Columbus Statues Protested In Detroit And Damaged In Baltimore

220px-Christopher_ColumbusProtesters are mounting a widening movement against statues to historical figures across the country. What began with protests of confederate statues after the Charlottesville protests has expanded to include Supreme Court justices, presidents, founders, and now explorer Christopher Columbus.  In Detroit, protesters gathered around the Columbus statue to demand removal as a symbol of “white supremacy.”  In Baltimore, the Columbus statue was vandalized.

Demonstrators in Detroit told media that there were no confederate statues so they chose an image that they views as “tied to a white supremacy mind-set.”

Organizers said they were unaware of any Confederate monuments in the city, so were focusing on memorials to other historical figures tied to a white supremacy mind-set.

The protesters are members of the Detroit chapter of BYP100, formerly known as the Black Youth Project 100.

The Columbus statue was erected by the Italian-American community of Detroit in 1910.

Protester Antonio Cosme is quoted as saying “He’s a central central narrative to white nationalism. He’s one of the key figures in this whole Western identity.”  Yet, Columbus is also the symbol of humanity’s unbounded desire for exploration and the courage it took to transverse an unknown ocean in a wooden ship to discover new lands.  That courage was magnified by the fact that many thought Columbus and his crew would simply fall off the end of the Earth.

The monument in Baltimore was vandalized, a criminal act posted on posted to YouTube on Monday by a user named “Popular Resistance.”  It shows a man taking a sledgehammer to the base of the monument near Herring Run Park near a sign reading: “The future is racial and economic justice.”


The video feature the voice of a man named Ty calling Christopher Columbus a “genocidal terrorist.”

As I have discussed in the media, this ever-widening movement to destroy historical monuments is occurring without any real debate or discussion.  History is really neat.  Historical figures are often deeply flawed individuals who lived in violent and oppressive times.  We learn from history not by destroying its images but placing them into context.  These are markers that represent the evolution of our society — not just our triumphs but failures.

There is no denying Columbus’ historical significance.  Millersville University professor Thomas Tirado wrote in 2000 that “It is nearly impossible to over-exaggerate the historical significance of Christopher Columbus.  The ultimate expression of the Columbian Legacy has been nothing less than global in its impact.”

He is also a great pride for Italian-Americans (including my family).  I remember when an old-time Italian alderman was asked in the 70s by a reporter why Chicago was still celebrating Columbus Day when it appeared that Vikings may have come to the shores before Columbus.  Vito Marzullo seemed stumped and then smiled and said “When Columbus discovered American, it stayed discovered.”

What do you think?


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  1. Right. Now let’s get things really going now. Here is a very short list of people who have monuments, statues, historic homes, writings, works of art which should immediately be shunned, attacked, removed, destroyed, eradicated from history, etc. etc.

    All 46 signers of the Declaration of Independence who had slaves including Jefferson and Washington. Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln (for pardoning the Confeds after the war), FDR, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, James Byrd, Bill Clinton (for honoring Byrd and creating a policy that enlarged the industrial prison system which caught up millions of black men), George Wallace, JFK (for his meddling in Cuba), LBJ, MLK (for his Communist sympathies and stance against gay marriage), Miles Standish, any member of the original Pilgrims for this crimes against the Indians, any of the Dutch officials from colonial NY (also for this crimes against the Indians), Henry Hudson (also as a symbol of white depredation against the Indians), any Army officer who served in the American west in the 19th century (for their crimes against the American Indians), any western pioneer, mountain guide, explorer life Fremont, Lewis and Clark, etc. (also for their crimes against the American Indians), any colonial soldier or officer who served in the American Revolution for the expansion of white culture in America, Ernest Hemingway for his homophobia, any member of the DNC during the 19th and early 20th century who perpetuated slavery and Jim Crow, any Christian missionary who served in America from colonial days to now who who unduly and sometimes violently spread their religious beliefs. Any officer/soldier who served in the Mexican-American War in 1846 for the theft of land from Mexico and the suppression of their culture. Any author such as T.S. Eliot, Roald Dahl, Edith Wharton, Kingsley Amis, Ezra Pound and David Mamet for Anti-Jewish and Anti-Gay views. Any opera by Wagner should be shunned and removed from the repertoire of every symphony and opera in America. We should also cast a rancid eye at various musicians including Elton John who wrote “My Father’s Gun” glorifying the Confederates, the Rolling Stones who wrote “Brown Sugar” about have sex with African slaves, The Band for “The Night they Drove Ole Dixie Down”, Bob Dylan for using The Band as his back up and then remaining friends with them, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis all other white musicians who appropriated the style and songs of Black musicians to further their careers.

