The Fabric of Our Lives: Lipscomb University and Hobby Lobby Face Racism Charges Over Cotton Decor

cotton-1721144_1280On college campuses, faculty and students are facing new microaggression rules of ill-defined terms or images that, while not expressly racist, still constitute offensive speech. This week the President of Lipscomb University, Randy Lowry, apologized for hosting African American students at his house with a display containing cotton.  Likewise, in Killeen, Texas.  Hobby Lobby has been criticized on Facebook by Daniell Rider for selling cotton decor products because it raised painful memories of slavery.  The Cotton Industry (which advertises “Cotton: The Fabric Of Our Lives”) has not been heard from on the latest claim of cotton as a fiber microaggression.

21742893_10211616952874293_5945780672874647370_nimages-3In her posting, Rider wrote “This decor is WRONG on SO many levels, There is nothing decorative about raw cotton… A commodity which was gained at the expense of African-American slaves. A little sensitivity goes a long way. PLEASE REMOVE THIS “decor.” It is actually fake cotton sticks that sell for $6.99 to $15.99 online and up to $29.99 in stores as a way to “Offer your space a touch of natural beauty with Cotton Bouquet.”  The store promises that such displays offer “a stunning, long-lasting centerpiece without the pesky water!”

lowrey_cotton-800x430lowrey_cotton-800x430Perhaps but they can come with a microaggression complaint.  President Randy Lowry discovered that danger after he held the event at his home.  Lowry was sent an apology letter to black students after the controversy was triggered by a posting from one of his guests about the centerpiece and cuisine.  Instagram user nakaylayvonne wrote  “As we arrived to the president’s home and proceeded to go in we seen cotton as the center pieces,” she wrote. “We were very offended, and also the meals that were provided resembled many ‘black meals’ they had mac n cheese, collard greens, corn bread etc. The night before Latinos also had dinner at his house and they had tacos. They also DIDN’T have the center piece that we HAD tonight.”


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  1. I’m still trying to get figure out why guests invited into his home for whatever occasion felt obliged to condemn his decor? Were they compelled to be there for a class assignment? If they were simply guests invited then they had the option to turn around and walk out if they were offended by the decor, or the meal, or the… If he was trying to offend them then it apparently worked; no apology necessary. If he wasn’t trying to offend them then again, no apology necessary. They should apologize to him for being ungrateful guests. He should bill them for the meal and his time.

    No good deed goes unpunished. He will likely think twice before inviting anyone to his home again.

    1. Olly, in MY view it’s sheer vanity driven social media opportunism to see one’s face on the inter tubes.
      Social injustices are now instantly upgraded from innocent slights to egregious infractions, so that’s a good vehicle to get one’s face splattered all over the internet looking like a crusader when in fact they are just narcissistic poseurs.

    2. Students invited to the president’s residence attend. Nobody would be so bold as to walk out.

      And he will do it again for the next crop of new students.

      1. Nobody would be so bold as to walk out.

        So the limit of their social grace was to attend and stay. Too bad that grace turned to justice in their extension of gratitude.

    3. These kids don’t deserve to be in college at this time. They need to grow up so that when they return they can actually learn.

      1. At 18, old enough to fight, they are old enough.

        Some few were upset by the cotton. There surely are counselors.

        1. David, (permitting this to become a more serious discussion), maybe not. In this country many of our children reach adulthood at a later age. They show their lack of development in the way they act, study and party. I don’t want to deflect the meaning of this lack of adulthood to be deflected with the discussion of military obligations, but there is no draft and those enterring the military at 18 are far more developed emotionally than all too many enterring college at the same age.

          1. I should add, that it is my impression that you were a teacher or a professor so you should know the advantage of having a student that is emotionally more mature than what we are seeing.

          2. those enterring the military at 18 are far more developed emotionally than all too many enterring college at the same age.

            Have you been through boot camp? 🙂 Many, many recruits enter boot camp no different in emotional and social development than their classmates that go directly to college. The difference is in what they learn and how they learn in boot camp. That experience is designed to breakdown those weak behaviors and transform these children into men and women ready to be on the front lines of our national defense.

