Roy Moore Denies Knowing Accuser Debbie Wesson Gibson . . . Gibson Then Produces Note From Moore

While I have been critical of the work of Gloria Allred and her failure to turn over the yearbook used in her press conference, I have previously stated that I found the allegations against Moore credible and largely unrebutted. I also view the allegations against Weinstein, Clinton, and Franken credible.  For that reason, I disagree with President Donald Trump’s endorsement of Moore and many are likely to find the encouragement to “Go Get’em, Roy” a bit chilling in light of the underlying allegations.

storage bin in the attic last week and inside was a scrapbook from her senior year at Etowah High School.  The graduation card was taped to a page titled “Those Who Inspire.”  She says it was written by Moore.

At a Nov. 27 campaign event, however, Moore declared “The allegations are completely false. They are malicious. Specifically, I do not know any of these women.” Two days later, he said in a church “Let me state once again: I do not know any of these women, did not date any of these women and have not engaged in any sexual misconduct with anyone.”

 In an open letter to Moore published on the Alabama news site, Corfman also came forward to respond to the denial after Moore’s Nov. 27 speech. She wrote: “You sent out your spokesman to call me a liar. Day after day. Finally, last night, you did the dirty work yourself . . .What you did to me when I was 14-years old should be revolting to every person of good morals. But now you are attacking my honesty and integrity. Where does your immorality end?”

Like most of these accusers and witnesses, Gibson, 54, is a registered Republican.

The Washington Post hired a former FBI forensic examiner, Mark Songer, who compared the yearbook inscription with the newly discovered card.  He found considerable similarity in the writing but wanted to do a full examination.  Gibson dated Moore and later worked for him in his race for Circuit judge but later reconsidered the propriety of a man dating her at such a young age.  However, she appeared to have friendly and cordial relations with Moore even after she was engaged.  That can certainly be cited by Moore in his defense, but that continuing relationship conflicts with the Moore denial of knowing any of these women. Moreover, the apparent denial of pursuing girls as young as 14 is increasingly difficult to square with not just the accounts of nine women but the other neighbors and former colleagues who have come forward.

The election is one week from today.



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  1. “While I have been critical of the work of Gloria Allred and her failure to turn over the yearbook used in her press conference, I have previously stated that I found the allegations against Moore credible and largely unrebutted.”

    Not to worry, JT. In a move to “cut out the middle man,” these “victims” rebut their own allegations:

    Pinnoci-Nelson now admits to annotating the infamous Yearbook entry about Moore but still won’t turn it over”

    “Nelson admits she did make notes to the inscription,” ABC News tells us. “But the message was all Roy Moore.”

    “Beverly, he signed your yearbook,” ABC News reporter Tom Llamas says.

    “He did sign it,” she replies.

    “And you made some notes underneath.”

    “Yes,” Nelson says.”

    And Gloria All -Redflags still won’t turn over the yearbook for analysis!

    Even the Keystone crooks are smarter about their subterfuge than this gang of nimrods.

    1. Mespo,…
      -I’m watching Allred and Moore in a press conference right now.
      Is she TRYING to get Moore elected?
      I may be misreading this, but it seems like everytime Allred pops off, Moore’s poll numbers go up.

      1. No surprise…..Allred like Soros will be going to hell because of their religion according to Roy Moore and his supporters..

        1. SW Mom,…
          I don’t know about that, but I think Allred is putting Doug Jones through political hell by helping Moore.
          Maybe she does not understand that her favorability ratings are not that high among Alabama voters.
          From the standpoint of political strategy, Allred’s involvement in this campaign is a really, really dumb move.

        2. SW Mom,…
          I don’t know about that, but I think Allred is putting Doug Jones through political hell by helping Moore.
          Maybe she does not understand that her favorability ratings are not that high among Alabama voters.
          From the standpoint of political strategy, Allred’s involvement in this campaign is a really, really dumb move.

        3. Why won’t they submit the yearbook signature for forensic…oh wait, they admitted today it was a forgery! That’s your jack-ass party SWM. Liars and frauds.

          1. It’s not a forgery. She added the location and date — and probably D.A. As such, she should have said so in the first place. We have plenty of liars and frauds in both parties.

