Former Watergate Prosecutor Declares That Trump’s Tweets Could Constitute Obstruction and Witness Intimidation

downloadFor the last year, I have been criticizing over-wrought and at times irresponsible legal analysis proclaiming “slam dunk” criminal cases and long-sought “smoking gun” discovery sealing the fate of President Donald Trump or his close associates.  This includes months in which legal analysts referred to the crime of collusion despite there being no such crime.  Unfortunately, this trend continues with the recent interview of Jill Wine-Banks, a former Watergate prosecutor, who told MSNBC that Trump’s recent tweets can constitute “obstruction of justice, witness intimidation, and it’s obstructing justice by saying to agents you better not dig too deep, you better not find anything because I will attack you.”  I can see little support for such a position in the criminal code or past cases.

I have repeatedly criticized President Trump for his tweets on pending cases and investigations for both their content and their propriety.  These tweets have been repeatedly used by courts to undermine Administration policies and programs.  However, he is the President of the United States and can, like many politicians, criticize his opponents or attack allegations raised against him. It is unwise but it is neither unconstitutional nor unlawful.

Wine-Banks added “And this is the president of the United States, it is congressmen who have a national audience and can make people’s lives miserable.”  I am not sure what that statement means beyond the fact that powerful people can yield consider pressure in attacking civil servants or others in the national media.  I agree that it is not appropriate but criminal?  If that were the case, any president could be charged with declaring allegations to be politically motivated or unfounded.  The Clintons routinely rallied supporters against what Hillary Clinton called the “vast right-wing conspiracy.”  I do not recall Democrats or others denouncing the Clintons for obstruction.  It is certainly true that the Clintons showed considerably more restraint than Trump in such public comments but Wine-Banks gives no indication of where such a line would be drawn.

Wine-Banks added “I think it’s a serious threat to the investigation and to democracy.” Once again, those who are proclaiming our democracy at risk are doing so with no evidence to support such claims.  Indeed, our system seems to be working quite well. While I have criticized some of the coverage of Trump as biased, journalists are doing well in their investigative work under the First Amendment in challenging this Administration.  The courts have repeatedly countered policies and programs — and Trump has respected those rulings in seeking appeals while adhering to injunctions.  The Congress (with both houses under GOP control) has declined to adopt many measures where they disagree with the White House.  Where precisely is the evidence of a threat to our democratic system?

Despite her well-deserved reputation and accomplished background, Wine-Banks’ interview offered “more heat than light” in our national debate.  We are in great need of more light from our leading legal minds.

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      1. I am not certain which reality you occupy but in case you haven’t noticed, it’s been a one direction arrow to Fascism from the Right… not the Left.

        Locking out democrats from the legislative process to ramrod bills through Congress…hand written codicils attached whenever the hell a republican feels like ‘improving’ the bills.

        A president who can’t tell the truth or keep his lies straight: Fired Comey bc he was unfair to Clinton, then bc of the whole Russia thing, then Comey (and Mueller) is a deep state stooge in Clinton’s back pocket…whatever the Hell that is.

        Trump obsesses over jailing his former opponent Clinton for the exact things for which he’s under investigation.

        He openly sabotages the laws, like the ACA, which he is sworn to enforce.

        He appoints contrarians to departments serving the greater good.

        And his race-based political platform–have the mexicans pay for a wall, ban Muslims, and of course the good people who happen to be Nazis in Charlotte, that’s all red meat for the US’s cadre of racists with whom he identifies.

        Now Trump has declared himself king of the Dept. of Justice.

        It’s not cool. And I’m sure Turley is just fine with all of that. He is a profound disappointment as well.

      1. No, there has been no medication yet found that would stop a politician from lying. You can know this simply by observing previous Presidents and their administrations. Remember, these people are not angels, they have the same human nature as you and I.

        1. You’re being obtuse and you know it. Stop degrading the public discourse with your feigned innocence. Trump contradicts himself in the same sentence time and again. Whatever is convenient to his own ends, well, that’s justification for lying. Did Hillary sell the US uranium supply to Russia or is that a lie? Is it important to lie like that all the time?

          How about the democratic deep state fantasy where all the administrators and paper pushers are really closet agents of the democratic party just waiting to activate.

          Again, you are part of the problem and you should be ashamed of yourself.

