“Payback Time”: “Unite The Right” Organizer Denounces Heather Heyer As “Fat, Disgusting Communist”

14xp-heather-master315An entire country mourned the death of Heather Heyer, a paralegal, who went to Charlottesville to protest the hateful march of neo-Nazis and clansmen — only to be murdered when James A. Fields, 20, allegedly rammed his car into protesters.  Now the organizer of the racist march has sent out a tweet calling her a “fat, disgusting Communist” — a tweet he later blamed on being drugged out of his gourd.  Jason Kessler explained that he has been doing some heavy drugs and drinking lately.

Kessler was the driving force behind the “Unite the Right” march and sent out a tweet saying

Heather Heyer was a fat, disgusting Communist,. Communists have killed 94 million. Looks like it was payback time.”

Even fellow marchers denounced Kessler’s tweet and he later deleted it.  He first reportedly claimed that he was hacked. On Saturday, however, he offered this explanation:


“I repudiate the heinous tweet that was sent from my account last night. I’ve been under a crushing amount of stress & death threats. I’m taking ambien, xanax and I had been drinking last night. I sometimes wake up having done strange things I can’t remember.”

Not exactly a redeeming defense. I really did not intend to defame the deceased because I in orbit on a cocktail of Ambien, Xanax, and hard alcohol.  Fortunately for Kessler, you cannot defame the dead — a doctrine that I have long criticized.  It is doubtful that the statements would be actionable by the parents, though they could explore liability against the organizers in they believe that the organizers invited or encouraged violence.


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  1. it’s a far far better way than allowing the inevitable tanks in the streets when the military is forced to martial law by virtue of their oath of office requirements which includes courts-martial for all the violaters.

    And then the required return to a representative Constitutional Republic guaranteed will be by whatever methods the military chooses. It may not be pretty but it’s awful ugly to be on the wrong side at that point. Ballots Not Bullets a phrase coined by members of the military for the beginning of that implementation of their oath of office is a far far better way to go.

    The reason why the founders set it up that way.

    Remember that 40% voting bloc the biggest of all that defeated Clinton and the Progressivess? It’s still active.

    1. There won’t be any tanks in the streets. None of you frightened, isolated, pathetic keyboard warriors will do much as lift a finger in real life.

      This is to “oh, I thought Faux News said everyone was wacky like me” aarethun

      1. except you forget the 40% and largest group of voters that determined the outcome last November which my faction the unrepresented self governing citizen independents of the Constitutional Center certainly lifted far more than a finger except when referring to Clinton and the left and the formula for that is MMF or M2F. Bight, ME. That’s where we all live.

        How much combat time do you have other than watching Marky Mark movies?

      2. David, You seem to lack experience as to what eventually happens in real life, but then, based upon your earlier statements you live in a whitebread area.

  2. https://jonathanturley.org/2017/08/20/payback-time-unite-the-right-organizer-denounces-heather-heyer-as-fat-disgusting-communist/comment-page-1/#comment-1648000

    Nick Spinelli on August 21, 2017 at 11:48 AM wrote,

    “The anonymous who is Not Elaine, You’re the one commenting into the wee hours of the morning, not I.And a little insight, I got you Hate Trump folks on the defense, defending a depraved Kennedy hero of the left. That was the plan.”

    About those “wee hours”…

    Ever hear of time zones, buddy?

    As for the rest of it:

    Too funny, Nick. Laughin’ and shakin’ my head. (Keep workin’ on those plans of yours.)

  3. For any of those that still have doubts about the pin Gorka was wearing I asked a friend who escaped from Hungry during the 1956 uprising and she saw those same pins in the streets being sold to anti-communists. It became a symbol against Russian communist rule.

  4. What I read here on this post alone, HRC was wrong, it will take a much bigger container than a basket.

  5. An interesting play is here, Stevie Bannon. Yeah, he’s got some dirt on Trump. But will he do a drip, drip through his news media or sing to Robert Mueller? The last time something like this happened was with Sammy “The Bull Gravano”. Does Trump know how to deal with a snitch?…….Mob style?

