Suspect Arrested In Chilling “Knockout Game” Videotape [Updated]

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 7.30.26 PM.pngWe have been following the vicious knockout game playing by knocking some unsuspecting person on the street (here and here and here). Police were looking for a man who brutally attacked an elderly man in Los Angeles, as captured by the videotape below.  Police have now announced that they have arrested Dale Shoner, 43.



The victim, Paul Young, suffered serious injuries.

Here is the video:


The LAPD was asking for people to help find the culprit in the random attack Hollywood. They are confident that he is the suspect seen on video attacking the elderly man on a Hollywood sidewalk around 8 a.m. on North La Brea Avenue.

The arrest occurred about two hours after that assault after Shoner was arrested for a different alleged assault at Santa Monica Boulevard and Spalding Avenue.  He appears to have been in custody when the LAPD sent out the videotape looking for the suspect.
Shoner is being held on $190,000 bail on charges that include robbery, criminal threats and assault with a deadly weapon.

What is particularly chilling is to watch the casual and detached response of the attacker, who clearly felt nothing for this elderly victim.  That is precisely why this man is a serious danger to the public and why his apprehension was such a priority.  If there was another random attack, the case may turn on a mental incapacity defense.

22 thoughts on “Suspect Arrested In Chilling “Knockout Game” Videotape [Updated]”

  1. I hope we can an update on this. It’s easy to lose track of these things, especially when you live pretty close to Baltimore…

  2. Oh my gosh, that poor man. What did he hit him with? Was the motivation that his victim was elderly, or was it a case of “all white men are evil”? Did he find that bag under a park bench and didn’t realize there was any weight in it?

    Callous, cowardly, spineless, wastrel of a thug.

  3. Too bad the old guy wasn’t armed. Would’ve loved to see him shoot the guys face off after his first swing at him.

  4. The attacker appears to have Pacific Islander and Asian ancestry. It also looks as though something came out of his bag during the attack and landed by the right rear wheel of the parked SUV. Or else the object at issue was knocked off the victim during the attack.

    1. The attacker’s upper teeth project out well beyond his lower teeth. His eyelids have very definite epicanthic folds. His cheek bones are high and wide. His nose is long, skinny and pointed.

  5. If they catch him, I’m sure our justice system, just like the one in Frisco, will find him not guilty because he really didn’t mean for the old guy to get in the way of his swinging.

    1. If he is an illegal alien, this will be considered an accident just like with the illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle.

  6. “We can’t arrest our way out of this”.-any liberal councilman to every police chief.
    More midnite basketball please.

  7. The street is busy, and I wonder if the guy was drugged or psychotic to be doing that in front of all those people.

  8. I think “you be racis” for pointing this out. Everyone knows these “youffs” are victims of evil, white racism and thus not responsible for this act. Might even be an act of retribution justice against the oppressor.

  9. I am going with stalking and assault with a deadly weapon on this one. There was some weight in the bag. Find him and make him everyone’s b**ch in the jail. Maximum prison time.

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