          1. For your reading pleasure. There is a little bit in there for everyone. Your welcome!

            It may be a bit of an exaggeration to say that 2017 was the best of times and the worst of times for classical liberalism in the United States but not much of one. Most of the important policies that the Trump administration implemented very substantially advanced classical liberalism. But President Trump’s association with those policies may well discredit them in the long run, because he violated political norms that themselves have a kinship with classical liberalism.

            Begin with the positive side of the ledger in descending order of excellence. First, as has been detailed elsewhere, Trump’s appellate judges are superb. Almost to person, including most importantly Justice Neil Gorsuch, they are originalists. And the original Constitution with its structural checks on government power and protection of designated liberties is conducive to classical liberalism. Moreover, the methodology of originalism is itself the only judicial philosophy consistent with classical liberalism. Non-originalism necessarily gives arbitrary and discretionary authority to other governmental actors, mostly judges—the very kind of authority that classical liberalism abhors.

            Second, the Trump administration generally performed well on both the substance and process of regulation. As to process, many cabinet officials, including the Attorney General and Secretary of Education, have made it clear that they will not issue guidance statements that have the effect of regulating citizens without requiring agencies to go through a notice and comment procedure that guarantees some measure of popular input. This is an unprecedented counterpoint to the progressivism that wants to give ever more administrative power to the centralized bureaucracy. As to substance, the Trump administration has engaged in much appropriate deregulation and halted many unwise regulatory schemes of the previous administration. One area where there may be overreaction is environmental regulation. Classical liberal governance should prevent businesses from imposing external costs, such as pollution, on third parties, and prudent regulation in this area is warranted.

            Third, the tax reform just enacted is on balance beneficial. Our very high corporate rates made it harder for our businesses to compete given the rates abroad and the reform sensibly concentrated on reducing those rates as well as giving some more modest rate reductions to almost all individual taxpayers. And the bill does close some loopholes for high income earners, like substantial deductions for mortgages and for state and local taxes. The latter change also promotes competitive federalism, our Constitution’s classical liberal gem. Still even with substantial supply side effects that we can expect from tax reductions, the bill will not wholly pay for itself and thus adds to the debt.

            And that reality highlights the greatest missed opportunity for classical liberalism this year—the complete failure to address our growing debt which is driven by burgeoning entitlements. And just as Trump deserves more credit than he is getting for the policy triumphs of the first year, he also deserves blame for taking entitlement reform off the political agenda. And he had the ability to take the lead by arguing that the most important reductions should be Social Security and Medicare for upper income tax payers like himself. Such cuts would have made it easier to sell rationalization of Medicare and Medicaid to get more bang for the buck. Cutting taxes without reducing the deficit makes future tax increases or inflation more likely.

            While Trump’s decision to exit the Trans-Pacific Partnership was also an economic policy debit (and a national security mistake as well because it could have helped knit together an Asian alliance against Communist China) it is of relatively minor significance. At least so far, the President has not substantially disturbed NAFTA or GATT—treaties that have both increased economic freedom and led to greater economic growth. Freer trade was historically a hallmark of classical liberalism and remains an important component.

            But far worse than any policy error for classical liberalism, has been the President’s conduct in the office. He has told falsehoods via Twitter and through his spokespeople. He has written demeaning tweets, including a veiled threat against a broadcaster’s license, that are beneath the dignity of his office. These are also affronts to classical liberalism. First, classical liberalism contains a commitment to truth seeking and empiricism. It is not an accident that the great founders of Anglo-American classical liberalism, Adam Smith and David Hume, were also proto-empiricists: openness to evidence promotes good policy. Second, classical liberalism’s respect for the individual and distrust of authority makes it incumbent on leaders to treat their fellow citizens with respect, including of course respect for their constitutional rights.

            Lest one think that my concern with the President’s public behavior represents an excessively intellectual prissiness on my part, this behavior also imposes concrete harms on classical liberalism’s prospects. Many citizens do not spend a lot of time following politics, and their respect for office of the Presidency creates an aura of good will for the occupant’s policies. But for many such Americans, the President is squandering that advantage. As a result, they are more likely to think ill of his policies. Tax reform is a case in point. While almost all taxpayers will benefit from this reform, it is nevertheless polling very badly, and many think (falsely I believe) that these tax cuts have as their objective helping Trump personally. Low taxes and the economic freedom they bring are a cornerstone of classical liberalism and one of its few consistently popular policies. It is measure of the President’s personal failure that he has contributed to public disdain for one of his great policy successes.

