Roy Moore Denies Knowing Accuser Debbie Wesson Gibson . . . Gibson Then Produces Note From Moore

While I have been critical of the work of Gloria Allred and her failure to turn over the yearbook used in her press conference, I have previously stated that I found the allegations against Moore credible and largely unrebutted. I also view the allegations against Weinstein, Clinton, and Franken credible.  For that reason, I disagree with President Donald Trump’s endorsement of Moore and many are likely to find the encouragement to “Go Get’em, Roy” a bit chilling in light of the underlying allegations.

storage bin in the attic last week and inside was a scrapbook from her senior year at Etowah High School.  The graduation card was taped to a page titled “Those Who Inspire.”  She says it was written by Moore.

At a Nov. 27 campaign event, however, Moore declared “The allegations are completely false. They are malicious. Specifically, I do not know any of these women.” Two days later, he said in a church “Let me state once again: I do not know any of these women, did not date any of these women and have not engaged in any sexual misconduct with anyone.”

 In an open letter to Moore published on the Alabama news site, Corfman also came forward to respond to the denial after Moore’s Nov. 27 speech. She wrote: “You sent out your spokesman to call me a liar. Day after day. Finally, last night, you did the dirty work yourself . . .What you did to me when I was 14-years old should be revolting to every person of good morals. But now you are attacking my honesty and integrity. Where does your immorality end?”

Like most of these accusers and witnesses, Gibson, 54, is a registered Republican.

The Washington Post hired a former FBI forensic examiner, Mark Songer, who compared the yearbook inscription with the newly discovered card.  He found considerable similarity in the writing but wanted to do a full examination.  Gibson dated Moore and later worked for him in his race for Circuit judge but later reconsidered the propriety of a man dating her at such a young age.  However, she appeared to have friendly and cordial relations with Moore even after she was engaged.  That can certainly be cited by Moore in his defense, but that continuing relationship conflicts with the Moore denial of knowing any of these women. Moreover, the apparent denial of pursuing girls as young as 14 is increasingly difficult to square with not just the accounts of nine women but the other neighbors and former colleagues who have come forward.

The election is one week from today.



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  1. The Clintons deny a life of crime beginning in 1978 – unless you count Bill’s expulsion from Oxford in 1969 for the alleged rape of a classmate.

    Bill Clinton allegedly raped Juanita Broaddrick.

    “Juanita Broaddrick is an American former nursing home administrator. In 1999, she alleged that United States President Bill Clinton raped her in April 1978 when she was 35 years old and he was Arkansas Attorney General.

    – Wiki

    Hillary Clinton allegedly took a bribe from Tyson Chicken through their “mutual” cattle futures broker, “Red Bone.”

    “In 1978 and 1979, lawyer and First Lady of Arkansas Hillary Rodham Clinton engaged in a series of trades of cattle futures contracts. Her initial $1,000 investment had generated nearly $100,000 when she stopped trading after ten months. In 1994, after Clinton had become First Lady of the United States, the trading became the subject of considerable controversy regarding the likelihood of such a spectacular rate of return, possible conflict of interest, and allegations of disguised bribery.[1]”

    – Wiki

    1. What about…ism, dating back to 1978… really?
      Thanks to Obama for being American and not harping about previous decades of allegations in the lives of McCain, Bush and Romney. Nothing shouts desperation like talking about a transaction that may or may not have occurred almost 4 decades ago. The Russian tactic of “What about…ism” was introduced in the shrill rants of conservatives when America found itself in the midst of a Russian-linked presidency.

    2. George: the Clintons are out of politics now. I can tell you are a regular Fox News disciple, but their endless pivoting to harp on the Clintons every time your favorite President or another R gets into trouble should be getting old to you, too. The story du jour is Roy Moore.

      1. How are the Clintons out of politics? She just released a book and went on tour and spends every waking moment trying to keep herself relevant until they can get Chelsea on the ballot in Arkansas.

        1. Andrew-
          You answered your own question. The Clintons don’t hold office and are not running for office.

  2. Mr. Turley states: “I also view the allegations against Weinstein, Clinton, and Franken credible.”

    Has Mr. Turley ever stated his opinion that the sexual allegations to be credible regarding the POTUS?

  3. Debbie Wesson Gibson was 17 when she allegedly dated Roy Moore. That was above the age of consent and not illegal. In fact, women, in that era, got married at that age. My own mother was an of age teenager when she wed.

