, the Walton’s GenNext, the Gates-funded Center for American Progress and New America’s education plots don’t classify as a THEORY of conspiracy.

          1. The NEA is very quick to say that charter schools don’t work and will put money into producing literature that says the same to protect the jobs of teachers and their salaries. In some cities like NYC the unions are strong enough that teachers that shouldn’t be around children are placed in rubber rooms (a name frequently used) to isolate them from the students while they are still being paid. There is a lot of evidence that charter schools have worked very well in many places and I believe Michigan is one of them.

            I say let parents decide.

            1. The Pres. of the 13,000 member Massachusetts Teachers Association (2010-2014) is a Fellow of the Gates-funded Pahara Institute. He served on the top NEA committees. He is currently on the Mass. higher education board.
              The Detroit Free Press and all (of those without vested interest) admit Michigan’s experience with the DeVos’ plans has been a debacle. In Ohio, privatization was so detrimental that even Gates and the Walton’s pulled up their ed. stakes this past winter and, left the state.
              Neither political party can be counted on to have greater concern for kids of the 99% (regardless of race), than they care about checks from the richest 0.1%.

              1. I don’t think either has been proven more successful than the other. They have noted considerable variation in charter schools and I wouldn’t trust the media to adequately evaluate the differences. I support them because this provides parents with a choice and forces a bit of competition something desperately needed because our schools teach to the lowest common denominator. That is a disaster for the future of the nation. I was publically school educated. The school system where we lived with our kids wasn’t good enough so I sent my kids to private school despite the cost. It paid off tremendously for none of my kids are now living in my home. :-). It wouldn’t hurt to have one of the parents at home either, but that seems to be an impossibility. One of my employees who was not the brighest accademically home schooled her kids and their level of education far surpassed those in the public school in the same grade and at least matched the school my kids went to that was considered to be one of the best in the state.

                There have been some charter schools that have dealt with inner city kids that have done a fabulous job. We need to learn from them and push forward. I don’t want to deny inner city kids whether black, white, hispanic or other not to have some choice that I had for my own. We have to give up with the idea that mediocre grades should be considered identical with those that are outstanding. They aren’t. Grades are not everything as there is a difference between schooling and education.

                Take note how failure in the private market (Gates) caused investment capital to dry up.That demonstrates that the private sector has to meet certain standards or it won’t exist for long.

      3. Linda,

        If you lived in an area that had 10% proficiency rates among students in the local public school and you had the opportunity to instead send your children, for free, to a charter school having an 85% where would you really send your children?

        1. Charter schools cherry pick students. Some are propped up with “philanthropy” dollars (until privatization results in Gates and Z-berg’s for-profit, schools-in-a-box take over). And, as one example, in Baltimore, charters get almost twice the amount of tax dollars that public schools receive, $9,137 vs. $5,300. Part of the charter money covers a 10-18% return on debt to Wall Street. Other amounts pay for lucrative real estate deals for the financial sector.
          “Choice” exists util corporate monopoly or oligopoly at which time, there will be no elections for school board.
          And, secondly, loss of the economic multiplier effect from local tax dollars spent locally, for education, will further impoverish American communities. The state capitols aren’t limiting the privatization push to school districts that they claim are failing. Betsy DeVos’ record with Michigan schools is an unmitigated disaster. There is no secret sauce for education.
          DeVos wants your tax dollars to go to various denominational churches, synagogues, temples of the Muslim faith, if they choose to operate schools. Check out the community tax-supported schools, allegedly funding a Turkish cleric (Gulen)
          The push for privatization is from Wall Street, the tech industry and Walton heirs. Rhetorically, do the records of their revenue sources indicate concern for predation rather than middle class and poor advancement?
          More power to the oligarchs, served up by voters like you, because wealth doesn’t already control state capitols and D.C. (sarcasm).

          1. The push is not really Wall Street. Wall Street is filling a demand. People are paying money to get out of the school systems because they want their children better educated. Wall Street ,as you call, it is filling a gap and not all charter schools come from Wall Street. The only thing that needs be required is that they perform better than the public schools per dollar spent. Some of the charter schools even have lottery systems so that all kids have an equal chance of acceptance.

            The problem with your thinking is that you equate all charter schools to the worst ones and aren’t even careful with what you say. That is defeatism. What people should be doing is helping charter schools and public schools compete so that both improve for the benefit of our children.

          2. You didn’t answer the question.

            “If you lived in an area that had 10% proficiency rates among students in the local public school and you had the opportunity to instead send your children, for free, to a charter school having an 85% where would you really send your children?”

