Aim High: Military Pilot Draws Giant Phallus Above Washington State [UPDATED]

DOyF6cMUQAEFaTEIt seems that Naval Aviators are taking a cue from their Air Force counterparts and “aiming high.”  In what may be the greatest example of male exaggeration, a Naval pilot drew a giant phallus in the skies above Okanogan, Washington.  I am ready to represent the pilot and argue that this is really nothing more than a cowboy hat and that the suggestion of anything more is merely an example of sexual repression revealed in an aerial Rorschach test. UPDATE: The pilots have been disciplined but will keep their “wings.”


Okanogan residents were curious about circles being drawn in the sky when a full image emerged.  Calls were made to the Naval Air Station in Whidbey Island which ultimately claimed responsibility for the drawing with the disappointingly terse response for the cocky pilot:  “this [is] absolutely unacceptable, of zero training value and we are holding the crew accountable.”


“Zero training value?”  That is a curious response from a military wing that uses the terms “blow thru”; “chicks” (for friendly aircraft); “naked” (for no enemy information); “Bitchin’ Betty” (for aircraft warning systems); “nutt to but” for lining up in close formation; “pucker factor” (for dangerous missions); and “stripped” (for leaving formation).

It appears however that the pilot is facing “chaff” (or countermeasures) for his aerial art.

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  1. Off topic. The BS on the news about men abusing women. Women and men both like sex. Yes. Not all women. More men like sex than women do. Part of that is the lessions told to kids by mom and dads. But as a former male hooker who got paid to lick the clits and rub the G spots, I can say that women will pay for play.

  2. kindly remember that much of the “military waste” consists of waste politicians everywhere create for non military purposes, such as F35 parts made in MANY states and foreign countries, or Boeing tankers made here, and C17s production lines closed down, while Airbus had a superior tanker to be made in Alabama but wasn’t, and an Airbus C-17 competitor struggling to be built safely in Europe, when C-17s would have been a safer, quicker, and better product for Europe. Add in forts that should be closed, A10 Warthogs the AF wants to replace with new favorite contractors sales, and AIP conventional subs made in Australia or Japan that would be a cost effective upgrade to our overworked sub force. AND, of course, most of our public transportation is designed / built overseas, taken apart, and REBUILT in USA under “made in America” programs.

    1. David Benson – I live in a desert surrounded by saguaro cactus. To have one that big, it would have at least one, if not two arms. Sorry, cannot buy the saguaro cactus story. 😉

        1. David Benson – there are some pieces of contemporary art I do not understand, however as someone who taught History of Art and Introduction to Art for years, I do understand much contemporary art. I even own some. However, the flying phallus is NOT art. It is a great display of flying, but not contemporary art.

          What is your contemporary art background?

                1. David Benson – I am going to have to see photos of your up close and personal experiences.

                    1. David Benson – that is no excuse. Dig out the family photos, scan them and upload them. 🙂 Proof is proof.

  3. to further confuse the issue it was NOT from Marine Corps as it was far too small. Must have been those Whidby Islanders making up sea stories again.

  4. But who’s to say it was not a training exercise for Trumps 2020 inauguration? Apologies for the frivolity.

    1. Humor was the point! I hope their superiors have their laugh (you know they did) and forget it. Or use it as a signal to troops on the ground of a prearranged order.

      1. Or it could have been a signal for Hillary’s troops to take over all of civilization.

              1. Savage – I mean exactly what I wrote: an army of minions that she can command. Obama still has some of his minions at his command and his organization OFA is keeping some of them busy. Clinton still has control of the DNC.

  5. I hope they issued a NOTAM to warn other pilots of this hazard. A free-floating phallus is a dangerous thing.

        1. captnmike – I was in the Army ROTC and all we did was get yelled at and drill. 🙂 We didn’t get any notices.

          1. to further confuse the issue it was NOT from Marine Corps as it was far too small. Must have been those Whidby Islanders making up sea stories again.

  6. CV – I appreciate the offer, but my wife already thinks I’m a redneck even though I have only once been East of the Mississippi, on a trip to NYC and she went with me. 🙂 And I could NEVER switch to the SEC. However, I do appreciate the culture, rednecks are like Mormons on steroids.

