[Not-So] LegalMatch: Disbarred Lawyer Facing Charges Of Sexual Assault On A Minor

ShubovDmitry Shubov has finally finished a determined and prolonged effort of self-destruction.  Shubov is a disbarred lawyer and founder of LegalMatch.com who has now been arrested for a sexual relationship with a minor.  His site pairs older “sugar daddy” or “sugar momma” adults with younger people. In this case, the girl proved to be 14 years old.

Shubov is facing charges of  unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor younger than 16, oral copulation with a minor and sodomy.

It took considerable effort for Shubov to reach this point.  He graduated from college from UCLA and then graduated by Berkeley with his J.D.  He was the given a job at the large firm of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson.  He was later disbarred in New York after pleading guilty in 2004 to unlawfully accessing and deleting voice mails from a rival company.

14 thoughts on “[Not-So] LegalMatch: Disbarred Lawyer Facing Charges Of Sexual Assault On A Minor”

  1. Why is this not bigger news? We need public awareness to get this guy out of America! And take his shit company with him

    1. the company LegalTRAP (aka legalmatch) make money three fold, 1. sue the atty who dont want thier sh*t leads because they are locked in some BS contract and would do any just to get out of it. 2. Take the same sh*t lead subscription and sell it to another desperate Atty (i.e. Fresh Grad from Law school who would do anything for that one awesome case) 3. Do a commission Charge back the Sales person who sold the the previous atty who wanted out.

  2. I guess being a crooked meathead is a job Americans just won’t do.

  3. There was a lengthy article about sugar-daddying in a local alternate newspaper, a few years back. Evidently the practice is fairly widespread. And not always (though often) strictly about sex. A number of women had long-term Daddies who would foot the bill for four years of college tuition, not one-night stands.

  4. Haha. Oh no, there are other persons and organizations to investigate. Git yur popcorn….READY! Nyuk nyuk…

  5. Important legal update today. Glad JT is on top of this. Anything else of note going on?

  6. Hopefully this trial is not going to end the investigation of the sugar daddies and sugar mammas.

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