        2. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but is there any citation to authority regarding this 10% proficiency rate? I ask you rather than the above poster who first claimed such because I believe you will have a more reputable source. My search located only a story out of the District of Columbia from 2015 where a proficiency test revealed this 10% rate. Are we accepting the 10% rate as widespread based solely on this isolated example?


          this is to darren

          1. The people who listen to Fox and talk radio believe what Murdoch and other oligarchs tell them to believe. Oddly, they feel a greater affinity for the enrichment of the 0.1% and sense of belonging with colonialists than they do with those in their similar income set, many of whom they resent.
            When Romney disparaged 47% of Americans because of their economic plight, it woke up a few of the people like Smith, forcing them to recognize that they are looked down upon by the party for which they vote.
            But, more importantly, they had no choice but, to recognize the rich in both parties want to force the middle class and poor into further poverty and, under greater control by the richest 400 families.
            It’s probably too late, for them to understand, a condition of no government eliminates democracy and creates the void that the oligarchy plots to fill.

            1. “The people who listen to Fox and talk radio believe what Murdoch and other oligarchs tell them to believe.”

              That statement doesn’t reflect reality. The fact is that Fox News has been turned over to his sons that I believe are both Democrats and I believe at least one of the sons is married has a very activist wife. Murdoch is a businessman and businesses frequently fill vacant spaces.

              Fox News leans, but the news portion is fairly centrist. At least it generally reports news that is important that the mainstream media and other cable outlets don’t report. If you think otherwise I will make a friendly bet with you. We can both record Fox news and one of the networks news and then compare them. You can show how Fox News was lying and how the network covered all the news. I can do the same and then we could compare notes with the ability to rewatch the shows. I once did that with someone that felt like you and he found, much to his chagrin, that though far from perfection Fox News (news, not opinion) was better. Maybe this time between you and I we will find something different. Do you want to make a go of it?

              1. No need recreate the wheel. Research showed people who listen to Fox are less well-informed than people who listen to no news.
                Despite my illustrations focused on the need to reject the Dem. vs. Repub. paradigm, it doesn’t sink in. I assume that that loggerhead is the type of characteristic that explains the findings about Fox viewers.

                1. Linda, you always bring up research as if the type of research being done by the left wing media or advocates is good research. It isn’t. But, if you would like to discuss particular research in full I will. That means one has to understand how the research is done. I’m used to double blinded studies and sometimes a bit less for practical reasons, but then there is a lot of mathematics involved. What type of studies are you used to? Why are you afraid to try this little experiment? It’s not recreating the wheel, but it is delving a bit deeper than that wheel you errantly feel with almost a “religious” fervor is the truth. That is the difference between you and I. You are wedded to what you wish to believe and are quite closed minded. I’ll change my position anytime consistant proof shows something better.

  5. When I was a senior at McCluer High School in Ferguson back in 1967 I belonged to a group known as The Animals. There were only four of us. But we formed The Animal Table at the school lunch room during lunch. We invited kids from around the school, including girls and minorities and those who were not in swank groups. We were a success and even today several people thank me for inviting them to The Animal Table. One did not need a paid for “pass”– just an invite from one of the Animals.

    1. In my class the candidates for class president were two males, one who was well liked but the candidate of the clique, the other was a new-to-our-school jock with a certain amount of charisma. I was torn on who to vote for. I really liked the candidate of the clique, who was too egalitarian to really be one of them, but I was one who was frequently dismissed by them. The new guy was supported by all those who were ignored by the clique and he won by a single vote. I really don’t remember which way I finally went. Maybe it was my vote that made the difference, then again, maybe not.

      1. Were you taking full advantage of your artificial status then too –

        that which was created and perpetuated by the

        illicit crutch of the assistance of “Affirmative Action Privilege,”

        rather than the natural imperative of earning; of endeavoring mightily

        and succeeding?

        It’s an offer you can’t refuse, isn’t it –

        being awarded the success as the fruits of the labor of others?

    2. Very funny…reminded me of my high school days and being rejected by the popular girls in the lunch room.
      I complained to my dad that none of the cool girls would eat with me. He asked, ”How many of those girls are there?” When I answered 7, he asked, ”Well, how many of them are like you with nobody to eat with?’ ”Ahhhh, about 150 kids…..” ”Why don’t you pick out one of those girls who looks interesting and ask to sit with her; she probably feels just like you.” Pretty soon there wasn’t enough room at our table and the super seven had to ask the ”rejects” for a place at the table.
      Kind of sounds like a retake on us Deplorables and Trump.
      St. Maries, Idaho

