imagesTo the relief of many (including many Republicans), Roy Moore was defeated tonight in a very close election.  Almost 2 percent of voters elected to vote for write-in candidates. That margin may have been the determinative factor for Doug Jones to prevail.  I have been a critic of Moore for many years and obviously did not hide my view that he represented both a legal and moral hazard.  In my view, his defeat was far better for the GOP than his victory.  His presence in the Senate would have presented a constantly corrosive and divisive element for the GOP in seeking to defend the Senate majority in 2018.

President Donald Trump issued a thoughtful and refreshingly fair tweet in response to the election:


Moore however is declining to concede and his campaign insist that, if the votes are less than a half percentage point (including write-ins), there must be a recount under state law.  The recount is mandatory but only if within a half a point. That would require write-ins to count as the same as other candidates on the ballot.

The law was passed in 2016.  The Secretary of State has stated that the write-in votes could apply in the calculation once they are found to be valid. Notably, many people writing in candidates will select fantasy or funny choices like Mickey Mouse or George Washington. Those votes are invalid because the write in candidate must be eligible to be a Senator for Alabama (including age, residency etc).

It is also possible for the Moore campaign to demand a recount regardless of the percentage, which is allowed so long as they are willing to pay for it.

USA Today has posted my column on the one remaining task for Moore: to fulfill his pledge to sue his accusers.  

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  1. If there were more Christians in Alabama (1) Bannon would have been run out of the state on a rail (permitting him time to drown his sorrows with his third ex-wife). (2) Moore would never have been elected to office (permitting him time to bask in his wife’s snarl about “a Jew” they hired. (3) The state would give Franklin Graham (and his brethren) the same lack of welcome that western Europe gave him.

      1. Hurry, report the name of these “babies” that have been killed- stat!

        This is to “merica was a better place when women were chattel” foxie

    1. Media reported 77-year-old Foster Freiss is part of a Bannon recruitment effort for U.S. Senate. If Freiss is connected with and/or funds the “highly secretive” Council for National Policy which the Southern Poverty Law Center details at its site, there’s reason to suspect that Bannon’s brand is attached to a wing of “Christians”.

  2. Moore did himself in – his comments on slavery allowed the Dems to rally blacks. They turned out in record numbers while the rural whites did not vote or wrote in.

    The Republican establishment is as elated as the Dems – they love DINOs

    FWIW – there was another interesting race in Atlanta for mayor. Progressive blacks backed (white) Republican Mary Norwood over Dem Keisha Bottoms – they vote for candidates based on issues and actual results.. Bottoms won by a very slim margin – I guess the ignorant blacks who vote along color and party lines will have to suffer some more. Dumb idiots keep sending John Lewis to Congress.

      1. I don’t understand your comment about Trump progressives being on the ropes. I assume Autumn supported Bernie and was smart enough not to vote in Hillary based on her illegal activities. Autumn apparently is interested in the working people and minorities. It appears Autumn is getting some of what Autumn wants, more employment, a better economy, less Latino unemployment and greater black home ownership. It seems like instead of being on the ropes Autumn’s desires are being fulfilled.

        1. . Autumn claims to be a progressive but posst pro-Trump videos and has never said a negative word about him. There were bots on Facebook that pretended to be for bernie but were plants. From what I can tell she is on the Trump team with you, squeeky and nick.

          1. Firstly, you never responded to how you wish the debate to proceed, using out of context statements or in context statements. You can liken that to the use of swarthmoremom or swarthmoron. That doesn’t mean you like Moore. It only means that you like the truth, not out of context lies. Which is it?

            I still don’t understand your “comment about Trump progressives being on the ropes.”.

          1. swm – second wave feminists are feminazis. First wave feminists are feminists. Does that clear it up for you?

          2. Today’s feminists ARE feminazis – calling Bernie a sexist because he ran against HRC, Gloria Steinem’s exhortion for women to vote their vaginas. 3rd wave fems are truly pathetic.

            Here is the latest example of their insanity – urging women to sing “hyrrs” to fight “sexism” during Xmas

            What are hyrrs? They are festive hymns made feminist – a holly-jolly FU to the gender inequality seen in 2017

            Titles include
            “Kick the Balls” (set to “Deck the Halls”)
            “Oh Sexism” (set to “Oh Christmas Tree”)
            “We Want An Equal Salary” (set to “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”)
            “Stereotypes” (set to “Silent Night”)
            “Good Queen Wenceslas” (set to “Good King Wenceslas” )


            Now You Can Fight Sexism At Christmas By Singing Hyrrs, Not Hymns


              1. Allan He is a Democratic socialist – not anti capitalist or in favor of state taking over businesses – just cutting out their subsidies and making them pay taxes

                1. Historically Bernie is a bit more than that and he is unrealistic. One has to define their terms in order to be understood. I agree, the federal government should not be in the business of running businesses nor providing subsidies to business except where national security is involved. Yet Bernie wanted the federal government to take control of the healthcare sector (around 18% of the economy).

        2. Allan -spot on. I voted Bernie in the primaries and Jill Stein in the general – hoping to get her at least at 5% – we need third parties to break the Establishment duopoly. There is no way I could vote for Crooked HRC.

          Yep, I’m all about helping the poor – irregardless of race by creating jobs. Chronic welfare, from what I’ve read and personally too often observed, continues throughout generations – it leads to societal dysfunction and diminishes self worth.

          SWM is a typical knee jerk partisan liberal – self imposed blinders on – can’t see the forest for the trees

          1. I know a fake bernie bot when I see one. They support Milo and the rest of the neo-nazis and put down feminists .You and squeek hold the same views. YNOT sees it clearly. How could anyone support the Trump tax cut and claim they are for the poor?

