Texas Prosecutor Fired After Posting Of Drunken Abuse of Uber Driver

Jody Warner has worked for the Dallas County district attorney's office for six years.(Twitter)A Dallas County assistant district attorney Jody Warner is out of a job after berating and striking an Uber driver in an intoxicated rant.  The Dallas County District Attorney fired her after the driver Shaun Platt, 26, posted an account of the encounter on Facebook.


Warner, 32, was picked up at a pub by the driver and allegedly became combative and insulting as she first told the driver to ignore his GPS and then told him to follow it when they became lost.

The most serious allegation in my view is that she accused him of kidnapping while referring to herself as a district attorney.  For a prosecutor, those are troubling statements that were magnified further by her alleged striking the driver.

In Platt’s recording, a woman can be heard calling him names, including “an idiot,” “a legitimate retard” and “stupid.”  She is objecting to his demanding that she leave his car and insists that he take her home.  She keeps insisting that what he is doing is kidnapping based on his “reckless conduct” — an obviously inebriated misstatement of the law.

The six-year veteran of the office was fired by District Attorney Faith Johnson after a “thorough investigation.”  She issue a statement that “Although criminal charges have not been filed, her behavior is contrary to this office’s core principle of integrity, and it will not be tolerated.”

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  2. It is frightening to think of the consequences if an Assistant DA truly abuses her authority, so I’m glad she was fired. It was prudent on the driver’s part to record the conversation, since she kept telling him he was kidnapping her. I shudder to think what could have happened if he had no evidence, and she told the cops he’d kidnapped her.

    As for Uber, we tell our kids never to get into a stranger’s vehicle…and then we get an app to do exactly that. I like the concept of Uber, but have no idea what kind of security checks the drivers go through, and how that compares to cab companies.

    1. In many localities taxi drivers have had a fingerprint based vetting. Uber policy requires only a driver’s license based vetting. Partly for this reason I never use Uber, only cabs.

      1. David Benson – I have only used Uber twice and it was in daylight with 4 people in the car. As a single drunk woman, I think I would call a cab.

        1. Wait. You are, or have been, “…a single drunk woman,…” PCS?

          Shouldn’t that be Fraulein Paul-a?

          Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

          1. George – I am not now nor have I ever been a drunk woman of any age. 😉 Clearly, should have worded that better. Hope this clarification helps. 🙂 Just to clarify the first sentence, I am not now, nor have I ever been a woman. And for further clarification, I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of the Communist party.

              1. George – I am the real PCS who comments on this site. I have not been replaced by a pod-person or had a sex transformation. When I looked in the mirror this morning, it looked like me and both my wife and the dog recognized me. So, I will take that as witness testimony that I am who I say I am. 🙂

    2. One benefit to using cabs, you don’t have to give all your personal information and create an account to simply pick up a phone and call for a ride.

  3. Dropping names and the “Do you know who I am” in an attempt to evade criminal responsibility based on their position should in my view constitute Official Misconduct.

  4. A creaky voice that won’t shut up should constitute an assault in itself.

    Sacking her was the proper course of action.

  5. I drove a cab long ago. Drunk and half-drunk women who behaved crazy were often acting out a fantasy which ended in having sex with the driver. Asking the driver to turn off the GPS and get lost sounds exactly like something they would have done (that never happened to me because I drove pre-GPS). Judging by her picture she was nice looking. The driver was probably inexperienced and didn’t realize what was happening. Sounds like he passed up an opportunity to have wild animal sex with a stranger. It was almost the only thing about the job I liked.

    1. So Rex, your saying all this crazy
      Drama was, because she wanted some
      Form of psycho sex? Scary.

  6. Are criminal charges (abusing power under color of authority?) possible? If so, she should be charged just as the DA would charge any citizen. What Warner did was give reason to ALL OF US to distrust the DA.

    Warner should be disbarred as well.

    1. Law/morality/ethics/protocol/etiquette/manners – shades of red and a lot of people are colorblind.

      “My career is done so I just wanted to put my side out there. I’m not a horrible person.”

