Philadelphia Father Murdered After Trying To Remove Baby From Car During Car Jacking





72 thoughts on “Philadelphia Father Murdered After Trying To Remove Baby From Car During Car Jacking”

    1. The victim’s family should be the ones empowered to administer whatever punishment they see fit for these two murderers. There is no certainty of punishment in our justice system today. I’m certain the family could exact closure to this crime in a few short seconds. Then the Judge could say, “Case closed!!!”, and move on. There would be no opportunity for a repeat crime for these two.

  1. Can’t expect more from afrika people… all of them should travel back to black land.

  2. My w Polsce bronimy się przed tym ale ue czyli niemcy chcą nam to zrobić co mają u siebie.
    Współczucie dla rodziny zabitego. Sam jestem ojcem.

  3. it’s horrible. and the same thing is happening in europe, all over the west european countries, and european estabilishment pretends that evrything is fine!

  4. They’re all ready beating the gun control drum.

    The murderer was on parole.

    He should have never been on the street.

    They turn animals loose on the street and then attempt to take away our ability to protect ourselves.

    More financial resources and press about guns will be spent on the evil person who did this than will be spent to assist the family impacted by this, especially the 2 year-old child.

  5. CV Brown – I don’t know if I am older than dirt, but I am a war baby, born during WWII.

  6. CV Brown – I remember the days when the bears came up to your car. Now they are mostly in the northern part of the park. I was there after an earthquake in the late 50s and it screwed up the geysers in the park. Some that hadn’t erupted in years suddenly were active, etc.

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