                1. Wouldn’t that be wonderful. Charge her. Put her in a court room. Put the yearbook under forensic examination. And let the outcome be what it may.

        1. The people in Alabama that would vote against Moore might not mind Allred, but the people that would vote for Moore probably dislike her. Some of those people because of the controversy might have chosen to stay home rather than vote, but with Allred in their midst telling them what to think and why a forgery isn’t a forgery might very well go to the polls because of her and her actions.

  2. I’ll save everyone the mental anguish resulting from prolonged speculation:

    1. Hillary Clinton is not running for president in 2020.

    2. Hillary Clinton is not going to jail.

    3. Bill Clinton is not going to jail.

    Beating dead horses must be fun for some people, but it’s singularly unproductive unless you’re addicted to horsemeat or simply enjoy pummeling dead animals.

    You may now return to your world of conspiracy theories about the “deep state.”

    1. Mike A:
      There’s more than enough evidence to investigate Bill for rape and Hillary for lying to the FBI and destroying evidence along with felonious violations of the government secrets act. There’s no statute of limitations in play and criminal acts are criminal acts even when done by the party out of power, Mike. These horses we’re beating aren’t dead. They’re very much alive and flaunting what you told us you believe in — the impartial administration of justice.

      1. Mespo, my comment was a political prediction rather than an opinion based upon evidence of criminal behavior. I would add, however, that a commitment to the “impartial administration of justice” is mostly absent from the comments posted on this site on virtually any topic. It appears to have succumbed to the same disease of ideological tribalism that infects most public dialogue these days. This thread is a case in point-an exchange of views on the topic almost immediately morphed into wholly unrelated vitriol. And most posters are unwilling to even link their views to their true identities.

      2. Actually, statute of limitations issues are present. I’m not familiar with the locale of any Pravda Faux News shilling regarding sexual crimes committed by former Prsident of the United States of America William Jefferson Clinton, so I’ll default to the federal SOL of five years. 18 USC 3282. Your state’s mileage may vary. As for investigating private citizen Hillary Clinton, by all means Congress and the Department of Justice finally should convene hearings and multiple investigations regarding her nefarious activities; oh wait, they already played that song…Never mind…

    2. Mike A.,
      – Predictability went out the window in 2016; I wouldn’t be too sure about the Hillary 2020 prediction.
      You mentioned that your Dad was involved with optics related to NASA.
      Was that related to imagery captured from space, or the field of opthamology?

      1. Physics. Heck, had it been opthalmology, I wouldn’t have had to work in college.😀

        1. Thanks, Mike.
          There was a prominent opthamologist on the East coast who was involved with NASA research……guess it would be the sub-specialty of ” space opthamology”.
          I knew his son, who was a prominent MD in his own right.
          JFK dedicated the Brooks AFB School of Aerosoace Medicine in San Antonio the day before he was assassinated.
          I don’t think anyone had spent more than a few hours in space back then, and the facility explored the effects of longer term space missions.
          They’d get volunteers from the Air Force to participate in the studies… airman I knew was a subject in the program for 30 days in the 1960s.

          1. Interesting point. I had never thought about it before, but the opthamological effects of space travel would obviously be a critical field for research.

            1. Mike Appleton – I agree, you need astronauts with at least 20/20 vision because you do not want then losing their glasses or contacts. However, you do need to study the effects of space on the eyes so you need a top-notch ophthalmologist. There have been some reports of loss of bone density in space travel, but I have not seen anything about eyes, have you?

                1. Mike Appleton – it is an interesting problem and I am sure there is some literature out there, but I am not that interested at this time of year to look for it. 🙂 You have an intern you can set loose on it. 🙂

                  1. I sometimes wish I had an intern. There are several things I come across on a daily basis that I would love to follow up on, but being a one man band has its limitations.

                    1. Mike, I am not sure what you really are wishing for or why. Years ago apprenticeship was common and apprentices may not have required specific payment. Politicians changed a lot of work rules so today while internship might exist for them it generally doesn’t exist in the same form for the general public. In some fields, however, there are educational institutions that provide training for specific purposes and those trainees might then (while paying tuition) work for free as interns for private concerns obtaining an education that was formerly free to them and the employer.