      1. Wrong place for that type of comment. Automatically becomes an item of interest and to a Constitutionalist that means the Secret Service. Unless you are a Senator from Missouri in which case they already have an open file

      2. Laurie, Micael Aarenthun alludes to the theory that Hillary hired a hitman to whack Seth Rich or almost any number of other people stretching all the way back to Vince Foster.


    Jason Kessler is a patsy.

    Jason Kessler is a nothing and a nobody with ten followers.

    Jason Kessler is a “red herring” deployed to throw America off the scent.

    Joseph Rago –

    “Wall Street Journal Reporter Asks Russia For “Clinton Information” —-Turns Up DEAD 2 Days Later”

    “A Wall Street Journal Editor who was investigating how a Russian Pharmaceutical firm could have been purchased in 2014 by an American Pharmaceutical firm while Sanctions against Russia existed against such business transactions, has been found dead in his New York City apartment. The crux of the dead journalists investigation was how then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton influenced the transaction to be finalized, but only AFTER her husband Bill was paid $500,000 for giving a speech in Moscow.

    The Russia Consulate General’s office in New York City was contacted by Wall Street Journal reporter/editor Joseph Rago who requested a Thursday (20 July) in person interview with consular officials regarding an upcoming article he was preparing on Hillary Clinton and her links to Russia. Rago failed to attend the meeting and was later discovered dead in his apartment of as yet “unknown causes” just hours prior to this meeting occurring.”


  7. The only rule of a con artist is this: Their marks will never, ever admit that they were conned, even after they realize they were.

    This is Trump’s only skill and he is brilliant at it.

    1. “Trump’s only skill”

      roseanne, I guess you were there holding his hand when he built his skyscrapers. It’s hard to believe the nonsense some people feel they need to write.

      1. He had a huge inheritance and then when he blew through and bankrupted that, along came the Russian oligarchs.

        1. His net worth exceeded that of his father by 1982, and was many multiples of his father’s at the time of the latter’s death in 1999. He is one of six real estate developers who was on the Forbes 400 in 1982 and again 30 years later.

          You cannot stop lying, can you?

        2. Roseanne, this would be funny if it weren’t so sad because your nonsence is a reflection of our education system. Read a book and learn how to distinguish fact from fiction. If you are less than 16 I can understand that you haven’t had enough time to gather sufficient information. I’ll even add a couple of years to that if you came from an uneducated family, but if you are over 25 you are in trouble.

        1. Roseanne, doing business in NYC is tough for one has to deal with some people that aren’t very reputable. First and foremost you have to deal with the city. Trump is actually a pretty decent guy though he does have his quirks.

            1. That is right dp. I proudly carry the term of deplorable because that means I opposed a woman who is a cheat, a liar, one who would destroy women her husband sexually assaulted, and one who sold our country (including uranium to the Russians) for money. I won’t bother to list the rest, but apparently it sounds you like to go to bed with disreputable people so I leave her to you.

              1. “Fake News” again. Newsflash: Hillary is not president. Pravda Faux News is firing you people up for ratings, only. They laugh at your ilk in their production meetings wondering how farfetched they can steer before the marks catch on.

                This is to “oh, I hadn’t thought of that” allan

                1. Mentioning Clinton brings to mind this thought. Other than Camela The Babe Harris and going to their right wing of the left and drafting McCain or McConnell who else does the left have left that is viable in a leadership role? The cupboard is bare not only of leaders but of ideas, plans and platfroms other than the teachings of Marxist .Leninism and international socialism or it’s offspring National Socialism

                  Time to form some sort of new party for the unrepresented except by token lip service imitations and form a new party which inescapably means those who have rejected their social contract with and citizenship with our Representative Constitutional Republic such as the Soroista progressive seculars and their failed revolution (Schumer Pelosi Warren Lopez-Castro etc are out of it.

                  That leaves the possibility of a coalition of the scattered remnants that might reform as some sort of opposition and eventually rejoin the political discourse offered by in fact guaranteed by our Representative Republican Constitution system. Not all are out wandering looking for the USSR etc.

