Allred Admits That Client Wrote Some Of The Words Attributed To Moore In Yearbook

downloadI have been critical of the representation afforded by Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom in past cases, including the rapid calling of press conferences at the height of news cycles.  Most recently I was critical of Allred’s handling of Roy Moore accuser Beverly Nelson, the press conference has not only resulted in her being nationally ridiculed but she was accused of falsifying Moore’s signature on a yearbook.  Allred’s defense of her client on the charge has been so anemic and uncertain that many have taken it as a concession.  Allred’s eagerness to hold press conferences gave Moore exactly what he hoped to find: a basis for challenging the veracity of his accusers.  After numerous evasive interviews that played into Moore’s hand, Allred called another press event and admitted that Nelson did indeed write some of the words attributed to Moore in the yearbook.  Now Moore can go into the final stretch of the election claiming that the victim’s evidence was not what she had claimed.  It would have been better to have admitted this weeks ago, but Allred waited for the Friday before the election to bury her own gross negligence in the news cycle. This does not alter my view that the allegations against Moore are credible and disqualifying (including another witness who came forward this week), but rather than the blunder played into the hands of those who are struggling to ignore the moral hazard that is Roy Moore.


Beverly Young Nelson admitted that she added “notes” beneath Roy Moore’s signature in her high school yearbook. She says that she wrote “12-22-77 Olde Hickory House.”  However, in the press conference with Allred in November, she knowingly misrepresented the facts about Moore writing all of these words.  She stated: “He wrote in my yearbook as follows: ‘To a sweeter more beautiful girl, I could not say Merry Christmas, Christmas, 1977, Love, Roy Moore, Olde Hickory House. Roy Moore, DA.'”

Allred sat there and did not say a thing.  She also remained silent about any knowledge during interviews in the days to come — without confirming forgery or denying it. The interviews with Allred were eagerly replayed by Moore supporters.

Either Allred never bothered to confirm that facts before taking her client into a national press conference or she played an active role in a misrepresentation to the media. Either way, she has again failed to meet the minimal standard for professional conduct.  This is ultimately a question of due diligence.  Of course, her client could have lied to her or failed to discuss, but Allred post-press conference conduct further undermined the credibility of both the client and counsel alike.

Moore was delighted and proclaimed today that Nelson is a liar (even though most of the writing remains allegedly Moore’s and the point that was establish a prior relationship).  While Allred says that a handwriting expert found the rest was written by Moore, that is lost in the aftermath of this debacle.  Moore announced: “Now she herself admits to lying.”  Moore campaign attorney Phillip Jauregi was equally jubilant: “What [Nelson and Allred] said [in November] was either a lie or what they said today was a lie, and the voters are going to have to decide.”

Just for the record, if Allred knew that Moore had not written all of the words, it would run afoul of the spirit, if not the text, of the California State Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, in Rule 5-120 on trial publicity. This rule applies to both investigations and litigation and says that an attorney “shall not make an extrajudicial statement that a reasonable person would expect to be disseminated by means of public communication if the member knows or reasonably should know that it will have a substantial likelihood of materially prejudicing an adjudicative proceeding in the matter.” Such a violation includes a determination that “the extrajudicial statement presents information the member knows is false, deceptive, or the use of which would violate Business and Professions Code section 6068(d).”


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  1. Thanks for all the interesting musings. As a non-lawyer I find the fire balls following JT’s writings enlightening. Here’s another perspective. While not a Roy Moore fan, all these accusations happened over 40 years ago. How many convicted murderers have been set free after less than forty years? How many people convicted and sentenced for rape and murder have been released in far less time? I think William Bayer captured the essence of what’s happening in the Moore saga. Our Country is approaching or perhaps has passed a dangerous period when truth is a doormat to political victory.

    1. When Moore, like his predecessor George Wallace, is elected in the Deep South, the assumption that the South remains racist will again be confirmed. (Bayer, Allan, Roydenol, Bubba and Suze’s deflections, not withstanding.)

