The Return of the Ancien Régime: DNC Pushes Out Sanders Supporters In Favor of Clinton Allies Like Disgraced Former DNC Head Donna Brazile

download-3We have previously discussed how the Democratic establishment has held on to power despite the disaster in the last presidential election.  The Democratic leadership and members were virtually unanimous in guaranteeing the nomination for Hillary Clinton despite the clear anti-establishment mood of the electorate and Clinton’s record negative polling.  By the end of the campaign, the Democrats were largely arguing for an anti-Trump vote rather than a pro-Clinton vote.  Despite the loss to the least popular presidential candidate in history, Nancy Pelosi and various other Democratic leaders have tightened their grip on power.  The establishment then fought off a challenge from Bernie Sanders supporters and elected close Clinton ally Tom Perez to lead the Democratic National Committee.  Now Perez has moved to fill high-ranking positions with establishment figures and Clinton allies. Among them is Donna Brazile who lied about her violation of DNC rules in sharing debate questions with Clinton.  While the DNC staff rallied around Brazile, others saw Brazile as the very embodiment of the rigged primary and the hard-wired Clinton support in the media.  Her unethical conduct led to the termination of her CNN contract, but Perez now wants her on the DNC rules committee.


At the ironically named “DNC Unity Commission” meeting in Las Vegas, Perez circulated his list of appointments and nominations to DNC positions, which was leaked to the media.  Sanders people found themselves outside of high-ranking positions in favor of lobbyists and insiders associated with the establishment.

220px-donna_brazile_1The appointment of Brazile will be particularly galling for many activists who view her as one of the architects of the election disaster — and someone who lied to the media in the wake of the scandal.   It will be hard to show Sanders’ supporters that the party has changed when these same figures reassume control over key positions.  Yet, as the DNC continues to struggle with failing contributions, they are doubling down on establishment.  These figures have succeeded in deflecting criticism of their key role in electing Trump with the selection of the candidate with the least chance to defeat him in an anti-establishment election.  It is precisely the tactics used so unsuccessfully in the election,  Now, with the opposition to Trump growing, they are returning to their prior positions in the hopes that voters will focus on their hate for Trump as opposed for their disdain for the Democratic establishment.

The risk is considerable for the party.  They seriously miscalculated with Clinton in the last election.  While she received more votes that Trump, many felt that other candidates would have easily prevailed against him.  For critics, this move will reaffirm the view that the party elites are primarily concerns with their insular interests and their own self-preservation and self=perpetuation.

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  1. Why should the Oligarchy and the perminant political class change if they do not have to? The Democrat party has lost the South to the Republicans.* At the same time it was Southern African American voters who gave the Primary win to Hillary instead of Bernie, whose followers where more ideologically commited. California’s primary has been moved up to weaken the power of the South at the same time. Independents are swing voters without Democrat or Republican loyalties. Steve Bannon, and Trump have showed that the Oligarchy’s theft of American manufacturing has transformed ‘the former Rust Belt’ from Democrat safe-space. The Democrats want a bicoastal win with the fly over middle America sidelined.
    *The days of James Carville, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Jimmy Careter are gone.

  2. I can only hope that the patient, that being the Democratic/Progressive Party, really is in the throes of political suicide; that it no longer represents the best of America. Sadly, to me the Party has come to represent nothing more than the fetid underbelly of our society. The Party has cavalierly, indeed purposefully, debased our traditions, our constitutional republic and our values. Goal: control over every facet of our lives. If the Party survives as a viable political force, it can only mean that the republic is as irretrievable as I honestly think it is. I also fault the closet Progressives on the right for this national suicide but, ultimately, We the People for foolishly permitting it.

  3. Trump will lose both The Iowa Caucuses and The New Hampshire Primary. And the reason Trump will fail to secure the Republican nomination in 2020 is that the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire will not be able to distinguish between Trump nattering on about being the victim of the greatest witch-hunt in human history versus Hillary nattering on about the vast right-wing conspiracy of professional Clinton haters once Trump’s Republican primary opponents juxtapose those twain nattering natterers in political advertisements plastered across every last TV set in Iowa and New Hampshire for weeks on end in 2020 followed by simple question, “Is America greater today than it was four years ago?”

    Trump is toast. And he has no one but himself to blame for it–just like Hillary.

    1. I would love to wager – with your money – I’ll take Trump for the win in 2020. Those middle class people who elected him on a wish and a prayer – have grown exponentially. Liberals have become “classical liberals”, moderate liberals have become ‘never-again voting Democrat’, and moderate Republicans are all in for Trump. As an aside, they are all also hiring, working, expanding businesses, and their investments have grown yuuuuuge-ly. They’ve tuned out the derangement and are thanking their higher power for Donald Trump. Mark my words.

      1. I woukd put my money on you. The reality of living is going to clash with the demagoguery for a lot of these folks, and I think they may change their minds. The people shouting the loudest at present are the elite non-majority, and they are doing a great job of alienating themselves from those that actually constitute it. People are more fed up with all that by the day, not less.