    The concern is not Gibson, but lying about it.

    The overarching issue is whether he sexually assaulted anyone of any age, and whether he pursued or dated anyone under the age of consent.

    Personally, I find the yearbook to be obviously doctored. It would be a shame if part of it was a valid signature, and she added to it to document information about the signer, because that casts the entire piece of evidence in the shade.

    Aside from that, there have been enough people come forward that there appears to be evidence that he was at least interested in teenagers. The salient point is whether anyone of any age was assaulted, and if he had intimate relations, willing or otherwise, with anyone under the age of consent. I have said before that this needs to be investigated, and that Moore should have stepped down while there was still time for a replacement to formulate a campaign.

    If it turns out that Moore pursued younger women, but they were all of age, then it’s much ado about nothing, criminally speaking. What would remain would be lying about it.

    If it turns out that Moore engaged in any criminal activity, even if it is past the statute of limitations, then that needs to come out. We may never know for sure – see Ted Kennedy.

    1. To help illustrate the lack of criminality in some of the accusations, Jerry Seinfeld was 39 when he started dating a 17 year old high school student, with the blessing of her parents, whom he later married.

      AOC in New York is: “a person who is under age 16 but older than 13 years old can consent to sex with a person who is no more than 4 years older; the crime of the 3rd degree rape only happens when a person over the age of 21 has sex with a person who is under seventeen years old or younger and that person can or may be punished with up to 4 years in prison. The younger the victim is, the more severe the punishment. Note that this mans if you are 13 years or younger, you cannot legally consent, regardless of whether the other person is the same age or not.”

      17 is the age of consent in NY. Jerry Seinfeld dated a teenage high school student at 39 years old. It was consensual, and led to marriage. In general, I do not think it wise for older men to date teenagers, but in this case it worked out.

      Any consensual relationships over the AOC in Alabama at the time should not, and cannot, be included in accusations of wrongdoing by the media. They can certainly be used to establish a pattern of dating legal younger women. It would also not be illegal to proposition, ask out, or flirt with any girl over the age of consent. It could certainly cross the line to harassment and stalking under some conditions.

      They should stay focused on any alleged criminal behavior.

      1. Karen S – Reno 911! did a very funny commercial for a pocket card that had the age of consent for every state on it. They were demonstrating the importance by showing that what was illegal in CA was legal in NV. If I were single and much younger, I would have bought the card. 🙂

        1. That’s funny. They should also have included the vital importance of carding any prospective girlfriends.

    2. >Personally, I find the yearbook to be obviously doctored.

      Presumably you have had it in your hands?
      Your point about age is important…in the 1950s Jerry Lee Lewis married his 14 year old cousin in Alabama. Great Balls of Fire.
      It’s Moore’s lying that stinks….nearly as much his primitive religious beliefs about the nature of reality.

  4. OT — I thought this was hilarious. Joyless is either a moron or a liar

    Joy Reid‏

    Donald Trump married one American (his second wife) and two women from what used to be Soviet Yugoslavia: Ivana-Slovakia, Melania-Slovenia.

    Julian Assange

    MSNBC ‘liberal’ debate

    (1) Attack a man by casting suspicions on his wife
    (2) Using xenophobia
    (3) By fabricating history + geography

    #Yugoslavia was never Soviet. It was a fiercely independent neutral state.

  5. A woman claims Roy attempted to rape her fitty years ago? And she safely preserved Roy’s greeting card for fitty years, because exactly why? To remind her how much she hates him? Because she likes being reminded of men who attempted to rape her? Because every time she sees it she gets a warm and fuzzy feeling? Because it has Roy’s scent on it? WTHay?

    I’m reminded of the rich white Democrat who got clean away with cold blooded murder and discharging an automatic weapon during a bank robbery, Patty Hearst. She alleged one of the SLA members raped her, but she was found to be in possession of a keepsake the alleged rapist gave her. Patty and Roy’s ex-girl friend above seem to have a lot in common.

    To Patty and Roy’s accuser I say: “When monkeys fly out my b__t!”

    1. I graduated HS fifty years ago, too, and I have all my graduation congratulation cards. Many of my relatives who gave me cards have since died. They are precious to me. They were precious to me at the time, so that’s why I kept them. I have my yearbooks, too.