      1. Why? Moore has said that slavery was abhorrent. What proof do you have that Moore is a racist? We know you are intolerant and support an ideology that easily killed 100 million outside of war in the last century just in the promotion of a belief that coincides with yours. That makes you lack credibility,

        1. Allan,
          Alternative facts? Huffpo has the video that is associated with Eric Columbus’ tweet quoting Moore about the last time America was great…during slavery because families stuck together- FYI, not so much when the owners sold off members of slave families, one at a time.

          1. Linda, instead of going to a condensed version of what Moore said, why not go to the expanded one. Then you don’t have to be confused with the alternate facts.

            By the way, Hispanic unemployment rates are the lowest ever (from CNN Money). You must be pretty steamed about that because Hispanic citizens have more jobs and that is contrary to what you believed would happen. I guess his policies aren’t racist if they benefit so many Hispanics.

  2. I usually agree with J. Turley, and like him make an effort to separate law from politics. In this case, however, I think Mr. Turley is missing the bigger picture — a picture larger than sex-allegations against one person or whether a democrat or republican gets elected as Alabama Senator.

    For Moore to be kept out of office due to the allegations against him would be a victory for mud-slinging and muck-raking at its absolute worst, and it would spread across the country and effect elections at all levels of government. Even now, democrats are saying “Franken resigned — when’s Trump gonna resign?”
    It’s an attack on due process and presumption of innocence and it has the potential to turn into something that it’s managed not to turn into in almost 250 years.

    I don’t like Roy Moore. I’ve heard him lie about issues of law, and I’ve heard him demonstrate that he doesn’t know the difference between the Constitution and the Bible, and I’ve heard him pronounces judgments that legitimate Christians know are judgments within the jurisdiction of God, not man.

    But the country can survive Roy Moore more easily than it can survive descent into the abyss of pure mud-slinging, guilt-by-accusation politics and it’s equally-ugly relative, guilt-by-accusation justice.

    The issue of sex allegations sweeping the country is a false issue, being used to disguise that this is all nothing more that power politics. Democrats suddenly grew a conscious about how women are treated because they think they can use that as a means of undoing the last election. And undoing the last election as consumed every thought and action of democrats since the election.

    Pretending that this is about sexual misconduct is one of the biggest frauds ever pulled on the American public.

    1. “But the country can survive Roy Moore more easily than it can survive descent into the abyss of pure mud-slinging, guilt-by-accusation politics and it’s equally-ugly relative, guilt-by-accusation justice.”

      You hit the nail on the head.

      1. DITTO! Thank you, William Bayer, for some memorable musings on this subject. Your last line hits the nail squarely on the head.

    2. William Bayer, “the issue of sex allegations.” Thank-you for your excellent post. I find this very troubling also. It seems to me there should be some burden of proof to any allegations of sexual abuse/harrassment as anyone could say someone harrassed them several years ago. The hypocrisy about this issue is beyond incredulous. How does one define sexual harrassment?
      I have read that Britain is considering “wolf whistling” as sexual harrassment and criminalizing it. A university in New York City states in their student handbook that if a male looks at a female with “rape eyes” that is assault. How much lower can politics possibly go and why would anyone want to even enter politics.

          1. Hmmm. I tend to agree with you, but the answer is NOT definite:

            Kanin (1994)

            In 1994, Eugene J. Kanin of Purdue University investigated the incidences of false rape allegations made to the police in one small urban community in the Midwest United States (population 70,000) between 1978 and 1987. He states that unlike in many larger jurisdictions, this police department had the resources to “seriously record and pursue to closure all rape complaints, regardless of their merits”. He further states each investigation “always involves a serious offer to polygraph the complainants and the suspects” and “the complainant must admit that no rape had occurred. She is the sole agent who can say that the rape charge is false”.

            The number of false rape allegations in the studied period was 45; this was 41% of the 109 total complaints filed in this period.[26] The researchers verified, whenever possible, for all of the complainants who recanted their allegations, that their new account of the events matched the accused’s version of events.

            After reviewing the police files, Kanin categorized the false accusations into three broad motivations: alibis, revenge, and attention-seeking. These motivations were assigned prevalence of roughly 50%, 30%, and 20% respectively. This categorization was supported by the details of complainant recantations and other documentation of their cases.

