No “Cisgender Straight White Males” Wanted: DNC Posts Job Notice That Excludes Heterosexual White Males

imagesAn official at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has posted a help wanted ad for its technology department that seeks the best candidates unless they are heterosexual white males.  The alleged email from Data Services manager Madeleine Leader was express and open about her prejudice against straight white males but neither the DNC nor Leader felt obligated to respond to the controversy.  The story was reported from the Daily Wire.

I have written to the DNC to try to get a comment but have not received a response. I will update with any response from the DNC.

In an email issued to DNC insiders on Monday, Leader announced that the Technology Department is looking to fill several positions and asked interested parties to forward the openings to their colleagues.  However, she asked DNC staff to avoid letting any straight white males know about the positions, stating “I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they’re already in the majority.”

If this email is valid, Leader was engaging in flagrant discrimination at least in trying to avoid white male applicants.  Such practices violate state and federal laws.  She should be fired.  However, there is also the concern that Leader simply made express what may be a practice at the DNC in discriminating against some applicants or employees on the basis of their race or gender.

If these reports are false, the DNC should clearly state so. Instead, it appears that the organization has gone into radio silence. Moreover, the mainstream media has not picked up on the allegations despite the seriousness of the those allegations.

With the exception of conservative sites, there has been no discussion of this controversy.  There is one site that refers to Leader as having worked as field director for Kathleen Matthews For Congress (wife of Hardball host Chris Matthews) as well as the Tennessee Democratic Party.  Her education is listed as a B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan University with a major in sociology/anthropology with a minor in Black World studies.

Associate Data Services Manager @ Democratic National Committee

Location Washington, District Of Columbia
Work Field Director @ Kathleen Matthews for Congress
Statewide Field Director @ Tennessee Democratic Party
Deputy Field Director @ Bill Freeman for Nashville Mayor 2015
Education Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Major: Sociology/Anthropology, Minor: Black World Studies, Overall GPA: 3.64, Major GPA: 3.87 @ Ohio Wesleyan University


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  1. I wish they would change the name and remove Demoncrat from the party name. That party has long been hi jacked.

  2. So an official of the Schizocratic National Committee wants to “diversify” tech by banning cisWMs, but also condemn them for not promoting “unity”. Hmmm.

  3. Interesting that she begins the email as A bit more than just the messenger here and ends with what she would personally prefer. That last bit should provide the DNC an out, that’s if they terminate her employment.

  4. I worked in technology that over run with straight (I assume because no one would admit to being gay in the environment) white males. The obviously sexist, racist environment was extremely oppressive. Maybe Ms. Leader is trying to keep the oppression down. I can appreciate her objective but not her means.

    1. Betty, no one who has read your commentary would ever believe you had the intellectual chops to work in IT.

        1. Swarthmoremom wrote: Anyone with a clue knows that female IT workers are in short supply.

          “Why are women leaving the tech industry in droves?”

          “A Harvard Business Review study from 2008 found that as many as 50% of women working in science, engineering and technology will, over time, leave because of hostile work environments.

          “The reasons are varied. According to the Harvard study, they include a “hostile” male culture, a sense of isolation and lack of a clear career path. An updated study in 2014 found the reasons hadn’t significantly changed.

          “Most women in the Harvard study said the attitudes holding them back are subtle, and hence more difficult to challenge.”

          1. Elaine, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Center for Education Statistics are your friend. The share of women working in computer occupations tracks the share of those in preparatory degree programs over the course of the last 40-odd years.

            There are somewhat higher rates of attrition for women entering tech as there are for medicine and law and other demanding professions.

            You can read Megan McArdle’s account of her experiences in tech. She didn’t leave because she was mistreated, but because she wasn’t and could not be invested in her work the way her male co-workers were, and sought something more congruent with what she was interested in and what she wanted out of her work Technology and engineering also do not fit into women’s lives very well because your skills need continuous upgrading and there is little margin to exit and re-enter. You’re there for the duration or you’re not there.

            In a sensible world, we’d be unruffled that different segments of humanity are interested in different things and seek different things from their work life. We aren’t in a sensible world, so we’re chewing over social fictions.

        2. Or, anyone who watches the HBO series Silicon Valley would know that as well. Here’s a thought, instead of majoring in Women Studies, major in ENGINEERING! That would solve the problem the RIGHT way,

      1. She offers a dubious personal testimonial wherein she libels her quondam co-workers (or fancied co-workers). But somehow someone else is ‘nasty’. You’ve got the incompetent elementary schoolteacher act down pat Elaine.