      1. The way you write about women’s bleached bottle hair and CFM pumps and all that had me thinking you were probably a young woman in your 20s. Not that it matters, but I’ll just say that I find it hard to believe you are a mature woman well into your 70s.

        1. Nope, nowhere near that old. Maybe you didn’t notice that I said that I started school early. Was always the youngest in my class. Not that it matters, though.

          1. Missed that comment. Sorry. So it’s more like 70 than 75? Or do we have a prodigy among us?

    2. Gibson was not the woman who accused Moore of attempted rape. That was Leigh Corfman. Patty Hearst was sentenced to prison. Your train of thought is a runaway.

      1. She deserved the death penalty a thousand times over, but not sure that was in effect at the time. Yes, Patty got away with about 4-5 years in prison, for cold blooded murder of an older woman making a deposit Monday morning, a deposit of the meager collection of funds from her church. The deceased grandmother and her MD husband gave their lives saving and helping the poorest of the poor in far away lands. Patty murdered her and said the woman died because of white racist oligarchs who deserved only death (sound familiar?).

        I was born and spent the first 20 years of my life within two miles of the Hibernia bank Patty robbed. I could have been in that bank at the time, so I take this a little more personally than most. She also conspired to murder police with bombs and justified all her actions by fomenting revolt and over throw of the US government. Then when caught, she played the part of a poor little brainwashed victim, a complete and totally fabricated lie. She also destroyed an otherwise intact marriage (the SF police man she later married, when he met Patty for her private protection detail, he had a good marriage, which the spoilt little rich white democrat destroyed).

        Patty authored bomb making manual for the SLA too. Patty enabled and did everything possible to help the SLA. Two SLA members walked up to the black Chief of the Oakland School District, and shot him to death in cold blood, because the SLA viewed him as cow-towing to whites.

        Then ex-President Carter, to his ever lasting shame, convinced then-President Clinton to pardon Patty, one of the most evil, self-centered, disgusting pieces of human dung to ever walk the earth.

        BTW, the sum total # of black members of the SLA was exactly one, the leader himself. All his little sycophants were white like Patty. The SLA, in their huge shoot out wherein several members died in the ensuring fire, discharged about 6500 bullets into a purely residential neighborhood, and risked the lives of several black innocents, including children stuck in the house when the shooting started, and a black woman so drunk she slept through all or most of the shootout.

        Jeffrey Toobin’s book on Patty is a must read.

    3. Joe here might not keep stuff for a lifetime but many do. If that’s incomprehensible to him and requires stupid cooked-up narratives to explain then Joe is beyond help…and if an he’s attorney I worry about his clients…
      Being inaccurate about Patty Hearst doesn’t help Joe’s credibility…she murdered no one. Darn facts…

  6. I see that the willfully blind culpable tribal alternative reality crowd is out and ready to back Trump and Moore all the way. My question is what happens when your post-factual, post-ethical political world is exposed as a fraud? Do you blame Obama and Hillary when you drop something in the kitchen? Do you live in a world where the rich are too poor and our poor are too rich? Are your news services processing the answers that you already want? Do you have your own set of facts and insist on your own reality? Good lord wake up and smell the COVFEFE.

    1. How can you expose a fraud when the persons who make claims won’t present the evidence to back such
      for proper vetting? If you want to put some teeth into your bite, then you have a clear path:
      release the ‘evidence’ for proper vetting. You still have time!!

      1. Moore’s lawyers already told us what the results will be, without even personally examining the actual originals: that the signature was traced, the signature was of recent vintage, it’s a fake, he didn’t put “DA” after his name in those days, etc.. Moore’s going to deny signing it and his ignoramus disciples will believe him, so I wouldn’t turn over the originals either.

        1. very poor excuse and only plays into the hands of those who believe these pieces of ‘evidence’ are frauds – look, release them asap. you still have time. Moore will be gone in a matter of hours. You got anything to lose?

    2. The entire situation you describe above, results solely from one thing, which is the refusal of a goodly portion of spoilt little Americans to accept the results of the last election. Every statement you make about the people you hate applies directly to the person in the mirror. From Russia, to the next thing, to Trump has lost his grip on reality, to the next, to the next. All the result of your TDS/Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      Trump says thanks for two things: nominating likely the only American who could possibly lose to Trump, and for your nominee giving Trump his Electoral College landslide. Please, change nothing, and continue with the status quo. You’re doing a splendid job!

