Canadian Movie Imposes “Justice Pricing” Where White Males Pay Twice As Much For Tickets

Rex_theatreWe have been discussing how discrimination and speech regulation have become acceptable in the cause of diversity or equality for many activists. The latest example was seen at the premiere of a new documentary about comedians called “Building the Room.”   The director is Sharaz Higgins who implemented “justice pricing” which originally planned to charge cis white men $20 and everyone else $10. After an outcry, he  dropped the “privilege price” to $15.  He and his colleagues obviously missed the point. The problem was not the price but the discrimination.  To make matters worse, Higgins did interviews under a false name, Sid Mohammed, to avoid being attacked for his discriminatory policy.

Higgins and his colleagues are insisting on their discrimination against white “cis” males.  The Blue Bridge Theatre Society, owner of the 225-seat Roxy Theatre, said that it does not support such discriminatory practices but that they do not handle ticketing for rental performances.

It is astonishing to see the pride of that such individuals taken in their embrace of gender or racial discrimination as a tool of social justice.  They see no moral or legal problem with penalizing people due to the color of their skin or their gender. Instead, they foster the same blind stereotypes and prejudices that once segregated societies on these grounds.  They learned the history but not its lesson.


22 thoughts on “Canadian Movie Imposes “Justice Pricing” Where White Males Pay Twice As Much For Tickets”

  1. I fully support his economic liberty. He’s taken the financial risk on this project. It’s his creative output. He gets to decide how to market it and set the optimal pricing strategy.

    This seems like a sub-optimal pricing scheme on its face. It will limit his access to a huge segment of the population. But that’s the price he pays for his freedom.

    There is no coercion going on here. The product is not a “necessity”. White males can either: 1) accept his price; 2) re-negotiate mutually acceptable terms; or 3) walk away. It’s hard to see how rational white men – which obviously excludes social justice leftists – will vote with the dollars to enrich someone who hates them for being white. But it’s their money. It’s their choice.

  2. This seems to advance the case that social justice warriors make bad business decisions.

  3. He can probably expect at least one aggrieved patron filing a racial discrimination case with the local authorities. And, be on the losing side of that future and costly battle.

  4. Since I refuse to practice identity politics, I decline to be overly offended by this.

    This is basically identical to the popular affirmative action bake sales that conservative groups on US college campuses use to point out the discriminatory features of affirmative action admissions policies. They will charge different prices for cookies depending on the ethnicity and sometimes the gender or sexual orientation of the purchaser. A conservative organization at the University of Texas did this last semester and the administration was besieged with protesters calling for the offending group to be charged with a “hate crime.”

    Eventually, the protests died out after the administration explained to the moronic protesters that hate crimes have to involve actual crimes and cannot apply to the mere exercise of first amendment rights.

  5. I have an idea: eliminate anti-discrimination law in all private transactions. And..

    1. Civil service recruitment and promotion, occupational licensure, state college and university admissions, and schoolchild assessment would be consequent to competitive (not judicially gutted) and timely examinations.

    2. Public employees dismissed from their post could seek an indemnity if they could prove to a panel of arbitrators that they were dismissed for one of a half-dozen impermissible reasons, including race.

    3. Certain acts in a workplace setting would be actionable torts, with the law as precise as it could be as to when the company was liable along with the bad actor employee. “Certain acts” would include things analogous to common crimes called ‘harassment’ and ‘extortion’ in penal codes.

    Other wise, why not eliminate the entire edifice of anti-discrimination law and restore freedom of contract and association.

  6. Wow. Hopefully the whites are voting with their feet.
    Just as the public is doing with
    Hollywood’s Box office and the NFL.

  7. This is a movie about comedy right? This has to be a joke. We’ll see how social justice in this instance stands up to capitalism. BTW, how do they enforce the higher ticket price when a white dude shows up and says today, I identify as gay? Maybe that is the joke; how to fleece morons.

    1. In Latin, the preposition (or prefix) “cis” is the opposite of “trans,” as in “transalpine Gaul” means the area on the other side of the alps (from Rome), while “cisalpine Gaul” is the area on this side of the alps. It has been adopted in the perverted dialect of Social Justice English to refer to some one who is not transgender and generally carries a strong pejorative flavor. So, a “cis male” is what slightly fewer than half of us are, a very bad person.

  8. These idiots, who do their cause more harm than good can be found everywhere and anywhere. In this case this fool with the big ego can be found in Victoria B. C. one of the more advanced societies, and my home town. Fortunately, he is seen as an idiot there as well. With freedom comes idiots that pervert it.

  9. Just adding fuel to the fire. Individuals like this seem to think that they can do a thing and it willl must be fine. They don’t seem to have any idea what they are doing, at least I hope they don’t.

    By the way is that really the theater’s name?

  10. “In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

      1. Squeeks, guilt regarding Mexicans and DACA, the Aztecs chased down, murdered, kidnapped and marched Mexicans to to the tops of their pyramids, ripped their hearts out and threw their bodies down the pyramid’s steps in a river of blood.

        Guilt regarding slavery and blacks, the poor slaves became slaves in the first place because their own leaders, African tribal chiefs, chased them down, murdered them, kidnapped them and sold them to opportunist (not racist) Arab slave traders who sold them to opportunist (not racist) British profiteer shippers.

        There is NO guilt. There is only freedom of thought, speech, religion, assembly, press and every other conceivable natural and god-given right and freedom per the 9th amendment.

        People who hate freedom have the freedom to emigrate.

  11. Without having seen the final product, my guess is it’s so bad that Mr. Mohammed, er ah, Higgins will have to engage in “justice payments” to garner an audience to view it.

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