    2. Yes, sure, you’re right. So says the author of the CNN Twitter post just prior to the election, calculating the two candidate’s chances as:
      HRC 93%
      Trump 7%

      Oh, and how many views are we up to by now, for the YT videos of all the DNC including His Majesty Jesus Obama and their Hollywood sycophants laughing out loud into the camera, when asked: “Could Trump win?”

      I hear, if you wish really, really hard, all your wishes shall come true……….

      1. Beating a dead horse will not get Trump reelected in 2020 any more so than belittling and disparaging Republican Senators will get Trump reelected in 2020. Your cause is already lost. And you have no one else but Trump to blame for it.

      1. I was 100% backer of TG for her staunch anti-neocon anti-military excursion position, till I found out she apparently believes the answer to America’s problems is to import unlimited number of 3rd world types to further depress wage growth.

  4. Picture if you will a four party America. There are the DNC and RNC, which comprise the entrenched ruling class. (Didn’t George W Bush use the term “ruling class” recently). There’s Trump. And then there are disaffected Democrats who trend toward Sanders and Stein. Look at it that way and all the sudden the dynamics of it all make more sense.

    1. The more successful democracies-the US is not a democracy but an oligarchy-have four our more parties: center left, center right, far left, far right. This encourages more participation and greater focus on issues rather than an us or them mentality. The status quo/oligarchs maintain power by miring down the populace in nonsensical power struggles. The issues never really get understood as asinine activity such as tweets and blame throwing occupy the stage. This is not what the founding fathers envisioned but a travesty of which to be ashamed. First move, take private funding out of politics beyond $1000 per registered voter. Or, stay bought and paid for.

  5. I think the DNC has decided to commit suicide and this is the fastest way to do it. Who better on the Rules Comm than a cheat? She can just change the rules so it is not cheating.

  6. Well if democrats want to continue to support this corrupt organization, it truly shows the content of their character. They will receive the politicians they deserve and lose whatever respect they retain. At some point the voters will tire of the sleaze and malfeasances and they will turn against the democratic establishment. It will happen eventually, even Tammany Hall crumbled to the ground. Unfortunately it lasted long enough for decades to wreck confidence in our system and robbed from the citizenry.

    If the average democrat decided they had enough and marched into Washington and tarred and feathered these repugnant corrupt officials it would be the best thing they could do for themselves. But as long as they continue to act like sheep and bleat the party line, surrendering themselves to their perceived champions, positive change will be a long way off.

  7. It’s quite evident to me that this establishment thing crosses party lines. In 2010 the tea party helped the republicans capture the house. After that election not one tea party congressman or woman was named chairman of a comittee. I’m hoping that in some election cycle in the future the electorate across party lines reacts to the abuses of the establishment. In establishment circles the democrats need the republicans, and the republicans need the democrats, but they don’t need anybody else.

  8. It is hard to fight the establishment. And the establishment doesn’t care about voters, or fairness. It just wants power and money and moves like a juggernaut.

    “Among them is Donna Brazile who lied about her violation of DNC rules in sharing debate questions with Clinton. Her unethical conduct led to the termination of her CNN contract, but Perez now wants her on the DNC rules committee.” Now, where is the Little Lion Lannister when we need a pithy comment about irony?

  9. The DNC is pretty confident that if they can keep Hillary from using a private email server this time, she should win, and after all, it’s her turn.

    1. Hillary is road-kill. And that, too, is why Trump is toast. Without Hillary to kick around anymore, Trump’s whiny, cry-baby routine will sound just like Hillary. John Kasich will never sound just like Hillary. Come to think of it, Trump is just about the only candidate who could ever sound just like Hillary.

      1. Trump isn’t the topic of this item though. The DNC just suffered their most epic lost in their entire history. Their response? To double down on the things that turned voters away from them AND to rely on the Clinton machine to choose their next nominee. Who am I referring to? Kamala Harris visited with the Clintons in New York a few months ago. One doesn’t just visit with the Clintons – someone’s getting something out of the deal whether it’s authority to run in 2020 or a stain on a blue dress.

        1. andrewworkshop – I hope Bill was good enough to tell her he had genital herpes (he told Monica and we can only wonder if he infected Hillary).

        2. andrewworkshop said, “The DNC just suffered their most epic lost in their entire history.”

          From this we can deduce that Andrew was born either after 1972 or 1984; and that neither his parents nor anyone else ever told Andrew anything about either 1972 or 1984; or that Andrew has long since forgotten about either or both 1972 and 1984.

          On the other hand, perhaps Andrew thinks that winning an election with less than half the voters is an epic victory. After all, Trump, himself, said as much over and over, again and again.