            1. Absolutely and though I disagree with a draft sometimes I think it might be better for our children to go into the military before going to college. That is done elsewhere and it seems to work very well.

              1. I was 19 when the Navy Times interviewed me onboard my first ship. I don’t recall why I was selected but I still believe today what I told them then; every teenager leaving high school should be required to go through boot camp and serve a minimum of two years before going on to college or enter into the civilian workforce.

                I had tried the high school to college path after graduation but I was completely unprepared for that responsibility. I was invited by the dean to not return after 1 semester or risk expulsion for my behavior during a dorm party (me and my roommate attempted to steal a 6 pack from the cafeteria.) Never mind that my grades were poor and I was out of money. Within 1 month after my semester ended I was enlisted in the Navy and off to boot camp. 8 weeks later I graduated as the honor recruit among approximately 300 graduating that day. 4 years after I “failed” out of college, I enrolled back to school and became an A student.

                1. I often find that military service can help children develop into adults and it seemed to work for you. Take a look at Israel where almost all the young first go into the military and then to school. Israel is a powerhouse at ~0.1% of the world’s population. For an interesting read try Start-Up Nation. It demonstrates in part how the military creates working relationships and prepares students for real scholarship. It discusses their technological advancements including things like water management. Israel a desert has a surplus of water. Why doesn’t California? Israel produces water at the lowest marginal price (very low) yet frequently when talking about water management the name Israel never comes up. That is just one technological advancement of so so many. I think Waze is from Israel as well and Google bought the right to use it.

                2. every teenager leaving high school should be required to go through boot camp and serve a minimum of two years before going on to college or enter into the civilian workforce.

                  Annual # of 1st enlistments at this time suggest that about 12% of the typical male cohort will have military service at some point in their live and < 2% of the typical female cohort. This is a hopelessly impractical idea. The military does not have recruitment goals which would encompass the 3/4 of the male population who could pass a physical and pass any psychological tests they use and the career people would be stuck with training scads of youth who don't want to be there and aren't needed (given the scope of the military's mission at this time).

                  You had problems in living at 18 which were answered by military service. That simply is not most people’s experience.

                3. I was 19 when the Navy Times interviewed me onboard my first ship.

                  Olly, I thought of this old comment when I read an article by Greenfield that demonstrated the difference between you and the “criminals” from the NFL. At first it compared your salary with the salaries of NFL players, then discussed the type of people complaining that beat their wives and girlfriends or engage in other criminal activity such as rape, assault and battery etc. “Is it any wonder they think the justice system is unfair? They’re criminals.”

                  Then it continues onto the monopoly the NFL is and how the left provided them special non profit tax status ripping off the taxpayer by having the taxpayer pay for stadiums while not collecting sales tax on the enterprise. He continues to ESPN and cable because in essence cable is a monopoly that makes most of us pay for ESPN in our bills. He then reminds us how Trump as the owner of a USFL team along with others sued the NFL and won an anti-trust court case against the NFL.

                  “But the NFL is no longer just a corrupt monopoly. Instead it’s becoming a radical anti-American organization that uses its taxpayer-subsidized stadiums and monopoly broadcasting rights to spread hatred toward this country and disrespect to the soldiers who fought and died for it.”

                  Long live America and let the NFL be forced to compete in a free market while paying its own bills and taxes.

                  Thank you for your service.


    4. CV,
      I was raised by a divorced, alcoholic mother of 5 on welfare during the 60’s and 70’s and her one redeeming quality is she taught us proper manners. Had I behaved as these children have I would have been yanked out of school and whipped with a belt.

        1. Squeeky – I had heard you had lost some weight, so I would agree the picture is of you. 😉

        2. Squeeky, you are a good looking woman and bright to. I always liked blonds that knew how to dress. I couldn’t see your footware or where your weapon is concealed. Good job. 🙂

      1. CV Brown – I have either had too much coffee or not enough. I do not understand your comment about my shaving.

        1. Paul, your thumbnail has a Fu Manchu and four eyes.

          Mine is a one-eyed terrier with a big mouth.