    All these and more should be shunned and eradicated from history. Thanks for looking and please add at your leisure more names to this list as it is quite important to address these offensive monuments to these people at once.

    1. “any Christian missionary who served in America from colonial days to now who who unduly and sometimes violently spread their religious beliefs”

      Including the recently sainted Junipero Serra. You wipe his statues and the old missions out along El Camino Real, and you can teach CA history in 6 weeks More time for Common Core math 🙂

    2. Don’t forget that all black people who use the last names Jackson, Jefferson or Washington need to have their Facebook pages torn down! Racists!

  2. New York City is now trying to decide whether to remove it’s 76 foot tall statue of Columbus. I imagine we will hear that Chicago will be next. There are a number of statues of Columbus in Chicago all put up by the Italian-American community. Guess they have no rights in this battle. The one in Grant Park along “Columbus Drive” has two strikes against and is a sure target. Also in Chicago there is a call to remove Washington and replace it with a mayor of the same last name whose only claim to fame is he got elected because of a snow storm and to replace Jackson’s statue with Michael Jackson.

  3. Amazing to me how “feels” has become motivation for vandalism. Vandalism is a crime.

  4. Have any of the protesting class ever stop to think where they would be today if history didn’t play out like it did? They would probably be living in a jungle or some small obscure insignificant country somewhere where they would not have the opportunity of the life they have here.

    1. Independent Bob, The “protesting class” in this is mostly elitist whites and their Antifa thugs..also mostly white. This is a Soros financed insurgency. And apparently he doesn’t hire Negroes.

    2. “Think”?,They are not thinking. What we see is an adrenaline rush where most people act without common sense or knowledge.

      1. They are acting out of self-aggrandizement. Local and state politicians love to spend other peoples’ tax dollars on meaningless gestures without a thought to the waste or burden on their constituents. Rockville MD spent $100,000 to remove a statue of a confederate soldier from the courthouse area. I’ve been in that building at least a dozen times and never noticed it. That $100,000 could have bought 100,000 laptops for the poor kids they supposedly are so concerned about. And changing street names? Who cares about the cost to the thousands of small businesses who will have to change their stationary and business cards and advertising, or the customer confusion. Damn, if you don’t like Robert E. Lee St., just call it Lee St. and be done with it. Then people can think of it as Bruce Lee, Harper Lee, whatever…..Jefferson Davis Highway? Just shorten it to Davis Hwy and if you want to think it’s named after Jefferson Davis or Angela Davis, that’s fine either way. But a change to an entirely different name is disruptive, costly and irresponsible, not that grand-standing politicians will care. Just remember them when you vote…..

  5. There is a statue of Jesu in front of some church in my town. I want it down. Not downtown. Out. That nit wit did not even have a father.

      1. To the Spanish I would say: Hey Zeus. Full of Juice. Dont let your meatloaf. But get out of Dodge.

  6. Italians have a beef the way Cristoforo Colombo’s name has been Anglicized. And, even worse, Giovanni Caboto. That great Italian explorer is known to you heathens as John Cabot.

    A few years ago we visited Genoa. It’s not high up on the list of places most tourists visit. But this working class city is rich in history and they love Cristoforo Colombo.

    1. If you look at maps of Europe sold in America you will see many names of cities changed by the Englanders. Koln is named Cologne and it does not even stink. Milano is Milan. Firenze is Florence.

      1. Actually, if you dig a little deeper, i.e. not as shallow, European names of places, rivers, etc typically-not always- have local variations. Koln is Cologne in French. The English are merely one of the many countries that have Italianized-Vienna, Germanized, Frenchified, etc names. When one country controlled another they ‘ified names to suit their language. Florance is a Frenchified Firenze. This happened way way before there was even an Italy. Italy was many many things other than one country until recently, a couple hundred years ago. It seems like there have always been Italians though.

        1. You see, Rain Man, it’s obvious you have no social skills and that comes through even in this venue. There are several people here just having a pleasant discussion and you feel compelled to enter and condescend w/ a jr. high school history lesson . You are morphing from Rain Man to Captain Obvious.

      2. Ferguson, I’m aware of that. But, we stopped Anglicizing people’s names long ago, and I think it’s time to get these great explorers names pronounced as their parents named them. The great Enrico Caruso from a century ago has always been Enrico Caruso, not Henry Cars!

