imagesTo the relief of many (including many Republicans), Roy Moore was defeated tonight in a very close election.  Almost 2 percent of voters elected to vote for write-in candidates. That margin may have been the determinative factor for Doug Jones to prevail.  I have been a critic of Moore for many years and obviously did not hide my view that he represented both a legal and moral hazard.  In my view, his defeat was far better for the GOP than his victory.  His presence in the Senate would have presented a constantly corrosive and divisive element for the GOP in seeking to defend the Senate majority in 2018.

President Donald Trump issued a thoughtful and refreshingly fair tweet in response to the election:


Moore however is declining to concede and his campaign insist that, if the votes are less than a half percentage point (including write-ins), there must be a recount under state law.  The recount is mandatory but only if within a half a point. That would require write-ins to count as the same as other candidates on the ballot.

The law was passed in 2016.  The Secretary of State has stated that the write-in votes could apply in the calculation once they are found to be valid. Notably, many people writing in candidates will select fantasy or funny choices like Mickey Mouse or George Washington. Those votes are invalid because the write in candidate must be eligible to be a Senator for Alabama (including age, residency etc).

It is also possible for the Moore campaign to demand a recount regardless of the percentage, which is allowed so long as they are willing to pay for it.

USA Today has posted my column on the one remaining task for Moore: to fulfill his pledge to sue his accusers.  

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  1. Moore, please ask for a recount and pay for it. Alabama could use the money for a better education system. On second thought, I have zero confidence Alabama would know what to do with any money for education. They clearly have failed to educate their residence up to this point in time, why would they do any better tomorrow?

    1. Paul – if you are going to diss AL about its education system, at least spell residents right. 😉

    2. Are you paying attention? The dems made sure that a recount is a physical impossibility. Change your news source to

  2. FWIW

    Assange’s tweets today –

    #SweetHomeAlabama just became #BaracksObama as thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens managed to vote for #DougJones.

    It’s only a matter of time before #DNCLeaks2 hits. #ElectionFraud #DNCPlaybook


    I’m just curious as to how many illegal aliens and deceased persons managed to cast votes for #DougJones?

    1. Ya have to show a picture ID in Bama Comrad. Moore bots are not da brightest but they keep trying to resssurect him from da dead.

    2. Please Autumn, tell us how many illegals voted for anybody in the recent Alabama election.

      1. Paul, No idea if any. Just find it intriguing that Assange would tweet this out. Does he have something? Or is he just gunning for Dems? Wait and see.

        1. Wait. Is that Paul or Paul? Where’s Paul? Let’s ask Paul if he is Paul or if Paul is Paul.

          1. George – sometimes there are two Pauls, one uses his last name, one does. I am this one. 🙂

      2. Assange should have been granted immunity and subpoenaed a long time ago. Congress can’t handle the truth. The FBI does not want the truth. This is a case of the government destroying the facts and the truth. Preposterous. More hysteria and incoherence everyday. The FBI is doing more covering-up than it did during/after the JFK assassination.

    3. I thought Bernie was for same day registration and no voter ids. Calling people “illegal aliens” is not something Bernie would do. 🙂

  3. The big lie is working in Alabama. I wonder how many women we could get on GW campus to claim sexual harassment against any professor if we offered $200,000 for the statements? Would JT be willing to accept any and all charges made under such circumstances?

  4. JFK said the same thing: “Nixon Defeated.”

    Truth is; Nixon won and the mob stole the election for JFK as a gift to mob ally, “bootlegger” and “stock market manipulator,” Joseph P. Kennedy.

    “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

    ― Joseph Stalin

    “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

    ― Mark Twain

  5. From JT’s article: “Now that the campaign is over, Moore can finally prove that he was not lying about either his past or this intent to clear his name.”


    Defamation suits are typically a fool’s errand. It always turns out to be a trial of the plaintiff who must prove their virtue. And that’s an impossible for task for even recent charges of wrongdoing much less ones from 40-years-ago. How does one prove they “were not lying about either [their] past or their intent to clear [their] name? Would they have to account to the jury for every action they took outside of their home using fact witnesses? Could they have the trial court take judicial notice of the fact that a judge could not have committed the acts while on the bench? Would he have to produce detailed logs and diaries about his every action and mental impression since 1977 to “prove” that he never engaged in the alleged activity nor intended otherwise? There’s a reason we at the courthouse say “Affirmati Non Neganti Incumbit Probatio,” which means “the burden of proof is upon him who affirms – not on him who denies.”

    1. Personally, I would not be interested in a win in court or even a retraction. I would be interested in a deposition. I have always found that either depositions or requesting a deposition can be the key to success. (That is why Hillary’s deposition wasn’t given under oath.)

      1. Is that SOP for the FBI in serious federal cases involving crimes of high office and felonies?

        1. I can’t be totally sure of FBI SOP, but it makes sense if one is a serious investigator.

  6. On balance, Doug Jones presented as a more centrist candidate, and ran a better campaign. I worry that the Moore campaign will now try to gum up the works with a lengthy recount. It may be weeks before Jones is sworn in.

    1. No, pbinca. Jones is not a centrist and he didn’t run a better campaign. Up until a couple weeks ago it would be fair to say he didn’t even have a campaign. No one had heard from him and he certainly didn’t announce his policy positions. His job was to keep quiet while the “journalists” took aim at Moore. The results of the election do not show a pro-dem leaning state; voters voted against Moore, not for Jones. Jones will be gone in 2 years.

      1. Haha. At least you understand that in this instance, “media” = “truth.”

        This is to “why can’t chomos get a recount” mistake

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