            1. swm – are you incapable of holding two independent competing thoughts simultaneously in your brain? That is what brilliant people do all the time and then they make choices. I have just finished a 36 lecture class on Medieval England and the fights between the commoners and peers grew more common as the commoners became more heavily taxed. Remember, in those days, the government was not in charge of the poor, each shire was. The people of the shire were expected to feed and clothe the poor. In fact, the idea of the state taking over the welfare system in the United States didn’t start until FDR. In Germany, until Hitler.

              1. . Bet you are getting excited about the possible return of Sheriff Joe now that your other favorite Roy Moore lost. Maybe Bannon can come to AZ and get things going like he did for Moore.

                1. SWM – I think Joe is too old to run for office and I hope he decides not to run. Bannon is already backing Kelli Ward.

                1. Autumn – binged it, The Story of Medieval England: From King Arthur to the Tudor Conquest. Professor Jennifer Paxton from Georgetown and Catholic University. She is very good. 🙂

            2. WHEN did I say I support the tax cut? Again you are a liar – a Soros bot. You need to have your meds adjusted — then again there is probably no remedy for your baseless accusations, inability to rationally consider other POVs and other pathologies you consistently exhibit on this blog

              1. Yeah sure. I am a Soros bot that went to Alabama to defeat Moore. Drove a car around filled with convicts. We were trying to avoid getting run down by you and squeeky and the rest of the kkk Bannon bots.

                1. FU – you are so blinded by willful ignorance and hate all you can do is post inane crap. I guess you are following the example of that Maddow and the rest of the discpicable people on MSDNC who specialize in putting out enphatic word salads.


                  1. Very very Bannonesque but you forgot to call Rachel an old crone or a mad cow this time. Keep demeaning the women in the pink hats because now they are winning.

                    1. “now they are winning.”

                      What are they winning? I am not the woman’s movement was good or bad, but I remember years ago when many women didn’t have full-time jobs and took care of their children. Sometimes the roles were reversed which is fine as well.

                      Today I see a lot of women that are forced to work and can’t take care of their children the way they would like. I have seen so many marriages today where the woman comes home from her full-time job and then has to take care of the house, the children and finally her husband. I don’t think women are winning,

                  2. PS I don’t watch.her. Trumpers hate Don Lemmon more so I watch him. 🙂 Charles Barkley was great on his show.

                    1. SWM:

                      Charles Barkley is an interesting guy. He curses and the spits on a eight-year-old girl who was watching an NBA game from the bleachers but now is the christened by the Left as a defender of women’s rights everywhere. I guess the rights of females under 14 don’t count in the calculus of hero worship for the Left.

                      And let’s not even get into his patronage of female prostitutes. Just girls working their way through college, I’m guessing and ol’ Uncle Chuck was helping pay the tuition. Or Barkley’s DUI after running the stop sign with a female in the car. That’s forgiveable right? it was years ago.

                      Here’s my favorite Barkley quote that shows quite a bit of personal introspection:

                      “My initial response was to sue her for defamation of character, but then I realized that I had no character.” ~Charles Barkley

                      And who can disagree with the foremost expert on the topic?

                      Tell me again how great Barkley was and how he is so much better as a role model than Moore when it comes to the ethical treatment of women.

            3. Swarthmoremom or swarthmoron (yet to be determined), how is Milo a neo-nazi? Do you know what those words mean? You realize of course that Milo is Jewish on his mother’s side and would have been killed by the Nazi’s. You also should realize that he is gay so that under the Nazi’s would have led to his death as well. Finally, he likes black partners. I don’t think the Aryan Nazi’s would like that either. Do you really know what you are talking about?

              Does Milo put down women? No, I think he is very respectful towards them and got along fine with my wife. He is actually very respectful and polite when he is not on stage ridiculing people that don’t know what Nazi’s are yet act as if they do.

                1. I don’t understand your response. You called Moore a Nazi, neo-Nazi to be exact. You don’t seem to know what a Nazi is. You probably called Trump a Nazi and an anti-Semite at one time or another despite the fact that his daughter converted to Judaism and he has 5 Jewish grandchildren.

                  Why do you wish to act like such a put? It’s time for you to start dealing with in context facts or declare yourself one that doesn’t care about the truth. Only then will we learn what name represents you best, swathmoremom or swathmoron.

          2. No matter what ideology one has HRC wasn’t a good candidate. Her ideology was all about her. I didn’t like Bernie, not because of what his goals were concerning those in need rather his specific policies have already been proven not to work.

            We can see that this administration has had a positive influence on the poor and minorities and we can also remember welfare reform under Bill Clinton and a Republican majority which led to the improvement of many lives. The goal of improving lives rests on both sides of the aisle. The difference is the means to those goals. Apparently Trump has found a means that is working.

          3. I applaud your thought, which has some merit, although I disagree somewhat. However, the nature of our election system in the US generally precludes more than two successful parties; there are isolated exceptions. Where the winner takes all, second is last, and gets nada. Third gets joked about. As an aside, drop “irregardless” from your vocabulary, “regardless” says the same thing.

    1. “Moore did himself in – his comments on slavery”

      Not true. A distortion to meet your desired beliefs. His comment was misquoted and the accusations against him never proven but brought right before an election. Tremendous amounts of money flowed in and the Republicans, as usual, shot themselves in the foot. Moore lost because of a lot of loud noise.