            Kanin also investigated the combined police records of two large Midwestern universities over a three-year period (1986–1988), and found that 50% of the reported forcible rapes were determined to be false accusations (32 of the total 64). No polygraphs were used, the investigations were the sole responsibility of a ranking female officer, and a rape charge was only counted as false under complainant recantation. In this sample, the motivations mentioned above were roughly evenly split between alibi and revenge, with only one case characterized as attention-seeking.


            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

          2. SWM – no I am not “dishonoring rape victims” – these are liars who are destroying reputations with 0 repercussions! Also these fake victims hurt real cases. The boy who cried wolf.

    1. JFK was elected and held the office of President without challenge by liberals and democrats while conducting multiple extramarital “affairs.”

      “Alford, then 19, had just completed her first year at Wheaton College when she started a job in the (John F. Kennedy) White House press office in the summer of 1962. Within days of her arrival, the beautiful young blonde was invited to join the president for an afternoon swim — and later that day, lost her virginity to him in the first lady’s bedroom, according to excerpts published in the New York Post, which snagged an early copy. “I wouldn’t describe what happened that night as making love, but I wouldn’t call it nonconsensual either,” she wrote.”

  3. I see that the denizens of Bedlam are out in full force. No reality in most of what is below…

  4. Yup, Yup, Yup, therefore it’s all lies. Trump never lies. Moore never met ANY of those women. All progressives are liars. All it takes is some dupes. It seems there are sufficient in America to float this ship of tools.

    1. This could work out great for Moore. Something like this was almost foreseeable. Whenever a case generates lots of attention and it’s possible to make false allegations which cannot be disproved there will almost inevitably be SOME allegations which are partly or entirely false–especially if the false allegations might be convertible into cash.

      This is definitley what’s happening in the Holtzclaw case in Oklahoma. It’s clear he was a serial rapist and also clear some of the allegations against him are substantially or entirely fabricated. His defenders attack the weakest allegations and pretend the solid ones don’t exist. Moore’s defenders can be counted on to do the same.

    2. You know what the best part is? That you refer to ‘dupes’ all the time as if you, yourself, are not a dupe. Guess what?

  5. The one true thing about Allred is her name which exactly depicts her status when you consider All Red is refers to the very roots and beginnings of the political system from which sprang International Socialism, it’s progressive socialism offspring, National socialism and in this case the blending of political socialism into unacceptable judicial practices when matched against those required by our representative Constitutional Republic and the Constitution itself. The East is Red,

    The Red Army and Gloria All Red are of the same mold of say a rogue federal judge in Hawaii who colludes ha ha with those who find fault with the upgrading of the immigration policy while Hawaii only accept three immigrants under the last of the OBama controlled fiscal years. How the Republicans were conned into being the Red States speaks to another form of ‘collusion’ when the connotation was clearly more indicative of the Progressive Socialist Party and far more accurate in terms of their Marxist Leninist leanings.

    On the other hand the color in our flag refers to blood shed by our military in defending The Constitution so maybe it has it’s uses after a good cleaning up. Too bad most of that blood was spilled in socialist wars under socialists and their warmongering activities Out of 600,000 or so dead since Wilson brought them to our shores only a handful of military actions and only a few more than 6,000 of those deaths can be attributed to GOP Presidencies.

    The rest win, lose, draw, necessary or not are all owned by the left.

    One reason why we in the military and especially the combat arms consistently vote four to one against the Progressive Socialist Liberals their death ratio and is far too high. and the odds far too great to willingly become their cannon fodder.

    Nor do the women escape as they have consistently supported keeping military conscription in force excluding the women as baby factories for the next generations conflicts. Rights have Responsibilities so explain how the women of whatever version get a free ride on access to college funding and government jobs while men must prove they ‘voluntarily?’ signed up for Selective Service.

    All because of people like Gloria ALL red.

    1. Closed Parentheses, the International Communist conspiracy is dead. It died twenty-five years ago, already. You need to find a new boogeyman. How’s about Vladimir Putin, instead?

      1. Diane – if you think International Communism is dead you do not understand Putin or Xi, the two major Communist leaders today. When they destroy the tombs of Lenin, Stalin, and Mao then Communism will be dead.

