“Your DNA is An Abomination”: Texas State University Embroiled In Controversy Over Racist Column Calling For “White Death” [UPDATED]


DNA-1122x1496 Texas State University is this week’s ground zero in our campus speech debate.  The most recent controversy was triggered by an opinion column by student Rudy Martinez on November 28th in The University Star titled “Your DNA is an abomination.”   While insisting that he cannot by definition be racist, Martinez declares that “white death will mean liberation for all.”  Martinez is a racist and the column is deeply disturbing.  However, as will come as no surprise to regulars on the blog, I still support his write to publish such views.  My concern is that universities continue to be selective in affording free speech rights to students. It is doubtful that the university would be so circumspect if the the column called for the death of minorities. UPDATE: The student columnist has been fired by the newspaper.

Martinez told The College Fix that “[t]hough my language, especially when I claim to have only ever met ‘12 decent white people,’ could be deemed as hyperbolic (just barely), it has accomplished its goal: starting a conversation and outing racists.” He continues with a position used by racists on campus across America: that they cannot be racist because only white people can be racists:

“… Was the piece racist? Nope; racist attitudes come from a position of power. The only group who have ever held true power in this nation are those who call themselves ‘white.’”

It is a transparently convenient and entirely unsupportable claim made by non-white racists to excuse their open racism.  Racism is not about power; it is about prejudice.  Martinez has clearly met more than a dozen “decent white people” but he could not see that decency past his own prejudice.  It is the same reason why he thinks that it is ok to denounce an entire race as having flawed DNA and better off dead.

Martinez’ column no doubt was thrilling to read for those who relish racist rhetoric:

“Ontologically speaking, white death will mean liberation for all … accept this death as the first step toward defining yourself as something other than the oppressor,” Martinez wrote in his column. “Until then, remember this: I hate you because you shouldn’t exist. You are both the dominant apparatus on the planet and the void in which all other cultures, upon meeting you, die.”


Martinez says that she is satisfied that she has forced people to think about race.  That she has but not in a way that faculty and students would have hoped.  There are real and pressing issues of racial discrimination that need to be addressed and discussed.  People like Martinez offer racism to combat racism and keep that dialogue from occurring.

Martinez, a self-described Marxist, has previously shown the same lack of judgment in his view of the ideal government in calling for a Marxist/Leninist government that ruined the Russian and imposed authoritarian rule over much of Eastern Europe.  A Bolshevik Revolution, according to Martinez,  is “the only way to achieve a lasting peace and avoid oppression.”

In the end, Martinez is just another racist on campus.  I do not support calls to defund this newspaper. Students should be allowed to write and read divergent, even disturbing views.  The concern is not the impact of such low-grade writing but the response to it.  Universities continue to treat speech differently in declaring some writings like Martinez’ to be obnoxious while declaring other writings to be hate speech.  The result is a de facto system of censorship that deals more harshly with views on one end of the spectrum of speech.  As I have previously said, I continue to believe that the solution for bad speech is more speech — not speech regulation.  Martinez’ racist views will fail because they are low-grade and hateful.  The same can be said for those expressing prejudice against minorities. They all belong in the ashcan of history.  However, they will only be defeated when free speech prevails for everyone regardless of viewpoint.

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  1. “However, as will come as no surprise to regulars on the blog, I still support his write to publish such views.”


    Me, too. How else can we separate the dung from the diamonds. Andy Rudy is dung personified!

    1. Huh??? I used to watch his little thing at the end of 60 Minutes every week and he hardly seemed like dung. Maybe a little curmudgeon-y, but that is probably because he was just getting old, and maybe he griped about a lot of things because he had the grippe???

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

  2. I want every racist, no matter what their color to do the following: they will be presented with the DNA of various people in a double blind study. They will identify correctly which DNA possesses “evil”. They will then write the life story of the DNA which they see. This DNA will be compared to the actual life of the person it was taken from. The racists must give an accurate accounting of the person’s life and they also need to show which part of the DNA represents “evil”.