  10. One thing abut the extablished Dims one has to admit they are funny as hell like that clown Mad Max

    1. Autumn – thanks for the clip. The Dr. of Common Sense is great. However, I am not sure if he is wearing sunglasses to hide from the tv lights or the police. 😉

  11. And the democrat principals have been busy little beavers.

    To wit,

    Newsweek –

    “A new Congressional probe of the 2010 sale of U.S. uranium to Russia led by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is examining if the FBI alerted senior Obama administration officials about corruption among the transaction’s Russian players. Before the deal was brokered in 2009, the FBI under Robert Mueller—who is now special counsel in the Russia investigation into potential collusion with the Trump campaign—had begun an investigation into corruption and extortion by senior managers of a company owned by the Russian government’s nuclear company, Rosatom. According to court filings revealed by The Hill Tuesday, in 2009 the FBI found enough evidence to suggest Vadim Mikerin, who headed the Rosatom subsidiary Tenex, was corrupt and high-level officials at Rosatom knew about his bribery scheme. In 2014, he pled guilty in a U.S. court case to orchestrating more than $2 million in bribe payments through shadowy accounts in Cyprus, Latvia, and Switzerland. As secretary of state, Clinton, along with then-Attorney General Eric Holder, presided on the U.S. Committee on Foreign Investment that approved the deal.”


    Joseph Rago –

    “Wall Street Journal Reporter Asks Russia For “Clinton Information” —-Turns Up DEAD 2 Days Later”

    “A Wall Street Journal Editor who was investigating how a Russian
    Pharmaceutical firm could have been purchased in 2014 by an American
    Pharmaceutical firm while Sanctions against Russia existed against such
    business transactions, has been found dead in his New York City
    apartment. The crux of the dead journalists investigation was how
    then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton influenced the transaction to be
    finalized, but only AFTER her husband Bill was paid $500,000 for giving
    a speech in Moscow.

    The Russia Consulate General’s office in New York City was contacted
    by Wall Street Journal reporter/editor Joseph Rago who requested a
    Thursday (20 July) in person interview with consular officials regarding
    an upcoming article he was preparing on Hillary Clinton and her links
    to Russia. Rago failed to attend the meeting and was later discovered
    dead in his apartment of as yet “unknown causes” just hours prior to
    this meeting occurring.”

    1. The Medical Examiner reported that the cause of Joseph Rago’s death was sarcocardosis…..(not sure if I have the spelling right).
      An autopsy was performed on Rago, and the results were released about 6 weeks ago.

        1. Tom–“The cause of death is sarcoidosis involving lungs, heart, spleen, hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes,” Julie Bolcer, director of communications for the Medical Examiner, said in an email Tuesday. “The manner of death is natural.”

          That’s pretty extensively involved sarcoidosis–the guy was 34 yo. Does anybody know if he’d been seeing a doctor on a regular basis–I can’t imagine that he wasn’t experiencing significant discomfort. Apropos of nothing, I recall that sarcoidosis was the default ddx on many episodes of House.

          1. The definition of “Sarcoidosis” is

            “I just found the Russian guy who can link Clinton to the Veropharm deal.”

            It is an incurable, ravaging and terminal disease.

            Funny thing:

            Joseph Rago was awarded a Pulitzer prize for investigative journalism regarding the deficiencies of Obamacare. Rago was an expert on the defects and deleterious effects of Obamacare. Among other negative aspects, it was rumored that Veropharm, its deal illegally done during precluding sanctions, owned a Russian drug manufacturing facility on the border with Ukraine which would, allegedly, produce drugs “mandated” for purchase by Obamacare participants.

          2. CC Skeptic,…
            -I had never heard of Sarcoidosis…..based on what was stated in some articles I saw, sarcoidosis can be asymptomatic.
            Even fatal cases.
            I don’t know if Rago had any obvious symptoms, or if he had been to a doctor prior to his death.
            It would be interesting to know if he had; also, I’d like to know if his friends/ coworkers noticed any deterioration in his health.

            1. And, of course, he had no such symptoms or disease and none was ever established, speculated about or otherwise mentioned.

              Dr. Thomas Noguchi said that Marilyn Monroe died of an intentional overdose of sleeping pills when the evidence and testimony conclusively indicate she was murdered for obvious reasons given her “relationships.”

              Looks like corruption is ubiquitous in America.

              Joseph Rago was far too good at his profession.

      1. And Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy.

        Anyone know what the ME’s said about Seth Rich or any of the other hundred or so victims on the Clinton Body Count – What Really Happened?

        1. The link to the

          The Clinton Body Count – What Really Happened

          has been censored from this post as “freedom of speech.”

    1. When asked about economic inequality, Tolkin responds: “People are so desperate for a pack of cigarettes that they’re forced to commit a crime”. WTF?

      Perhaps he should consider himself lucky he was banned from debates.

  12. keep it up Dims – your party is diminishing and we indies celebrate your demise. Choosing losers who are all about identitiy and losers on issues is not working. Just ask Kimberly Ellis in CA who was knocked out by a bankster.. And the whole idea of super delegates is beyond crazy.

  13. I think you nailed it. As a Democrat I’m appalled that Donna Brazile, a known cheat & liar, was appointed to the rules committee. It’s clear that the leadership of the Democratic Party has totally lost it’s way. Every rank and file Democrat who cares about our Party should move to remove these people from power before they drive us further into the ditch. This is about more than just a policy difference this is about right and wrong. I sure don’t want my children to know that I would support rewarding people for unethical behavior.

  14. The DNC seems to be deaf and blind. It destroyed the 2016 presidential election with all the dirty manipulation and now they will try it again? We need open primaries. This system with two parties in total disarray will destroy America.

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