                1. We one-eyed terriers can’t look away, Paul.

                  P. S. Your default thumbnail has two eyes instead of four, if the dark green squares in the middle are irises and bright green squares on either side are the whites. But you’ve still got a Fu Manchu; I swear.

                2. You don’t have to shave, Paul.

                  Take a gander at Isaac’s eaglet thumbnail. Either it’s eyes are closed or . . .

                  1. Diane – I think I have Viking ancestors so I come by the Fu Manchu honestly. 😉

  2. How do you think our Mexican migrant workers feel about still picking our lettuce and other vegetables, at lower wages, are they able to walk by a produce stand in the grocery store?
    This silliness has got to stop.
    And I believe all racist groups should not be allowed to meet on University campuses. Like black groups, Latino, etc. this segregation and whining is what is driving this nuttiness.
    And these professors promoting this insanity, deserve what they are getting.

    1. Ter Ber, the danger comes in when anyone who can find an example of insensitivity towards African Americans obtains the title of spokesperson for the whole collective.

      Has one person come on this blog as a member of the oppressed group and said some 20 something charlatan doesn’t speak for me?

      I’m Irish but I’m not about to complain about Nortre Dame’s mascot.
      I’d probabaly get my butt kicked.

      This reverse engineered repairations strategy is not doing the AA community any good in my view.
      I would say getting Kamilla Harris elected would.

  3. My question is what act of substance regarding getting African Americans elected to office has Rider done? She and her brethren can keep disrupting the game all they want and ask for these symbolic reparations for insensitive everyday gestures inflicted upon them as the oppressed class, but in the end the Latino and Asian voting block are going to leave them oppressed too.
    These disruptive strategies are going to wear thin on the public at large and do nothing more than make these protests look juvenile. The social justice pendulum is swinging their way now but unless they help get somone elected to meet their needs all the while Trump stays in office the pendulum will swing back His way. The run the risk of wearing out an inherent standing they with with the other minorities and will have suffered more for their short sighted behaviors.

      1. Suze, thanks. I like so many others, wish there was an editing function. My last sentence was a disaster. Thanks for getting the gist of it. RPC.

  4. Let’s call a spade a spade; when this sort of hyper sensitivity invents issues like this they must be simply ignored and allowed to exhaust themselves against the judicial system. Hopefully these suffering vanguards of the erasure of history movement will come to understand that they denigrate themselves and their race. Rise above, rise above, oh god almighty, rise above.

    1. Issac, do you realize how much your subconscious slipped there pal?
      An article about percieved insensitivites towards African Americans and you start off with “Let’s call a spade a spade”?

      1. Roscoe & Allan

        Calling a spade a spade is a saying that predates the use of spade as a reference to a young Black man, which was popular even among Blacks in the 60s and 70s. In those days a White guy was a dude and a Black guy was a spade. This is one of those sayings that predates the current issue(s) by thousands of years and originated in societies totally unrelated to American slavery and racism. Slavery and the ensuing racism that continues to some extent today is nothing to be taken lightly. However, grabbing at every remotely connected reference and usurping them in order to keep the issue front and center eventually works against the original purpose, equality. So, let’s get rid of BBQ, yams, collard greens, and all the other stuff associated with Blacks. If you dig deep enough and get on a high enough horse, you can ban just about anything. The very people demanding respect are denigrating themselves with their ridiculous net casting. I will continue to call a spade a spade and date my reference to Plutarch. This saying belongs to me as it has belonged to everyone since ancient times. Hands off. And as for the tall young Black man in the wide brimmed hat with the colorful bandana, yo, my brother.

        1. Every advanced society moves on from those ancient writings and yada, yada, yada. Or something to that effect. Right?

        2. No problem Issac, you demonstrate a degree of literacy and on this issue your use of the term was very correct. We have to get over all this PC crap and tribal warfare so I agree with the comment.