        1. You’re lost in Angleton’s Wilderness of Mirrors, Schulteacher. The only thing that Angleton’s fake defectors, Nosenko and Golitsyn, could agree upon, whenever they took a break from accusing one another of being fake defectors, was that The Soviet Union would fake its own collapse so as to lull the free world into a false sense of security.

          1. billmcwilliams – I think China’s economy is beginning to fail. I have a good friend working in China who keeps me up to date on the economy since his job depends on the economy of the country. I will see him in less than a week and get an update. I doubt if it will collapse. However, the Communist Party is still strong in China.

            1. Paul, you are right China is not as stable as people think it is. One can see why if they travel at length without a tour and don’t just stop in the areas popularly seen by westerners.. There is a vast divide between the eastern coastal region and the rest of China. That is just one of China’s divides that makes the country less stable than many presume.

        2. Communism and “capitalism,” which was coined as a pejorative by Marx, will be dead when the Preamble,

          Constitution and Bill of Rights, 1789, prevail globally.

          Freedom means Free Enterprise without governmental interference in any form.

          Private property and every conceivable natural and God-given freedom existed before government was established.

          Charity is Free Enterprise.

          People must adapt to freedom.

          Freedom does not adapt to people…dictatorship does.

          Free Enterprise.


          No Central Planning.

          No Redistribution of Wealth

          No Social Engineering.

          No Capitalism – no other “ism’s.”

          Free Enterprise.


          1. James Madison defined “private property” as “that dominion which one man claims and exercises over the

            external things of the world, in exclusion of every other individual.”

      2. Socialism isn’t dead. Many of the young believe in socialism/ communism because they are young and don’t know any better. Hate America attitudes still strongly exist in the same group even though America has don’t so much good for the world.

  6. Enigmainblackcom, I agree with you. This woman lawyer seems to jump in at the most opportunistic of times. She likes to be in the spotlight when it helps her and her agenda. I’ve said this before that I feel this might make it more difficult for a woman who is assaulted to prove her case in a courtroom. The victim is put on trial.

  7. “Moore was delighted and proclaimed today that Nelson is a liar (even though most of the writing remains allegedly Moore’s and the point that was establish a prior relationship). “
    Well, what would you call a person who says the perpetrator of the 40-year-old crime wrote all the evidence showing the illicit relationship and then says he only wrote some of it AND then refuses to turn over the whole document for analysis? A paragon of truth and virtue? Lie about little things; lie about big things. Why anyone finds these women credible is beyond me.

    1. And yet Turley still says these actions are disqualifying. Damn, JT, just come out and say it… you don’t like the man. It’s ok. You don’t have to like everyone. Nothing wrong with that. But stop hiding behind this charade to protect yourself.

  8. What exactly is there which makes any of the allegations against Moore, “credible”???

    You can’t say it’s the “details” of the allegations because “details” are easy to invent. My goodness, but there are these things we call “novels”, which run 500 or 600 pages of “details”, every one of which has been invented out of whole cloth. Even our sex novels, like 50 Shades of Spanking, have all sorts of invented details. You don’t buy the book, and read, “Bob spanked Nancy’s bottom, and then screwed her.” That would be a one page novel, and nobody would buy it.

    Oh no, there are all sorts of details from what Nancy is wearing, to how said articles of clothing were removed, and in what order, to the lighting details, to the instruments of spanking, to what Bob says, and to what Nancy says, and etc. etc. Buy such a book, and you get 100’s of pages of invented “details”, that will send you into that world of complete fiction.

    And yet, this is substitutes for good sense when it comes to 40 year old allegations that come out right before an election. My goodness, but didn’t a phony Russian dossier full of Urinating Russian Hookers just get shoved into the spotlight??? There were details there, too. But the whole thing was just a fiction paid for by the Democratic Party.

    Here, with Judge Moore, who really knows who is telling the truth? Anybody could say anything, and without some other form of evidence, who knows. To believe or disbelieve with any degree of certainty is nothing but a leap of faith. Personally, I totally reject the charges based on the time factor and the degree of hysteria exhibited by the anti-Trump forces.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Squeeky:
      Here’s a detail-laden story of teenage love complete with angst, romance, forbidden pleasures and the author’s use of old writings to prove the affair. Only problem is the author was five-years-old when the teenage affair supposedly occurred. Love mespo, 1959 LOL

      1. Thanks! True, we live in a world full of fiction, much of it believable. Think Little Old Ladies and soap operas. Or, think Michael Brown, and the whole “hands up, don’t shoot” silliness.