    2. Nick, I was there last October after a trip to the Golfo dei Poeti on business and hiking Cinque Terre. It was warm enough to sunbathe on the beach! Fabulous seafood throughout the whole region. Genoa has many beautiful sites and is well worth the visit. But, if I had the chance to go back, I’d just stay in Lerici.

      1. Cape, We visited the area a couple years after some horrible flooding. I’m a hiker and was hoping to hike the trail that spans all 5 towns in Cinque Terre. But, much of the path was still washed out. We visited 2 of the beautiful little towns. And it’s ironic, when we were driving that area we had to decide whether to drive south toward Lerici, or north toward Rapallo. We went north and LOVED Rapallo. Ended up changing our itinerary and spending 3 nights. But, it sounds like Lerici is a place to bookmark, and I will. Pisa was a wasted day!

        1. Nick, Lerici is lovely, it’s small, nestled right on the water, and you can walk everywhere. Fabulous food and lovely people. Cinque Terre….heaven on earth. We stayed in Corniglia (the best of the five towns, IMO) and then hiked north to Monterosso via Vernazza one day, then hiked south the next day. The hike north is easy, but that translates to crowded; we were literally waiting for people to get out of the way. The path that was washed out before your trip is still not repaired, but the Italians have made alternate paths up in the terraced vineyards. It’s a pretty good vertical climb, but the views are so much better. So we hiked the new path south to Manarola and then to Riomaggiore. The only time I was in Pisa was during a study abroad trip I took to Tuscany in college… to go up into the campanile…..can’t do that anymore. Friends of mine recently have also claimed Pisa is a bust. That’s too bad.

          1. Cape, Thanks for the scouting report. I would like to spend a vacation just focused on that area.

    1. Desperate, You are correct. History has taught people that. However, these bozos are hell bent on destroying the history they do not understand. American Taliban.

  7. Columbus aka Giovanni Come Lately followed a long list of those who had visited the the Western Hemisphere. In order although the Chinese on the Pacific side and polynesians fit in their somewhere…

    Norske’s (Swedes, Norwegians, Irish, Portuguese and then comes Cristoforo Colon or Cristobal Colombo with his contribution a good PR Department. He is most famous for engendering the following

    Columbus Discovered America.

    Three words three false premises

    His name wasn’t Columbus, He didn’t discover anything only followed sailing directions from others, and it wasn’t named America for another fifteen or so years.

    For the correct version Aug 29th is St. OIaf’s day the closest we have on our list of commemorative days that would work. Although the vikins were not Christians at the time.

  8. The Sopranos had a good episode on this. Paulie Walnuts wouldn’t abide any of this.

  9. This insane PC is what got Trump elected. The left is doubling down on stupid. They’ll probably run Hillary again in 2020. If they can get her somewhat sober.

  10. Christopher Columbus never discovered America, he landed in the Caribs and never got to the mainland. And don’t forget that part of his crew was wiped out by natives of the islands.

  11. What roseanne wrote above makes sense to me. In addition, why not add other statues of other figures in history, statues of people who are women, of color, the working class, etc. who are often left out of US history.

    The weirdest thing about all of this is why statues? Detroit has a lot of problems. If I were seeking social justice, the removal of statues would be about last on my list. These protesters seem focused on things which have little importance in ameliorating people’s lives. Detroit needs good schools, housing, work and so on. Imagine what might happen if a number of people came together to bring about these things.

    Instead, they are worrying about white supremacists? There were only some rich whites who were in power when Detroit was brought to the ground with fraud and the abuse of its people. Mostly, the people in charge on that debacle were black. That’s the problem with thinking that all white people are evil and all black people are good-it’s a lie. Base you thinking on a lie and you don’t get anywhere towards helping people with things we need to make a good society for all.

    1. Women of color??? Hmmm. Yeah! We could have a statue of a black dude and call it “The Tomb of the Unknown Baby Daddy”, or maybe a statute of about a half dozen pickaninnies, with the boys having their pants down around their knees, and call it “An Homage to the B*st*rd Child.” Because that is pretty much what “women of color” do. That and hair weave, and photos on Facebook with their butts stuck out. Maybe white people should quit pretending that “women of color” are anything but a bunch of retarded whorish losers who are destroying the black community.

      The rest of what you said is sensible.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Squeeky,

        You base your thinking on lies. It’s going to have the same effect as anyone else who does this. You do not see the reality of black women. Until you do, you will not be part of helping to restore our nation.