    2. Issac, I appreciate your comment and agree, but based upon your first 6 words you would be considered a racist by some of these clowns.

  5. Everyone is too good to do an honest day’s work. This leaves one with a lot of time to get upset about table decor. The real issue is that most students in the US are debt slaves to the banks. It’s much easier to be offended by some cotton than it is to actually do something about the terrible student loan situation.

    1. Bingo! Excellent question. These students are so ignorant of just what blacks went through during segregation not to appreciate the incredible progress that was made. For all his faults, and he has many, Obama could not have made it to the WH being worried about so-called microaggressions. Of course, once he got there he was the one who, with his administration, stoked the fires of hate and division. I don’t recall all this nonsense before half of white America voted for him. Of course, we know the other half was 100% racist…and so it goes.

  6. So where does all this start, or end?

    Not too challenging to assert offensiveness in silk, tea, coffee, rice, sugar. Come to think of it, tofu and other soy products as well. Don’t get me started on leather, good lord.

    At this rate only safe place for these poor sensitive folks will be in a dark room with a blanket over their heads and a bottle of warm water with a nipple.

    1. Fine with me if that’s where they all go. You raise an excellent point. Where does it all end? These idiots think that all slaves farmed was cotton.

  7. Insanity and idiocy has taken over the American Left. The lack of common sense and the search for the inane to decry anyone accept yourself has become the norm of American Left and now accepted by our youth as an appropriate way to create society.

    Meanwhile, it is instead meant to tear down society and leave citizens with an inabilty to think for themselves. By doing so, Leftists in power can define what is good and thus control the population. And they can change it at any time, THINK NEWSPEAK and 1984 for examples.

    I am constantly offended by society – the coarseness of language, the attire of many, the medias attitude and lies about anyone with differing beliefs. If I need to demand an apology for everytime I’m offended or dismayed by actions, then I am the weak link. The Left and their approach is now the weak link in our society. I enjoyed watching Nancy Pelosi dealing with the temper tantrums of some of her constituents. Let the Left be eaten by its own. They have asked for it by creating a generation of the offended!

    1. enigma – I have given up on the editing of Turley’s blogs. 🙂 It is a lost cause.

      1. CV Brown – because enigma can carry on an intelligent conversation if he can get away from race. He has started to get like Spike Lee, a chip on his shoulder the size of a log. 🙂 In general, enigma is a nice guy who has a hot spot, just like Squeeky. 😉 He often makes good points.

        1. CV Brown – if the South destroys its cotton crops Arizona will just put more cotton in production. Fine with us. 🙂

    2. “I am constantly microaggressed by the poor editing in Turley’s posts[,] but I soldier on”

      You’re welcome.

        1. enigma – I just added Grammarly to both chrome, WordPress, and Microsoft. It has been a help but not perfect. I think they want me to get the premier edition to clear up the other issues. 🙂 However, the free version is working fine for now.

  8. If I was invited as part of a group of African-American students to the University President’s home and found specially designed centerpieces with raw cotton, yes I’d think it strange and insensitive. If I later found that the night before when Hispanics were invited there was no cotton centerpiece but instead tacos. I’d think the cotton even more intentional.

    I went to college in Nashville, played against David Lipscomb in basketball (we whipped that ass) and can assure you that Nashville is very much past, of the South and familiar with all of its traditions. I grew up in Minnesota, far removed from cotton but on a road trip to Ft. Valley State south of Macon, GA. We passed rows and rows of raw cotton and can’t begin to describe how its existence affected me. I submit to you that raw cotton, even in 2017 will elicit a response and the deliberate placement of it indeed insensitive.

    To suggest that the placement of raw cotton is no different than wearing a cotton shirt is disingenuous and akin to saying a white sheet on a bed would be no different if it had eye-holes and a hood.