  6. You mean that this concept is so horrible, so terrible, so inconceivable. . .the same way that major contributors and benefactors, to universities, for example, get entire buildings named after them? Huh? They got that honor because their money–yes, folks, their money. . .as a contribution–bought them that privilege. Is this cafeteria concept so outrageous in the same way that those major contributors and benefactors to universities get scholarships or programs named, specifically, after them? Let’s just face it, people–the fact that some people, who contribute, get to the head of the line, or, get buildings, libraries, scholarships, etc., named after them, are all factors of life. We see it all around us, but, suddenly, somehow, we are all aghast that little Johnny or little Mary, will have to wait a few more minutes to chow down on his or her greasy fries and cold pizza in the cafeteria? How many of you have been privileged enough–yes, it is, indeed, a privilege–to have the opportunity to stand in the VIP line. . .for whatever. . .where you were waited on first and avoided the long line with the rest of the peasants? Did you tsk, tsk over that indulgence, or, did you gladly use the opportunity to be seated for dinner or get onto a plane faster than the other schlubs?

    1. What gets people riled about this is that it brazenly underscores the advantages in life kids from families with money have. Of course there are worse examples of the privileges of money–like if you can finance a quality legal defense you can keep out of prison when in an identical fact situation someone represented by a public defender would do serious time.

      The only justice here might be that the snowflakes with the passes will be subjected to verbal and hopefully physical abuse. And some rich kids are embarrassed by their parents’ money so the won’t want the pass.

      1. Are you subjected to taunts or threats of physical violence because you are, for example, a frequent flyer, on a specific airline, and you have the opportunity to avoid the long and unending line used by those who do not spend that same money as you do? Do you, in the name of all that is holy and just, refuse to stand in a VIP line, out of principal, claiming that you are no different than the others who are in line and unqualified to be in the VIP line? Do you turn down a lower interest rate, on your credit card, because you want the same interest rate as those who don’t pay their bills on time? Do you refuse an upgrade, on your plane ticket or an upgrade in your hotel room–an upgrade given, specifically, to you–due to the amount of money/business that you have given said airline or hotel? I don’t suspect that you do. It’s called life, and whether you spend enough money with a particular company, or, you donate money to an organization, those acts buy access, opportunities and, yes, perks. Open your eyes. It’s all around us. I would even dare to say that you have, at one point or another, succumbed to the evil temptation to take advantage of one of these perks. If you did, did anyone threaten you with bodily harm. . .a consequence that you deem to be reasonable for going to the head of the line?

        1. bam bam-
          You know the topic is kids, right?
          What’s your opinion about 1,000,000 Irish allowed to die of starvation because the notion of unfettered free enterprise was so revered by the British?

          1. Yes, of course it’s about kids. No one is advocating for denying them their turn, in front of the cafeteria ladies, where they have the opportunity to have slop put onto their trays. Yes, privilege exists. Rewards, exist. No one is going hungry. No one is denied lunch. Those kids, whose parents make a contribution, get a perk. A few moments of extra time in eating their lunches. I would dare say that you, during the span of your lifetime, have had some perks. The chance to go to the head of the line. The opportunity to get an airline or a hotel upgrade. The ability to get something that most are not offered. And, why? Because you spent more money at a particular establishment. Because you flew a certain amount of miles on a specific airline. Because you stayed at a hotel chain the requisite amount of nights to get an upgrade. Are those, without the benefit of these perks, to which you have, surely, availed yourself, second-class citizens? I would argue that they are not; they simply don’t qualify for the rewards. This situation, yes, involving kids, is no different. In an age where everyone merits a participation medal. . .where we are chastised to not recognize rewards for true excellence. . .I know that this may be somewhat shocking. Of course, it is shocking, until and unless those, who participate in a system of perks and rewards, on a daily basis, see themselves in the mirror.

            1. “No one is denied lunch.” Well, not always. There have been a number of instances where lunch nazi has actually taken a tray of food from a student whose lunch account was delinquent and put it in the trash. No lunch for you, kid. No money, no food.

              1. This article is about one thing–the ability to get a jump start, in a lunch line line, because of a donation made by one’s parents. A perk. An advantage. A reward. No one mentioned anything about denying kids food or throwing away their trays. A red herring. Stay on point. It’s about the correctness of giving kids, whose parents contributed to the school, an infintessimally small advantage, whereby they get their completely unhealthy and carb-loaded lunch a few moments before the others. That’s it.

                  1. I get that the only time that perks are justified is when YOU–in all of your glory–are eligible to take advantage of those perks. What’s pathetic is that you avail yourself to every conceivable perk, benefit, upgrade, discount. . .the list goes on. . .yet, when the perk or benefit is something to which you cannot relate, to which you aren’t entitled, you have a seizure. That is what is truly pathetic. Those who are truly clueless as to their own hypocrisy.