                      The loss of apprenticeship may be responsible for your needs, but that loss in certain areas was caused by political action and now many interns pay either in tuition or if in political positions with sex. (the comment is only partially sarcastic)

                    2. Mike Appleton – when we are interested in many things there are only so many fingers we can put in pies. 😉 I do know the problem. Although being retired has opened up some time for me to investigate some of those areas. 🙂

              1. PC Schulte,..
                I know next to nothing about this.
                But they are still up against the bone density/ muscle loss issue.
                For some reason, there are visual problems that usually develop after a month or two in space.
                Some astronauts have had continuing visual problems for months after they return.
                We still have a lot more to learn, but we’re probably light years ahead of what we knew 50 years ago.

            2. Mike A.,
              – The “Space Opthamologist” died about 15 years ago, in his late 80s.
              There was an article about him in the NY Times noting his passing and achievements.
              The Brooks AFB experiments focused on bone density and muscle loss due to extended periods of weightlessness and limited mobility in the space capsules.
              The guy I knew bounced back pretty fast during his recovery from the 30 study, but some subjects took much longer to get back up to speed.

    3. If you don’t think there’s a deep state I have to ask, what was your opinion of Snowden? How do you feel knowing that WInner sits in jail for doing the same thing Comey admitted doing during live, televised, testimony? How is it that the wealthiest counties in America are the five that ring Washington, DC where nothing gets done and the same old people linger on year after year?

  3. While thinking about Moore, consider this:

    “A bombshell report from the New York Times published Wednesday reveals what many had suspected for years; both Bill and Hillary Clinton knew about –and helped conceal- allegations of sexual assault against Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein for decades.

    The article, titled “Weinstein’s Complicity Machine,” details the enablers surrounding the studio big-shot, including celebrities as well as prominent political figures; mainly the Clintons.”

      1. No one should be; anyone’s particular deviancy is cool for the Arkansas Grifters as long as the $$ keeps rolling in. Besides, how could Hillary complain about Harvey when she lived with his role model?

        1. CCS:

          I like to think of Hound-dog Bill as everyone’s creepy ol’ uncle who has playing cards with naked women on them. Never saw him as a role model for pervs. Grifter? Yes, I can see that.

          1. Mespo, you’re romanticizing him. His good looks, charm, and policy wonkiness hid the ugly black center. This NYT article is important in that it once again proves what a lying liar Hillary actually is, and reminds us how morally bankrupt the DNC is, as well as everyone remotely associated with the Democratic party machine because they supported her. The party of identity politics a la Barack Obama, ostensible champions of women’s rights, has been revealed to be as empty and meaningless as the suit that occupied the WH from 2009-2017. Oh, and Lena Dunham was one of the women who said she warned the Clinton campaign in 2016; what a joke, as if the Clintons would need that narcissistic twit to tell them what kind of guy Harvey really is. It’s hilarious how these desperate media-hungry buffoons can’t help themselves.

                  1. mespo – there seem to be a lot of people, including Hillary, who think she is running in 2020. This is one of the reasons that a lot of people who don’t want her running are trying to destroy her early.

                    1. mespo – whose that guy in the hockey mask that keeps getting killed and comes back to life? He has never been played by the same actor. 🙂

                  2. Linda repeats the ideas others have written or spoken. When one pursues those ideas in a logical fashion and then asks for her next step she withdraws from the discussion. She really doesn’t understand the basics of economic or political theory. …And of course, she doesn’t even realize that she is nonresponsive and off point. My parrot talks a lot and doesn’t know any of that either.

            1. I met Bill Clinton and talked to him after bumping into him at the Four Seasons shortly after his Presidency ended. I never met anyone with so much charisma. After talking to him my views about him totally changed and he became an incredible human being in my mind. That change, however, only lasted for about 10 minutes. I can understand why he can hook so many people to follow him.