    We really need people to do this because there is no rationality to the thought of racists. If it’s not blood, it’s DNA. So let’s see their evidence.

    He should write this crap all he wants. By the same token, since he is making very specific claims, he needs to show that he can indeed, look at someone’s DNA and show the evil. He’s at a university and he needs to present solid evidence of his claim.

    1. Jill, if only we could do that! Reminded me of a local sociology prof – she used to take her intro classes to a crematorium and have them hold containers of ashes to demonstrate there is no difference biologically from blacks and whites. That was back in the early 90s though.


      1. Yes, but Autumn, this is a good way to tell! If an urn turns upside down then that is the doing of a evil white spirit. If a glowing light descends over the urn then that energy is good and is used to create and continually power the very orb that Trump laid his hands on in Saudi Arabia! It’s all interconnected!!! 🙂

  3. He is dangerously delusional, but he is very consistent with Marxist/Leninist theory. He believes he can’t be racist because only whites can be racist, and that their dominance perpetuates that racism. But, in accordance with a true materialist philosophy, the human character can be changed once the dominating class is destroyed. Then, as if by magic, we’ll no longer have “race” as a human characteristic, and people will only recognize each other as equals. It’s traditional Marxism with racism added, but, like all other attempts to formalize such a system, it will fail because people will hate living there.

  4. In the end, the Bolshevik Revolution didn’t work out so well. Neither will all this anti-white sentiment work out, perpetrated by RBF liberals bent on accumulating wealth not by toil but by militant activism. If I sat down with Martinez, I would quickly discover he is not just racist towards whites but racist towards everyone who has more than he has. He only believes those 12 decent whites are decent because they have less than he has. He’s perpetually consumed with daydreaming about how much better the world would be if only he had more than everyone else. I know this Martinez. He’s just like all the people who hate my ass because I fly an airplane, but love my ass when I give them a ride.

    America’s divide today has less to do with racism, more with envy on the left for more on the right. It is what got the Bolsheviks going. It’s always been this way, the “haves” on top, the have-nots on the botton.

    1. Vinegart re “America’s divide today has less to do with racism, more with envy on the left for more on the right. It is what got the Bolsheviks going. It’s always been this way, the “haves” on top, the have-nots on the botton’

      respectfully I disagree – to be sure the Communist party gave power to the lowest common denominator to strengthen their power (as did Mao) by giving them authority to pit them against the bourgeoisie , but in the US the divide is not envy it is a concentrated virulent contempt for working class folks aka “deplorables” The people behind this are cultural arbiters – prominent professors as well as super wealthy folks. And the establishment pols benefit.

      1. If your take were true, we would’ve seen the same divide in microcosms such as Hollywood where there’s been a love fest across all ethnicities. That’s because everyone in Hollywood has money, so there’s no envy.

        Wars aren’t fought over ideologies. They’re fought when one country runs out of land and resources and then envys its neighbors resources.

        Your viewpoint is noted, but I think I will double down by saying “divides” are motivated by envy. The Line in the sand is ideology, so opponents know who each other are. Opponents used to be divided by borders or along ethnic lines, however, that’s all changing in our multicultural cesspool.

        But even the gender divide today has bases with envious “have-nots,” weather the deficiency on one side is “money and power” or on the other side, access to sex. Isn’t this what we’re seeing with all the sexual harassment claims? Feminism has diluted the value of female sexual power. Fifty years ago a woman could put on lipstick and by 10 p.m. have a man to legally exploit for a lifetime. Today, lipstick only gets her a one night stand; or lipstick and sex gets her one part in a movie. So sexual harassment is just the next chapter — payback. Only problem, men did not start the feminist movement.

        Naturally, I’m not attributing this scenario to every man and woman in the country. The lion’s share of men and women are perfectly happy with each other.