      – Jody Warner

      Seems commensurate.

  7. I now use Uber wherever possible. I find the drivers much more amiable than cab drivers, sometimes a bit more amiable than I like. Those are the ones striving for that coveted 5 star ratings. I find it ironic that sharing services like Uber, Lyft, AirBnb, etc. are disliked by liberal politicians in big cities. These are services formed by ultra liberal Silicon valley people and are ecologically sound. Hell, Uber[and I believe Lyft as well] offer a lower priced car pool service. Of course, the resistance from liberal pols is all about who donates to their campaigns and often kicks backs from companies. In liberal Nova Scotia, ride sharing companies are banned. They are trying to run them out of London.

    1. I find it ironic that sharing services like Uber, Lyft, AirBnb, etc. are disliked by liberal politicians in big cities.

      The cab companies (especially in New York) have pre-paid the graft the liberal politicians extorted from them.

  8. I heard “Do you know who I am??” a lot in Chicago. That is one of the main reasons the city is failing. If anyone uses “Do you know who I am?” they are a sh!tbird. I’ve not spent a lotta time in DC but I imagine that is used a lot in that city.

    1. The term ‘dykwia’ had a brief vogue ca. 2004 applied to John Kerry, who has a reputation for trying to pull rank with service personnel. There was a municipal judge in Rochester who spoke that way to a cop when a third party (neighbors, I think) called the police to respond to a domestic dispute (IIRC at the home of and implicating the judge’s daughter, who was reputedly alcoholic). He never lived it down and was blown out of office when he was up for re-election.

  9. I can understand her not wanting to get out of the car in some unknown area at night. And I believe there is some responsibility on the part of a taxi or bus driver to not endanger a passenger by kicking him or her out in the middle of nowhere. This passenger repeated about a dozen times that she wanted to go home. It appears that he understandably got fed up with her insults and decided to dump her out, but had she been abandoned and then assaulted I believe he would be facing civil liability. If I were him, I would have either taken her home, or dropped her in a public area such as a mall, or safe area such as in front of a police or fire station. Her employment is a separate issue. Certainly she should not be misusing her position to coerce others, nor embarrassing her employer.

    1. And I believe there is some responsibility on the part of a taxi or bus driver to not endanger a passenger by kicking him or her out in the middle of nowhere.

      Huh!? So you believe the victim of verbal harassment and physical assault has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the attacker after the fact? Would your bleeding heart feel as compassionate if you had been attacked and left with an actual bleeding heart? You are out of your effing mind.

    2. What if he had a wreck after her verbal assault? She would have claimed he did it on purpose because she objected to his “attempted kidnapping’. After the profanity-laden tirade and name-calling, he had a right to demand that she leave his vehicle. Her refusal to do so might be considered trespassing. In any event, she is a disgrace to the prosecutor’s office. He should have called the cops on her for public intoxication.

        1. What is a “potty mouth”? Or moth. Or mouthe. Or mongrel?
          I am not into that.
          She is cute. The rest of you guys are fruit.

  10. I am particularly concerned that she was was going to sic the police on him and they will F*** him up.
    Police always follow the law and are always respectful of the public they serve…….

    1. Yeah, the police always are respectful of bottle blondies who work in the Prosecutor’s Office. Not so much for black men.

      1. Not so much for black men.

        Your dealings with the police will be more congenial if you don’t walk down the middle of the road as if you owned it, if you do not respond obstreperously and contumaciously to lawful instructions to respect traffic laws, if you do not attack the officer and try to take his duty gun away from him, and if you do not continue to charge an officer when you’ve been told to stop and have two bullets in your arm and another in your deltoid muscle.

        Just a suggestion.

  11. Professional people generally, lawyers in particular, prosecutors in particular. Not really surprised.

      1. Professional people generally, lawyers in particular, prosecutors in particular are often bottom orifices. AaAWG is not really surprised. Nor am I.

  12. Makes you worry what kind of prosecutor she was if she can’t tell the difference between getting lost and kidnapping.