      2. Absolutely not! The Clintons are perverts to begin with and have been so long before most of the people in trouble today ever had power. I am not surprised that the NYTImes published such an article. The Democratic Party wants the Clinton’s to shut up so it will become open season on them as long as that doesn’t open up some other new foul dealings of the Party.

      1. Swarth, don’t you ever get tired hearing things that never pan out? I guess you are one of those that can be fooled again and again.

        1. Where there is smoke there is fire. Trump has 18 accusers and according the author of “Art of the Deal” author there will be more. Why do you think Trump’s accusers are lying but the accusers of these other snakes are telling the truth?

          1. Read the editorial I posted just a short time ago. That should provide enough information. Try telling us how that editorial isn’t telling the truth.

            Where there is smoke there is fire isn’t always true, but in this case, the smoke is coming from the left that is trying to blame it on everyone else.

            1. When the numbers of accusers mount there is a problem. When Franken got to number eight, he was forced to throw in the towel. Trump and Moore are hanging in for now

              1. So far all the accusations against Trump except for the meaningless locker room tape have been demonstrated false and most of the serious accusations against Hillary have been demonstrated to be true. Trump is a decent though imperfect man that you don’t like so you smear him. That says more about you than him.

                So far the people you support refuse to let a third party even look at the little evidence they have. That too demonstrates another smear that you support. That isn’t saying much for you.

                1. Trump s a sexual predator and has 18 accusers plus the tape. One of these accusers is currently having her day in court. No one is lying but him. Keep drinking the koolaid.

                  1. So far none have panned out. One by one they fall and some are now proven liars.

                    You may not know it, but men are attracted to women and women to men. That is the biology of the human species. I have no doubt that virtually every heterosexual man has touched a woman and perhaps sometimes that advance was not desired. It sounds like you would like to put a stop to all human sexuality before a relationship can even develop. That is not a good idea. Impose that sexual atmosphere on your own partner, but not on the rest of the world. One of the dirtiest games to play is to accuse a man of inappropriate behavior or rape when it isn’t true. It demeans other women, but what do you care about that. Perhaps you feel hurting innocent men or women doesn’t count as long as it fulfills your political dreams.

                    Matt Lauer will not be going to jail or be convicted of any criminal activity though he sounds like a pig. Neither will a whole slew of men that acted inappropriately. Inappropriate sexual activity isn’t synonymous with illegal activity. If it turns out that one can prove Matt Lauer or Trump raped a woman throw them in jail, but that is not the type of inappropriate actions we are presently talking about. Live your fantasies on the TV screen and try to leave them out of politics.

                    You like the term grope because that has the connotation of illegality. The time for the woman to make a complaint is when the incident occurs and then it is up to the woman not to approach the man again as apparently happened in this most recent case that excites you.

                    1. Which ones have fallen? The only one I know of that back out was the one that was 13 at the time of the alleged incident.

                    2. Originally they had women coming forward and were proven to have lied. This present suit has to do with possible touching, but that apparently didn’t stop the woman from coming back looking for jobs.

                      Rich men today have to be super careful because sometimes the road to riches is funded by false claims.

                2. “True” in what universe? Perhaps another investigation on top of the dozens from the previous 30 years will locate that one missing piece of evidence that will finally doom Moriarty, er, Hillary.

                  This is to “I have a Sean Hannity tattoo across my ‘cheeks’” allan

                  1. Marky Mark Mark – when Comey writes your get out of jail free letter months before they interview you, you know the fix is in.

              2. Moore has TWO accusers, Corfman and Nelson. As for the others that he was “preying on”, dating a 16 or 17 year old without sex is not illegal or even unusual for the rural south of the time. Most liberals don’t even want to extradite Roman Polanski, who sodomized a teenaged prostitute and then fled to France. When Moore said he didn’t “know (any of) these women” he used a contextually-sensitive pronoun which could have been intended to exclude Gibson. You would have to know the context. I wouldn’t put it beyond the dirty hitters in the media to bank on our assuming he meant something he didn’t mean. I wonder if Mr. Turley has taken the trouble to review the surrounding remarks or is just taking some reporter’s word for it. When Steve Bannon defended Moore against Romney my mentioning Romney’s avoiding military service, a reporter for the Daily Mail mentioned Trump’s 5 deferments but didn’t see fit to mention that Bannon and Moore are veterans and Moore served in Vietnam. Shameless. I simply can’t trust these guys, knowing how much they hate Moore for his politics and religion.