        1. well, we shall agree to disagree =on the topic of societal division ) re “Wars aren’t fought over ideologies. They’re fought when one country runs out of land and resources and then envys its neighbors resources.”

          there is that – but wars are also created to put $$ in the various corps associated with the MIC. They are also a way to distract from domestic problems – a common enemy to unify against

          Quite frankly I am tired of hearing about all the harassment claims. Cynically I think this is yet another distraction tactic away from real issues

          1. We’re quick to forget that throughout the 1990s there were wars that seemed perfectly palatable to the left. We’re even quicker to ignore the simple fact that wars require two partisans – peace doesn’t happen just because we offer it, the other side has to agree to it. In any event, I’m not quite certain how we are to assume the malevolent role in the current “wars” we see around us. Please inform.

            1. AWW – this is not a partisan issue. Establishment Dims are warmongers as well. Feeding from same trough.

    1. Odd. If Da T rumpers are doing that then how come Martinez is free to advocate genocide in a publicly supported paper? I mean, one would think if the fascism were that deep Martinez would have been disappeared by now and the paper’s doors closed.

  5. Do you all remember the 4 black teens who tortured a mentally disabled man and streamed it live on Facebook? It happened last year in Chicago. The hate crime charges were dismissed.

      1. slohr, I got it from someone on Twitter who intimated it was covered tangentially in the MSM.

      1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Chicago_torture_incident

        “Four suspects, all African-American, were arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated unlawful restraint, aggravated battery, and hate crime. Two were 18-year-old males, Jordan Hill and Tesfaye Cooper, and one was Brittany Covington, an 18-year-old female and her sister Tanishia Covington, a 24-year-old female.

        “On February 10, 2017, all four suspects pleaded not guilty at their arraignment. On May 16, 2017, a judge set bail for the four individuals: $900,000 for Hill; $800,000 for Cooper; $500,000 for Brittany Covington; and $200,000 for Tanishia Covington. None of the four defendants were able to post bail.”

    1. I do remember it. They took the guy to what I believe was a vacant house and abused him for several hours. If I remember correctly, it was just after a Trump voter in Chicago was pulled from his car and beaten. All of this should be available online unless the censors that manage the narrative have tucked them away as they so often do.

  6. With yet another example of minority racism. I can’t help but wonder when white males will start to “Atlas Shrug” society. Is it time for white males to go on strike and see how wonderful the world would be without them? Is time for white conservative males to start their own universities and push out the SWJ’s? At some point I would think white males would be very open to self segregation of races and sex. It’s an interesting thought experiment to give the racist minority the keys….

    1. Nah, Jim. That makes no sense. Living well is the best revenge not abdication. Let Rudy et stupid wallow in their own misery. Their bleats are music to many ears.

    2. Jews have already done this with Israel, segregating themselves from those who want to kill Jews.

      So, yeah, it is about time white men dig in, maybe even take back all they’ve given, leave everyone to their own devices, the hell with hold-up artists who believe white men owe them salvation.

    3. That’s actually a great idea. I remember the “day without illegals” strikes in southern California. We lived there then and there was great anticipation at what might happen the day all the illegals didn’t show up for work. What happened? Nothing. Life went on as normal. Traffic still sucked. The fish tacos at the place down by Dawes Street and Garnet in my zip code were as tasty as they day before.

      Imagine though if white men punched out for a day.

  7. Please follow up this story by publishing the rebuttal pieces in this blog.
    Poor witless Rudy Martinez only needs to look back at the time in history when the Spanish dominated the native people of South America to see what a superior race (sic) such as his own, does when they wield power.

    1. Yes, no joke. Mexicans and their ilk would rather work for a “gringo” than another Mexican. Living on the border for most of my life, I have seen how this Hispanic bunch treat each other. Quite disgusting really. Like rats trying to get our of the sewer. They pull each other down as they try to be the first out the trap. This compared to Whites who work at helping each other get out in one piece

      1. The Whites? I do see white men helping white men but that’s about it. Women, regardless of color tend to help each other but because of how segregated we are, white women tend to help white women and women of color tend to help each other.

