“Cafeteria Classism”: Florida Middle School Under Fire For Offering $100 Front Of The Line Food Passes

56-3688899-oliIt appears that the Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Fla. is teaching its students a bit about living as the one percent.  The middle school sent out a  fundraising form to parents stating that for a $100 donation a student would be granted a “front of the lunch line pass.”   According to ABC Action News, the PTSA promised that the “last name or company logo feature on the website, as well as PTSA events AND front of the lunch line pass.”  The ad should be “Name logo sponsorship: $100; PTSA promos: $100; Lording over the unwashed: priceless.”You can imagine the response from parents to what they called “cafeteria classism.”



The PTSA however has only scratched the surface.  There are a variety of aristocratic tastes that could generate funds:

  1. Surrogate gym passes: paying to have any designated poor kid to work out for you.
  2. Prima donna dances:  the right to demand any date for school dances.
  3. Elite grading curves:  it is ridiculous that wealthy children should be required to compete with the Hoi polloi.  The elite should have a grading curve running from A+ to A — or simply move to the head of the line on the grading scale.

The notion that these measures shows a lack of love for common people has been shown to be false:

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  1. “Surrogate gym passes”
    In the Civil War, $300 could purchase a soldier to replace the military duty of a rich guy. The unfairness played a part in the largest riot in American history, according to author Tim Egan, in his book about a Irish hero who became a Civil War General. The British wealthy were so enamored with the notion of unfettered free enterprise that 1,000,000 Irish were allowed to die of starvation. America’s history is one of people exploited, like the Irish, who charted a new course for their adopted nation.

      1. The believability of Trump’s “heel spur” excuse for avoiding the draft was bolstered by the wealth of his overly indulgent father.

  2. There already is a front of the line pass. For free lunch kids….when my third grader got to the money bag lady and didn’t have money that day she threw his lunch in the garbage and sent back in line…to wait for a pbj and milk. Meanwhile the 90 percent got their free lunch. Worse not having lunch money is considered “abuse and neglect” if you can pay but forgot or got behind….but no one ever looks why the free lunch kids are on free lunch? Why those parents forgetfullness ought to be neglect too. All govt kids.

  3. Is this like an Indulgence?

    Spend enough money and you don’t have to pay your dues waiting in line? What a marvelous lesson for children. 🙁

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