      1. Spare me the photo of Obama’s crocodile tears, Fake Tapper. The people who can’t see thru Obama’s “intentional manipulation of the public with choreographed emotions” need to go back to sleep.

  4. There was a claim about anti-Semitism and Moore which was totally wrong that I can’t find, but since the comments revolved around Soros I copied a quote from FP which includes quotes of the left George Soros.

    “He [Soros] collaborated with the Nazis during the Holocaust and insisted that helping confiscate property from Jews brought him no guilt. “There was no sense that I shouldn’t be there, because that was well, actually, in a funny way, it’s just like in markets that if I weren’t there of course, I wasn’t doing it, but somebody else would.” He described the season of these horrors as “the most exciting time of my life.””

    1. Moore seems to believe that Mormons and Jews won’t be taken up with him in the rapture.

      1. Moore believes that non Christians are going to hell. His votes probably share that view.

        1. Many who believe that would like you to change your beliefs because they don’t want you to go to hell. That is very nice of them. Leftists, on the other hand, don’t have good intentions. In the twentieth century they managed to see to it that outside of war ~100million were killed just to promote their ideology.

        2. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Puddy told Elaine that she was going to hell.
          Especially funny when they both went to a priest for advice.

        3. That’s standard Christianity, though it’s an uncomfortable doctrine nowadays. It would be wrong to take it as anti-Semitic since it excludes all to refuse Christ. In fact, Jews are singled out as getting a special last chance offer to set everything right after Jesus shows up.

    2. Moore’s comment on Soros could be taken in various ways. It is not explicitly anti-Semitic but could be taken as “coded” anti-Semitism. However, Moore’s chief defender at Breitbart has a Jewish sounding name (Aaron Klein) and is deeply devoted to Israel, and Moore must be aware of Klein’s articles, so it would be odd if Moore meant his remarks about Soros to be taken as a put down of Jews rather than left-liberals.

      1. peter17x, I like a lot of what you say, but I don’t think Moore’s statement can be taken as “coded” anti-Semitism. There are statements that point one in the direction of an anti-Semite or one unaware of the facts such as anti-Zionism left without explanation. Soros isn’t the type of human being one should ever want to be around. His words about what he did during the Nazi occupation of Hungary which were measured don’t adequately reflect his underlying emotions of hate. Thus when his name comes up people have all sorts of emotions that are difficult to evaluate.

  5. I hate to have to repeat myself but I’m agnostic on Moore. Both he and his accusers have plausible reasons to lie.
    The matter can be settled so simply by submitting the documents for expert examination. Failure to submit the evidence to scrutiny, seems to point to a conspiracy of lies.
    If they really want to discredit him, he cannot escape from authenticated documents.

    1. I’m confident Nelson’s documents are forged, but the most important accusation is Corfman’s. Moore should take a polygraph with the questions limited to the two allegations of illegal behavior, as opposed to a fishing expedition where Moore is bombarded with questions designed to trip him up. There are only two questions needed: Did you ever touch Leigh Corfman sexually? Did you ever touch Beverly Nelson sexually? That’s it.
      Either he wins big or he loses big and either way we can move on.

      1. Polygraphs are as reliable as reading animal entrails. There is good reason that courts do not accept them.
        Do some research and try to find the 60 minutes expose of some 25 years ago.
        It is too easy to get the result you want.
        Not to mention that it is incumbent on the accuser to substantiate the charges, not for the accused to demonstrate innocence.

      2. Peter17, our nation’s idea of justice is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ so if anyone should take a polygraph it should be the accusers and it should be a rigorous polygraph. It’s not that I defend Moore, rather that I defend our ‘innocent until proven guilty’ philosophy especially in this case where the claims are old and brought up in the midst of an election. The left is using dangerous means to try and win at the polls. The actions of the left are not much different than what was seen during the French Revolution or the Russian Revolution. Both of those ended badly. A lot of people on this blog do not know their history.