  7. I see that Al Franken is refusing to resign. I see that John Conyers, aka Captain Underpants, is refusing to resign. If the Democrat leadership in Congress wants to take a stand to force these two to step down now and also move to reveal the names of all the secret settled $17 million harrassment cases paid for by the Congressional slush fund, then they might be able to shout their outrage from the roof tops about Roy Moore. Otherwise? Shut up all you hypocrites and let the voters of Alabama decide.

    Moore may not remember these women and there are no accusations more recent than four decades ago indicating to me that whatever he may have done 40 years ago did not continue. Moore has been married for over 30 years to a woman who is standing by her man.

    Because the Democrats are protecting Franken and Conyers, why on earth would Trump not endorse Moore in an attempt to keep the seat Republican? If the Democrats handled Franken and Conyers differently, Trump may have been forced to handle Moore differently. As it stands, Trump did the right thing in the face of the Democrats standing by their accused men.

    1. Roy Moore won’t resign either if he is elected. Moore will probably be elected and Trump will have a new best friend in Washington.

      1. Even the RNC is backing Moore now. Moore will be in the Senate precisely because the Democrats did not want to lose their seats by forcing out Franken and Conyers. I don’t think Moore would have survived if the Democrat leadership handled their situation differently. Pelosi and Schumer made their choice. Trump and the RNC made their choice. In other words, nothing changes if nothing changes.

        1. There’s no reason to believe the Dems would lose their seats if Franken and Conyers resign. Dayton would nominate a Dem to replace Franken, and the issue will be out of voters’ minds come the next special election. The predicted family fight over Conyers’ seat shows that Michigan’s 13th doesn’t merit a comment. Almost 50% of Dems polled recently believe Franken should go. Pelosi and Schumer played this very poorly, because they’re idiots.

          1. Exactly. I didn’t phrase it correctly. Franken would have been replaced by a Dem, so they had nothing to lose by forcing Franken out quickly, but they chose not to. And of course Pelosi didn’t want to force out “an icon” like Capt. Underpants Conyers. So now we get Moore. Good times. I like to remind myself that these people in Congress are not our ‘leaders’ – they are our ‘public servants.’ Adjust your expectations.

        2. The voters of Alabama chose Moore over Strange before the other allegations came out. We will more likely get Moore because of Trump’s endorsement. Trump is more popular in Alabama than he is anywhere else.

          1. Do you have reading comprehension problems, T Bob? Anyway, what’s crude is YOUR President bragging about grabbing womens’ genitals. Does Melania think about that when she holds his hands for the cameras?

            1. Natacha – does Hillary wonder where Bill’s hands have been when they are holding hands? I sure wouldn’t hold hands with him, god knows what you could catch.

            2. If you live in the USA, he’s YOUR president too, sweetheart. We know Trump is crude, but I am not so comfortable with that kind of language coming from a grandma. 😉

            3. Talk it talk and actions are actions. Trump was all talk. Conyers, Franken, Bill Clinton and maybe Hillary too (she had to get Web Hubbell in bed somehow) were action.

              By the way, in 2005 when Trump made the Billy Bush comments, he was a Democrat.

            4. Natacha, apparently you have never been with a man or a man has never been honest with you enough to explain what goes on in the locker room. There is a difference between locker room talk and the action we see from all these leftists like Weinstein, Lauer, etc.

      1. Only if they give his seat to his son. The Crown Royals got nothing on “democracy.”

        1. Conyers has nominated his son to take his seat, so he sees it as a primogeniture position. He controls the 27-year-old son, keeps the money in the family, etc. Papa pulls the puppet strings.

  8. I”m pretty sure that Roy and his christian backers misread the Bible. He thought Jesus said: “suffer the little children for I will come unto them.

    Looking to political leaders as bastions of moral virtue makes no sense. However, ignoring credible claims of a truly heinous crime is ethically repulsive. Apparently, there are many adults who will sell out children for a tax cut and the implementation of their “values”. That is reprehensible.

    1. “Apparently, there are many adults who will sell out children for a tax cut and the implementation of their “values”. That is reprehensible.”

      The has been selling out the future generations for decades.

      1. That should be “The left has been selling out the future generations for decades”.

          1. Vacuous brains seldom supply useful information to prove their claims.

            I see another vacuous complaint from anonymous. She is one of the wonders of the world. One wonders where she puts her brains.