        1. How can one help another? How about providing a job. Sam Walton did that and today his stores employ over 2 million people.

          How about Henry Ford who provided transportation in the form of an inexpensive automobile?

          I won’t bother with all the charities and charitable time men provide.

          1. Allan, Ford paid his workers enough so they could afford to buy his cars which they manufactured – loyalty and respect. Walmart is a horrid corp underpaying workers, sucking off the taxpayers teat and destroying local businesses by offering cheap crap from 3rd world countries.

            Unfortunately Amazon will probably surpass them with subsidies and ill treatment of its workers.

              1. AWW- I don’t have a laundry basket =). People are obviously free to shop wherever they choose but should be aware of the subsidies, their off shore holdings FWIW My husband shops there.

            1. Autumn, I’ve heard this story about Walmart so many times that whenever I am with my wife and have to shop at Walmart I walk around and end up talking to many of the employees. I don’t ask them directly if they like their jobs, but I get to talk about why they work at Walmart. Many are working there because Walmart gives them hours they are able to work and gives them discounts something that seemed exceptionally common among younger women. Some were working to get experience and advancement. Some were older and work to get away from their spouses and get the discounts. The ones that were dissatisfied seemed not to want to advance or do anything to help their employer. Then I asked people why they shopped at Walmart. The most important answer was they saved a lot of money so they could have more goods. Overall I think Walmart is not the monster you think it is. No one has to work there and everyone can benefit from their low prices.

              1. allan, some “associates” may well enjoy working there. My sister in laws experince was not so – after working as an accountant for 15 years her back went out and she was canned. But let’s get rid of the subsidies and off shore banking loopholes.

                1. Autumn, your sister-in-law sounds like she was looking for an interim job. It’s a good thing Walmart existed for her.

                  I agree with getting rid of almost all government subsidization and being careful how we target it. I also think that all tax breaks should be eliminated and new ones provided for national security issues for limited time frames. I even believe in a VAT or national sales tax without any deductions. I can’t address the offshore banking loopholes because I am not sure which ones you are talking about. Federal taxes exist to raise revenue and generally should not be used to create social policy.

                  1. Allan, most European nations have VATs – ranging from 15- 25% – never had a problem with it as I saw how the monies were spent for tangible improvements in infrasructure etc. Here though we vote for specific issues and it is put elsewhere. Also it is never rescinded. I certainly would not support a national VAT – our $$ are already abused – Congressional slush funds, hiring foreign workers like the Awans for 5 mi, schemes like Fast & Furious, the missing 6.5 Trillion from the Pentagon, etc

                    “Walmart hid $76bn of assets in foreign tax havens, new study claims”


                    To be fair Walmart is just one of many mega corps & banks who use tax havens. The Frontline expose “Tax Me if You Can” was illuminating.

                    1. Autumn those nations you talk about have developed socialist types of systems, but that can just as easily happen with the tax system we have as we have seen over the years. We need a balanced budget amendment. Consumption taxes can rid us of a lot of politics where tax benefits are used to garner votes for legislators. In many ways, consumption taxes are fairer because they also tax the underground economy and make everyone aware that government spending increases everyone’s costs. They eliminate the IRS as we know it and eliminate a complex reporting system. That saves a lot of time and money.

                      Regarding the tax shelters that concern you. They occur because of loopholes in the law intentionally created by Congress to benefit their donors. That needs to be ended and a consumption/VAT tax is part of a solution. Don’t make Walmart the bad guy because our Congress neglected their duties to their constituents in favor of their donors.

    2. Great comment and true despite the fact that the United States is blamed for killing so many Indians something that didn’t happen since by the time the US was created most of the Indians were dead and much of that death was from disease not killing.

  8. And this mental defective lives in Texas with easy access to firearms. Lord help us.

  9. Martinez is nothing but another left-wing racist, intellectually deficient and apparently not very bright. I found it interesting that he said, “only ever met ‘12 decent white people”. 12 disciples sat at The Last Supper. Delusions of grandeur perhaps?