        1. You base your thinking on lies.

          That’s rich coming from you. Squeaky’s obsessed with sexual behavior among blacks, and can only see caricatures of them. She isn’t lying. That’s you.

        2. Huh? There isn’t a 72% illegitimate black birth rate? Black women aren’t mating with random thugz and raising little savages? Black males don’t commit over half the murders in the country? Here, put this on in the background and listen to it. He goes off topic and talks about he was raised, by a single black mother, one of those “women of color” you want to raise statues for:

          Or maybe, we could do a statue of this! “Women of Color” being ever sooo thrifty:

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

        3. “You do not see the reality of black women.”

          The soft bigotry of low expectations.

          1. The ‘reality of black women’ is one Jill and Squeeky cannot see. The reality is that their labor-force participation is about normal. They’re wage-earners by and large. They’re not all that fecund (they reproduce at the replacement rate of 2.1 children-per-woman-per-lifetime and have their first child around age 23, typically). They tend to have messy domestic lives due to impetuous behaviors and the bad interpersonal dynamics which attend black men and black women: the modal household type is a mother, children, and a succession of men (one of which may stay more or less permanently). Blacks are not all that poor. Personal income per capita is about 30% lower than the national mean but compares favorably to most of Europe for a that. Hypertrophied participation in income-transfer programs and the like might account for about 5% of the personal income of the non-elderly black population. Because of somewhat lower life expectancy, they tend to draw less on Social Security old-age benefits than does the rest of the population.

            What really separates black from white in this country is exposure to street crime and school disorder. Neither Jill nor Squeeky have even an idle intention of doing anything about that. (Something of lesser importance which separates them is the mollycoddling blacks receive in higher education).

            1. Neither Jill nor I could do anything about blacks schools, or the crime in the neighborhoods. Because the prevailing line of thought is, that there is nothing wrong in the Black community that is not related to White Privilege, or Institutionalized Racism, or whatever.

              You used the phrase “exposure to street crime” as if it were some sort of mist or vapor, that mysteriously drifts in and out of places. Yet, in America, the usual places you see this nefarious nimbus are around middle to lower income black communities, and the black inner cities. I wonder why???

              I submit that crime is often related to poverty, and that poverty in turn, is often linked to poor and trashy behavior. And one generation’s poor and trashy behavior is passed down to the next, until somebody breaks the cycle.Thus, where you find tons of illegitimate kids, and one-income/low income/no-income single mothers, then you will find poverty, in abundance. One study (take it for what it’s worth) found that the average net worth of a single black woman age 36-49 is a whole $5.00.

              Which would mean that how black women live, and the choices they make are what brings the cloud upon them, and their spawn. I do not know the circumstances of where you live, but you should maybe try actually driving thru some of these blighted areas during the daytime. Be sure you are fully gassed, and that you are packing heat. Because I do not think you will see the relatively normal existence that your statistics have indicated. Nope, it’s a jungle.

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

          2. Nail. Meet. Head.

            Exactly right. Tommy Sotomayor says that black women are the little retarded snack-pack throwers of our society, and we don’t expect any better behavior from them because well, they are the little retarded snack-pack throwers. I have posted this video before:


            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            PS: I wonder why come his parents named him Ami??? My God, but I bet he had to fight his way thru life with a girl’s name like that!

            1. Holy crap…..who were those white people? They were so flippin’ earnest, and completely believed the garbage (er, librul talking points) they were spewing. What struck me was how polite the black interviewees were when asked these obviously inane, patronizing questions. They all replied that those who believed they couldn’t access or use the Internet were “IGNORANT”, they never once used the term “racist” and only grudgingly accepted racism as part of the answer when prompted by Mr. Horowitz. Of course, less diplomatic responses by interviewees could have been edited out, but the message is clear (the Dem party perpetuates racist memes). BTW, Ami is a boy’s name in Hebrew; it means “my people.” (in case you weren’t just being funny)

      2. My God! There’s something seriously wrong with you. You are one of the most racist losers I’ve ever heard of.

        1. She’s godawful. Somehow, she manages to be better company than either you or Jill. It helps to not take yourself too seriously.

      3. Black males wear their pants exposing their butts because they have a more female orientation than traditional males. Women wear low-cut blouses showing cleavage to get attention. Black men similarly show their ass cracks to get attention. It seems kind of gay, but in prison the sexiest young guys get the gifts, attention and protection from the strongest “daddies.” Then they bring that “style” and effeminate behavior back to the streets. Black males tend to be the most feminine of all male races; they are emotional, talk way too much, and dress in a sexually provocative manner. I doubt that is solely because they are raised by women, as the majority of white males are raised by women as well. I think it’s just their nature. In Africa, men don’t take responsibility for working and building their communities and supporting their families. They hang out and socialize, again, engaging in largely female behavior.