                    1. bam bam – I do take advantage of my senior discounts and my Golden Eagle Pass has saved me a couple of thousand dollars with the NPS. BTW, this is your last year to get a Golden Eagle Pass for $10. Next year they go up to $80.

            2. Bogus equivalencies are the staple of the extreme right wing.
              Until oligarchs and corporations destroyed U.S. democracy, Americans had a community compact that (1) established values for a meritocracy (2) rewarded those who contribute to GDP, while protecting worker health and safety (3) developed mechanisms to help the most vulnerable and (4) created common goods for the 99% to share. In nations where that compact still exists, the population reports the greatest happiness.
              The extreme inequality of U.S. wealth (caused by elimination of estate taxes and, by corrupt political protection of the financial sector which drags down GDP by an estimated 2%), destabilizes society and strangles economic growth-a threat to us all.

              1. The only thing bogus is your attempt at making a particular issue–whether a donation to the school–should entitle a student any sort of privilege or reward. That’s the only issue here. Is it fair? Is it right? The rest of your gibberish is just that–gibberish. This isn’t the only time that these kids are going to witness that money and connections are associated with some perks. A good eye opener. Save your Bolshevik lectures for someone who cares.

                1. “Someone who cares”, in hindsight- sadly, the Czar’s family and Russian people reflected in the movie, Dr. Zhivago..

          1. farmergirl247 – my public high school did not have a lunch room, we all went home for lunch. Even though it was 40 below.

      2. Or, if you are Jared Kushner, your father can give $2 mil. to Harvard, and a marginal student beats out those who merit admission.

        1. Or, you could peruse the grades and transcripts of Chelsea Clinton and see if she was Columbia University and Oxford material, while you’re at it. Or, you could choose to investigate whether the witless and oh-so-b@tt-ugly spawn of Bill and Hillary could’ve gotten into those institutions if it weren’t for her name and connections? How about that? Or, if it’s not too much trouble, you could also spend some time and examine the grades and test scores of Obama’s pothead and burnout daughter, Masheikia, to see whether she truly merits entrance into the hallowed halls of Harvard? Oh, was this only supposed to be a condemnation of those individuals with whom we disagree politically? Where the offspring of your liberal heroes are immune from scrutiny? Sorry. My bad.

          1. Your point?
            No person owes it to you, me or, the world to be pretty or handsome. (Trump’s disparagement of the appearance of Cruz’ wife and Carly Fiorini showed him to be petty).
            Nor, does a politician’s child or spouse owe it to the nation to be virtuous, assuming the activities don’t suggest influence-peddling, bribery or blackmail of political opponents, etc.. I found it personally offensive for Melania, as the wife of public figure, to pose nude, pregnant, wearing furs in public sight, posing for a photo while boarding a private plane but, that does not reflect on Pres. Trump’s character nor his tenure as President. The Executive’s family or staff, hawking products while speaking at functions related to the Presidential office merit an off-hand disclaimer by POTUS but, nothing more.
            There is no comment in this thread justifying academic privilege, based on a plutocrat’s political party. The daughter of Democratic Sen. Manchin received a degree under dubious circumstances which, if true as reported by the media, is reprehensible.
            The lack of values reflected in Rush Limbaugh’s attack on the attractiveness of a politician’s 13- year–old child was unconscionable.

            1. My point? My point is actually quite simple and straightforward. You want to mention Kushner’s access to Harvard, despite his average grades, due to his father’s money and influence. That’s fine. Absolutely true. Without his father’s connections, influence and large donation to Harvard, his son would never have been admitted to the university; however, if you are going to be fair and apply the standards across the board, that would entail you examining the grades and test scores of children whose parents are, instead, your heroes. Let’s have a gander at Chelsea’s grades and test scores. Let’s have a look at Malia’s grades and test scores. Do you think that either of these individuals had such superior and outstanding grades and scores which merited their acceptance into Oxford and Harvard, respectively? I don’t. Not for a second. So, before you start using Kushner as an example of influence peddling, you’d better start examining what transpires with your idols–the Clinton said and the Obamas.

                1. The richest 400 families have systemized the robbery of workers’ rewards for increasing GDP. While Republican politicians treat labor worse, they would not have success without the aid of neoliberal politicians funded by the richest 0.1%. Dems lost 1000 legislative, judicial and executive seats in the past 8 years. The election of Obama for two terms is proof that voters at the national level aren’t racist enough to swing the election to Repubs. What remains as an answer for Dem losses is voters’ perception that Dems won’t deliver on an economic agenda that rewards those who build GDP, explaining the voting of the Brexit states.
                  The fire sale of public schools has its parallel in Russia, where public assets were given to Putin’s oligarch friends.
                  You seem to want to ignore that Walton heirs, Gates, and DFER- the big money behind privatization are NOT linked to Repub politicians.
                  The issue is not left vs. right. The threat is a totalitarian regime of oligarchs.