  7. Will this pilot have to reimburse to the American tax payer for this idiotic action? Is it that we have too many people bored to death because they have nothing better to do? Why the military cannot be used helping to rebuild our infrastructure while we are not at war? The Pentagon eats up more than 53% of our tax fund. At a time that we have such a high debt why to spend money in something we do not use. Our economy is in total chaos. This pilot and his actions represent a big slap on the face of the American tax payer.

    1. You need to recheck your facts. In 2016 Medicare and Medicade spending represented 28% of spending. Social Security represented 24%. Combined, these two areas of entitlements represent 52% of spending. All defense spending represents only 15%. Considering that defense is one of the things that the Constitution actually requires the Federal Government to provide, that’s hardly an unreasonable portion.

      1. Social Security is not an entitlement per se–it is an insurance fund into which everyone pays during his/her working years, i.e., a savings program of sorts to which the government also contribute. It should not be included in general expenditures, such as the budget. Reagan was the first one who included it in general funding to hide his smoke and mirror deficits.

    2. Are you serious? Wanna talk about wasting taxpayers’ dollars? Have you checked out how much Medicare and Medicaid fraud there is in our health care system? Oh pah-leeze. Get off your high horse.

    3. Graciela-
      You are exactly right. Young men are given weapons and permission to kill only because some prefer that to construction tasks. There must be many young men who enlist in the military out of desperation, who would be happier building something useful.

    4. Reimburse the American taxpayer for what? No one had to go scrub the sky. I, personally, found it funny, but I’ll bet the pilot is in hot water right now.

      You are incorrect on your figures for military spending.

      Here is some more food for thought. North Korea has been threatening to nuke the West for decades, and is getting quite close to getting functional nuclear weapons. This is one thing politicians across the aisle agree on.

      Iran has been threatening to nuke us for decades, and is getting quite close to having functional nuclear weapons. They start their day in elementary school and beyond chanting “Death to America! Death to Israel!” Strangely, we gave them billions of dollars and relaxed sanctions before requiring them to do anything, basically giving them the reward on the promise, to a nation that supports terrorism and is an enemy of our state, to be good. In violation of the agreement, they painted “Death to Israel” in Hebrew on an intercontinental ballistic missile and fired them off in repeated tests.

      We are currently at war with extremist Islamic terrorism, whose goal is world domination and the complete destruction of the West. Women and children would fair most poorly under the various terrorist organizations currently trying to conquer us at this time, so I, for one, am rooting for our side. We foil terrorist plots to kill Americans each and every year, but you don’t often hear about them. Our military is active both at home and overseas. One of my friends has re-enlisted, and is currently training to disarm explosives such as IEDs. And there is a great need for people like him, sadly.

      There is currently an outbreak of pneumonic plague, the “bad kind”, in Madagascar. This type of plague begins as untreated bubonic plague. Once it becomes pneumonic plague, it can be transmitted through the air, and victims and sicken and die within 24 hours. WHO is concerned it will jump to Africa, and penetrate throughout the continent because of its porous borders. They are on it and will likely contain this outbreak. When I was in MicroBio class, my professor was convinced that it would not be a war that would be an existential threat to our race, but rather plague, which would move much more rapidly in our globalized, interconnected world with rapid, frequent travel. Although this plague will likely get the lid slammed on, eventually there will be another world plague. It’s been a while since the last one. The military would be critical for enforcing quarantine.

      In today’s unstable world, why would any rational human being want to defund or under fund our military? Of course it could be streamlined tooth to tail, and we can always find waste to cut, and overhaul our procurement system. But “something we don’t use” illustrates that you are unaware of what our military does every day, and why it is needed.


          “While the declining trend in new plague case reports and reduction in hospitalizations due to plague are encouraging signs, WHO expects more cases of plague to be reported from Madagascar until the typical plague season ends in April 2018.

          The decline in case reports suggests that the epidemic phase of the outbreak is ending, however sustaining ongoing operations is critical to minimize bubonic plague infections and human-to-human transmission of pneumonic plague.

          The trend in the number of new cases of plague has been declining for more than a month, indicating that measures taken to contain the outbreak have been effective.”