                  Likewise the GOP must also reform as the Constitutional Republic Party and offer a partnership Constitutional Centrist coalition while rejecting the RINO right wing of the left.

                  At present the major voting coalition are those independent self governing and unrepresented citizens who took a solid 40% enabling a 55% to 45% Presidential win are in a position with their outsider leader to form such a party and such a coalition.

                  On the left their is only disarray and a few waiting to be ejected at the polls leaders with no followers and followers looking for leadership.

                  The won’t find it by claiming the existence of some sort of mythical non-existent democracy but by grouond up using democratic principles to establish a base with at least one ‘toe’ in the center of the Constitutional Republic where one of course finds the Constitution. The center of the left is no longer the center of anything except former citizens and disarray. Something not even Soros would fund.

                2. “Newsflash: Hillary is not president.”

                  Marky, That is right. My vote went to someone other than the liar and cheat. I am therefore referred to as ‘deplorable’, but you will always remain an idiot.

                  1. Haha; that’s all you can come up with? My entertainment knows no bounds. Carry on.

                    1. Marky,There is not much more to see when it comes to you. Your witlessness has made you naked and it isn’t an entertaining site for the rest of us. Maybe you have an excuse? The Clintons stole your clothes.

    2. Roseanne, confidence artists have many rules of which I know only a few. For instance, the first rule of the confidence game clearly states, “never burn the locals.” Another rule (who knows what number it is) states, “make the mark feel good about himself or herself in the act of looking down his or her nose at someone else (either the con artist or the cut-out).

      That last-mentioned rule is frequently observed by politicians running for elected office. It’s also the basis for much in the way of propaganda.

      1. Diane, we are all human with human attributes (self-serving) so one could accuse all humans of being confidence artists and prostitutes.

        1. Yes, Allan, we all con ourselves, of course. But do you really think that prostitutes are “self-serving?” Or are you just trying to con The Johns into believing so?

          1. Diane, I should have said self-interest (not self-serving) as the human attribute, but it really doesn’t matter. Humans have a lot of attributes that create who they become. Self interest exists even in prostitutes. We are all prostitutes. It is just that some of us are more expensive than others.

    1. Well that’s one way to rid the world of the right wing of the left but what does it offer to wipe out the left wing of the left? You didn’t touch their other half.

  8. In other news the Unite the Right Wing Of the Left is taking it’s well deserved lumps while the too often forgotten moderate center with it’s we’ve got more votes than you do totals that destroyed the left while coat tailing the Republican Party and it’s leftist RINO faction into an undeserved win is intact.

    Easy to keep attracting volunteers to the ranks of the self governing and unrepresented citizens with while the far left under Pelosi with Schumer apparently in hiding struggle to survive as she plays McConnell to her own heavily splintered and bailing sub groups. Not to mention the idiots in the far left propaganda media continuing to cut their own throats .

    Starting at zero we took 40% of the vote while the two parties split 60% for the lopsided 55% to 45% win of the outsider lottery candidate. Given the antics of the left of the left and the right of the left I’m thinking the unrepresented by a party self governing citizens will finish the job in 2020 but finish off the RINOs in 2018 and much of that in the primaries. That’s a job for those in each State to accomplish. They know how to weed their own gardens.

    Our biggest asset at present? Nancy the LubeJobQueen Pelosi-llyni. AKA Benita and her white-ID token (other colors) fronting from their their whitebread neighborhoods. Just to point the finger at Waters. Difference between us and them? Constitutionalists that support our Representative Constitutional Republic versus the foreign Ideolgy of those who rejected our social contract and with it citizenship in the USA is one. . Second is tokens whose districts are largely both foreign and illegals.

    Now remember it isn’t ad hominem unless a human is involved and most of the comments are either humanoids or machine parts of The Party’s Collective.

    In other words …..Bight, ME is my address.

    PS Why is Schumer hiding out? Well he’s got to convince a whole State to vote for him again, Pelosi has only to polish the K-Nobs of San Francisco.