                  I wouldn’t presume to identify Trump as your idol. The mixed messages about Trump’s goals, as reflected in the vast differences between Scaramucci’s and Bannon’s views, would make it impossible for a distant person to know. The same is true about a judgment of people on the ” left.”

                  1. Again, my point was quite clear. You want to mention Jared as an example of a kid, whose father’s influence, connections and money opened the gates to Harvard, despite his average grades or scores? Fine and dandy. It’s called life. Yeah, life is sometimes unfair. Yeah, sometimes money and connections open doors. Deal with it. It will never, and, I do mean, never, change. Just how do we know about Jared’s allegedly average grades and scores? Because that information has become public knowledge. Now, apply that same scrutiny to the kids of Clinton and Obama. Would anyone–anyone–dare to publicly discuss or reveal their grades or scores? Surely, these brilliant kids must be ever so proud of those grades, as they got into Oxford, Columbia and Harvard of their own merits! No way that their parents–the great liberal champions that they are–would never pull any strings to get special treatment! Why, the idea of such a thing!

                    1. Everybody’s aware that name recognition buys admittance. It’s not news.
                      The thread that attracted media and anchored the story (because of the magnitude) was the $2,000,000 check.
                      Why do large earthquakes dominate news stories and small ones go unreported?

                    2. The two million dollar donation made news, not just because of the amount but because of what that money could buy. . .could purchase. . .could accomplish. . .namely, admittance into a highly prestigious school. That is why it was newsworthy. Jared is now in the limelight, due to his familial ties to Trump, so this was deemed to be newsworthy. Now, compare that with the LACK of reporting, investigation and fanfare when the children of Clinton and Obama get admitted into schools, like Oxford or Harvard. Were their grades and scores on par with the other students–students who didn’t have former Presidents in the family? Does anyone–anyone–dare to bring up that question or is it like touching the third rail? Are we not allowed to want to know whether these children gained entry into these schools of their own accord? Seemingly, we aren’t. There are no glaring headlines screaming that their notable parents, who seem to relish in claiming poverty, gave any sizeable donations to these schools. Of course not. That’s because no donations or contributions, with a specific dollar amount, changed hands. Do you discount the power associated with a student whose parent who was the President of the United States? The connections, influence and power, associated with the parents, will buy far, far more in terms of favors, than that measly two million, that Jared’s father forked over, could ever buy. Don’t you get that? Yes, there is a headline when a parent buys his child admittance into a school like Harvard. There is an actual monetary figure that one can shake a stick at for all to see. See, look at that money! For shame! He bought his way into the university! The fact that other children, like those of Clinton and Obama, get similar deals, based not upon sizeable donations but based upon the influence, power and contacts that the parents bring, as part of the package, doesn’t make the story any less salacious.

                    3. Assume you’re the editor of newspaper, which of the following headlines will get more clicks (BTW- voters, who could approximate newspaper readers, were about evenly split between Donald and Hillary)

                      (1) $2,000,000- the Price of Acceptance at Ivy League
                      (2) Family Name- the Price of Acceptance at Ivy League

                    4. Forget headlines. No one is talking about headlines. Only certain people are subjected to the intense scrutiny and coverage, while others–the anointed few–are not. Trust me–an expose as to the disastrous grades and/or scores of Chelsea and Malia, whereby they were permitted entrance into Oxford and Harvard, would garner plenty of readers. Plenty. The point, which you continue to miss, is that this will never be investigated or reported. Never.

                    5. “Assume you’re the editor”

                      Linda, There were eight gifts of $100 million for a total of $1.44 billion to Stanford alone. Can you name any of them? Jared’s father gave only $2Million to Harvard. What was the story. Certainly not the $2Million dollar gift rather a smear story to make Jared seem not worthy of a degree from Harvard.

                    6. The Kushner name has a high media profile because Jared has high office.
                      Chelsea didn’t even make it to the top of Hillary’s campaign staff. And, Malia is in charge of nothing.

                      Assuming the children of Allan’s donors of a million plus are at the top of international and domestic policy decisions, he and Bam Bam would have a point worth exploring if media failed to provide coverage about preferential academic treatment for them.
                      Both Bill Clinton and George W’s academic records were reviewed by media because they held the top executive position. How many of us care/cared about Laura and George’s daughters’ college stints?