        1. In Africa, men don’t take responsibility for working and building their communities and supporting their families. They hang out and socialize, again, engaging in largely female behavior.

          Per the World Bank, men constitute 54% of the labor force in Sub-Saharan Africa, almost precisely the same share they account for in the United States. (The global mean is 60%; most regions of the globe are similar to Sub-Saharan Africa, but the mean is higher due to low levels of female employment in India and the Arab World).

          Black males tend to be the most feminine of all male races; they are emotional, talk way too much, and dress in a sexually provocative manner.

          You’ve manufactured a caricature in your head, and you believe it.

    2. Detroit needs good schools, housing, work and so on. Imagine what might happen if a number of people came together to bring about these things.

      No, Detroit needs law enforcement. A metropolitan police department, optimally deployed, using best practices, and with about 19,000 sworn officers in its patrol division might just do the trick. Fixing the schools requires re-establishing order in the schools, among other things.

  12. Strange. Native American Indians don’t like Christopher Columbus. But Indians sure do like Italian food, wine & pizza. Find it all the time at Indian Pow Wow food courts.

    1. Jerry,

      Why should people be compelled to like someone who killed and enslaved them? It’s no longer anywhere near a free country, but it does seem a bit much to compel people to like someone!

      1. The problem started with Spanish Conquistadors not the Italians. Conquistador Hernan Cortes allied with an Indian woman named Dona Maria. There was a dispute. Aztecs were enslaving other Indian tribes & sacrificing them at the top of a pyramid. So a combined army of Spanish & Indians destroyed the heart of the Aztec empire, Tenochtitlan.

        Indians did get a benefit from the Spanish. The Spanish mustang horses. Plains Indians fell in love with horses. A tribes wealth & power was based on how many horses they had. They even traded horses with other tribes for wives.

        1. Jerry,

          You are correct that native people’s killed and enslaved each other. Now when will you be able to state the equal truth that Columbus killed and enslaved native people’s? This nation needs truth tellers!

          1. Again, Columbus was confronting the Carib Indians, not your bratty kids.

    2. Indigenous which in the Spanish version indigenes gave us the word Indian are as close as can come to original inhabitants but even that grouping came from somewhere else.

    3. Preposterous!

      Exploration and discovery, taken out of context, are contemporarily, erroneously and maliciously assigned a negative connotation.

      Criticism of Columbus is akin to criticizing matter in the universe for displacing other forms of matter, consolidating and occupying positions in space which we now refer to as planets, 4.6 billion years ago. Now that the planets are established, we hope the violence of creation stops. It is very rare for mature nations to infringe on the sovereignty of other mature nations.

      I am not aware that the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria were Crown Ships of War, that Christopher Columbus conducted military operations or that he did any significant physical damage to any individuals or race. We presume the royals who funded Columbus and their successors issued the orders.

      “Native American” is a maximally oxymoronic contradiction in terms. Indians are undocumented, illegal alien Asiatic nomads who walked around the Alaskan Land Bridge without any authority to invade what are now known as the North and South American continents. Indians who came from Asia are actually immoral criminal polluters who conducted an illegal “incursion” of North and South America and were violently disruptive of the pristine, natural environment which existed millennia ago; pity the buffalo.

      It is irrefutably impossible for Indians to be Americans as they came to these regions long before America was established in 1789.

      Using the phrase “Native Americans” does not reflect well on the real or imagined intellectual capacity of Indians.

      1. They should be called “First Americans.” They are obviously not “native” to the Americas, having come over from Mongolia and racially classified as Asian.

        1. When did they get here? America was not established until 1789. They can’t possibly be Americans.

  13. Because breaking a statue does SO much to address the issue of inequality. Pathetic temper tantrums, nothing more or less. If these kids were really concerned with making a difference and were truly full of compassion rather than being unable to cope with their own personal discomfort, they would be forming non-profits etc., not breaking sh*t. Pathetic. The saddest thing is, a lot of them come from very privileged families, too. They are not without other options, they just never evolved beyond the sixth grade.

    I have a feeling it will blow over as they mature and find they no longer have free time for this nonsense. Until then, it is incredibly annoying.

