Duterte’s Son and Son-In-Law Implicated in Massive Drug Conspiracy

rodrigo_duterte_and_laotian_president_bounnhang_vorachith_croppedPhilippine President Rodrigo Duterte has become an international pariah for his orders to police to murder drug suspects and his bragging about his own killings.  Thousands of suspected drug dealers have been killed under Duterte.  Now however he might want to reconsider his extra-judicial kill order.  His son, Paolo, and his son-in-law have been implicated in a massive drug conspiracy.  Paulo appeared before a Senate hearing to deny the allegations but then (on the advice of his father) refused to answer the questions of the Commission.

Under investigation is the seizure of $125 million worth of narcotics from China.  Investigators have a picture of Paolo with the businessman behind the deal.  Duterte’s  son-in-law, Manases Carpio, is also implicated in the shipment.

Since they are both drug suspects, some are asking if they will now join the estimated 3,800 people who have died in police operations since July of last year or the over 2,100 killed specifically over drug related offenses.

Investigators insist that Paolo is a member of criminal syndicate and even bears a tattoo on his back from the gang with secret digits hidden in the design.  Paolo has refused to allow investigators to take a picture of the tattoo to send to the United States for the breaking of the code.


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  1. An example of a head of state managing the drug trade, as in Afghanistan,Mexico, earlier in Vietnam and also? in the USA through trusted family or clan members, or the CIA.

  2. Duterte was all hat and no cattle re crime control. Davao City was no safer than average in the Philippines. (No clue where these figures come from on supposed ‘police killings’). And there are lots of crooks in Philippine politics.

    The election of Duterte (and Joseph Estrada back in 1998) show that the place has an affection for anti-heroes. Men want to be such a person and women want to be ravished by such a person. It’s not an element you want to have in your culture.

  3. This is a piece of cake.

    The coded tattoo on Duterte is to show allegiance to the Chinese Triad.

    The ‘MG’ tattoo, which stands for the ‘Magic Group’ of the Guardians Brotherhood, is also sported by President Duterte.

    Despite Duterte’s general unresponsiveness during a hearing, Trillanes expressed belief he was able to prove the vice mayor’s links to the notorious Chinese triad as well as his family’s involvement in drugs and smuggling activities in the country. Triad members are known for their color coded tattoo of a dragon on their back.

    “That (tattoo) will explain everything and there’s competition among drug syndicates” .
    “That is the membership (requirement). If you are a triad member, you have a tattoo on your back. And if you are a member of the triad, you are involved in all criminal activities” .

    The CIA gives Duterte a pass as long as he kills ISIS terrorists & puts points on the score board.

    1. I don’t get it. Why would an underground,
      nefarious criminal enterprise mandate tatoos on backs? So the bodies can be identified? So if they forget the code that can have someone read it to them? This sounds like horse excrement to me. I’m not defending the guy. I have no dog In this fight; but it seems unlikely that some code that’s supposedly secret is tattooed on the backs of the people intended to use it and keep it secret. Either the story is wrong, or this “cartel”
      Is a few cards short of a full deck.

      1. A police officer from Hong Kong who was also a Triad boss says it’s not a bad thing. It was about righteousness.

        1. Thanks..great clip. People won’t accept life without meaning, they do not go softly into that good night.

  4. I can’t stop thinking about all those other great visionaries who liquidated their competitors to make it easier for the visionaries to conduct their “business,” like Al Capone and others involved in the Chicago bootleg wars.

  5. This just goes to show that Papa Duterte was right in his initial judgment that summary execution is the only way to deal with the drug problem. There, here, and everywhere else in the world. The drug problem is sooo pervasive that idiotic catch and release programs simply don’t make much of a dent.

    Plus, trying to treat members of a gang, as if they were not members of a gang, and simply individual criminals is ludicrous. It would be like trying to arrest individual Jap and Kraut soldiers in World War II, instead of just dropping bombs and artillery shells on them.

    Sooner or later, the world is going to wake up, and realize that Duterte is a visionary.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  6. This is not at all surprising. Detestable, but not surprising.

    On a lesser note, the photograph of President Duarte confirms my belief of “the bigger the lapel pin, the greater the crook.”

    Hopefully, this investigation will take him down politically. Now, we have to wonder if instead of going after all drug dealers, he was simply being selective to maintain his own drug connections and industry.

  7. Probably just a way to reduce competition – Duterte was helping his family and probably knew all along.

  8. If his last name was not “Duerte”, he’d be dead by now–he’s a thug and a murderer, nothing else.

  9. Somehow I doubt if Paolo Duterte is in much danger.

    Can’t say the same for the concept of justice in the Philippines (but Philippine justice was always a dicey proposition even in the days of Macapagal – before Marcus).

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