    I don’t see any call for the man’s firing, his initial response was certainly lacking and I honestly don’t know what he can do now to be trusted by the students. Maybe none of you here see it as a problem but empathy in this group isn’t really a strong point. “Fallish?”

    1. Well, just thank goodness that he didn’t have a silk flower centerpiece for the Chinese students. They would have surely rioted and burned down the school!

      1. You underestimate the man’s gift for inappropriateness. I would expect no less than rice and chopsticks with a centerpiece of a railroad tie from California.

        For the Japanese he could have links from an internment fence surrounding mini-Hiroshima blasts. Alternated with little replicas of, Enola Gay!

        1. Actually, I doubt that this college prez was the one who picked out the decor and planned the menus. Possibly his wife, or more likely, a personal assistant or events coordinator or some such. A more astute person should have noticed and suggested some last minute changes, but he seemed rather clueless and typical of some men of his generation who have everything taken care of by underlings and don’t give much thought to it.

      2. This demonstrates how much race-baiting occurred in the previous 8 years. Those eight years heightened tribal warfare between the races.

        Though the decor may or may not have been inappropriate, the intent likely was in friendship. The response was based upon the hatred taught to young minds by the race-baiters. Had they been taught more appropriately they would have said nothing or quietly thanked Lowry for thinking of them and then quietly explained why the decor might be considered in poor taste. None of that type of interaction is desirous to the left for the left wants victimhood and tribal warfare to continue as that is the basis of the left’s violent wing.

    2. Re: the dinner, I agree. It seems very odd to say the least, especially when placed with the claim that the Latino dinner also had stereotyped foods.

      Re: Hobby Lobby, that seems ridiculous. A mere cotton plant itself at a Hobby Lobby or Michaels or any hobbyish kind of store is simply recognizing that not all our fibers are yet made from oil polymers.

    3. enigma – I hope for your personal comfort that you are least wearing a 50/50 cotton blend in your shirts. Now, I come from one of the big cotton-producing states and can tell you from experience that since at least the 1960s that machines have done all the cotton picking. It is all mechanized now. In the summer I wear 100% cotton, rest of the year 50/50 blend. BTW, my sheets are fitted so I don’t think they would go well at the KKK meeting. 🙂 Besides, they are a light brown/cream color. My wife picks them.

      I hope you noticed the poor grammar in the student’s tweet. That microaggressed me. How the devil did a student with grammar like that get into college? And are they doing anything about it? Now, I will give the girl the food choices. They should have had burritos instead of tacos (not as messy), but seriously, who doesn’t like mac ‘n cheese? Although here they like to spice it with jalapeno peppers. I would be interested to know what the centerpiece was for the Hispanic students. As well as the rest of the menu.

    4. CV Brown, until this post, I had no idea you were White. Now it’s unmistakable. Unless you’re just pretending. You do like your sarcasm; don’t you, CV?

        1. Ken, I can see that plain as day, now. But before I honestly thought that Mr. Brown was just playing with stereotypes rather than actually being one.

    5. “We passed rows and rows of raw cotton and can’t begin to describe how its existence affected me. ”

      I suggest you get some help for that.

      1. “We passed rows and rows of raw cotton and [I] can’t begin to describe how its existence affected me.”

    6. CV,
      “What’s the matter boy”

      That is rude and out-of-line and has no place in a civil discussion. Enigma is an adult. You are being condescending and doing no favors for whatever concerns you have.

    7. I don’t believe at all that you were “triggered” by cotton fields. And if you were, then you should be ashamed of yourself. My Goodness, all the suffering going on in the world, and Little Enigma is having anxiety attacks over cotton fields???

      No, I think you are just making up stuff to promote your anti-White People agenda.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. “Triggered” wasn’t a word I chose but I did feel a certain kind of way. Whether or not you believe it isn’t a thing that keeps me awake. There’s never a need to make up stuff as the truth is sufficient.
        My “anti-White People agenda,” really? Which of the two of us constantly maligns the others race?

        1. I don’t malign your race. I malign about 3/4 or so of your race. And it’s not really “maligning” them to simply tell the truth about them.