    It’s still a case of an independent Representative Constitutional Republic versus a Socialist Autocracy and yes boys and girls there is no such thing as a democracy in the USA.

      1. I disagree and so does my oath of office. We’ve had one for 241 years. The difference is last November we remembered how to use it. and that’s all it took to defeat the Third Revolution. Now we just need to follow up by replacing those who did forget it existed. The temporary employees of the self governing citizens of the USA.

      2. I disagree and so does my oath of office. We’ve had one for 241 years. The difference is last November we remembered how to use it. and that’s all it took to defeat the Third Revolution. Now we just need to follow up by replacing those who did forget it existed. The temporary employees of the self governing citizens of the USA. We did well enough to get 40% of the vote more than either one of the two parties. and with the help of some Democrats and a lot of Reublicans took 55% of the electoral college vote. Viva La Contra-Revolution

  9. First, I would like to affirm Kessler’s statement is incredibly cruel, hateful and stupid. There is no excuse for making it. No one should have been hurt at this rally, let alone killed. What exactly is the payback he thinks is acceptable about her death?

    This said, like some others here have pointed out, this whole thing stinks. The police stood down. Funny how they usually armor up, get out the military equipment and get moving if it’s a real protest against govt. or corporate power. They had planned and trained for separating the opposing protesters just a month earlier. Instead, they stood down. Where were the LRAD’s just in case they did not want to physically be present to separate the groups? Oh yeah, I guess you have to be at occupy or DAPL for those, the snipers and the water cannons, along with nerve gas agents.

    Here is a very interesting background story about Mr. A-hole, former? Obama groupie, and his group. The parents may be able to file a lawsuit for pre-planned intent to mow people down. “Leaked Chat Logs Reveal White Supremacists Joked About Ramming Charlottesville Counter-Protesters Before Event”


  10. That’s terrible. The poor girl. My heart goes out to her family, who on top of their grief must deal with the polarization of their girls’ death.

    If she was marching peacefully, then she had every right to do so. Regardless, no one had the right to kill her because they disagreed with her view.

  11. I’ve been comparing law enforcement tactics used in Charlottesville & then most recently in Boston. The police chief in Charlottesville ought to be fired. The Boston police chief got it right & needs a pay raise. Job will done!

    1. Detective Joe Friday – it appears the governor was calling the shots, not the police. So, you start with the mayor, then the governor.

      1. Let me get this pecking order correct in Charlottesville. Fire the mayor, then governor & then the police chief? Maybe the police chief can clear things up by acting as a whistle blower. If the governor got cheap by withholding manpower & resources to control this…..Then heads should roll.

        1. Detective Joe Friday – the chief of police has already contradicted the governor’s propaganda

          1. Will then, it’s like dealing with Kim NK nuke threats that same week, General McMaster said, “game on”. Governor & mayor of Charlottesville need to display a post mortem for all to see. “Game on”.

              1. Bye, bye Miz American Pie
                Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry..
                Good ol boys drinking whiskey and rye…
                Singin: this will be the day that I fry!

              1. ken, What makes you think Gorka is a Nazi. Have you read his book? Have you heard a complete speech of his? Have you met him? You use the term Nazi very liberally. Are you a Nazi?

                1. Now that comment makes sense since Communists or International socialists begat Nazis or National Socialist and also begat progressives who can be one or the other or both and are also known by a number of names startomg with their original name of Democrats including liberals. So using all those terms makes perfect sense along with Darwinists DINOs and RINOs and those who support a non existent democracy.

                  Their major code name for anyone they disagree with is Conservative regardless if it fits or not. The genesis was both Marxist Engels Socialism and Marxist Leninist Socialism and a major description for all of their organizations is Fascist if it’s a party or fascist if it’s the description of their beliefs and actions. noun, verb.

                  Best known in the Representatice Constitutional Republic of the United States of America as functionaries of the Third Revolution but in their original name version of Democrats as the Slave Party, the anti civil rights party , the single party system party etc.