        1. “Innocent until proven guilty” only applies to criminal trials. That’s not at issue here. The issue is will America have a Senator with multiple, credible allegations against him for being a pedophile and/or rapist.

          “This is to “oh, Pravda Faux News didn’t tell me that” allan

          1. Actually, Mark M. I have been told that you are a pedophile and that evidence exists to prove it. That evidence will not be produced and only a bit of the evidence has been tampered with. The issue is should you be running on the streets free where kids play when such allegations have been made against you? (sarcasm off)

    1. Tom, though I haven’t yet completed reading the document it appears to provide excellent information and excellent questions which have to be addressed by those claiming Moore to have committed acts that would preclude him from the Senate. Unfortunately, it appears that proof isn’t a necessity on the left only fealty to the cause of leftist ideology which sort of makes that type of person into a liar.

      Who wrote this piece?

  6. “Moore might be a sinner, but he is *our* sinner!”

    — typical Alabama voter.

    1. David B. Benson,..
      Gary Bauer told this joke during the 1996? campaign:
      A soccer mom angrily confronts Bill Clinton at a rally, calling him a draft-dodging, womanizing, pot smoking, woman groping liar.
      Then she adds, “And I’m voting for you”.

  7. Any one who can not see through these stories about Judge Roy Moore–
    One time it was noted Debra Gibson worked for Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Doug Jones–
    Does Mrs Gibson, have any witness except a handwritten note from 40 years ago–was the
    handwriting faded???I have several legal documents from about 40 years ago and they are very hard to read. The Bible says in order for something two witnesses to be able to justify a situation!Sorry MS Gibson, AL is fed up with you women who waited 40 years to cry wolf–
    Leigh Corfman, Gadsen, AL claimed she and her mother were seated out side a court house, waiting to go in for a bitter( custody–turns out it was a friendly hearing–Mrs Wells could not control her 14 year old and willingly gave up custody- que maybe already sexually active, maybe drugs) a man comes out of the court house and comes over and introduces himself as Judge Roy Moore–was it??no one saw him–could have been any man! Man offers to keep daughter while mother goes inside because girl did not need to hear all that was going on. Man ask for telephone number–did he? no one saw, mother was suppose to have approved–phone calls were suppose to be made–were they know on knows–one day MS Corfman meets this man on a street outside her home–who was this man?/no one saw, no witnesses—wgat man is going to drive 30 min. to a house go in undress the girl and himself, just to under clothes–he touches her breast and under her panies and she touches him and they dress and return 30 min. No one saw her get in the car apparently no witnesses, she supposedly told some friends she was dating an older man—but did not tell his name—11 days she goes to live with her father in another town—–She is now back in Gadsen Al, Accused pastors of sexual advances, proved to be lies, married 3x, bankruptcy 3 times, misdedemor charges, neighbors have called news groups to report all this but most don’t want to hear. We all know about MS Debra young Nelson and her made up story–I am a single 73 year old female and if I had any unwanted advances from a man I would not wait 40 years to tell.
    JUdge Roy Moore was a single man and wht pray tell is wrong with older men dating younger women it has happened from the beginning of time—now I am from MSm but lived in AL from f1976 to 1998 and never heard one negative word about Judge Roy Moore–and who cares at this state–no witnesses no proof.

    1. Pro tip: this is not the echo chamber at your local yokel weekly BFE news sheet. Not only do we not care about sorghum prices here, but we prefer punctuation rather than breathless stream of consciousness prattle. Now, put down the child molester apologist talking points and do some research on commas, semicolons and run-on sentences. You then might actually reach someone who doesn’t think you’re an utter buffoon.

      This is to “I knew to avoid the Gadsden Mall when I was a teenager” Carolyn

      1. Marky Mark Mark – you need to do some research. None of the girls was young enough for Moore to be considered a child molester, they were all post-pubescent. Really, for someone who pretends to be a lawyer, you would think you would look this stuff up. And this is assuming he did everything he is accused of.

        1. Although your nonsensical comment isn’t relevant, I would caution you that if you commit a sexual offense against a person under the age of consent, your new cell mates will most assuredly consider you a child molester.