              1. Sounds like anonymous is becoming more and more anal compulsive. That can happen when one starts to lose their faculties.

                When brain transplants are available we will make sure to place you first on the list.

                    1. About Paul C Schulte’s comment @ 1:38 p.m.:

                      So says the pot, as he intervenes for Allan, once again.

                      Said by Allan upthread: “The left has been selling out the future generations for decades”.

                      Paul responds — working his way into the fray:

                      “anonymous – still failing to move the conversation forward.”

                      Broad, sweeping and false statements — like Allan’s — hardly more the conversation forward. You two need to get out more, but maybe the pay is good.

                    2. anonymous – you are not moving the conversation forward, misspelling and pissing two people off instead of one. You have done a good days work. Congrats on nothing!!!!

                    3. Allan on
                      December 5, 2017 at 2:04 PM

                      “It’s anonymous revealing her OCD”

                      And it’s — yep — Allan — elevating the conversation, again.

                    4. anonymous – you might be OCD, have you been checked? Your writing pattern would suggest it. If you where my student I would recommend that you be tested, however, you purport to be an adult, so testing is on you. However, if you are and know it, you should monitor yourself in these comments. People can be cruel in their statements or retorts. I would not like for you to get hurt by a comment for something that is really not your fault.

                      However, if you are not OCD, then Katy bar the door because there will be a fun time in the old town tonight. 🙂

                    5. There is no elevation of a conversation when you are concerned anonymous. No content, no thought. Just the typical OCD problems of a less than intelligent woman.

                    6. “misspelling and pissing two people off instead of one. ”

                      Paul, who says she is pissing anyone off? I like watching her ooze her way down the gutter.

                    7. Allan – sorry for speaking out of turn for you. I was hoping to light a fire under anonymous. It probably won’t help, but it was a thought. 😉

                    8. Anonymous you must spend hours just writing one post that says absolutely nothing. I got plenty of time and typing a reply only takes about one minute. Most of the time is spent laughing at the stupidity you and a few others bring to the blog.

                    9. anonymous – that is just a pivot. You still haven’t moved the conversation forward.

                1. Allan and Paul C. Schulte,…
                  I noticed that “anonymous’ name appears as one of the most frequent commentators ( in JT’s Nov.20 column.
                  In scanning these comments, I don’t think this has been mentioned.

                  1. Tom, you might be right, but the amazing thing is that despite all her posts she says absolutely nothing.

                    1. Since anonymous complained abouy the number of posts by you and PCS, I thought it was interesting that he/she was on that same list of most frequent commentators.

                    2. Tom Nash – I think I was No. 3 on Turley’s last list. There are really other people to be looking at. 😉

  9. (1) The best you can do is get Moore in an alleged ‘lie’ about recalling this woman?

    (2) If you actually read the WAPO story Moore treated her as a gentlemen ought – and don’t even give me the bigotry crap about age gap – this woman’s story is at complete odds with the psycho child molester stories of the other two. Nothing even remotely untoward here.

    (3) The ‘evidence’ again is not vetted properly. Even the WAPO admits it’s deficiency.

    What was required to really make a difference was this:
    Allred (and now this lady) ought release the ‘evidence’ to proper authorities for a real examination. But that’s exactly what did not happen.

    Verdict: Nothingburger. Do something for real please.

  10. If he gave it to her at graduation, she would be of age. And she put it on her page of those who inspire. I do not remember all the women I have dated, nor do I remember all my students. I do not remember many of my high school classmates unless they were close friends. I do not remember all the people I have worked with or for over the years.

    1. Moore was not in high school with her nor did he work with her. He remembers.

      1. Natacha – even then she would be of age. And I have none of my graduation cards, gifts or yearbooks.

          1. Natacha – maybe my mother said that all that high school stuff was nonsense and I should keep my college stuff.

            1. The cards remind me of the people who loved me and wished me well back then, many of whom have since died. Most put in a little note or personal message. I also have many of the Christmas cards I’ve received over the years, which I value for the same reasons.

              1. Paul’s mother was right to err on the side of tossing it all. It’s also known as sentimental clutter. You are holding on to the past. According to Marie Kondo, “The purpose of a letter is fulfilled the moment it is received and read.” 😉

    1. The are all disgusting but the most disgusting is the one’s under the names The Clintons

  11. I have met countless people from the past and don’t remember them. I also remember signing many yearbooks where I had no connection to the individual. Some wanted as many signatures as possible so I doubt I would have the slightest idea who they are today.