      The election should have been about his political policies. If he lost based upon policy then your argument about Moore doing himself in would be valid.

      By the way along with Latino’s having the lowest unemployment ever recorded it appears blacks have the highest home ownership ever. I think the minorities are benefiting under this President. Perhaps some of their radical leaders ought to look at what benefits the population they are leading instead of trying to maintain job security.

      1. Disagree Allan -read that Intercept article TBob posted. I didn’t .have a horse (forgive the pun) in this race so it wasn’t MY “desired beliefs” It was how blacks interpreted his statements which got them out to vote .

        As you well know for a large potion of the population it is not about policies.

        re: “Perhaps some of their radical leaders ought to look at what benefits the population they are leading instead of trying to maintain job security.” Why would they? These “leaders” are benefiting and have pulled up the ladder behind them. All they offer is empty rhetoric

        Younger, educated blacks see right through them

        1. Autumn – the big question is how much “walk around money” did the black pastors get to turn out their flocks?

        2. I have to agree with you, Autumn. Moore doesn’t know when to shut his mouth. He may not have made a direct reference to slavery (many on this board jumped the shark), but his opponents were able to spin it to their advantage. Lies don’t matter after the win is in.

          1. Moore wasn’t a good candidate, but the mainstream Republicans have made supporters look for candidates that will not end up saying one thing and doing another. Therefore, suspicion against potentially good candidates might cause them to lose out to less experienced and less consequential candidates.

        3. Blacks likely went out to vote probably because of the ‘extended Obama family’ and the amount of money that went into the campaign.

          I am not interested in your excuse for using an out of context quote to form your opinion. Using such a remark to make it seem that Moore’s comments on slavery were different than they were is the problem.

          I have noted this type of problem on more than one issue.

    2. You, Squeeky and nick claimed that the :dims” were finished forever, Now they have won in Virginia and Alabama. John Lewis a hero to many people.

      1. I never claimed “the :dims” were finished forever” don’t put words in my comments.

        I said the number of Dim seats lost under the Obama regime was yuuuge at every level – national, state and local and that indies have increased in numbers as people Demexited after the DNC fixed the primaries.

        2 “successes” does not indicate to me that they are on the upswing – the establisment only spports DINOs –donations been declining sreadily

        what you and your ilk refuse to recognize is that Progressive Indies despise Corporate Dems

      2. Swarthmoremom said, “You, Squeeky and nick claimed that the :dims” were finished forever, Now they have won in Virginia and Alabama. John Lewis a hero to many people.”

        They’ve also conveniently forgotten all about their claim that Democrats are sore losers who refuse to accept the results of elections. Do you remember that one? They don’t. It has completely slipped their minds.

        As for John Lewis being a national hero to many people, yeah. Count me in on that. BTW, congratulations swarthmoremom. You were a major-league heavy-hitter on this issue. I just want to celebrate. I just want to celebrate. I just want to celebrate another day of living. I just want to celebrate another day of life. Don’t let them get you down. No. No. Don’t let them turn you around and around and around and around.

  3. Mitch McConnell with the help of the Alabama Secretary of State will drag the count out just long enough to pass their “Donor Class Relief Act” And Mitch being a already proven thief that knows how to steal a seat and vote will make damn sure his pockets are full before letting Jones take a seat in the Senate.

    1. I think the election process should be fair and swift without so much dickering. However, you are not an honest broker as you support all the attempts being made to invalidate Trump’s win.

    2. Just announced target date for the bill is by 25. Nice call, FW.
      CV, you know Jones doesn’t have a chance in 2020. That’s not why Dems pushed so much money his way.

  4. Regarding a “re-count”: The write-in votes do not matter. It is ok to vote for Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck.

    1. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, had this in her tweet message until just two minutes ago:

      Sweet home Alabama. Thank you Alabamians and Doug Moore. Good has prevailed and our country is on the way to a new day #ikneel

  5. To disappointed Alabamans who voted for Mr Moore because he opposes “baby killing”. You are welcome to join the rest of the world in fighting against the killing of air-breathing babies when bombs are dropped on population centers around the world. and toxins are poured into rivers and spewed into the air.

    1. Agree.
      Moore, as a Republican, favors the business profit decisions that lead to toxins in the air and water.
      The Republican position is not pro-life because after birth, Republicans do not to aid the child’s existence. Republicans fight for the tax cuts that deny food, medical care, education for the poor.

      1. Exactly right, Linda. The Republicans don’t care about people, only money. And we all know that after a child is born they do not ‘aid the child’s existence’ – certainly not. No, the Republicans are killing us all. They are literally evil people who deny food, medical care, and education to the poor. And as Nancy Pelosi told us Armageddon is coming if we don’t put Democrats in charge of everything, STAT.

          1. Sarcasm, you say, TBob??? Exactly who is holding the Childrens Health Insurance Program hostage to the Donor Class Relief Act??? Nancy Pelosi? Or good ole cotton-eye Joe Orrin Hatch?

      2. Funny, it wasn’t that long ago when Obama promised to ‘help the people’ and then he went and helped Wall Street instead. Then the Democrats went on to lose almost 1,000 seats and Obama left his party in tatters and left the DNC broke and in debt. And now Obama himself is giving paid speeches on Wall Street. The point is that both sides break promises and both sides – even Baby Jesus Obama – help da Wall Streeters.