                  1. On another thread some of you kooks were calling people Nazi’s because of their style of haircut. To imagine this symbol to be a Nazi symbol has to make the claimant to be somewhat of a dolt. The founding of the order was in 1920 preceding the Nazi regime in Germany.

                    The pin was given to Gorka’s father. Sebastian Gorka was born in Britain. Gorka’s father was an anti communist betrayed by Philby and arrested at the age of 20, tortured and given a life sentence by the communists until his release during the Hungarian Revolution. (Gorka’s mother was the daughter of another political prisoner).

                    1. On another thread some of you kooks were calling people Nazi’s

                      It’s Ken. Think of a kid in the schoolyard saying ‘poopy-pants’.

                  2. I’ve yet to find that photo even though he’s a reuglar you have a copy of it with date and URL where found? They are easy to post? Otherwise……… false unproven premise CNN NYT style nothing burger.

                    1. He admits to occasionally wearing “the pin” to remember his father’s suffering under the communists.

                      By the logic of many stupid people no one should listen to Wagner. Wagner died before Hitler was born, but they associate Wagner with Hitler.

    2. DJF, did any of the protesters in Boston show up with semi-automatic weapons? Expecting the police in Charlottesville to confront protesters armed with semi-automatic weapons may be asking too much.

      1. Diane, I understand what you are thinking, but semi-automatic weapons are something the police should be familiar with. The police have a lot of resources including the National Guard and many of those resources don’t kill.

      2. Diane, if they did it would have been illegal. MA gun laws are restrictive. Some large-capacity rifles are grandfathered in MA (pre-AW ban), but I don’t think that would apply to out of staters, even with a non-resident LTC, because the protest wasn’t a competition or gun show. A MA lawyer may be able to give you better info than I can, if any are lurking. Even the websites of MA gun clubs have conflicting info because the gun laws here are deliberately vague……


        AFAIK, VA gun laws are less restrictive, so it is notable that nobody died by gunfire in Charlottesville. This certainly gives some indication of the ability of the gun-carrying protestors not to use their firearms, even when maced and hit with plastic bottles filled with concrete.

        Informed criticism abounds regarding the C’ville police’s Keystone Kops response. The only reasonable conclusion an unbiased observer could come to regarding what happened in the city is that police were told to stand down so that chaos could ensue (and allan is correct, below). Cui bono?

  12. Late to the party here, but this smells like a bait tactic to me. Just when people were thinking of moving on–BAM. Perfect timing to keep the minions triggered. lunatics on both sides will be frothing at the mouth. Just as we see on this blog. Darned effective. Proven strategy in all the other color revolutions. You loonies will get the maelstrom started at some point and will pull the rest of us in.

  13. Hate speech may be protected by the 1st Amendment from direct government countermeasures, but it is not protected from all other social, political, employer, and media countermeasures. The strongest countermeasure is to weaken the ideological foundation of hate by articulating a positive, future-oriented belief system that unites and solves extent problems (mostly family-structure, educational and economic opportunity). To merely show opposition to the hate movement is a weak countermeasure, in that it is vague and inarticulate about designing the future to operate differently from the past.

    Strong ideologies are focussed on the future, clear about how to get there, and non-defensive about improvements to the future vision.

    1. I agree. Strong National Security, enforcing immigration laws, creating jobs, a new tax code, and a system that allows small businesses to succeed and grow is a must. My personal economy is already thriving. The vast number of Americans under the age of 30 have never even witnessed a secure, strong and and thriving America. They don’t even know what that looks like. Moving in that direction will refocus the country and defeat the identity politics damage.

      1. Since the Third revolution began in 1898 119 years ago no one alive today rememember much of anything about living in a country free of socialist fascism or secular progressivism. But we’ve seen examples of how it and market capitalism works the latest being Sweden who rejected Socialism and rejected welfarism.

    2. “…but it is not protected from all other social, political, employer, and media countermeasures.”

      The right to private property means the owners run the business.

      James Madison defined “private property” as “that dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world, in exclusion of every other individual.”