  13. A little power abused, a lot of that going on. The penalties should be high enough to make a point. The higher the position of responsibility, the greater the punishment.

    1. issac – Being blind drunk in an Uber is not a crime, so losing her job is a pretty stiff penalty.

      1. “Drunk and disorderly in public” is indeed a crime in most if not all parts of the US.

        1. Joseph Jones – since bars frown on drunks staying overnight, Yellow Cab in Phoenix will taxi any drunk home for free. That way they are not drunk driving.

    2. Hmm “The higher the position the greater the punishment”, does that go for Clinton too.

        1. At some point in our “rule of law” system you have to think bigger and ask the legitimate question: Why is it that the more powerful one’s position is the less likely they will suffer consequences? If that’s of no interest to you then why do you follow a legal blog?

          1. Olly: Are you commenting on Zambini’s question about Clinton or my comment on Zambini’s use of a “whataboutism”?

          2. One of the all time best movie lines: In Cliff Hangar, thief/murderer Eric Qualan shoots and kills point blank his “girlfriend” Kristel, for her crime of no longer being useful to him. Eric’s captives look at Eric in shock at his grotesque murder, to which Eric replies snidely, “Kill a dozen, you’re a mass murderer. Kill thousands and you’re a conqueror.”

      1. My God–are you obsessed with the Clintons, or what? BTW: even Shep Smith says there is no “Uranium One Scandal”. All made up by loudmouth Pirro.

        1. Did Shep show his documentation on that, you know, interviews based on Shep’s subpoenas?

          So, while HRC was SOS, the Russian mining companies gave The Clinton Foundation hundreds of millions of dollars expecting nothing in return, right? Because, you know, them Russian mining companies have a long history wanting to stop child obesity, right?

          You and your new BFF Shep apparently missed or ignore Tuesday’s Congressional hearings, which revealed the same Russian mining companies requested the SOS’s help with problems Re. their request to corner 20% of the USA’s uranium. Was Shep’s statement before or after Tuesday?

          Let’s just fire Mueller and see what Shep says about all this, save a half billion for Natacha’s favorite charity, yes?

          And I’m sure there’s no connection between giving Russia control of 20% of US uranium and Bill doubling his speaking fees in Russia immediately after, right?

          We’ve known for months that Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya met with Donald Trump Jr. one time. We just discovered a week ago that Natalia met with Democrat contractor FusionGPS the day before and the day after Natalia met with Donald Jr. Purely coincidental, of course. FusionGPS would never ever hire a Russian agent to set up Donald, then later claim Donald was doing exactly what HRC and the DNC did, which was conspire with a Russian agent to interfere in a US election, right? No, HRC would never ever do such a dirty trick to become POTUS, wash my mouth with soap, heaven forbid!!!!!!!!!

          Yeah, when monkeys fly out my b__t.

          Memo to FusionGPS principals: might want to consider keeping a wide berth with nail guns, and consider parking your $200k DNK-paid limo in favor of Uber or public transit. Lookup, “Arkancide.” It takes some major big league stupid to think HRC and Bill gonna take the dive for this mess.

          HRC, like Natacha and Isaac, believed the lie that she would win, in which case this entire imbroglio doesn’t exist, and HRC is busy destroying nations like she did in Libya.

          1. Please post more of this revealing expose of malfeasance of the highest order. Great Scott! I think you’re on to something! Why? But why? Why hasn’t Congress, or a special prosecutor, or someone, ever investigated the Clinton criminal ne’er-do-wells? Oh, wait, never mind then…

        2. Nutchacha,

          it’s not “Uranium One,” it’s the Clinton’s pay-for-play surrounding it.

          You’re so cute when you’re so nutty.

          1. Anyone who does not believe there is a “uranium one scandal” is living in “La La Land”. There will be an indictment and someone will pay for selling our uranium to nefarious customers for a large “kickback”.

          2. You should pay more attention to loudmouth Pirro. She claims that HRC signed off on the deal, and it was a “pay-for-play”, none of which are true.

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