        1. The prescription for an eighteen-wheeler truck filled with anti-lying meds wouldn’t put a dent in the afflictions at Murdoch’s Fox.

            1. Speaking of pivots, the poor saps in the red states have their jobs outsourced by the elite and then, elites orchestrate Bannon for them.

              How’s Trump’s designation of China as a currency manipulator progressing? The guy whose sentence was commuted by Trump, are there going to be another 400 “illegal immigrants” working at his plant next year?

              1. Linda – I heard those 300+ illegals all moved to CA where they are living in Gov. Moonbeam’s backyard.

                  1. Darrin Rychlak – During the holidays I act like Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer.

  1. Enough is enough, the folks out here that are twisting themselves in pretzels tying to blame anybody but themselves about the investigations of Trump are in the most mass denial that has been seen in the modern era. Chant LOCK HER UP all you want, but it is Trump and his Russian mobsters that will be exposed. So put on your rose colored glasses and wrap your self in FOX NEWS bubble wrap and yell about the deep state and get it over already. Sit back and wonder how he gets things done on the golf course and enjoy your middle class tax relief, and plan your vacation to go see the wall. In very little time his base will be the base of George W who? Wake up and smell the COVFEFE.

      1. Insightful post, Darrin.
        What transpired in the 18 days that Flynn continued to work at the Whitehouse after Trump was warned about him will be testimony worth hearing.

            1. If you think 2 and a half weeks on the job is “so long” I shudder to think of what your own work history looks like. But back to my question, why did Flynn end up leaving after 18 days?

        1. So your basis for alleged Trump-Putin collusion requires you to buy into an email revelation from a member of the Putin team? Sounds like you are colluding with Putin.

  2. He was then asked, since they have been investigating for more than 11 months, whether they have any evidence of any crimes committed by the Trump campaign, to which he implied that they do not.

    The premise behind initiating this investigation reminds me of that famous line: We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. However with the ACA all the evidence was there, time was needed to analyze it. This investigation on the other hand begins with an assumption lacking credible evidence and after a year is still looking for the evidence that would support starting the investigation in the first place. I’m all for investigating criminal activity that leads to prosecutions. But at what point should investigators have to admit they’ve uncovered nothing that would warrant continuing the investigation?

    1. “pass the bill so that we can find out what’s in it”… one more way in which the middle class was screwed by Trump’s tax bill- the rich have tax guys to tell them that their 2017 property taxes must be submitted before Jan.1, when they lose the deduction.
      The middle class, who report for 8 hrs. or more of work each day don’t have the time to stand in line to pay the taxes before the 1st and, they may not have the cash after Christmas. They certainly don’t have tax accountants to tell them about the plutocrats’ new law. And, we’re not talking about just the states’ residents who are being punished for voting for Hillary. The Brexit states where Bannon told them to vote for Trump also lose their deductions, places like Ohio.

        1. I remember when Trump’s Chief of Staff said, You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before. Would someone please finally ask President Trump what he meant when he said: we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

          What a scary administration. Executive orders that undo executive orders. Making the Legislative branch do their jobs (DACA) instead of the Executive. What a horror show!

        2. Even this reference to an article by the Intercept is beneath you. It’s a could be would be might be fiction-piece from the same people that eagerly published Reality Leigh Winner’s “leak”.

      1. LOL! Imagine that, the middle class wants to keep more of their own money, just like the wealthy. Those greedy ba$tard$!

        1. The middle class gets very little of this tax cut. The corporations and the billionaires get the majority of it.

            1. A) Corporations do not pay taxes, you pick up the tab when you buy their products or accept a lower salary from them as a condition of your employement with them and B) Rubio? Really?? What other obscure hack will you dig up next?

              1. If corporations would stop funding political activity with consumer profits (particularly their attempts to circumvent monopoly prohibitions), they could use the money to improve products and/or to lower prices… the way free enterprise is supposed to work.
                Obviously, the nation has been forced to extract from corporate owners (who get rich on dividends) payment for their costs of business like roads, policing, the judicial system and all of the social costs for their employees that they have offloaded onto community taxpayers.
                Rubio, obscure? Not to the wealthy backers who wanted him to be President, last election.