      You are correct. Government has no authority to possess or direct a private business.

      End “Affirmative Action Privilege.”

      Affirmative action is unconstitutional confiscation of private property.

      You’re beginning to understand the nature of freedom.

      People must adapt to freedom.

      Freedom does not adapt to people…dictatorship does.

      1. Ah, there it is… More “good ole days” syndrome, when “those people” knew their place and went son”uppity.”

        This is to “I bet overseer was a swell job” george

          1. Mark M, you’re on to something. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is increasingly in jeopardy of being overturned by The Supreme Court. How far back will our national atavism go? To a time before The Spanish American War, were Michael Aarenthun to be believed.

            1. That act LBJ’s handiwork passed ONLY because it combined the vote of a minority of Johnson’s party with 100% of the Republicans. The majority of the majority party being not only the former party of slavery was the anti civil rights party and continued to act as the anti civil rights party while becoming the Progressive Party and adding their preference for one party system of government with a ruling class and a single leader and that it remains to this day. Slavery, Anti civil rights and full on fascism are it’s crowning achievements.

              And now we have the wanna be leaders of that defeated garbage pile saying ‘include us include us.’

              For what reason would we include those who rejected their social contract with our country and our political system but continue to meddle and pry and act like they belong?

              For good reason they are called the rejectibles ….and there they stand spouting nonsense about non existent democracy and both bi-partisan and cross partisanship when all that means is ..

              Continue to cave to the left on command to it’s puppy dog arf arf yippy yappy RINO right wing of the left agents begging for their puppy chow.

              Are RINOs important to the left? Of course short of Kamilla the Babe Harris where else are they going to find leadership?

              But even then they rejected our Representative Constitutional Republic we did not eject them though I consider those who violate their oath of office to deserve exactly that. So why are they allowed to take part and meddle. Want to know where the USSR disappeared to? Try DNC HQ on Capitol Street in Washington DC>

            2. Mark M, you’re on to something. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is increasingly in jeopardy of being overturned by The Supreme Court.

              It’s not in jeopardy at all bar in the breezy space between your ears.

              It actually is in contravention of principles of freedom of contract and association and an exercise of police powers never delegated to Congress, so it would be legitimate to disallow it. However, a great deal of shizzy pseudo-jurisprudence went into the daisy chain of cases legitimating it, so you’d knock out a great deal else in the process. There’s a limit to the tonnage of constitutional daisy-cutters the court is motivated to drop.

              1. 241 years plus to be exact. Plus the time leading up to 1776 and the time it will take to delete the third revolution, the fourth branch of government and the Deep State. The last being by far the easiest. But the effort of ballots not bullets is well worth the time and trouble and truthfully it’s no trouble at all.

                Political appointees are a simple matter of termination. If recalcitrant then equally simple is pulling their security clearances and with it their jobs and paychecks pending investigation which should take well beyond 2024 if then.

                The second is rejection of the judicial and legislative portions and moving them back to their parent branch or…if for example a regulation is written pursuant to an Act of Congress sending it back to the Congress for review and inclusion as an amendment requiring a signature.

                Then making sure all of that stripe the judicial portions be included in every government ‘slowdown’ and not included in every budget request. Retaining only those that are truly a shutdown of critical importance and then putting them under control of one of the Department Secretaries.

                the executive should not be invested nor saddled with the powers of all three branches.

                The real answer? As far back as is necessary to correct the record and pull maintenance on the damage

                1. I’m intrigued by this “Deep State” apparatus which you have so cleverly uncovered. Please illuminate your important work.

                  This is to “Inspector Clouseau on the job” aarethun

            3. Why no conversation this night of the 23rd? The wackos are still posting bail, a little harder to do now they have been declared terrorists, and the rest of us are enjoying a night off in our Representative Constitutional Republic! Diane is trying to learn how to spell, and taking Tylenol Three and the Mississippi Meth Bust has driven their programmers bouncing off the walls.

              Enjoy the day!


              Ten to one she can’t pronounce it either.

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