      3. Chris/Linda, you may be surprised to learn that true conservatives believe all unjustified killing is wrong. I know it doesn’t fit the brainwash doctrine you’ve been fed, but that’s the fact. I truly believe a majority of the country could get behind an amendment that outlawed abortion, capital punishment, and undeclared wars. But you and I know that the Dems rely on unborn baby blood money and establishment Repubs make war for a living. And it’s not going to change because they’re working together to rebuff the alternative political rising. The wings on both sides are making strides to unseat their establishment party. As much as you may hate him, Trump was nominated on the promise that he would end the wars that Obama promised to end for 8 years. So do your part by at least not trying to defend the murder of innocence.
        Since you don’t know it already, both Dems and Repubs have agreed behind closed doors to not cut any existing programs… social benefits or defense. So please stop with the “deny the poor” nonsense. Continuing to rant the same lib dialogue just makes you less credible. You’re better than that. Except for maybe TBob, he seems to be a lost cause. Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

          1. Both parties passed it. Or, it’s probably better to say that neither party stopped it. Didn’t you read my section about no cuts to programs? The national security strategy is to pivot to the Pacific theater. To do that, Trump has to destroy the ISIS regime that Obama and the Saudis created to bring down Assad. Google a map of Middle East oil (and planned natural gas) pipelines. That should explain things for you.

              1. One has to laugh. Linda thinks a movie by Michael Moore is evidence.

                I’m not commenting on the Bush-Saudi connection only Linda’s absurd statement.

        1. “I truly believe a majority of the country could get behind an amendment that outlawed abortion, capital punishment, and undeclared wars.”

          I’m with you on this being the right direction to for the country to move toward.

          1. omg there’s hope for our future 😉
            Actually, I’m not surprised. The politicians and parties keep us angry at each other so they can push their agenda. The last thing they need is a united country.

        2. Rich. Step outside your bubble and turn off Pravda Faux News. The truth is, 70% of Americans are in favor of keeping Roe just the way it is. Mere birth control Is still mere birth control, no matter who many times you yell about it.

          This is to “merica was better when women” were chattel” mistake

          1. The evangelicals who are against a woman’s choice, are American grown Taliban.
            The religious conservatives’ unwillingness to spend to aid poor children is the proof that they have nothing in common with Christian values.

  6. Some people say, that Soros and HRC were driving all over Alabama and voting, D’OH maybe I should not have said that, there are some on this site that will believe it.

        1. The premise of your thought is that the rethuglicans party was not all ready chock full of racists, misogynists, and low information voters. Your repeated postings prove you wrong.

          1. You do have a filthy mind if you assume everyone who disagrees with you is bad. It’s either that or you’re typing from the library computer at the middle school you attend.

            1. Bannon’s historic victory was a vote against Hillary. Not a vote for DJ Trump. But don’t take my word for it. Take themistakenpresident’s word for it.

    1. It seems that unsubstantiated claims 40 years old can be made against anyone and cost them an election.

      Was Moore guilty? No one knows for sure, but no one knows whether or not their neighbor is guilty of the same crime. That is not the way our law-abiding constitutional republic is supposed to work.

      After 40 years the statute of limitations had even run out for any crime he was accused of (without adequate proof). Rehabilitation and statutes of limitations are considered desirable by those on the left to such an extent that they cheer terrorists that never paid the price yet ended up teaching at major universities.

      1. Is Roy guilty? Not by virtue of a criminal court jury. Does that mean that Roy didn’t do the things that he’s accused of? No. It’s most likely that he DID do what he’s accused of doing.

        1. I’m sure he did some of the things he was accused of, but the question is were those things illegal? Did he do anything illegal at the time? No one knows, but we do know that the claims were presented right before an election and there were attempts to deceive the public by those who made the claims. Secondarily for 30-40 years Moore seems to have lived a moral life though politically his views are disliked by many. What has happened is that he has been “convicted by some of the public” for his political views, not for any criminal activity. That is a dangerous addition to our political system and is a methodology used by the most repressive regimes in the world.

          If you found him guilty in your eyes and you were a voter in Alabama you could vote against him. That is the way our system works. I suggest since you believe Moore guilty and feel he should be punished 30-40 years later, you should start a political movement to end the statute of limitations throughout the country.

          1. Allan said, “What has happened is that he [Moore] has been “convicted by some of the public” for his political views, not for any criminal activity.”

            When someone Allan supports loses an election for his political views, Allan claims that that person has been “convicted.” Even though that person has not been incarcerated.

            When someone Allan does not support loses an election for her political views, Allan claims, “Locker her up! She never should’ve been allowed to run.”

            Allan is a trouper in a menstrual show.

              1. Paul, menstrualsy is pun on minstrelsy. Surely you’ve heard of a minstrel show. Accusing an incoherent and hysterical man of being a trouper in a menstrual show is also a well-known instance of women’s locker-room talk. I double-dawg dare you to pretend that you’ve heard of that before, Schulteacher.

                  1. Diane – I can proudly say that although I know quite a bit about minstrelsy, I have never heard of your sexist mocking of it. Is this 2nd Wave or 3rd Wave Feminism at work?

                    1. Diane – I am sorry, but if you think I have heard of any of this crap, you are sui generis. You are just part of the herd.

                1. Diane – then your statement is both racist and sexist. Still, men cannot be hysterical for the same reason they cannot be in a menstrual show. When I was in college, I was asked to supervise a theatre tech class that just happened to be all female. There was no problem with their work, but I heard jokes I am still ashamed to tell either my male or female friends. Most of them had to do with menstruation and were not nice then and have not gotten any nicer over the years.

