No “Cisgender Straight White Males” Wanted: DNC Posts Job Notice That Excludes Heterosexual White Males

imagesAn official at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has posted a help wanted ad for its technology department that seeks the best candidates unless they are heterosexual white males.  The alleged email from Data Services manager Madeleine Leader was express and open about her prejudice against straight white males but neither the DNC nor Leader felt obligated to respond to the controversy.  The story was reported from the Daily Wire.

I have written to the DNC to try to get a comment but have not received a response. I will update with any response from the DNC.

In an email issued to DNC insiders on Monday, Leader announced that the Technology Department is looking to fill several positions and asked interested parties to forward the openings to their colleagues.  However, she asked DNC staff to avoid letting any straight white males know about the positions, stating “I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they’re already in the majority.”

If this email is valid, Leader was engaging in flagrant discrimination at least in trying to avoid white male applicants.  Such practices violate state and federal laws.  She should be fired.  However, there is also the concern that Leader simply made express what may be a practice at the DNC in discriminating against some applicants or employees on the basis of their race or gender.

If these reports are false, the DNC should clearly state so. Instead, it appears that the organization has gone into radio silence. Moreover, the mainstream media has not picked up on the allegations despite the seriousness of the those allegations.

With the exception of conservative sites, there has been no discussion of this controversy.  There is one site that refers to Leader as having worked as field director for Kathleen Matthews For Congress (wife of Hardball host Chris Matthews) as well as the Tennessee Democratic Party.  Her education is listed as a B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan University with a major in sociology/anthropology with a minor in Black World studies.

Associate Data Services Manager @ Democratic National Committee

Location Washington, District Of Columbia
Work Field Director @ Kathleen Matthews for Congress
Statewide Field Director @ Tennessee Democratic Party
Deputy Field Director @ Bill Freeman for Nashville Mayor 2015
Education Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Major: Sociology/Anthropology, Minor: Black World Studies, Overall GPA: 3.64, Major GPA: 3.87 @ Ohio Wesleyan University


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  1. The DNC doesn’t seem very concerned about the fact that they were “hacked” just a year ago, with over 20,000 e-mail messages and other documents posted to Wikileaks. As long as they persist in hiring any less than the best computer people they can find, it may keep happening, and I will have no sympathy.

  2. If this is how “they” are going to treat us, why should we stay in the Democratic party?

  3. Thanks Jill! I always enjoy your thoughtful posts. There are IMO many kind people who post on this blog even as you point out our political perspectives are very different.

  4. The problem with Affirmative Action and quotas is that it leads to discrimination.

    The only fair system is a meritocracy. Race and ethnicity should have no more bearing on your job or university prospects than your hair or eye color. It is skin deep. The only fair method is a meritocracy.

    The far Left is increasingly becoming the party of intolerance, racism, bias, and violence. Its Fascist roots are showing.

    1. This extremist phenomena reminds me of a conversation I had around the time of the election. An extremist Liberal earnestly explained to me that my child was born a racist and misogynist because he is a white male and that he should have less opportunities than kids of other ethnicities and gender to make it fair. Right. People suffering from political poisoning do not see an innocent child full of possibilities or judge him by his actions. They see evil in his skin color and gender. They are racist and biased without a shred of irony.

      And that’s the last they’ll see of me.

  5. Please explain how this differs – in principle – from “affirmative action” for minorities. (And I am a card-carrying liberal.)

  6. Would Leader be okay with straight Asian males applying, or would the “straight” and “male” be disqualifying? Seems like the DNC needs to hire more intelligent people in ALL departments.

    1. They hired someone with a background in the non-quantitative wing of sociology to supervise their IT staff. I don’t think intelligence is on the agenda there.

      1. SOT/TSPF/DSS…and now “AroundandAroundWeGo”…

        It’s hard to mask/change one’s writing style.

        1. Not attempting anything. Periodically, the spam filter starts acting up and I have to change my identifying information. If you have a complaint, take it to Darren Smith.

            1. The spam filter seems to be doing a reasonable job. After a while, it tires of you, too — and makes the proper decision. No complaints other than that it’s not flagging you often enough.

