Mall Menace? Moore Allegations Mount As GOP Tries To Force His Withdrawal

GW247H200Just when you thought allegations could not get worse for GOP Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, it does.  New allegations have surfaced that Moore was not only widely known to be someone who hit on young girls in Gadsden, Alabama but he was allegedly put on a watch list for the local mall to be kept away from young girls due to predatory behavior.  Despite virtually universal calls in Washington and the GOP for Moore to withdraw, he is refusing to do so even as his campaign is buried in allegations from an ever widening array of alleged victims, neighbors, former colleagues, and now mall workers.  Even with the Senate majority at stake, the GOP majority leader Michael McConnell has said that he would prefer to lose the seat and possibly the Senate rather than have to seat the likes of Roy Moore.  In the meantime, Moore went to a Baptist revival to reaffirm yesterday that he is not dropping out and that this is a “spiritual” battle for all faithful Alabamans.

News accounts quote multiple neighbors as saying that Roy Moore’s pursuit of young girls was “common knowledge” and “not a big secret” around Gadsden, Alabama.  The accounts support the four women who have come forward to share their own accounts of Moore’s conduct when they were young teenage girls, including one who accuses Moore of molesting her at 14.

What is interesting is that most of these witnesses are on the record and not anonymous.  Blake Usry, for example, has said that Moore’s creepy preoccupation with young girls was known for 30 years and that locals would talk about how surprising it was that the allegations had not been discovered by the media for so long.

The latest allegation is that Moore would regularly walk around the local mall to meet young girls.  It is a familiar pattern to law enforcement that often warns that malls are the favorite locations of pedophiles and sexual predators.   The mall opened in 1974 and was the popular hangout for teens.

Various women have come forward to support the account of Moore’s suspicious conduct.  While in his 30s and district attorney, these sources say that he would regularly prowl the mall and flirt with young girls.

Jason Nelms says that he was told that the mall had a constant watch out for Moore as a potential danger to young girls. Likewise, Greg Legat who worked a music store near Sears in the mall said that an off-duty Gadsden police officer named J.D. Thomas asked him to keep an eye out for three people, pickpocket, a brawler, and Roy Moore.

As we previously discussed with regard to Moore’s threat of a defamation lawsuit, these allegations should be relatively to prove or disprove. If Moore was on a watch list at the mall, there should be a record or at least additional witnesses.  If he was on that watch list, it would be a chilling notion that a man who was not allowed in a local mall could gain entry to the United States Senate.


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  1. This one is a front pager for the NYT and WaPo given the huge amount of ‘alleges’ and the zero count for ‘facts.’ You want to go after someone why not Rep. Wilson, F. who is the Florida version of Maxine Waters.

    Remember one of Rules of Liberal Reasoning is ‘If you can repeat something three times and get away with it, it can be used as a source for further repetitition.

    An example is the leadership of the GOP in Congress are Republicans when they are clearly the right wing of the Left.

  2. And all these things were never known before? I wonder how long Democrats have been working on this. Trump needs to speak to the Alabama people who believed in him last November. I can’t imagine changing your vote because of things never discussed before.

  3. We need a topic to be discussed here. The women on TV who diss this guy are all made up with make up and what not. What are they trying to appeal to? Women who appeal to men with lipstick and all that stuff are on the same plane as guys who touch them. Right? This topic needs to be discussed.

  4. Moore is going to win the vacant Senate seat I believe. Because with voters in Alabama, it’s what he say’s and who he hates versus not what he is are or what he does.

    1. Because with voters in Alabama, it’s what he say’s and who he hates versus not what he is are or what he does.

      Sadly, Alabama is not unique in that regard.

      1. Patriotism comes in many forms. If it is bad for the Progressive Socialists it may still be evil but by far better choice. Besides they have no morals, values, ethics or standards. Instead they have Clinton, Clinton, Warren, Schumer and Pelosi

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