        I don’t believe or disbelieve these women, I just totally dismiss their claims for waiting 40 years to spring them right before an election.

        I don’t know how some people find them “credible”, when there is nothing in the way of supporting evidence. Some of the talking heads, and even Senators say they believe these women. I guess a few hundred years ago they would have believed that a Salem Witch put a hex on Goodman Brown’s cow,

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

    2. Squekkky and Roy boy must have been raised in da same place at da same time. They think da same.

      1. Thank you, PaulCS!!! I have been having problems with my Squeeky laptop, sooo I bought a wireless mouse for it. I try not to use my other computers to do Squeeky things. Now that cold weather is here, I may even do a little blogging again over at Pansies.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. Squeeky – if it is any help, there are chocolate k-cups available for your Keurig. 🙂 Makes the writing go faster on a cold night. 😉

          1. I may get a Keurig one of these days., FWIW, I just had a cup of Swiss Miss hot chocolate made the old fashioned way by heating up milk in the microwave. It is cold here, and I bought the Mosquito Plants and two potted shrubs inside to keep them from freezing up. But, I had to stay awake to keep the cats from eating them.

            But now I see the first rays of light in the Western Sky as the sun begins to rise. It will be in the 50s today, and in the 70s in a few more days. Who says Global Warming is a bad thing??? Anyway, I shall crash at dawn, and sleep for a few hours before re-rising.

            Squeeky Fromm
            Girl Reporter

            1. Squeek, I got family in Texas and they had snow. Always good to see you, girl.

    3. Perfect analysis, Squeeky. I wonder why JT doesn’t approach this revelation with a perspective of how lying, especially in harassment cases, destroys credibility in oneself, others’ similar claims, and trust in the entire system. Right now, JT’s just part of the problem.

      1. Thank you! I don’t know why JT doesn’t approach it from that angle. I am not sure that having multiple accusers really adds anything definitive either in a situation like this. My goodness, but millions of Democrats were out howling at the moon a few nights ago on the anniversary of the election. And there are a lot of nuts out there eager for attention to boot regardless of party affiliation.

        I am not sure that either side in this, Judge Moore, or the women, could prevail as plaintiff’s in court, and meet their burden of proof. This is why we have “Statutes of Limitations”, to force people with claims to court in a timely fashion. Alabama statutes have not run on these claims legally, but the claims have been foreclosed as a practical manner.

        Squeeky Fromm
        Girl Reporter

        1. “I don’t know why JT doesn’t approach it from that angle.”

          JT is as pure as snow.

    4. Peccadilloes abound in Washington, D.C.

      “Grand juries can indict a ham sandwich.”

      – NY State Chief Judge Sol Wachtler

      “Truth, we don’t need no stinkin’ truth!”

      – Paraphrase of the “Blazing Saddles” paraphrase of “The Treasure of Sierra Madre”

      “The end justifies the means.”

      ― Leon Trotsky,

      “How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.”

      ― Ronald Reagan

  9. Refuting the part does not refute the whole. Beverly Young Nelson has badly damaged her credibility. But adding the date, 12-22-’77, and the name of the restaurant, Olde Hickory House, to the yearbook inscription does not prove that Nelson forged the entire yearbook inscription. More importantly, the most likely motive for Nelson adding those notes to the yearbook inscription would be that Nelson’s accusation that Moore sexually assaulted her is probably true. If so, then it’s a shame that Nelson added those notes and damaged the credibility of her accusation against Moore.

        1. Diane, one doesn’t have to consider Nelson’s motive. One only has to look at the fact that she lied and brought this allegation up 40 years too late right before an election. Poof. To any fair person, this type of complaint should not be considered.

          1. Why 12-22-’77? Why Olde Hickory House? The notes added to the yearbook inscription presuppose knowledge of the significance of that date and that place name. And where would the malice come from, if the accusation of sexual assault were false?