    I think Turley is too hung up on his personal feelings towards Moore.

      1. Maybe he doesn’t. Do you now believe that we should convict people based on the intuition of others? That doesn’t seem to comply with the law of the land.

          1. That is exactly what you have been trying to do with your opinions. Instead of jail, you wish 30-year-old unproven allegations destroy his life.

        1. Science indicates few things in the world are as unreliable as eyewitness testimony.

          1. These people are incredible. Not only do they wish to convict on unreliable 30-year-old eyewitness accounts, but they are also ready to convict based on intuition.

            Where do seemingly intelligent people come up with these ideas?

  12. There is a perfect opportunity to settle this once and for all. Have handwriting experts examine originals of the writing supposedly done by Moore and compare them with contemporaneous samples of his writing.
    Compare the writing and ink in written by Ms Gibson to see if it was her writing and written at the same time as the rest of the entries.
    It seems too simple. Why is it not being done?

    1. Al O’Heem, you are consistently funny. But I can’t remember the name of that David Lynch movie. I can only remember that it wasn’t Mulholland Drive. Can somebody give me hint? Or just spill the beans.

        1. Thanks Al, you’re a real mensch. I should’ve taken Rosellini’s dress as a hint. Doh!

  13. I’m a Trump supporting Republican and I disliked Moore strongly before the allegations came out. I find him to be hyper-religious and otherwise dull. But if I lived in Alabama I’d vote for him, and then immediately call for his resignation. There’s no way I’d support forfeiting the seat to the Democrats. The balance of the Senate is too important.

    1. And if the good judge did not resign, what then? You would be in the position of having put in a place of power a man that clearly is a pedophile, a liar, and who places his religious beliefs above the law and the Constitution. Surely our democracy is strong enough to include a Democrat in the Senate! Do you place the balance of the Senate higher than the morals of the man you elect to it?

      By all accounts Moore’s opponent is qualified, has lived to high moral and ethical standards and has served Alabama with honor and integrity. His record is spotless and his respect for the law is unquestioned. It would seem he would serve his state with distinction.

      Beware of lowering the bar so to elect a candidate as repugnant as Roy Moore.

      1. Bluearkie, in the last 20 to 30 years do you have any claims that Moore deviated from the sexual norms of our society? No, you don’t. Do you have legal proof that Moore did anything illegal in his youth that would lead to conviction today? No. Yet, you call Moore “clearly is a pedophile. That is slander except for the fact that he is a public figure. Do you think your opinion as a “slanderer” is of any value?

          1. What evidence do you have that Moore sexually assaulted a minor? You are using the word assault. I think assault would be a physical attack and mean that the action wasn’t consensual. I want to be clear. You aren’t accusing him of rape, are you?

          2. Bettykath,…
            I don’t think that Moore can be charged.

        1. Allan, I could not help but notice that you only took issue with my calling Moore a pedophile. Leaving that aside for the moment, how do you respond to the rest of my post?

          1. I can’t get by such a brash claim that apparently you cannot prove. Therefore, one has to look at the rest of your post in the same way. How do I know anything you say is valid?

    2. Dougal,…
      I think a number of peopke will vote for Moore, viewing a Moore win as a “caretaker seat” in the Senate pending replacement of Moore.

  14. While some men need tight legal controls because they are unable to control their bodies, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are unfit to legislate. Roy Moore is unfit because of his general ignorance, inability to analyze information and arrive at reasoned conclusions.

    Here’s a philosophical question for you…Do the uninformed misguided opinions of low information uneducated desperate people deserve representation in Congress/Senate? It’s a rhetorical question of course because they currently have far more representation then everyone else has.

    1. He’s a not a progressvely regressice socialist liberal. His opponent is. He’s pro Constitution and a our Constitutional Republic. His opponent is pro Marxist Socialist. His party did not support the Clintons and the unacceptable DNC, His opponent did and does. We are in a counter revolution. A War..

      As an independent self governing citizen I make my own decisions. and do not have them made for me by A Collective of a Foreign Ideology that is anti American to the core.

      End of conversation. What may or may not have happened balanced against the known actions with intent of the Clintons and others and the actions of a party that is and almost did destroy my country is not a hard choice. aftter the disgusting way the opposition sent me and my colleagues to war time and time again. The score in blood is far to high to ever NOT support any opposition to the part of progressive socialism. nor turn my back on my country and it’s Constitutional Republic system.