        1. You impugned Bettykath’s honesty and intellect with one and the same equivocation between technology versus IT. Meanwhile, Spinelli relegated Bettykath to janitor following your lead.

          I’d say anonymous has a well-trained eye for nastiness. As such, she’d make an excellent schoolmarm. Oh, if only she could send you and Spinelli to detention.

          1. I’d say anonymous has a well-trained eye for nastiness.

            No, she has a well-trained eye for unpleasantness which injures the pupils she identifies with. Very common type in elementary schools.

            You impugned Bettykath’s honesty and intellect

            An ineluctable consequence of actually having read bettykath’s remarks over a period of several months.

            1. Spam is an All Star arguer and some minor league types are trying to punch up, w/ sad results. And, what’s wrong w/ being a janitor? My immigrant uncle started as a janitor and worked his way up to being an engineer for GM. And, he’s the guy who always would say to me, “The only job you should ever be ashamed of is a job poorly done.” He would also say, “The harder you work the luckier you get.”

              1. Nick Spin wrote: “Spam is an All Star arguer…”

                LOL. This from the guy who — when insulted by SOT/TSFS, DSS — referred to him/her as the Cliff Clavin of this blog.

                Furthermore, the Spin-meister is a self-described “schmoozer.”

                And here he is backpedaling badly regarding his “janitor” slur.

                1. anonymous, my father taught me to be content with whatever I had or could get. If you’re healthy, be content with your own health. If wealthy, content yourself with your wealth. If wise, stop rubbing other people’s noses in their supposed folly.

                  The nasty boys cannot content themselves with their own intellects; because they’ve committed themselves to a lifetime of unnecessarily suffering fools contemptuously. Proof of intelligent life on Earth???

    2. Give me a break. People like you are definitely just as culpable with an attitude like that. I won’t deny it’s true about Silicon Valley, but that has more to do with honest to goodness narcississm, greed, dysfunction – it transcends gender altogether Even given that, this is NOT the way to handle such an issue, and as with academia, a misdirection of responsibility. Who sets the tenor? Why is it tolerated in the first place? You really aren’t helping with your defensive and half-formed victim thoughts, Betty. We have created this mess, are all in this mess together, and we will have to find our way out TOGETHER.

      1. PS – Marissa Mayer was no saint, even prior to her tenure at Yahoo (one which failed spectacularly, it might be added). Your comment is very weak sauce when transposed on reality, there, Betts. Unfortunately for you and the likes of you, the rest of us, contrary to your arrogance, aren’t asleep, and we aren’t dumb.

      2. Yes, there is a lot of egotism and narcissism in IT. It goes along with being able to make systems behave in a way that is under your direct control. I have seen it about every demographic. Seems to have more to do with quality of parenting. Alot of the early “geniuses” were a result of an idle mind with a toy–a computer, and they created a self-perceived identity over time where there wasn’t any other source or input. In a nutshell, “I’m cool, look at what I can make this thing do…”

        1. I think you are very much correct – too bad that frequently fails to translate outside of the laboratory. I suspect the money and prestige have a little something to do with it, too, and that also – as expected – transcends gender.

    3. Bettykath,
      Not sure where you worked, but every company my husband has worked for cared about results, first and foremost. Most of his colleagues are male (though he also works with extremely skilled women), but they are all from different backgrounds–because it is their skills that matter. The diversity of computer language knowledge and the diversity of advanced educational backgrounds (M.E., mathematics, Computer Science, etc) matters. Does your company allow telecommuting or not? If not, then perhaps the pool of skilled programmers where you live is not very diverse.

      I also posit the high possibility that there just aren’t as many women who love “coder in the corner”-type jobs. Long, odd hours sitting in a chair does not excite my interest, let alone writing code.

    4. I’ll give a bit more about myself. I did system development work, as a coder, a designer, a project planner, and a manager. For the first several years, every promotion I got broke a layer of the glass ceiling in spite of managers, every single one in a white man in a multi-project area, trying to knock me down. My last promotion before I left would have broken another glass ceiling but I had to leave that location in order to get it. The same for another woman who fully deserved her promotion to that same level.