          You, OTOH, scapegoat white people the same way that Nazis scapegoated Jews. We’re responsible for every bad thing in black people’s lives – – – including the ridiculous claims that you are triggered by the very sight of cotton fields! I guess it is some sort of Lamarckian genetic memory. Here, get triggered some more by totin’ that barge and lifitin’ that bale!

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

    8. For maybe the first time ever, enigma, I totally agree with you. The centerpiece was thoughtless to the core, and if that guy is that thoughtless maybe he shouldn’t be the president of the college. I’m surprised the dinner didn’t consist of fried chicken and watermelon.

    9. It’s enlightening to know that I’m the one keeping racism alive. Perhaps the best place to send that message wasn’t in the midst of a racist tirade. There’s another thing that keeps racism alive, its when “good men stand by and do nothing.” There’s a lot of doing nothing around here which must give you comfort.

      I’ll add, if you say things on the Internet you wouldn’t say to a man’s face, you’re probably a coward.

      1. enigma, Their ehavior is shameful but am not the least bit surprised. There is almost a celebration of racism around here. Probably better for those not so inclined to stay away. Have a good evening.:)

        1. Frankly,
          Perhaps I missed it, but I do not see a post from you raised in opposition to CV. You are criticizing after the fact what you yourself did nothing about.

          You are right; there was not a torrent of opposition to his horrible commentary (people trying to ignore him?), and perhaps what was said was not enough.

          However, not all were silent.

          Staying away is not the answer. The counter to bad speech is the good. If the good retreats then the bad fills the vacuum.

          1. P R There is not much point in this particular forum in my opinion. Many of the comments on race are so disturbing I do not care to partake. Been there done that.

            1. Frankly,
              I agree that staying on top of such things is tiresome. Perhaps that is part of the reason more was not said. Silence does not equal support. I doubt that most here support what he said; they just did not voice their opposition.

      2. Enigma, your first post on this thread was at 2:33 am Sept 20th. CV Brown’s racist tirade was posted at 7:38 am Sept. 20th. You had the racist tirade beat by five hours and five minutes.

        Talk about “triggering.” Perhaps Mr. Brown thinks vice-signaling is an antidote to virtue.

        P. S. I apologize for standing by and doing nothing.

        1. I’m missing your point. This topic was primarily about race, I didn’t create it. I shared a personal anecdote which I thought relevant, gave my opinion on one of the two subjects (had nothing to say about Michael’s), attacked no one. If my participation in the conversation was keeping racism alive I must be guilty.
          As for CV Brown… his words speak for himself.

          1. Sorry Enigma. You had speculated that “in the midst of a racist diatribe” might not have been the best place for your initial post on this thread. My point is only that the racist diatribe from CV Brown came after your first posting on this thread.

            It’s an exceedingly narrow point. I’m sorry for not making it harder to miss. Strike that. I’m sorry for making that point at all.

  9. I’m Irish but have never been offended by a serving of potatoes. I was just happy to get them. And cabbage; I love steamed cabbage with warm butter and salt. You can micro-aggress me anytime with a hot plate of potatoes and cabbage!

    1. TIN – I am half- Irish and I hate corned beef and cabbage, which was a staple on St. Paddy’s Day. However, my mother loved it and looked forward to it. My family grew potatoes so I am fine with them. 🙂

  10. At least the decorations were not chains with ankle cuffs. I saw those in use once on a prison chain work gang in North Carolina. Of course the prisoners were all African Americans and the guards all European Americans.

    1. Because the African-Americans and/or American-Africans had been convicted of committing crimes, whereas the white guys had obtained high school diplomas, maintained clean records and applied for jobs as correctional officers? Could have something to do with it……

      1. Don’t know that a high school diploma was required back then, but yes.

        However, one might note how the system is stacked against the African Americans in North Carolina, at least was in the 1960s.