                  1. Paul, the pun is also an argument by analogy. Just as White-male minstrel troupes caricatured African Americans in a racist manner, so too do White-male menstrual troupes caricature women in a sexist, if not downright misogynistic, manner. Just as minstrelsy was an instrument of White power-lust, so too is menstrualsy intimately connected to angry White-male castration anxiety. Such was the not-so-secret meaning of Neitzsche’s comments about horse whips.

                    1. Paul, Diane has difficulty putting concepts together so they become disjointed. Part of it can be from age, but a good part is probably due to the way she is used to promoting her ideas. She doesn’t seem to understand how one proves a contention and leaves her ideas disconnected.

                  2. Paul, your observations are interesting. You actually heard some female locker room talk and probably would hear a lot more if you were around them at the right time. I guess both men and woman engage in locker room talk, but to the “feminazi” (a term that seems to be common on this blog) only females can make such statements with impunity.

            1. ” Allan claims that that person has been “convicted.” Even though that person has not been incarcerated.”

              Diane, you convicted Roy Moore of a crime based on 40-year-old memories and no physical evidence except a yearbook entry which was tampered with, or a complete forgery, or wasn’t even the plaintiffs or a mixture. Of course, this was only in your mind so I am glad to take note that you recognize that “conviction” was merely one of your fantasies.

              “When someone Allan does not support loses an election for her political views, Allan claims, “Locker her up! She never should’ve been allowed to run.”

              I say investigate and lock up criminals. Hillary, who undoubtedly you are referring to likely will never have to face her criminal acts. I don’t advocate preventing people from running for office based on personal opinion something you seem to do. I leave it up to the Constitution and the people. You are the dictator on this blog.

              Hopefully, the mainstream media will have to soon be printing more details of what now appears to be illegal collusion within the FBI against Trump. They have obtained some pretty damning evidence. Sometimes the MSM can be months or even a year behind the time when it is bad news for the ideology they promote so we may have to wait a long time for you to catch up.

              1. The United States of America is a member of the Five Eyes Alliance along with The United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Christopher Steele was an intelligence agent for MI6 in The UK.

                When Steele gathered intelligence from Russian informants he had recruited during his career at MI6 that was vital to the national security interests of The United States, he did exactly as he was supposed to have done and shared that intelligence with The FBI counterintelligence division.

                To construe Steele’s action as illegal collusion against Trump is to chuck The Five Eyes Alliance as well as the vital national security interests of The United States of America overboard for that sake of defending a certain US Person rather than defending The USA.

                Which is more important to Allan: The USA or DJ Trump?

                1. The question is what really happened. Did the FBI pay Steele and that company directly? It seems so. (The DNC also seemed to pay that firm.) Was that transaction legal? Why was the wife of one of the top agents involved an employee for Steele’s company? There are loads of questions involving this issue which is just a part of the problem being played out. All of this leads to an appearance of illegal collusion.

                  You constantly try and mix illegal and unethical activities with the greater scheme of things. That is your nature. You are naive, jumping on the ‘common good’ like the leftist you are when the ‘common good’ requires honesty and integrity something that is very lacking in this attempt to take down a President. You are despotic by nature. Trump won the election and you are willing to destroy our form of government just because you don’t like who the people chose.

      1. Try reading the entire quote not included in the snippet provided. It says something quite different.

        For instance, we could alter and leave out portions of your name. Would that be representative of who you are?

        Swarthmoron? If you accept out of context statements about others you should be willing to accept them for yourself, right Swarthmoremom?

          1. In other words, you rebut the out of context quote from Moore with a completely different discussion. You didn’t bother correcting your error Swarthmoremom or should it be Swarthmoron since you find no problem in taking words out of context?

            Take your pick as to how a debate should be managed. In context or out of context? I await your answer.

          2. “Swarthmoron?, ” says — guess who?

            He’s such an a$$.

            From Painter’s tweet:

            “The Alabama election was not just about sexual perversion. It was also about the Trump/Bannon “angry white man” identity politics that abuses the Christian faith and has destroyed the GOP.”

            A whole lot of “angry white” men. Like some of those who post, here.

            1. You missed the point anonymous,but that is not unusual. I was explaining to Swarthmoremom that she could decide how a debate should proceed, in context or lacking context. In your case, we already know. You are incapable of rational discussion.

              1. Your assumption that anyone is concerned with convincing you about anything at all is quite touching.

                This is to “with sadness” allan

                  1. Mark M. does not seek you approval, Allan. And neither does anonymous nor swarthmoremom.

                    As for “. . . a bit of intelligence . . . that is worth listening to,” reconsider the intelligence and the worthiness of an angry Trumpist calling swarthmoremom what you called her, Allan. Because that was neither intelligent nor worth reading. Maybe that’s why so few people seek your approval, Allan.

                    1. Diane, you apparently are desperate for approval and the ability to assume leadership probably because you have never had either before. I don’t have such needs. I’ve already accomplished more than I would dare ask for.

                      I don’t think you recognize how illogical and poorly constructed some of your ideas are. You do not discuss rather you promote your ideology.

              1. You say that while gnashing your teeth, wearing your vagina hat and accusing men of all sorts of crimes without having proof. I pity your husband should he be of the male gender.

                1. You are starting to attack women like Trump does….. Do you tweet? See Trump has two more accusers….. drip drip drip……..

                  1. I respond to women whose gender might be female, but are far from being real women. I realize that Trump’s gazing a second too long at a beautiful model or beauty queen might be considered an attack on women by those that do not recognize that sexual attraction is part of both sex’s biological makeup. I think if men were left with choices like you or anonymous most would choose a sex robot.

                    1. Allan said, “I respond to women whose gender might be female, but are far from being real women.”

                      Allan also said, ” I think if men were left with choices like you or anonymous most would choose a sex robot.”