                      Is the false equivalency argument method taught or does it reflect an intrinsic mental defect?

                    7. Check your facts. You have them wrong. Jared’s saga was revealed BEFORE he had any position. At the time that the story regarding his father’s contribution, along with his less than stellar grades, surfaced, Jared was no one–simply the son-in-law of Trump. By that standard, the stories regarding Chelsea, the daughter of a former President and Malia, the daughter of a former President, should be everywhere.

                    8. Author Daniel Golden, in 2006, wrote “The Price of Admission” naming lots of people who received preferential treatment at Ivy Leagues, Al Gore, Bill Frist, the children of Orvitz, Spielberg, Kushner,…
                      When a young man identified in Golden’s book moved to the highest level of government, media recognized the public would be interested in his preferential treatment, particularly, the working people who vote Democratic and Republican-people who are subjected to the rhetoric of merit as a determinant of reward and who suffer at the hands of hypocrites.

          2. It’s always about the Clintons, isn’t it. Please post more of this type of material. It reinforces my inherent belief that wackjobs occupy themselves online and leave real people in the real world alone.

            This is to tinfoil investor bammy

        2. Happens all the time in the California school system where top grade students of Asian descent are denied entry to university by the last a year dropouts favored by the reverse racist left. Nothing new moveondotdisorg.

      3. It sounds that the personality trait for all too many on this list is envy and the lust for what others have. A better trait is self reliance and being self sufficient. Some of you guys and gals sound like a bunch of whiny wimps.

  7. What does it matter if someone is in front of you in the lunch line? There is enough time for the last person in line to get their plate and knives and forks and to eat lunch before the bell rings. And if the bell rings and you are not done then bring the plate to class and finish up. And tell the teacher that you were poor and the last in line. And tell the teacher to eat …

    1. laughing again…its the whiny whimps against the deplorables….The good news, is we can all use our American Constitutional Contract for equal access to privilege. Some haven’t even seen the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. Put a copy on your refrigerator. Teach those principals to everyone you meet. Maybe, just maybe, there are still enough real Americans left -before victim mentality takes the stuffing out of everything America stands for.
      In case some have forgotten, it’s life, liberty, and private property……vs murder, anarchism and serfdom.
      St Maries,

      1. Incoherent. If you’re going to cut and past off whatever collection of kook sites you have bookmarked, it’s important that you at least understand what it is the kook-of-the-day is raving against.

        This is to “I can’t find my dictionary” idaho

    2. Really enjoyed your commentaries, Linda, Peet, Bam Bam ! One thing we probably all agree on re a front line chit, would be school lunches with non GMO food in a paper bag and a Mom and Dad who educate their children with an appetite for common sense.

  8. Horrible PTA idea possibly encouraged by the $ first education agenda proposed by Betsy Devos and billion $ medicare fraudster/conservative hero Rick Scott. Rather then looking at this an outlier. let’s see what other “scratch the surface” ideas they could make money on:

    1. PTA can earn $25 from students allowed to participate in Nazi/Alt-right/KKK/libertarian protests
    2. PTA can earn $50 if those students come dressed in paramilitary gear carrying shields with nazi/KKK symbols
    3. PTA can make another $100 if they also bring kristallnacht nazi torches

    However, PTA should also pay all earned funds to president nazi trump for not immediately speaking against seeming domestic white nationalist nazi/kkk/libertarian anti-American terrorism. How ashamed we should all be with the embarrassment that dumb Donald is.

      1. Paul S – Are aware that approx 99+% of american nazis support trump and other current intolerant christian causes, Hitler considered himself the next coming of jesus and used that to rally christian support for the third reich much as trump uses similar to rally american christian support (especially among naive online chat board posters) for his hate filled agenda.

        1. It would appear that Antifa and BLM had a hand in the trouble as well, so who lit their torch. Plenty of blame to go around.

          1. It doesn’t appear that someone from the left mowed down 20 people with a car. Your comment is right out of the Trump playbook, ie blame everybody else.

            1. JOprince-must be the same guy who shot those congressmen, who’s playbook was that out of, the short memory playbook.

              1. Nonsense. The guy who shot the congressman and the cops is responsible for his crimes, as is the guy in C’Ville. However, there is no leader on the left who has been inciting violence for the last 18 months as Trump has. He is the textbook definition of a cowardly bully – the one who won’t actually fight but who taunts, manipulates and incites his underlings to do his dirty work for him. And, then when violence happens, he pretends his hands are clean.

                I have no problem acknowledging the violence on both sides. But they are not equivalent. Not even close. Racist, white supremacy is what our country was founded on from the moment of its so-called “discovery.”