        1. I drove across the infamous Parchman prison farm in Mississippi in the mid-90s. There is a road that cuts through the farm and connects two highways. If you want to save time by driving through, rather than going around the massive estate, you have to stop at a gate, allow yourself and your car to be searched, then drive across the grounds at no more than 20 mph, escorted by a fat prison guard on a horse, carrying a shotgun. It was creepy, but interesting. It appeared that about 90% of the prisoners laboring in the fields were black. All of the shotgun wielding guards on horseback were white. I didn’t really need to drive through, but just wanted to see it. I remembered some of the old blues songs about the railroad cars full of prisoners making a stop and underloading at Parchman. And yes, some of those Deep South states were crappy for blacks, but I couldn’t help but wonder about the ones who stayed, rather than joining the massive outflux to good jobs in Chicago, Detroit, and so forth. Maybe the ones who stayed were the dumbest or the laziest. I know I would have left; jjoined the military or made my way to a solid factory job in the north….

          1. Mississippi’s population is 37% black. If the rule of thumb applicable in New York is applicable in Mississippi, you’d expect the ratio of black to white in the prison population to be 6.5x the ratio of black-to-white in the larger society. In Mississippi, that would be (6.5 x 0.37) / .63 = 3.8. If the ratio is 3.8-to-1, the population is about 79% black.

  11. I am guessing that people like Daniell Rider cannot understand that more and more people don’t give a flying foofoo about her endless issues Nor should we.

  12. Here is some more current silliness. Some sexual freak named Scout Schultz decided to commit suicide by cop at Georgia Tech. The cops shot the dude, and here are excerpts from Yahoo’s story on it. Remember, this is just one single person. . .

    “Shoot me,” Schultz said. [Schultz described themselves as “bisexual, nonbinary and intersex,”]

    Despite police insisting for them to drop the knife, Schultz did not and instead moved towards the officers until one opened fire and shot them in the heart.

    The 21-year-old was transported to the hospital where they died soon after.

    Georgia Tech declined to comment on the incident, other than calling Schultz’s death “tragic.” Their mother, Lynne Schultz, said they hired a lawyer because they plan to speak out more about their child’s death.

    “Why didn’t they use some non-lethal force like pepper spray or Tasers?” she asked. It was later learned that campus police don’t carry stun guns.

    The family’s lawyer, Chris Stewart, said the use of force was excessive and said he believed the student was having a mental breakdown and didn’t know what to do.

    Lynne Schultz said though they were “scary smart,” and planned to design biomedical devices after graduation, they also suffered from depression. They tried to commit suicide twice in the past by hanging.

    Though the state’s investigative bureau referred to the student as male, Schultz described themselves as “bisexual, nonbinary and intersex,” on the website for Pride Alliance.

    The group held a candle vigil for their president for the past two years and released the following statement after learning of their death:

    “They pushed us to do more events and a larger variety events, and we would not be the organization we are known as without their constant hard work and dedication,” the statement reads. “We love you Scout and we will continue to push for change.”

    The Georiga Bureau of Investigation is currently looking into Schultz’s death and the officer who shot Schultz has not been identified. Their parents want to know if that officer had any training in dealing with mentally impaired suspects.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Presumably this individual had multiple personalities because he claimed to “non-binary,” so referring to himself, herself and itself as “they” made sense to him, her and it.

        1. Sorry, I don’t know who Randy Lowry is; my observation was in reference to the “non-binary, intersex” Mr. and Ms. Schultz.

          1. Nevermind, I realize now that Randy Lowery is the college prez. It was quite late and I read the post too quickly. I thought maybe Randy Lowery was a gay racist florist who specialized in arranging offensive floral displays, lol. Anyway, does anyone know if the allegation regarding the Hispanic students being served tacos is true? I haven’t seen any Hispanic students complain about it or even mention it. Either it’s not true, or the Hispanic kids are just happy to be enrolled in college and not going there looking for something to be offended by….