            1. It’s not malice. It’s wanting be relevant or wealthy or just noticed. As for the details,like sweeky says it spins a more believable yarn.

                  1. According to Darren there could be legal jeopardy for Nelson if the yearbook inscription is completely forged and if it were submitted to an official proceeding.

  10. What people seem to be saying is that Moore wrote everything else but there was this small addition by his accuser.
    Moore didn’t admit to signing it did he?
    Moore didn’t admit to writing any part of that inscription did he?

    His accuser admits that at least some of that writing was done by her and presented as Moore’s writing. It seems the entire document is now in doubt and the only way to rehabilitate it is to submit it to an independent handwriting expert but Alred will not do that.

    Why? We can’t waive Moore’s civil liberties just because we don’t like his positions.

    1. ti317, Moore is suing The Washington Post and The Alabama Media Group for defamation based upon reckless disregard for the truth. Moore’s civil liberties have not been waived. Stop exaggerating.

      1. Sucks to have jumped on a flaming bandwagon, doesn’t it? My advice is to take hate out of your life. Forgive those who have wronged you. You can’t have peace without it.

  11. Allred, in the press conference, claimed that Nelson added the additional words, in the yearbook, in an effort to allow her to remember Moore. Really? Do tell, Gloria. The purported victim, so permanently traumatized by these alleged acts of sexual aggression and molestation, needed to add words of description, alongside the signature of her purported tormentor, so she could remember him, years down the road? Really? Descriptive words are required, alongside the signature of one’s molester, because the desperate victim wouldn’t be capable of remembering him otherwise? It’s a shame that people can’t see through this charade. Can’t see that Nelson, desperate to feel alive and relative, is just seeking her 15 minutes of fame. Can’t see that it is merely an opportunity for Nelson to to go get her hair streaked and teased, down at Sally Mae’s Beauty Shoppe, and slather on some cheap, dime store makeup, in anticipation of her performance, where she blubbers through some fake tears for the cameras in a sad attempt to affect an election.

    1. bam bam said, “Can’t see that Nelson, desperate to feel alive and relative, is just seeking her 15 minutes of fame.”

      From the Business Insider article linked upstream from here, Nelson says:

      “Since I spoke about my experience with Roy Moore when I was only 16 years old, I have been the target of threats and lies. As a result, I have had to live behind triple-locked doors, tinted windows, I’ve even had to have security accompany me when I went to a doctor’s appointment.”

      1. She lives with threats and lies? Is that another lie or exaggeration? Nelson seems full of hyperbole.

        1. It’s a shame that Nelson has damaged her credibility. But refuting the part does not refute the whole any more than proving a part would prove the whole.

          1. Diane, you believe that Nelson damaged her credibility and you think it a shame. I guess you would have preferred a forged document by Nelson be considered real evidence. Again, you have a dictator’s mind where only the dictator’s evidence counts whether real or contrived.

      2. Well, there are consequences for everything in life. If one suddenly awakes from a coma, after 40 years, and makes unsubstantiated allegations against another, in an effort to destroy a life, a family and a career, one should brace herself for the consequences of such a decision. Am I supposed to pity the same person, so traumatized by some purported acts, from decades ago, whose lawyer claims that she added words in a yearbook so that she could “remember” the beastly abuser? It makes no sense, and, if it makes no sense, it’s a lie. I’ve suspected as much the whole time, but now, it’s a given.

        1. Remembering the sexual assault makes far more sense as a motive for adding those notes than does your alternative hypothesis that Nelson sought fifteen minutes of fame despite the threats she’s faced ever since she went public with her allegation against Moore. Do you, bam bam, truly think that Nelson deserves to be threatened?