                1. What does any of that have to do with the cafeteria story, or, does any story, whatsoever, about anything, in the world, trigger your knee-jerk, hallucinatory outrage over Trump and your imagined racism that he allegedly supports?

                    1. So says the lunatic, who resorts to ranting and raving about imaginary wtongs, ascribed to Trump, when reading a story about a cafeteria.

                2. JRprince – we know a Soros org is hiring anti-Trump activists at $15k a head. We know that both Hillary and Obama are heading up Resist movements against Trump. He has the majority of the MSM creating fake news about him every day. He has Obama supporters still in the WH leaking to the MSM on a daily basis. He has a Special Prosecutor who seems to be on both a witch hunt and a fishing expedition. I am surprised that Trump gets any sleep at all.

                    1. And, if anyone knows anything about crazy, it’s gotta be you. Isn’t there an anti-Trump rally, somewhere, where you can drag out your bongos, torch some buildings and smash a few store windows?

                    2. If any one really gave ash!t about what the federal government was doing as far as leadership for its own people goes there would be outrage over the federal deficit.
                      Complaining about nuanced or not suggestions from our current POTUS is just stroking ones own ego in an unhealthy manner and basically expressing unhinged tribalism.
                      Get over it folks. He’s what we all deserve in the most educational way.

                    1. The motivation of Soros may be complicated and self-serving. The Koch, Mercer, Gates and Walton threat is clear. They have representative democracy in their cross-hairs.

                  1. Paul, I’m with you pal.I just don’t get the sudden awakening of people to the projected power of the POTUS when they don’t agree with, or are just now coming to enlightenment with what or how the federal government operates.Rip van Winkles the lot of them all.

        2. Scary picture frankly. Not sure if the picture is worse then the lack of a credible presidential response condemning the nazi’s, rascists and other hate filled parts of the liar trump’s core supporters

          1. Billy-Hmmm, liar. So what do you call Hillary, Schumer, Maxine, the Russians are coming narrative and how about those proof less leaks. “Core supporters are nazi, racist and hate filled.” What about “resist” from day one, I’d say more hate and racism coming from your side. I think your one of those who is still in election shock and still looking to blame someone for the loss.
            I tried to tell my boss I had “white privilege” the other day and demanded a promotion, he laughed and walked away. Can I call for a special investigation or do you have the number of the “white privilege” police.

        3. frankly, Actually you and Petula lit the torches through your ignorance. Neither of you sound that disimilar from the NAZI’s that demanded one voice.

    1. Bill W, Typical leftist response that is off the wall and totally ignorant of the situation on the ground. This has nothing to do with Governor Scott or Betty Devos. The PTSA which is an independent organization of the parents at the school came up with this idea. My understanding is it wasn’t even approved by the principal much less the two above that probably found out about it from the news media or some crazy leftist shouting through their window Nazi junk. The idea wasn’t even supposed to be shown to anyone else and was supposed to be left in the dead idea trash bin.

      This is the quality of left wing responses to anything done in this country that might offend them and send them to a safe zone. There is no concern for truth, just the abiity to yell and scream like an idiot.

      1. “The idea wasn’t even supposed to be shown to anyone else and was supposed to be left in the dead idea trash bin”

        And yet you chastise only myself and not JT who posted the thread? Is that the quality of a right wing wing nut who with little concern for the truth? But instead jumps at the chance to yell and scream at one side whilst ignoring the originator of the story?

        As for the PTA, are we 100% sure of the motivation of the PTA? Maybe redirected $’s (to wall street crony capitalists instead of students) leaving funding gaps resulted in the PTA making this ridiculous proposal?

        btw – the nazi reference was related to right wing (libertarian/conservative) anti-american domestic terrorism that will likely get a pass on a scary right wing blog such as this. Previously, those who have used their vehicle (in Europe) as a weapon have been labeled terrorists by our pro nazi president. let’s see what your russian puppet, dumb donald does this time? And how many on this board and other politicians (Dave Brat seemed to be blaming only leftists) unequivocally state that alt right/ pro kkk/nazi groups should be labeled as hate groups and their financial transactions treated on a par with ISIS and other already recognized/designated terrorist groups.

        1. What a disjointed apology and excuse for a stupid comment you made. You can ask JT himself why he used it in the blog, but he didn’t make stupid accusations and wasn’t providing a knee jerk reaction that you provided despite the facts.

    2. Trump and his gang of white supremacist supporters are the best argument there is against white supremacy. They are stunted human beings, the most visible of whom are male. Trump will never speak out against them because he is one of them.