                      Allan previously said, ” it takes a bit of intelligence to create an argument that [defines real women as sex robots who are not] worth listening to.”

                      I wonder who the moron is now?

                    2. Diane – American women are becoming so strident that many men are voting for robots for sex partners. A certain amount of women are voting for them, too. And, they are not that expensive. Cheaper than a divorce.

                    3. Diane writes: “I wonder who the moron is now?”

                      You are. Even getting rid of the words in parenthesis you didn’t copy the statement correctly and left out the verb. Your personal additions removed context from my statement. That makes you somewhat of a fibber along with being a moron whose comments are disjointed.

                      The actual quote was: “Mark M., it takes a bit of intelligence to create an argument that is worth listening to. You don’t have it.”

                1. “Let’s just say: too many crazy, “angry white” men If the shoe fits.”

                  Anonymous, your incoherent attacks make you sound like what a shoe picks up from the street. Try and step up rather than down.

                  1. Allan said, “your incoherent attacks make you sound like what a shoe picks up from the street.”

                    Yes, Allan. You are a pebble in a woman’s shoe.

                    1. You can look at me as “a pebble in a woman’s shoe” if you like, but that pebble only exists when the woman’s intellect and honesty fall below a certain point. Anonymous doesn’t have the capability of rising above that point, but you might.

                    2. Allan said, “Anonymous doesn’t have the capability of rising above that point . . . when the woman’s intellect and honesty fall below . . . ‘a pebble in a woman’s shoe.'”

                      Now hear this, Allan: I’ve always worn Army boots all the better with which to goose-step on misogynist pebbles wherever I find them. Yours are especially inconsequential.

                    3. Diane – do your Army boots go with your entire wardrobe? Do you buy from the Army-Navy Store? You must be really popular at 2nd and 3rd Wave Feminism meetings. They would love those boots. There wouldn’t be a dry seat in the house.

                    4. Diane writes: “I’ve always worn Army boots”

                      I won’t disagree with that statement. You march lacking concern as to where you are heading.

                    5. Diane – so you need to go on a very strict weight-loss program. Okay, we get it. Check with your health provider and see if they offer a program.

                2. anonymous – there are no crazy white women? Or black women? Or Asian women?

                  Sometimes you appear to be an angry white woman.

                    1. anonymous – you haven’t answered my question. Don’t lay it off on someone or something else, just answer the question?

                    2. ” 2 mass shootings were initiated by female shooters, 88 by male shooters.”

                      I think your quote is correct anonymous. Men and women are different based upon biologic necessity. Men are also stronger and have more testosterone which affects one’s abilities and mindset. That knowledge destroys the idea of some that men and women are equal or the same, however, despite all these differences men and women can be equal under the law.

                      Lesson: Though men and women can and should be equal under the law they are not the same so women should be striving for equality under the law and not be aspiring to sameness.

                      What does that mean in real life? Some women complain that they are being discriminated against because they don’t have equal opportunity to be a marine or another job where the biological differences make men superior. We have a tendency to downgrade the job in an attempt to make women “equal” or “the same as men” instead of equal under the law. It is true women have been discriminated against in the job market, but likely not to the extent that some people claim because women bear and care for children which might lead to time away from a job which makes them less valuable in the workplace. Confusing sameness with equality under the law is a foolish thing to do and makes life more difficult for everyone.

          3. Richard Painter replaced David Brock at CREW.
            There is an interesting column about him, “Stop taking Richard Painter seriously” by William Jacobson. ( July 10, 2017)

      2. From the linked article, posted by swarthmoremom:

        “At Moore’s campaign event Tuesday night, the crowd was raucous as the results began to trickle in, showing the judge ahead in early voting. Someone in the crowd had to call for quiet as Janet Porter, the head of the Faith2Action, tried to lead the room in prayer. “I thank God for Roy Moore,” Porter intoned, “who is the closest to a Founding Father I’ve ever seen.”

        “But after the AP and the New York Times called the race, a visibly distraught Rich Hobson came on stage, declaring that the Moore campaign wasn’t giving up yet. “I wanna ask y’all to pray,” Hobson implored the stunned audience.” -How Black Voters Lifted Doug Jones Over Roy Moore, The Intercept

    2. yes yay, YAY!!! and wake me when the slut-shaming bullying pedophile-in-chief grows a pair and resigns.

      The lines that have been moved, over and over again, to create this creepy un-civil, threatening environment rife with economic trafficking and the abuse of women, children and civil men are being moved back to their proper place. Radicals on both sides of the political isle, religious nut-jobs and criminals who run rampant everywhere should probably duck.

        1. Who needs proof? You don’t seem to mind the absence of proof for Moore.
          (And BTW, Hillary is not strong. She is greedy and deceitful, but not strong).

        2. Woosty, please forgive me. I mistakenly thought my sarcasm would be intuitively obvious even to the most casual of observers. But then you don’t read here much do you Woosty?

    1. What about your exploits David, should we lock you up as well? You realize using a different name at the time of the incident doesn’t absolve your guilt, right?

      1. Allan, have you completely and totally forgotten the catch phrase, “Lock her up”??? How convenient for you. Now go back and do the necessary head-scratching on Dr. Benson’s thesis.

        1. “totally forgotten the catch phrase, “Lock her up”??? How convenient”

          Convenient? I never asked for her to be locked up until proven guilty in a court of law. I do advocate that she be thoroughly investigated something not yet done, but I don’t know if putting Hillary in jail would be good for the nation. Right now investigations behind the actions of FBI agents is very telling and demonstrates how dangerous the politicization of the FBI can be. You will learn about it in a later time frame.