          1. Your response is nonsensical. Think about what you are alleging. . .just for a moment. I suspect, even you, in a rare, lucid moment, will find it difficult to make sense of what you are suggesting. You, along with Allred, seem to contend that adding the additional information, to the yearbook, served to allow Nelson to “remember” Moore. That is a preposterous notion, given Nelson’s alleged encounters with Moore. If she is, in fact, telling the truth about the sexual encounters with Moore–which were so traumatic and life-altering–then she would’ve had no need to write additional comments in her yearbook, serving to prevent her from forgetting this individual. Do people forget those who traumatized them? Do people forget those who molested them? The added words, written by Nelson, actually prove that she is a liar. We all know that she added the additional information BECAUSE her contact with Moore was so uneventful. So easily forgotten. She wanted to be able to recall him, the year, how she knew him, etc. That flies in the face of any allegations of abuse, where a true and actual victim would need no such assistance in recalling abuse. If you were honest, you would agree with that assessment; however, I suspect that you are not. You have an agenda. I do not know Moore, yet I do not wish to see a public servant’s life, family, career and reputation destroyed over unsubstantiated accusations. Accusations that are being tossed about forty years after the purported assaults. Nothing, and, I do mean, nothing, prevented Nelson from speaking out before now. Nothing. In fact, her silence, with regard to this alleged monster, makes her complicit in any other so-called assaults that occurred after her contact with Moore. I don’t pity her. She had four decades to speak up. To tell the world about this monster, who was, and is, so unfit for public office. She didn’t. Her silence speaks volumes. Even if Moore signed her yearbook. . .so what? When did a signature, in a yearbook, ever serve to prove a crime? A lot of hysteria over nothing. There is an important election on the line. Only the deaf, dumb and blind fail to see the machinations in play. A convenient time for the alleged victim to suddenly find her voice. A convenient time to recall the horrors of encounters from her youth.

            With regard to your question as to whether or not I feel that anyone should be threatened. . .I will turn the question around on you. Do you believe that it is proper to unjustly and unfairly accuse someone of crimes, from decades ago, where there is no proof of such crimes? Where the accuser has remained mum, for decades? Where the accusations can and will destroy the life, family, reputation and career of an individual, without said victim being given the benefit of due process? How would you react if your life, as you knew it, was being destroyed? Where accusations, which are unsubstantiated, we’re being levied against you? Isn’t Moore being threatened? Isn’t his life and reputation being threatened? Until, and unless, the same occurs to you, obviously, you don’t get the magnitude of the accusations. I would hope, that if the same allegations were being made against you, you would be given the benefit of the doubt. That people would not rush to judgment. That people would scrutinize the accuser and her allegations from 40 years ago. But, unfortunately, you are unwilling to do the same for a stranger.

          2. “Remembering the sexual assault makes far more sense as a motive…”

            Where is your proof? I forgot. Dictators don’t need real proof. They can make it up as they go along.

    2. Amen! And another thing, I have heard some talking heads explaining how their mommies put the date on the backs of photos, like “Christmas 1972 at Gulf Shores” or something to explain Nelson’s scribbling in the year book. You know, to distinguish the 1972 Christmas from the 1971 Christmas.

      Huh??? But doesn’t a YEAR book sort of already have the year on it??? Like on the front cover, and if somebody signs it, don’t they put their name on it? Isn’t that what “signing” is, putting your name on something.

      Sooo, who would need the extra details? This is nothing like labeling photographs, which in the olden days did not come out with dates and details on them.

      Squeeky Fromm
      Girl Reporter

      1. Squeeky – as I told someone much earlier, I do not remember anyone dating their signature in my yearbook, which I did not keep, btw.

        1. Yeah, because there is no sense in dating it, because the year is already on the book itself. My guess is that somebody got carried away with their “art work.” You know, like signing the Grecian Urn, 124 B.C.

          Squeeky Fromm
          Girl Reporter

          1. Squeeky – especially since in 124 BC, no one knew when Christ would be born. 😉

      2. Excellent observation Squeek. Just pulled out my year books and can’t find a single date.

  12. Professor Turley, it appears that you are suggessting that Roy Moore did not write the nice note and sign his name in the yearbook. Is that your position? Yes or No.

  13. I wonder what Putin would do with a “Gloria Allred” in Russia; or Xi Jinping in China. Ain’t America great?

  14. I hope Professor Turley is not offended by this…but the Hill (that features his columns) has reported that Fox has issued a correction as an FYI as there was also a “tirade” over inaccurate CNN is a bit of #FakeNews here: :

    Fox News issues correction after inaccurately reporting Moore accuser forged yearbook signature

    1. The damage is done now, both by Fox and Professor Turley. Roy Moore signed the book, and the fact that the accuser added some writing does not negate that fact. The real question is when Allred knew that not all of the writing was Moore’s.