      We are never going back to the 1950s no matter how hard these silly men try to lead us there. We are going to continue to become an increasingly diverse and multi-cultured society. Evolve and adapt.

    3. Wow and the most of that list is straight out of the national socialist handbook of the liberal left . What isn’t has it’s international socialist version. Just remember the center of the left is not the center of our Representative Constitutional Republic the Seig Heiling Comrades just move the sign and let their propaganda arm do the rest

  9. Why do they have a school named after Lawton Chiles? It’s a reasonable inference the man was bipolar and his most notable contribution to the public weal was appointing the judicial louts responsible for the 2000 Florida recount fiascos. Are we going to see public buildings named for Charlie Crist, too?

    1. I hear they’re naming one elementary school for former FLA Sect’y of State, Katherine Harris, but they are banning math from the curriculum. She was an amiable dolt, however, like Lawton.

    2. Lawton Chiles most famouse statement concerning racial matters was “Some are always going to have to have others to take care of and look out for them and that’s the job of our Democrat Party. His answer to a question on improving life for African Americans …

  10. Quite the catastrophe facing the Republic. Right up there with the two scoops scandal of ’17. I wonder how Trump somehow caused it. I’m betting collusion with PTA via Gen. Flynn and some food vendor oligarchs.

          1. I’ve alerted the Safety Patrol already and the hall monitors are at high alert having just issued Defcon Barney the Dinosaur. Comey has a press conference at 1 pm and Maxine Waters is calling for water boarding the principal.

            1. If Maxine Waters is involved you better open up the rubber room and put her in there. (NYCDOE version of a padded cell)

    1. Mespo, if you go to the Facebook site of Lakeland’s PTA you will see a bunch of pictures of young children smiling and playing. One of those children is a spy for Trump and has been seen in a school bus going in and out of the White House. That seven year old is the link the left has been searching for to prove Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. The seven year old has direct links with Putin through his SpongeBob SquarePants activity tray.

      1. I heard the rendezvous point is the annual Easter Egg Hunt in the Rose Garden. Look for the gold egg. As for the Spongebob connection, I always knew that Squidward looked shifty and Patrick! Do I really need to go into Patrick the Starfish. Code word if ever I heard one. Better get WaPo and the NYT alerted.

  11. The only problem with this is if every parent pays the $100 to get the ‘front of the line’ pass, the system goes to pot. Rank has its privileges, even in school. Although, when I was going to school, cafeteria food was poisonous. That includes college. I lived on Jello. The upside was I had very strong nails. 🙂

    1. Paul, A lot of people here seem to hate meritocracy and self reliance. All of this is foreign to me. If my kids were in a school that did such a thing even though I could well afford it I wouldn’t pay that type of money. I’d tell my kid to get a job to pay the $100 to get in front of the line if that is what he desired. I couldn’t care what other parents did, but I would use something like this as a learning experience. I hear too many whiners saying its unfair instead of being willing to discuss the merits of self reliance with their children.

      Of course if I ate in a cafeteria and the line was long but could be avoided for $1,000 I would likely pay since I worked for the money to make my life better.

        1. I Think you are a teacher so you would know the answer to that along with the potential problems for all involved. My point is my kids had to live and work in their own world. I have no problem spending money to provide certain advantages for my kids whether or not others can do the same, but not for something of a trivial nature where kids are learning how to act towards one another.

  12. These students need to learn how to enter the chow hall. How not to spread germs or get germs. Chew your food. Do not choke.

  13. Saw a video of lunch time in a Japanese elementary school. The students collect the full pans, serve in their classroom. Their teacher eats with them. Then they clean the dishes at sinks in their classroom, returning the pans to the kitchen. Afterwards they scrub the entire classroom, floor and all.

    Good food included pan fried fish and vegetable soup.

  14. PTA’s are known for their voracious appetite for money at least until their offspring have been graduated or promoted or passed by one means or another. So are the local voting citizens. Apparently it’s the reason for 12 years of school as it gives the yes votes on most school budgets just the edge that’s needed.

    First place in lunch line? I would have paid not to be in that line in grade school. The food was atrocious the cooking worse. High school it improved somewhat but then that was really the cafeteria for another grade school. The worst of all was the College Cafeteria which doesn’t bear mentioning in the sickening details it would require BUT hope springs eternal and the three times charm worked when I joined the Army. It was hmmmmm not bad compared to the previous three but then who had time to notice in the ten minutes provided from tentering to leaving the mess hall?

    They did serve one good meal however. During the recruiting phase but after finishing all of that it was a different facility which brought back memories of grade school.

    How the hell do you ruin celery with cheese or celery with peanut butter?

    But the lesson learned at PTA meetings was don’t attend and vote no.

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