  7. Sweet Home Alabama
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    Tell the truth

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    C’mon, Pop. Don’t let it stop there

  8. I think Franken is still in and if Moore is as close as he says he is, no poll called it this close. I think we are looking at a recount. The combined polls called it a toss-up.

    1. TNYT states Jones wins by over 1%. So no recount.

      Learn to rely on the newspaper of record. Rarely wrong and factual errors are quickly corrected.

      1. David Benson – your newspaper of record has admitted that it is required to print at least one negative Trump story a day on the front page. I wouldn’t even believe the crossword puzzle.

        1. It seems there is some question about how to calculate when a recount is done at state expense. On that issue, we will have to wait until the state sorts things out.

      2. David, I believe in Alabama such a margin would not mean any recount. It would mean that if a recount took place Moore would have to pay for it.

        Try and get things straight.

    2. The election.chief said probably no need for a re count. Moore needs to accept God’s will and concede. 🙂

        1. Actually I found the quote and it goes “Leave him lay where Jesus flang him.”

          It’s from the book Bird by Bird, Some Instructions on Writing and Life, by Anne Lamott where she writes:

          “My Al-Anon friend told me about the frazzled, defeated wife of an alcoholic man who kept passing out on the front lawn in the middle of the night. The wife kept dragging him in before dawn so that the neighbors wouldn’t see him, until finally an old black woman from the South came up to her one day after a meeting and said, ‘Honey? Leave him lay where Jesus flang him.’”

      1. SWM:
        I think Moore should write a best-selling book blaming his loss on everyone from God to the Jim Comey and then have all his Hollywood pals make profane twitter tweets about how unfair the election was coupled with members of his own party questioning the sanity of his opponent all the while flimflamming a bogus investigation by a special prosecutor who was turned down for a job by him and based on salacious opposition research paid for by a politicized FBI.
        Now that would be novel. Oh wait …

      1. Wootsy – Franken waffled on his resignation. He was kicking the can down the road. He has room to stay in the game.

  9. So. For me if Turley and the establishment are against Moore then he must of been the right guy. I’m sure the votes were rigged if they are that scared of him. Why is it that the establishment ( not the patriots ) are so scared of changing things and or enforcing the law and constitution, celebrating Jesus, stopping immoral practices ? Does the establishment love their power and money too much ? Check out the powers of the secret service when it comes to protecting the establishment, if you can figure out what I’m talking about I seriously dobt it.

      1. Yea because you say so. How do you know jones is such a great guy ? Lessor of the two evils ? Is that what we’ve come too in this country ?

      2. The only good out of this special election is that either candidate would be gone in two years.
        Alabama voters won’t be sympathetic when they find out they’ve been lied to all along.
        Even Shelby might be vulnerable.

        1. GW said, ” I’m sure the votes were rigged . . . ”

          GW also said, “. . . doubt is the closing of ones mind.”

          If what GW said were true, then certitude would be the opening of one’s mind. Given that GW is certain that the votes for Doug Jones were rigged, it would follow that GW is open-minded. Except for one thing: Being certain the votes for Doug Jones were rigged is identical to doubting the votes for Doug Jones. Ergo, GW can be certain of GW’s own closed-mindedness. Unless what GW said is not true; in which case doubt is not the closing of one’s mind.

    1. GW said, ” Check out the powers of the secret service when it comes to protecting the establishment, if you can figure out what I’m talking about I seriously doubt it.”

      Dave137 said to GW, “I seriously doubt what you talk about.”

      GW said to Dave137, “Yes doubt is the closing of ones mind.”

      What’s it mean?
      A) If we can figure out what GW’s talking about, then GW doubts what GW’s talking about?
      B) If we cannot figure out what GW’s talking about, then GW is certain of what GW’s talking about?
      C) The opening or closing of GW’s mind is to be determined by somebody else figuring out what GW is talking about?
      D) Trump was driven by duress to seek election to the POTUS so that he and his family could be brought under the aegis of Secret Service protection of the establishment from Putin and The Russians?

    2. Haha. More entertainment. Pray tell, which part of “The Establishment” has stopped you from “celebrating Jesus?”

      This is to “that’s not MY First Amendment” GW

      1. Marky Mark Mark – how about all of the Establishment. For the last 10 years or so the Establishment has been very anti-Christian. Maybe because Christians turn the other cheek when attacked, but they have constantly been under attack, and I say that as an agnostic.

  10. So when did the GOP lose the other seat? NYT jumped in and stated not 51 to 49 but 50 to 49 not counting Pence. Moore however was exonerated as Jones got less than 50% and in Alabama it takes five of six jurors to convict so..that put paid to those allegations by a well over one million citizen jury.

    The lesson here is we’re going to have to work a little harder than last November and get rid of a few more RINOs as well as DINOs from the party system. But now we know it can be done full steam ahead.

    Second question if Moore pulls a Clinton how long can the certification of the votes be delayed while the recounts are in progress. Each state is different. Anyone?

    1. “Moore however was exonerated as Jones got less than 50% and in Alabama it takes five of six jurors to convict so..that put paid to those allegations by a well over one million citizen jury.“

      Trump lost by three million votes. I guess he should go to jail then?

      1. Yea pervs convicted by a jury of their peers right ? Oh that right Moore and jones are innocent until proven guilty or can you read minds ? 🤬

          1. Yea because you say so ! I’m not defending the guy but accusations are just that !!! How bot if you were accused ? Oh I know then we should believe you huh.