    1. Affirmative action, quotas, welfare, food stamps, social services, forced busing, utility subsidies, WIC, HHS, HUD, HAMP, HARP, Education Dept., Labor Dept., Obamacare, Obamaphones, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, teachers unions, public worker unions and every other form of redistribution of wealth and social engineering shredded the Constitution a long time ago.

  14. Having a herd mentality of those mistakenly believing they are the wolves, they actually don’t realize they are merely useful idiots for some of those having power or influence who want a particular political and economic outcome.

    Lately, it seems that once radical leftists begin rioting or damaging property, not far behind comes Democratic Party Politicians who take up the cause and perpetuate the divide.

    1. Check out those who developed the Democrat Party. Slave owners in the south slave traders in the north. They have no room to talk nor cast stones. the rest of their existence is equally tarnished with anti civil rights and pro one party one leader system of government.

  15. Destroying property is wrong. What would be a far better approach is to ask for an honest version of American history. We could leave the statues up but rewrite the plaques.

    1. Or maybe we could just lock up anybody who goes around tearing stuff up. Just because somebody feigns outrage, should not result in any desire to give in to their fantasies. These are Little Hitlers, and today it is a statue, and tomorrow it will be Poland!

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Speaking of Poland, I sure didn’t like those little white-skinned Hitlers marching around with swastika flags, yelling blood and soil and anti-semitic slurs in C’ville [and elsewhere]. Did you?

          1. I disavow all violence from both or all sides in C’Ville and anywhere else. However, there was no equivalence between the neo Nazis and the counterprotestors. It was not a both sides issue. Hell, even Mitch McConnell in the just released explosive NYT article knew this and he’s from KY!!

            1. I agree there is no equivalence! Currently, Antifa is far worse than the neo-Nazis. I haven’t seen the neo-Nazis openly trying to shut down the Free Speech rights of other, like Antifa has. In addition, Antifa is getting the wink and nod from the Good Old Boy Democratic Party, so they have the political and propaganda cover of the whole Left in the country. Kind of a “Go ahead and tear stuff up and intimidate people so we can energize our base!”

              The relative comparison could change, because underneath it all, the neo-Nazis and Antifa are the same people. The kind of people who are likely to pick up baseball bats and bash people’s heads in for disagreeing with them. Ennio Flaiano, who lived thru Mussolini said, “in Italy, there are two kinds of fascists- the fascists and the anti-fascists.”

              Squeeky Fromm
              Girl Reporter

            2. However, there was no equivalence between the neo Nazis and the counterprotestors.

              Well, for one thing, the counter-protesters are favorites of the media, administrators in higher education, and a selection of local governments. We saw that in Charlottesville. If the police actually enforce the law, they would be inconsequential.

            3. Mitch McConnell benefits from the status quo. Why should anyone expect him to be honest about anything, or give a fig about what he has to say?

    2. What would be a far better approach is to ask for an honest version of American history.

      Tell that to the school districts who invested in teaching tomes penned by Howard Zinn.

  16. If you oppose removing that evil man’s statue, you are a racist, sexist, homophobic, islamaphobe who needs to be doxxed and fired!

    In fact, if you oppose anything BLM or the antifa wants, you are also all of the above.

  17. We are in the midst of a Purple Revolution in overthrow the elected government. The rioters are the brown shirts.

    1. No, we are in the midst of multiple generations that were never parented and never challenged at all in their lives. This has nothing to do with politics or justice. It has everything to do with an utter inability to cope with life in the world and all that it entails and demands. These kids don’t do any better with non-political adversities, it is representative of their general incapacity to be functional human beings, period.

      1. I assume you’re talking about the white supremacist “lost boys” who seem to get some comfort in aligning with the neo-Nazi cause?

  18. The radicals are overreaching, and alienating people of good will.

    The Dems are jumping on the ship just as it is starting to list.

    How many jobs are being created by this movement; how many kids are being educated?

    If this is the most important issue that our society faces, then we must be pretty close to perfection. If we aren’t close to perfection, then this movement is a distraction, and worse, stupid.

    1. Seriously? How many jobs have been created recently? I would posit this is part of the problem. If society was working properly then these statues might not be in so much danger. However, given what happened in Charlotte stirred up a hornet’s nest all across America, this is no different. How many statues of black people are dotted around the landscape? As far as Columbus is concerned, he did it for the same reasons most men do things, the $$$ and the favor and the adventure and hope of making a name for himself. I have no need to adulate Columbus as a statue or in the history books.

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