      Finishing my military career did not end my oath of office to the Constitution one the other side disregarded the very second they lied when they took the oath.


      1. ) re: “His opponent is pro Marxist Socialist.” No he’s not. He is a neo lib just like the rest of the DINOs. His platform offers nothing even remotely “socialist”

      2. Yea…Roy Moore is actually very much opposed to the Constitution and the rule of law. Hence being removed from office twice for failing to follow it.

        ), it’s admirable that you feel so strongly about your oath. Roy Moore has been removed twice for ignoring his.

        1. Huh – Moore had a judicial difference of opinion as to how the Constitution should be interpreted. Yesterday we had a 7-2 decision upholding the President’s ban on certain immigrants. Those two “losers” had a judicial difference of opinion. Should they be impeached and convicted?

            1. Huh – both Presidents Lincoln and Jackson ignored SC orders. It should happen more often. Taney was Chief Justice for Lincoln.

    2. “”Even if he were mediocre,” Mr. Hruska declared, “there are a lot of mediocre judges and people and lawyers.”
      Roman Hruska – Republican U.S. Senator from the state of Nebraska in his defense of Nixxon’s nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court, G. Harold Carswell.

    3. A man is unfit when there are corroborated statements from multiple women who were used by him for sexual gratification when they were under the age of consent. Testimony about use of force would be especially damning.

      For mall security to have had Moore on its radar for observation is telling.

      If Moore will lie, not only about the situation but, impugn the character of his accusers, he is already an inhabitant of an immoral swamp and is unwanted in D.C. except by others who are immoral.

    4. CPB re “Do the uninformed misguided opinions of low information uneducated desperate people deserve representation in Congress/Senate? It’s a rhetorical question of course because they currently have far more representation then everyone else has.”

      LOL – that applies to all partisans

  15. The difference between the Trump administration and the Republicans and previous Presidents and by in large the Democrats is that while both parties are inhabited by scum bags who lie, cheat, and abuse the trust of the people, the Democrats and most previous Presidents find shame in this and weasel out. Clinton is a prime example. However Trump wears his lies and idiocy like a badge of courage and something to appeal to all the dupes that voted him in. Moore has been tutored by Trump, just lie and lie and hold to your story. Focus some blame on someone else. Eventually it will go away. Attaboy Moore. You learned from the best.

    1. It’s interesting that Isaac talks about “finding shame in this”, then mentions Clinton as “a prime example”.
      Clinton(s) ( take your pick, Bill or Hillary) are shameless, blameless, mere victims of “a vast, right wing conspiracy”.😒😏

      1. ) ,
        Yet there is value in unintentional humor.
        Using the Clintons as examples of politicians who feel shame and slink away is laughable.😄😂

        1. Nash

          Your inability to differentiate between the word I used, ‘weasel’, and your ‘slink’ illustrates one of the prime ingredients of a dupe. Bill Clinton weaseled out of the results of his uncontrolled libido. He did not slink. He should have slunk but he did not. He paraded and continues to parade. This may make him more deplorable in the eyes of some. In my eyes he is a coward who simply could not tell people to go f*#^ themselves, that his sexual affairs with grown women were nobody’s business but his and Hillary’s. Clinton’s lame attempts at manipulating semantical nuances of what it means to get laid or merely receive a hummer were not becoming of a leader. Regarding the Clinton’s feeling shame, that is obvious. The fact that they don’t have the backbone to admit their shortcomings is a direct result of them hiding from them or shame. Just look at the expression in Hillary’s face when she is cornered and you can see the shame. Someone who has no shame whatsoever is Trump. That Trump is not ashamed of himself, does not weasel but simply lies flat out, blames anyone within range, is a sign of someone beyond the average politician when it comes to recognizing reality. Trump is a sociopath of the worst sort. They all have egos but Trump’s is narcissistic beyond the average. Compare and contrast these scumbags and you should see how Trump is head and shoulders above the norm when it comes to hypocrisy, narcissism, lying, buffoonery, incompetence, etc. You have your Moore’s and perhaps they are unavoidable but they are typically found in places like Alabama. That citizens of the US actually voted for some one who could tutor Moore, for President, is the real shame here.

          1. Nice try, Isaac.
            Talk about “manipulating semantical nuances”.
            You have a knack for saying so little in so much verbiage.