      1. Actually,it is becoming commonplace to refer to people who claim no gender to use the plural pronouns. But it is Hell trying to read a story with that silliness in it. Maybe if his family had knocked the sh*t out of him at an early age and made him knock off that gay stuff, he would not have been so damned depressed.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. I have a hard time with a person being referred to in the plural. For some reason I can follow along if it’s spoken, but if I’m reading, it seems like a grammatical ping-pong game in my head. It has to be something especially interesting or I won’t bother with it. And yes, it is unfortunate that these parents accomodated their mentally ill child’s delusions. When he realized that he couldn’t become a female and playing at one wasn’t making him happy, he chose to die as a drama queen without any regard for the emotional trauma caused to the cop who had to shoot him or those who witnessed it. A true narcissist to the end.

    2. Schultz says “Shoot me” not “Shoot us”. While I am not dismissive of the individual’s emotional struggle, if he or she couldn’t be bothered to use the plural, why should anyone else? (I note your earlier remark on this, Squeeky, but consistency is an important issue with individuals like this.). Why does he/she get to be lazy while everyone else has to jump through verbal hoops?

      1. Because in the end he realized that he was one seriously screwed up individual, not a variety of “non-binary” personages. I’ve noticed over the years that most of these mentally ill college students who commit suicide or mass shootings do so in their senior year. I think they panic at the prospect of leaving the womb of an all accommodating college campus. They know that they are wholly unprepared to compete in the real world and haven’t developed the fortitude to deal with life’s challenges. As an engineering major, this guy would normally have great employment prospects, but he knew that he would be a freak in the workplace and he wouldn’t be pampered and catered to anymore. Sad.

        1. Yes, what you said. Can you imagine this idiot going to a job interview? Unless the person doing the hiring is some kind of freak, too – – – I don’t think anybody would take a risk on him. First, where is his mind? When you want him to be thinking about his job, you would have to wonder if he was off in some Intersex LaLa Land obsessing about his gender. Second, how is this guy going to come off to customers? How is your company going to look with this nut being a part of it? Third, there is the fear of lawsuits if somebody offends the freak. Because surely his resume contains all his “activism” cred. Not to mention, if the twerp just plain doesn’t work out, and you have to fire him. Here comes a lawyer!

          And then, what about “a hostile work environment?” Is a picture on the desk of some co-worker’s very binary family going to trigger him?

          I wonder if “Scout” is a name he picked, or a birth name.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

        2. TIN, many of the engineers I know have deficiencies in social interactions and tend not to notice idiosyncrasies in others. So, I’m not sure what problems Schultz may have had in the working world (assuming he would have made it through interviewing). If he wasn’t comfortable leaving his academic coccoon, he could have easily pursued a Master’s degree. I think in high-stress situations (such as his unfortunate suicide by cop), the brain reverts back to long-established neural networks. Hence, the use of “Shoot me.” These decisions are instantaneous, there is no real cognitive thought applied. I have no expertise in psychology, just my 2 cents, but this attempt by the LGBT+ ad nauseum group to normalize, rather than treat, these suicidal ideations and other co-morbid mental issues will, I believe, result in many more tragedies like this.

  13. There is something very, very wrong with these kids. There is something even more wrong with the adults that placate them.

  14. Only if he is one of the sheeples. mayhbe My questin was how many of those college students have ever picked cotton or lettuce? I do believe naming microagressions is a front for getting out of going to classes or studying for exams and is another method of mooching. Certainly I would hesitate to hire anyone with a diploma from these social promotion schools and to be FAIR ban their entire graduating classes a macro agression on the expectations of society and the economy.

  15. Would it be inappropriate to use wool in a display attended only by the politically correct like Randy Lowry?

    1. We should all understand that there are a certain number of people whose threshold for offense is way too low and they will always find something to be offended about. It is impossible to avoid micro-aggression, and therefore, a waste of time to even try. It’s best to simply refrain from actual racism and discrimination, get on with living our lives and accomplishing real work and leave the weaklings to wallow in their offense. The best thing you can do for them is to ignore them. Hopefully, some of them will grow thicker skins and concentrate on making better lives for themselves.

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