          This to “but wait guys! Moore did it too!” Paulie

          1. Marky Mark Mark – nice pivot to try to recover some face, however, Moore still is not a pedophile.

      2. Mark can’t control himself. He works all day trying to correctly file the reports of his betters and isn’t very well paid, but thinks he is an accomplished lawyer. He finds it difficult to read.

        This is to not too bright Mark.

        1. Thanks. But I merely provide a dose of “reality” to those posters who evidence a loose grasp of same.

          1. Marky Mark Mark – you would not know reality if it jumped up and bit you on the nose. You seem to be living in some fantasy life.

            1. But Paul, he’s here to amuse himself by ‘pointing out through ridicule just how far outside the bounds of rational thought, common decency, and the general behavior patterns of people who actually have real-life friends you wannabe trolls actually fall.’

              So, he’s mocking and ridiculing other people and their opinions for his own amusement, but we’re the ‘outlier weirdos’ needing him to teach us about ‘common decency’?

              1. Insecure people can’t distinguish between attacks that aim for the jugular as contrasted with pithy comments
                cloaked in humor.

                1. It was sarcasm. Seems my comment was a bit too ‘cloaked’ for you to get that I was using Marky Mark’s own words to poke fun back at him. 😉

                2. Linda – it is clear that you cannot tell the difference, hence you are insecure. Counseling maybe?

      3. Pro tip: No one needs your “Marky-Mark-Properly-Punctuated-Approved-Prattle-Free Free Speech” seal of approval around here. 😉

        1. Excellent. T-hot bob comes out from under the stairs. I regret to inform you sir, that what you people need concerns me not at all. My time here is solely for my amusement. You outlier weirdos seem to believe that your collective wackjob and wing-nut theories have traction outside of your isolated and seldom trafficked conspiracy websites. My amusement is pointing out through ridicule just how far outside the bounds of rational thought, common decency, and the general behavior patterns of people who actually have real-life friends you wannabe trolls actually fall. You may now scurry back into your hole, lair, or whatever nonsensical term you’ve grafted onto your safe place. That is all. Dismissed.

          This is to “must have a frog in his pocket” “we” t-hot bobbie

          1. Marky Mark Mark – the people you are trying to ridicule do not take you seriously. I know that will come as a shock that you do not have the influence you think you have. You have found a few adherents on the Left, but I would not take them too seriously, they are somewhat fickle. They can turn on you on a dime.

            I am just amazed that someone paid (or is still paying) for your college education and a law degree and you cannot think any more critically than you can. May I suggest you tell your relatives that you want a book on critical thinking for Xmas? Something light to start, we don’t want to tax your brain. I am sure the people at B&N can suggest something.

          2. Thanks Mark, I’m flattered that you find me ‘wet hot’ – but I need to know you better before I show you the ‘frog in my pocket’ — shine on you crazy diamond. 😉

            1. I have something to tell you, and it’s going to make you very sad. It concerns your lamentable lack of perception about your moniker, t-hot…. You just might want to check out urban dictionary….

              The “we” referred to your self-assigned role as “spokesman” for the denizens of bedlam.

              1. I see my sarcasm is lost on you too, Marky mark. For someone who dishes out so much ridicule with all of your snarky and pithy comments, you really are surprisingly slow on the uptake –as it were. 😉

                1. TBob, you should have just ended your sentence to Mark with you really are surprisingly slow. That says it all and that is why there is no content in his repetitious remarks that aren’t even funny. He’s a weirdo so I don’t expect many will catch his weird humor.

                  1. I don’t have a problem with Mark and I actually do find him amusing. We’re just messing with each other. That’s why even though he told me I ain’t nuttin’ but a Ho, I didn’t tell him to ‘pith’ off. 😉

                    (PS In case you didn’t catch it Mark….”pith off” is a play on the word “pithy” that your biggest fan Linda finds especially “important (and fun)” about your comments. That is all. Dismissed.)

              2. Marky Mark Mark – TBob is not the spokesman for any group here. Personally, I not only march to the tune of my own drummer, I have a whole damn orchestra. 🙂 Nobody speaks for me but me.