            1. This was my favorite line: “Just look at the expression in Hillary’s face when she is cornered and you can see the shame.”

              OMG. Is he joking? I couldn’t tell.

            2. My other favorite line: “In my eyes he is a coward who simply could not tell people to go f*#^ themselves, that his sexual affairs with grown women were nobody’s business but his and Hillary’s.”

              I bet those women who Bill raped and assaulted would feel differently.

              1. TBOB,..
                I heard that “it’s his own personal business” line a number of times in the 1990s in defense of Bill Clinton.
                With respect to Monica Lewinsky, a consenting partner, that was largely true.
                The $850,000 settlement that Clinto paid to Paula Jones involved more that Clinton’s “own personal business”, as did the allegations of Kathleen Willey, Juanita Briderick, and others.
                At least four Arkansas State Troopers assigned to orotect Gov. Bill Clinton didn’t view pimping for the Governor, or covering for him, as part of their job description or Clinton’s “own personal business”.
                The woman who was aced out of a State job by a lesser-qualified Jennifer Flowers also thought this was more than Clinton’s private affair.
                With Lewinsky, that defense of Clinton could be used.
                There are too manny other cases where in went beyond Clinton’s private behavior.

              2. TBOB,..
                I heard that “it’s his own personal business” line a number of times in the 1990s in defense of Bill Clinton.
                With respect to Monica Lewinsky, a consenting partner, that was largely true.
                The $850,000 settlement that Clinto paid to Paula Jones involved more that Clinton’s “own personal business”, as did the allegations of Kathleen Willey, Juanita Briderick, and others.
                At least four Arkansas State Troopers assigned to orotect Gov. Bill Clinton didn’t view pimping for the Governor, or covering for him, as part of their job description or Clinton’s “own personal business”.
                The woman who was aced out of a State job by a lesser-qualified Jennifer Flowers also thought this was more than Clinton’s private affair.
                With Lewinsky, that defense of Clinton could be used.
                There are too manny other cases where in went beyond Clinton’s private behavior.

                1. Absolutely. And worth saying twice. 😉

                  Here is clip of Camille Paglia summing up Hillary and Bill in about one minute: Hillary is a mess and a fraud who has ridden on Bill’s coattails. And Bill is a “sex criminal.” As the title of the video says: it’s an Epic rant.

                  1. Oh, and Hillary failed the Bar Exam in Washington DC, too. But she’s supposed to be so smart, right?

          2. Tom, did you listen to Issac say, “Just look at the expression in Hillary’s face when she is cornered and you can see the shame.”? Now he pretends to be a face reader. He belongs in a carnival with those that read your palm. Everything he says is subjective and meaningless.

            By the way Issac you never told us why you left Canada for the United States.

            1. Allan,..
              I thought that both Clintons were very good at keeping ” poker faces” when faced with “Bimbo eruptions”.
              They also, in conjunction with people like Swamp Creature James Carville, had a pretty successful counter-offensive in smearing Clinton’s accusers.
              The only thin g that really sticks out in my mind, as far as facial exoressions, was the look on Bill Clinton’s face when Trump had three of the Clinton accusers seated near him; I think that was at a Trump-Hillary debate a few weeks before the election.
              That was probably the most uncomfotable expression I’d ever seen on either Clinton’s face.

              1. Tom, they have good “poker faces” and a lot of Democratic friends that will clean up their messes though recently there are less of them.

  16. You mean to tell me a GOP sexual predator lied? How can that be? trump said he supports roy moore and so it must be true that moore is a good, honest, evilgelical, Christian who likes little girls very, very much. Between trump and moore there are only 25 women accusing these fine upstanding ‘Christian’ republicans of sexual harassment and sexually predatory behavior. They deserve to be in jail for their predatory behavior but they are held in high regard in republican circles. SAD! How many women and children would Christ abuse?

    1. Can anyone here name some of Trump’s friends? I’ve never read about any such.

    2. The values of the activist, evangelical Family Research Council are on full display in the reports about recently resigned, Ohio legislator, Goodman. (Turley provided a brief heading for the Goodman story in a prior post.)

      Hypothetically, if a political advocacy group had something embarrassing on a politician, information which they kept under wraps, would it make it easier for them to manipulate him?

      I’ve been curious about the backers of former Speaker of the House (Hastert) after reports recently surfaced from his hometown.

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