      There are several examples of men receiving credit for the work I did. As a manager I hired outstanding women who had been rejected by previous managers, only to be castigated for always having a woman or a non-white person (all but three non-white persons worked in my department over my entire career) available for almost any job opening that advanced their careers. At the same time these same men saw those in their organizations as “skills” that they couldn’t lose, people without names or careers. Every project that I worked on, my work (whether singly or collectively) finished on time and within budget.

      On thing I learned as a manager who heard other managers speak of non-managers is that white males had “potential”. Women had to have already done the job for some time before being taken seriously. Non-whites were so dismissed that the few there were weren’t even discussed.

      In a way I was a janitor because along the way I cleaned up a lot of messes created by others. But that’s another story, well, actually, many stories.

  5. No surprise there. Look at the woman’s education. It’s unadulterated SJW.

    Recall KC Johnson’s disputes with the History chair at Brooklyn College. This sort of thing is bog standard in any institution controlled by progtrash and other enterprises which have HR departments which have imbibed the Kool-Aid. The courts do not enforce anti-discrimination law when it’s invoked on behave of social segments who are not progtrash clientele.

    Here’s a suggestion: repeal all anti-discrimination law applicable to private enterprise and private households. Simply require corporations employing people in multiple states or employing people outside the state where their charter was granted to issue an annual audited report on the demographics of the stock and flow of their workforce. As for public institutions, condition civil service hiring and promotion and state college admissions on timely competitive examinations and strip the courts of any franchise to insist the exams be gutted to please public interest lawyers. The professional culture of the bar does not permit anti-discrimination law to be enforced impartially.

  6. What’s the difference between not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding and wanting a diverse work force, both discriminatory but for different reasons?

  7. Da RNC needs to say they won’t hire any more of da white supremie males. Too many of em work there.

    1. They are stored in a basement along with all the “self-hating women” Hillary says caused her to lose the election.

  8. Just begging to be sued

    Maybe they can refuse to accept votes or campaign donations from these vile, filthy whiteys.

    1. Autumn – it would be nice to see the real POW files. It would answer a lot of questions.

  9. Brilliant marketing campaign, absolutely brilliant! (For purposes of sowing discord, that is.) One might conclude that she is an undercover Russian operative.

  10. Not to defend the DNC or discrimniation, but I would have thought her behavior stupid and divisive, but not illegal.

    She wasn’t saying she wouldn’t consider straight cis white males if they did apply, she was giving her preference towards where email should be forwarded.

    This might be like the DNC taking out career ads at Out Magazine, or at The Root, or at Jezebel.

    1. She wasn’t saying she wouldn’t consider straight cis white males if they did apply, she was giving her preference towards where email should be forwarded.

      Buy my bridge.

      What’s grossly amusing about this is that of the 55,000 baccalaureate degrees awarded in computer and information science these days, fully 1/2 go to white males of indubitably ordinary dispositions. Another 4,000 are awarded to Oriental and East Indian males these SJW types don’t like any better. Fewer than 10,000 are awarded to women. The ratio of women-to-men among those awarded such degrees each year was 0.6 in 1984 and has fallen to 0.22 today. Cohorts entering that field are less female than the extant cohorts in it. Here, we see trained technicians denied employment by bureaucratic microbe who almost certainly doesn’t know IT from tiddlywinks.

    1. KK – they ARE trying to lose as they cannot conceal their contempt for working class citizens. And I, along with my Independent peeps will be celebrating their demise =)

        1. Ken Doll, Goldman Sachs was a yuge Obama and HRC supporter. The evil banksters have infiltrated both the DNC and RNC which is why they couldn’t allow Bernie to be the nominee

    1. No, it is contra statutory provisions that the courts have ignored for 50 years.

          1. mespo – I don’t know how true this is, but I did read that Disney nature films made up the lemming scene and lemmings actually don’t fall off cliffs on their own, or whatever they do. However, it has become part of popular culture. 🙂

        1. Hey Paul,

          I hear the Flakester may run as an indie which cracked me up. Also, glad the JFK files are being released. Can we now the POW files that McCain had sealed as well as the USS LIberty data? =)

    1. Why would it? The MSM will ignore it and the sort of people who work for that media and for academic institutions and for law firms are perfectly satisfied with this sort of behavior. If this woman is sanctioned, it will only be out of a regard for appearances or a sense that she’s dopey as no one with a brain says this sort of thing in plain language and in cold print.

    2. If they lose the governor’s races in both NJ and VA next week, they might be. 🙂

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