    1. If it’s true he only met 12 nice white people in his life, I have to wonder what sort of deliberately segregated lifestyle Martinez chose to live.

      1. Martinez would likely turn on his mother if it benefited him. He is among the lowest of the low.

    1. Not necessarily. Hispanics are a mixed race of white (Spanish and/or French) and Indian, but not of any particular proportion. If you visit Mexico, you will see that the middle-class store owners appear to be mostly white, and the impoverished beggars appear to be pure Indian. The Mexicans who come to the U.S. looking for work can be anywhere in between. Hispanics speak a European language and practice a European religion, but the social and economic strata is 3d world, with the ruling class being white, the middle-class mixed race, and the poor being Indian.

      1. In New Mexico many of the Spanish-Americans, as they were called, were named Martinez. Most have paterlineal descent from Europeans. Almost every one in Latin America has materlineal descent from Amerindians, including the shopkeepers in Mexico that you mention.

  10. Certainly Martinez has a right to have his lunacy published – I’d prefer folks like him be given as much of an opportunity as possible to reveal his ignorance for everyone (future employers included) out there.

    I wonder though, does the publication that chose (and it was a choice, not an accident or something inadvertent) to publish him also grant a venue for differing points of view? I’m doubtful given it’s a uniiversity paper. That’s the true crime here – the pretense of free speech underneath which is hidden a soft form of censorship.

  11. He mus have some sort of personality disorder. Nice of him to have forever warned people about how his brain works, by means of writing such drivel.

  12. Mr. Martinez is racist and was he white and had written the column, he would be in sensitivity training right now.

  13. The Left has become totally Unhinged.
    They don’t seem to mind, because they know the have our children in their indoctrination camps.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  14. You know, I learned a long time ago that if I didn’t treat people with respect, and that is all people, I am the one that loses. If someone returns disrespect and hatred to your respect, then they are the loser. I cannot control them and I won’t blame myself if they react negatively. When I see someone with that kind of bitterness boiling over into their everyday life, I really feel sorry for them and those around them. To use a phrase I’ve heard before, “sucks to be you”.

    1. Yes sir, My dad once told me “Son, you show respect, good behavior, and pay your own way, People will call you back, as you are your own man”. It has worked for me throughout my life.

  15. I appreciate Mr. Martinez’s self outing as a racist idiot – given the longevity of internet postings, this screed will follow him around for life. Talk about closing doors.

    1. He can get an Affirmative Action job at the Post Office, and spend the rest of his life bitter and blaming whites because his worthless college didn’t do him any good. He was given a great opportunity and has squandered it, which I believe is the source of his resentment. He knows that white society gave him a handout in the form of a college education, but rather than buckle down and study business, accounting, technology, or something that will lead to a promising career, he’s too lazy and self-indulgent to be anything other than a self-styled hater, railing against the very people who gave him an opportunity. Yet he sees his classmates getting ahead, so he is jealous and angry.

    2. Here is the Star’s editorial apology, which I find exceptionally weak:

      “In the Nov. 28 issue of The University Star, we published an opinions column titled “Your DNA is an abomination.” The column has received widespread criticism from readers, with many expressing that they find the author’s ideas to be racist. The University Star’s opinion pages are a forum for students to express and debate ideas. While our publication does not endorse every opinion put forth by student columnists or guest contributors, as the editor I take responsibility for what is printed on our pages.

      “The original intent of the column was to comment on the idea of race and racial identities. We acknowledge that the column could have been clearer in its message and that it has caused hurt within our campus community. We apologize and hope that we can move forward to a place of productive dialogue on ways to bring our community together.”

      The editor, Denise Cervantes, acknowledged that many readers found the author’s ideas to be racist. (Though evidently, she herself did not). She goes on to claim that “the column could have been clearer in its message.” Frankly, its message was perfectly clear and that’s what this “apology” should have acknowledged.

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