      1. Read Turley again – he did not say ‘forge’ – the issue is knowingly misrepresenting/lies. Turley is spot on and needs no redacting.

        Further – what proof do you have that Roy wrote any of it? Allred’s word? That’s not credible now. Did she release the original for examination by a third party agreeable to both sides? I think not. She can still release it however – call her up and get her to release it to a 3rd party agreeable to both sides for professional examination – you still have time.

      2. How do we know Moore signed it? Wouldn’t an examination of the document by an expert, or a panel of experts, go some way to sorting this out?
        You sound like Dan Rather when he was caught using phony documents. “It could have been true”.
        We don’t destroy people’s careers and lives based on wishes.

      3. T rump grabbed some Foxy Fox reporter in the elevator and kissed her in an a forceful manner.. He was married to Melanie. He and Roy boy can molest for free.

        1. “He and Roy boy can molest for free.”

          Sounds like you want your own Roy boy toy.

    2. You need to issue a correction. Your link says Fox reported that part of the document was forged.
      It never said the signature was forged.

      The correction changed the word forged but in actuality, if you write something and present it as being written by someone else, your writing is a forgery.

    1. Only thing that matters is election day folks.
      All of this is “smoke”–Glad to see, though, that you Believe “Ayatollah” Moore will win and be seated…a person that said it was during Slavery that America was great….that has said Muslims have no place in Congress and has twice been removed from as Chief Judge of the Alabama Supreme Court for showing disdain for the Constitution…

    2. Yep. The dirty old pervs t rump and Moore are going up in da rapture. They are godly perverts. Alabama declared it to be true.

      1. You should take a look at the Dem party sometime if you want to see a plethora of perverts.

    3. Worse for da rethugs if he wins then they have to deal with da stinky perv. Da mall is on da look out in Fairfax.

  15. Seems like terrible lawyering. There is the possibility her client didn’t initially tell her about the added information. In any case, getting the info out right away would have made it a 1 -day story. They let it fester.

  16. Seems the value and face time on television is greater than billable hours which is greater than ethics.

    1. Darren, …
      In this case, I think that Roy Moore values and appreciates Allred’s TV appearances/press conferences.
      Outside of going to Alabam a and joining Doug Jones in the final days on the campaign trail, Allred has helped Moore as much as any counter-productive stunt she might have pulled.

      1. You are correct in that. And I agree with our host that this news will in the mind of many voters remove credibility from Mr. Moore’s other accusers, nightly so or not.

        1. This was the strongest evidence anyone really had on Roy Moore, so this will at least take some of the pressure off. Now, we need to deal with the report of the document examiner who says it was all done in the same hand. That is going to be hard to get around if Nelson says she annotated the signature.

          BTW, I thought that date was screwy and I questioned it before. She is now an unreliable witness and forger.

          1. In reviewing the Alabama statute relating to evidence tampering:

            (a) A person commits the crime of tampering with physical evidence if, believing that an official proceeding is pending or may be instituted, and acting without legal right or authority, he:

            (1) Destroys, mutilates, conceals, removes or alters physical evidence with intent to impair its use, verity or availability in the pending or prospective official proceeding;  or

            (2) Knowingly makes, presents or offers any false physical evidence with intent that it be introduced in the pending or prospective official proceeding.

            (b) “Physical evidence,” as used in this section, includes any article, object, document, record or other thing of physical substance.

            (c) Tampering with physical evidence is a Class A misdemeanor.

            If Ms. Nelson believed that the signed yearbook would be used in an upcoming proceeding she could be charged criminally. I guess then the billable hours goal might resurface with her attorney.

            1. Darren, perhaps the legal jeopardy you’ve just delineated might explain Allred’s reluctance to submit the evidence at issue to any official proceeding. But would a Senate committee hearing qualify as such an official proceeding under Alabama law?

            2. Darren Smith – I am hoping that several people are filing complaints with the CA Bar Assoc. over Allred’s behavior.

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