The Return of the Ancien Régime: DNC Pushes Out Sanders Supporters In Favor of Clinton Allies Like Disgraced Former DNC Head Donna Brazile

download-3We have previously discussed how the Democratic establishment has held on to power despite the disaster in the last presidential election.  The Democratic leadership and members were virtually unanimous in guaranteeing the nomination for Hillary Clinton despite the clear anti-establishment mood of the electorate and Clinton’s record negative polling.  By the end of the campaign, the Democrats were largely arguing for an anti-Trump vote rather than a pro-Clinton vote.  Despite the loss to the least popular presidential candidate in history, Nancy Pelosi and various other Democratic leaders have tightened their grip on power.  The establishment then fought off a challenge from Bernie Sanders supporters and elected close Clinton ally Tom Perez to lead the Democratic National Committee.  Now Perez has moved to fill high-ranking positions with establishment figures and Clinton allies. Among them is Donna Brazile who lied about her violation of DNC rules in sharing debate questions with Clinton.  While the DNC staff rallied around Brazile, others saw Brazile as the very embodiment of the rigged primary and the hard-wired Clinton support in the media.  Her unethical conduct led to the termination of her CNN contract, but Perez now wants her on the DNC rules committee.


At the ironically named “DNC Unity Commission” meeting in Las Vegas, Perez circulated his list of appointments and nominations to DNC positions, which was leaked to the media.  Sanders people found themselves outside of high-ranking positions in favor of lobbyists and insiders associated with the establishment.

220px-donna_brazile_1The appointment of Brazile will be particularly galling for many activists who view her as one of the architects of the election disaster — and someone who lied to the media in the wake of the scandal.   It will be hard to show Sanders’ supporters that the party has changed when these same figures reassume control over key positions.  Yet, as the DNC continues to struggle with failing contributions, they are doubling down on establishment.  These figures have succeeded in deflecting criticism of their key role in electing Trump with the selection of the candidate with the least chance to defeat him in an anti-establishment election.  It is precisely the tactics used so unsuccessfully in the election,  Now, with the opposition to Trump growing, they are returning to their prior positions in the hopes that voters will focus on their hate for Trump as opposed for their disdain for the Democratic establishment.

The risk is considerable for the party.  They seriously miscalculated with Clinton in the last election.  While she received more votes that Trump, many felt that other candidates would have easily prevailed against him.  For critics, this move will reaffirm the view that the party elites are primarily concerns with their insular interests and their own self-preservation and self=perpetuation.

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  1. Even Comrade Sanders if extremist enough for their taste. The Progressively Regressives have done their Seig Heiling and gone in favor of national versus international socialism.

    1. OMG – a Presidential candidate engaged in opposition research! Oh my stars. PS: this has been known forever. This was originally GOP oppo research.

  2. OT – Hey Paul, what happened to “your boy” Flake? Afraid he was gonna lose? I just wish y’all could get rid of McCain and we in SC could kick Linda Graham to the curb….

    1. Autumn – as I said in another post, little Jeffy Flake was getting his ass kicked in the polls by Dr. Kelli Ward. He could not generate money and Bannon came in last week to support her. That was the kiss of death for him. He was never going to survive the primary. Now the question is, can Ward survive the general?

      However, he decided that if he was going down, he was not going down alone and was going to take the President with him. Flake and McCain have never supported Trump so I don’t think most people in Arizona care, but the nation does not know how much trouble Flake was in. He does not have the war chest McCain has and the comments on his FB ads pleading for money have been very cruel. The voters of Arizona do not like him.

  3. Bernie is not a Democrat, does not run for Senate as a Democrat, but believed he should have received the Democratic Party nomination and have his people installed at the Party. I don’t blame the DNC one bit for wanting nothing to do with that. Once Bernie declares himself a Democrat, and works to actually raise money for and elect fellow Democrats, then this could be a real conversation. BTW, how is Tom Perez, a member of Obama’s cabinet, a Hillary loyalist? Try to stick to the facts.

    1. Tom Perez was selected by Obama. Keith Ellison was too much of the wild card for the establishment. Without Bernie’s appearances the DNC couldn’t even cobble 20 kids at playground.

  4. The proverbial writing is on the wall. Here in East Texas (a staunch Democratic part of Texas), we have seen entire counties of elected Democrats announce party affiliation switches for the upcoming elections. That is, the elected officials are denouncing their Democratic Party and moving to the Republican side of the aisle, claiming that the Republicans are more in line with their own personal beliefs.

    In the past six months, I’ve seen county commissioners, county sheriffs, judges, assessors, etc. make the party switch. The two schools of thought are 1) they are afraid of losing the election if they stick with the Democrats, and 2) the Democrat party is collapsing within. I personally believe its a little of both. Regardless, the Trump election win should have been a wake-up call for both parties. America is tired of the political class, the status quo. America wants a government that truly has the people’s best interest at the top of every agenda. It would be a very wise politician to pay attention to this movement. Otherwise, there will be a lot of new faces in government at all levels.

    1. Joseph, interesting and edifying comment. I live local and regional insights. Fell in love w/ East Texas after watching the flick, Bernie. Keep contributing, you have much to offer.

    2. Not many dems around there for a long time…..That part of the estate has become Louie Gohmert territory.

    3. That started happening on the Eastern Shore of Maryland about 10 years ago. Always a heavily Democrat area, we now have in my County only one elected Democrat official and the entire “Shore Delegation” in Annapolis is Republican except one Delegate and a Senator (who is extremely vulnerable).

  5. The actions of the Democratic Central Committee in pushing out Sanders supporters rather than listening to them and embracing them and their Ideas for sensible policy changes clearly highlights why the party has become so out of touch with its traditional supporters and why it will continue to lose to Republicans even when conservatives stand for everything most Americans consider sensible. The Democratic Party establishment is a gift that keeps on giving to the opposition.

  6. Trump and Republicans can not buy as many votes as the Damnocraps give them freely with news like this. Republicans and Deplorables: please keep sending your checks to HRC and the DNC to maintain their current and continuous suicide mission.

    Isaac who posts here, only posted a million times how stupid is Trump. Take all the stupid, idiotic things Trump has done, add them together, and it pales at the stupidity of HRC, the DNC, Pelosi, Progressives in general, etc.

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