  7. As a straight white male I will not vote for another Democrat. We need a new party of the people. No wonder Trump scores so well with voters. I voted for Hillary the 8th but would never do so again.
    The Dems need a Harry Truman to come out of the mid states.

    1. Liberty, I grew up in a blue collar, Dem house. My old man saw this coming back in the 70’s. He thought just as you, as did my mom.

      1. Your old man was very prescient. I left the Dems after Rahm’s hippie punching, and the idiots keep validating my decision. Their tripling down on identity politics is going to lead to a lot more “screaming at the sky” days in 2018 and beyond. As Olly says, need more popcorn.

  8. Ya really hit the buttons with your base JT, and the hate just keeps going and going.

    1. For some strange reason, his ‘base’ thinks it’s perverse to refuse to consider hiring from population segments which make up about 60% of the available labor pool.

      1. JT has turned his site into tribal politics. 3 days since the indictments and all we get is cutting around the edges. If it had been HRC, his site and what has formed his base would be foaming at the mouth. Oh sure, he’s been on TV and wrote articles for other news services but here……crickets.

      2. He means that (1) the moderator isn’t writing things that validate his worldview and (2) the moderator is posting stories about things embarrassing to the Democratic Party.

          1. Yes, frequently. Try reading more often. It’s funny to me that people seem to alternately think this is either a left or a right wing site. It’s neither, it’s a site about law.

          1. I happen to largely agree with Jill, but JT does “toss red meat” and stir the pot.

            1. If it offends the so much, you do not have to read it. I am critical of every side all the time, it’s my nature. I’ve been frequently on the defensive on this blog, but I attempt to make a constructive argument. Not an argument from my side, just a strong argument. The professor provides an example of how intellectually bankrupt the DNC has become. If they have any intelligence, they may attempt to try to analyze the statements in a philosophic sense instead of resorting to “feelings.” As a supporter of the DNC, you may try thinking this way yourself. Trying to project a option for leadership doesn’t bode well when your philosophy dies on presentation. “We support equal opportunity (that’s a different argument, not addressed at this time…) for everyone–except you…” It’s really not that hard, and most people get it.

  9. Dear Democratic “Leadership”,

    Stop trying to divide the people of this nation. What you are doing is cynical and it will help destroy our nation.

    It is quite clear that you could care less about social justice. Manipulating the current vogues of the “liberal” class in order to take their money and allegiance is disgusting. Yes, these people are stupid for falling for it but it is much worse to take advantage of other people’s stupidity than to actually be stupid. That’s called being a scam artist.

    Bugger off. We have real problems in this nation and we need every single person on board to address them. Either start helping or get out of the way.

          1. Well, Tulsi is running as a democrat in her Honolulu district in 2018 as far as I know. Do you think she resign and run as an independent?

            1. yes and yes!! tGoldman sachs DNC is a dead party Major resason that she gets 0 press from the MSM

              1. It looks like a GS boardroom at the White House these days. Tulsi won’t be leaving the Democratic Party and joining MAGA. She probably gets a lot of coverage in her home state as she adds a needed voice to the democrats. .

                1. the corporate Dims tried to take her out during the last election funding a person running against her. Ever since she resigned her position to support Bernie during the primaries she is barely tolerated by the Establishment. Maybe stating openly that she was not afraid of the Clintons was the death knoll. Look at the losers they are running! Tulsi should be the 2020 candidate but that ain’t gonna happen. They will try to run a bankster friendly POC like Kamala Harris. Total bottom feeder.

                2. There’s a galaxy-wide difference between the members of the Upper Case (caste) D Democratic Party and the lower case (caste) democrats.

                  1. SHAFAR NULLIFIDIAN – i couldn’t agree with you more, but the little d democrats won’t flee the sinking ship, like a smart rat would.

        1. FFS and Autumn,

          I think many of us are really fed up with the sowing of division going on by the elites in this nation. These people don’t care about anything except money and power. Yet we desperately need as many people as possible to care about our society. Even when we come at things from radically different political perspectives you can always tell the people who care from the people who don’t. You both care as do others on this blog. That matters. It matters a lot!

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