          It should be noted that bubonic plague epidemics typically start from untreated bubonic plague. The infected fleas are still endemic to Madagascar, and they are still biting people. Villagers still dig up dead relatives annually in their festivals. So bubonic plague cases will continue throughout the season. Those still need to be treated immediately or it will again translate to a pneumonic version. WHO did much better this year than they did with Ebola, being proactive and chasing down contacts to give them preventative antibiotics.

          The concern in the medical community is that if people do not continue their course of treatment, there can be antibiotic resistance. That has not been noted yet, but is always a concern with disease.

          1. Karen S – I did see a headline that plague patients are fleeing the hospitals. This is not a good sign.

            1. It’s “plague season” there, but it would appear that things are under control:


              From the article:

              “I think the alarm bells were rung at the right time. And the response was timely. I do think that this could have been worse,” says Dabney, who was not involved in the response.

              But the outbreak is not completely over.

              “‘Over’ is a very big word,” says Bower.

              If one person got bubonic plague from a flea bite, didn’t get treatment and developed pneumonic plague as a result, a whole new chain of transmission could start up again.

              “So that awareness — that alertness — has to stay throughout the plague season,” Bower says.

              Despite “encouraging signs,” the WHO says, it “expects more cases of plague to be reported” in the coming months.

              After all, plague season in Madagascar usually doesn’t end until April. -NPR

              1. anonymous – what I found intriguing was this habit of digging up old bodies. I thought most cultures had stopped doing that. Well, we learn something new every day. 🙁

                1. “Well, we learn something new every day. ” -Paul


                  We do, we do… — “learn something new”…

                  “Dancing with the dead”…


                  “The local name for the practice is famadihana, but it is also known as “the turning of the bones” or “body turning.” It involves families exhuming the bones of their deceased relatives, rewrapping them with fresh cloth, and dancing with the wrapped corpses before returning the remains to their graves.”

                  Probably best to avoid travel to Madagascar during plague season. : )

          2. WHO:

            “Based on the available information to date, the risk of international spread of plague appears very low. WHO advises against any restriction on travel or trade on Madagascar. To date, there are no reported cases related to international travel.”

            1. It’s the age-old battle…of man against nature. We’ve had a few case, here, over the years.

              From Wikipedia — about pneumonic plague in the U.S.:

              “On November 2, 2007, wildlife biologist Eric York died of pneumonic plague in Grand Canyon National Park. York was exposed to the bacteria while conducting a necropsy on a mountain lion carcass.

              “On July 10, 2014, in an online news story article, by Keith Coffman of Reuters, featured on the MSN U.S. News website, it was stated that a Colorado man, whose condition the report said was not known, had been diagnosed with the pneumonic plague. The man was found to have the disease after the family dog died unexpectedly and a necropsy conducted on it revealed it had died from the disease, which is spread when fleas which have been hosted by rodents (mostly prairie dogs) spread to another nearby host once the original one dies. The plague is found in the western US.

              “As of July 18, 2014, three more cases were reported in Colorado. However, the outbreak appears to be over, according to state officials. The outbreak was caused by a pit bull.”

              (In the end, something’s gonna get us.

              “Plague Is Found in New Mexico. Again.”

              By LIAM STACK

              JUNE 27, 2017


              1. anonymous – we usually have 3-4 reported plague cases a year in Arizona. It is site specific and type specific and the hospitals in the area are prepared for it. We haven’t lost anyone as long as I have lived in Arizona. We also are one of two places in the US where you can get Valley fever. It attacks the first 1-3 years you live here and can present as mild as the common cold to as severe as death.

                1. Thanks, Paul.

                  Valley fever = coccidioidomycosis

                  “”California fever”, “desert rheumatism”, and “San Joaquin Valley fever”, is a mammalian fungal disease caused by Coccidioides immitis or Coccidioides posadasii. Coccidioidomycosis is endemic in certain parts of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and northern Mexico.” -Wikipedia

                  (As I said earlier, something’s gonna get us… : ))

      1. Maybe the authorities could have sent out another plane to “draw” something else over the offending image !

            1. Jay S – most women do not know what their vagina looks like, hence the “getting to know your vagina with a mirror” sessions that went on during the 70s. I think most male pilots are familiar enough with a vagina to draw it in the air. 😉

  8. Any naval flight jockey who can draw a (Anthony) Weiner at Mach 1 gets my vote for Top Gun.

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