                    1. Subtract the letters e & s from milestones, then add the letter g and you’ll have an anagram for molesting. Otherwise milestones just a euphemism for molesting.

        1. GW…
          The silver lining for Moore in losing the election is that going forward, nobody will give a damn about the accusations against him.
          I don’t anticipate that those who accused him, or the accusations, will continue to be “in play”.
          Had Moore won, it would have been an ongoing, “headline” issue.

          1. Nash,
            The Repubs created or borrowed from the Kremlin at least 3 tactics (1) “ongoing headline” (2) “what about…ism” and (3) volleying back to opponents, verbatim criticisms. An example of the first tactic is Turley’s post this week about Hillary fundraising which happened more than a year ago.
            Tom, you deserve a shout-out for merging two of the tactics in your comment.

            1. Linda, Actually, my comment had to do with the likely disappearance of the accusations against Roy Moore.
              And the likely end of the “yearbook debate”, etc.
              I’m not sure what the world salad reply you posted has to do with that, or if you were attempting to make any kind of a coherent statement.

                1. Allan,….should have been “word salad”, not “world salad” that I wrote.
                  I may have been thinking about “the Russians” when I typed “world”.

    1. Nope.

      And FWIW, I predicted in a comment from another article a few days ago that the Dems just might pull off a win. And they did. But Jones is a temporary seat filler. He’s too far left for Alabama to keep him.

        1. “A Change Is Gonna Come”
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          Somebody keep telling me don’t hang around

          It’s been a long, a long time coming
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          Then I go to my brother
          And I say, “Brother, help me please.”
          But he winds up knockin’ me
          Back down on my knees

          There been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long
          But now I think I’m able to carry on

          It’s been a long, a long time coming
          But I know a change gon’ come, oh yes it will

  11. This outcome supports my contention that the GOP will not nominate Trump in 2020. I expect that Trump will not be impeached. However, there is a new age dawning and men will no longer be able to get away with abusing their power to prey on women. By 2020 Republican challengers will rise to facedown Trump (if he has the nerves to run again), and Trump will be detritus in the pages of history.

    1. Right but the list begins with William Jefferson Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton and the hypocrites of the progessively regressive socialist party who rejected our system of government so what do you mean by meddling with and trying to use it when you should have been ejected by our own choice.

    2. RDKAY said, “This outcome supports my contention that the GOP will not nominate Trump in 2020.”

      GW said to Tom Nash, “Great strategic point after all it is politics.”

      O! Sometimes this blawg is almost too good for additional commentary.

  12. Now that Moore lost the election Al Franken will give us an actual date for his forced retirement. He was waiting to see what happened.

              1. Diane – Charles Barkley is no role model. He was arrested in the Phoenix area for DUI while getting a hummer. His only complaint was that he wanted them to hurry up the processing so he could get back to the hummer. Charles has been unfaithful to his wife his entire marriage.

                Shelby will not run again. He has nothing to lose. He can say whatever he wants, vote however he wants. He is a lame duck.

                You don’t applaud people like that.

                1. Oh! But I do. Shelby’s comment about his write-in vote probably tipped the scale just enough. Barkley’s exhortation to “draw a line in the sand . . . [and] stop looking like idiots to the nation” gave some people in Alabama the permission they needed to vote for Doug Jones. Democrats have a toehold in Alabama. Trump has no coattails. And Paul C. Schulte doesn’t tell any liberal to be stingy with his or her praise.

                2. You vote for people like that albeit not a minority. Moore kicked off the court by his thuglican colleagues yet you are happy to extol his virtues. This is to sore loser Paulie.

                  1. YNOT – I am not the loser here, it is not my state. I had no say in the election. My comments were primarily about the yearbook, which I originally thought was hinky because of the date and then that was confirmed as a forgery when Nelson ‘fessed up.

                    I am not a sore loser, but I am a sore winner. 🙂 I will rub it in.

            1. Thanks Ken, but I must decline. Give the award to the whole crew, instead. OMG, I’m afraid I’ll forget to mention someone. Let’s see: Natacha, anonymous, swarthmoremom, FishWings, David B. Benson, Mark M., Dave137, YNOT, WWAS, RDKAY, Linda and . . . da best defender of da women ever, Ken. If I’ve left anybody out. I’m so sorry. Feel free to write yourself in. Just remember: Gloating is still not a virtue.

              1. Oy geveldt. I left a bunch of names out. Jill, BigFatMike, Isaacbasonkovich, billmcwilliams, laura stark and probably more besides.

              2. What are you all awarding yourselves for? And what’s with the ‘names list’ dividing the comments section up into Us vs Them? Or Us and You and Your Ilk? Your partisanship is showing. And as you said, gloating is not a virtue. 😉

                  1. Well then I’ll add my name to the gloat list. As a life-long Hillary-hating Independent voter, I had previously written on this blog that Alabama voters knew enough about Roy Moore to make their decision and the decision should rest with Alabama voters, not Washington DC. I said they should know enough by election day to know that Moore is a controversial figure, a man of principle (willing to take a stand like Sally Yates), holds anti-gay, anti-muslim, anti-abortion views, and is possibly some sort of pedophile. I also said the Dems needed to get out the black vote for Jones to win and that they just might pull it off. And they did. Roll Tide!

                    1. TBob, are you angling for a back-slap and a fanny-pat like Chief Olly gives you and your ilk? “Good post TBob.” “Good post bam bam.” “Good post Allan.” Or are you going run and hide behind the little winky-face punctuation mark? No partisanship up TBob’s sleeve:)

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