      4. Stop being a racist and prvileged male and instead answer her key question: why not subject the handwritten evidence to scientific review. You people are all about science, right? Then let science tell us about these notes and such.

      1. David Benson – the London Bridge that fell down is not at Lake Havasu, a London bridge is and it is a great disappointment. 🙂

  8. 1. He did say he knew her
    2. I think he threw a general reference to the actual criminal accusers
    3. It does NOT matter in the slightest anyways as she was LEGAL AGE OF CONSENT

    1. While the guillotine cuts the heads off the Lauer’s of the world I think Roy Moore will win the election. Clean for 30 plus years and no proof of criminal acts in his younger years. Some politicians on both sides of the aisle might be up in arms, but most of them have skeletons in their closets and the people of Alabama want their own man.

  9. “Moore initially admitted that he knew some of the women and called women like Debbie Wesson Gibson a “good girl.” (He also remembered Gloria Thacker Deason). Then recently he abruptly did a 180 turn and said that he did not know any of the women. ”

    “At a Nov. 27 campaign event, however, Moore declared “The allegations are completely false. They are malicious. Specifically, I do not know any of these women.” Two days later, he said in a church “Let me state once again: I do not know any of these women, did not date any of these women and have not engaged in any sexual misconduct with anyone.”

    “Gibson dated Moore and later worked for him in his race for Circuit judge but later reconsidered the propriety of a man dating her at such a young age. However, she appeared to have friendly and cordial relations with Moore even after she was engaged.”


    Ok, he first says he knows some of the women and specifically cites Gibson. Then, he makes a blanket statement about not knowing any of them. Then he admits dating her and they were/are friendly since 1981.

    Either he was lying or spoke too broadly the second time which apparently enraged Ms. Gibson.

    BTW, Debbie was so appalled by Moore’s indiscretions that she wrote that Moore inspired her and later sent him an engraved gavel when he became judge in a campaign that she worked on. She now admits “political differences” with Moore despite her Republican registration and does work for Democratic candidates.

    I’ve seen stronger indictments for the political death penalty than this one especially in view of Moore’s opposition.

    1. I dont think he specifically meant ALL the women. I think he meant the ones that just appeared out of blue

  10. Roy is a celebrity in Alabama, and as Trump famously told Billy Bush, “when you’re a celebrity, they let you get away with it”.

  11. Please Linda, show me in the constitution where the popular vote is associated with the election of the president. The use of fallacious and misleading facts like that blows away your arguments.

  12. Under the Constitution, the People have the authority.

    The People voted for President Trump to end the corruption of America by the shadow government.

    The corrupt shadow government retaliated by appointing its hack, Mueller.

    The People have voted for the allegedly criminal Clintons in the past.

    The People will vote for or against impeachment through their representatives in Congress.

    The People will vote for or against Judge Roy Moore.

    Mueller’s corrupt, political “Inquisition” agaisnt President Trump has no bearing.

    The never-charged-or-litigated “allegations” against Judge Roy Moore have no bearing.

    1. (1) Check who appointed Mueller.
      (2) By popular vote, Clinton won.

      You’re like that misinformed person McCain corrected about the Obama’s birthplace and the idiot who told Barney Franks that he didn’t want the government touching his Social Security.

      1. Please Linda, show me in the constitution where the popular vote is associated with the election of the president. The use of fallacious and misleading facts like that blows away your arguments.

        1. The reply was tailored as a response to George’s discussion about the will of the people. The majority of American voters voted for Trump’s opponent which negates the idea that Trump has a mandate based on the will of the people.
          Creation of the device of the electoral college had a different objective than reflecting the will of the majority of people.

    2. Ah! You’ve found them out. Much like the intrepid Inspector Clouseau, you’ve apparently uncovered a nefarious cabal of ne’er-do-wells hellbent on subverting the will of the Real Americans and/or fluoridating our precious bodily fluids. May providence see you through your saintly mission to make an utter fool of yourself sir.

      This is to “laugh-a-minute” georgie

      1. Marky Mark Mark – then that would make you Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus. At least Clouseau solves the mysteries, Dreyfus just injures himself on a repeated basis.

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