        2. Ten percent goes to the middle class plus middle class families can no longer deduct their dependent children. it could end up even worse for the middle class than we know as people are still trying to find out what is in it and the small cuts for the are sunsetted while the cuts for the wealthy and corporations are not.

        3. about that investigation…why is there a right wing campaign against Mueller and, why are the attacks on Flynn, gearing up and, why was Poupadopolis portrayed as a bit player and, why does Trump keep dangling the idea of pardons? Oh right, it is the cost that is opposed by the frugal party that wrote a blank check to Ken Starr.

          1. There is no “campaign against Mueller”. He’s doing a fantastic job of making himself the national village idiot daily. Plus there’s the added bonus that because of him, inadvertently, we’ve learned about Andy’s office and Strzok and that big toothed gal he was banging in FBI Headquarters.

            1. AWS re ” He’s doing a fantastic job of making himself the national village idiot daily” LOL!!

            2. Mueller works quietly while the right wing pillories him. They used to like the Purple Heart and Bronze Star winner before Trump came along.

              1. The closer the investigation gets to Trump’s inner circle, the more the attacks accelerate.

              2. SWM – you may be right re “right wing”

                Independents however, have never been enamoured with him. He gagged BI analyst Sibel Edmonds, obstructed Congressional 9/11 probe, involvement with HSBC money laundering…………….

              3. His Bronze Star and Purple Heart are irrelevant to the contemporary topic – Nixon too was a war veteran but his service was and is irrelevant to his conduct in office.

                Let’s look at it deeper shall we? Trump’s best political asset right now is Mueller. Ever thought about that?

            3. Plus there’s the added bonus that because of him, inadvertently, we’ve learned about Andy’s office and Strzok and that big toothed gal he was banging in FBI Headquarters.

              Shhh! Your messing with the justice illusion/fantasy.

          2. LOL! Your desperation slip is showing once again. You’re now asking and answering your own questions. If that’s on the advice of your therapist, you may need a new therapist; or at the very least an increase in your meds. Do keep trying though.

            1. Testimony will be interesting about the 18 days that Flynn kept his job after Trump was warned about him.

        1. Easy to get over 10,000 when you combine the property tax with the sales tax or state income tax deduction.

        2. In communities that understand taxes are the price we pay to live in a civilized society, citizens willingly pay for (1) civic projects for all residents, e.g. good schools, walking and biking trails and parks with swimming pools (2) professional services secured with pay that attracts highly qualified public servants (like police and judges who don’t discriminate based on wealth) (3) the social costs of employees that predators like Walmart
          dump on the community.
          The U.S. that men like the Koch’s crafted, after their politicians intensified wealth concentration, reflects the greed that makes Sierra mock people who pay taxes for the betterment of themselves and their neighbors.

    1. We can all agree that if you have the money and control that Murdoch does, you can reach and, ad nauseum, repeat, to a large audience.
      Similarly, in Oct., my local, plutocrat-owned newspaper published a story as if, it was just a regular column. In the article’s paragraphs, Melinda Gates was described as having saved “a million children’s lives”. Early on in the article, she was described as “brilliant and accomplished”. At the second repetitive mention, her “fingertips” were described as “brilliant”.
      (There was no mention of the family’s spending to oust state judges, no mention of Bill’s pronouncements against raising minimum wage and his opposition to public pensions and, no mention of Bill and Melinda’s dollars to promote privatization (Senior Congressional Education Staff Network) while he is an investor in the largest for-profit seller of schools-in-a-box.)
      When do you think the city newspaper will feature Zephyr Teachout and call her “brilliant and accomplished” and fail to mention a single flaw?

    1. Good post Autumn. Some of those commenting here state the American people have a right to know what the political class is doing. They are obviously correct, but those same people making those statements aren’t interested to know everything. Tom Fitton and his crew at Judicial Watch will pursue justice wherever the evidence points. Get all the cards on the table and expose the corruption regardless of who is proven to be corrupt. This nation can withstand equal justice, but it will not survive an administrative state that will weaponize its agencies to target citizens who have done nothing more than call for the rule of law to be applied to everyone equally. Those commenting on this blog that refuse to acknowledge the cards in evidence point somewhere other than President Trump have absolutely ZERO credibility in any discussion regarding corruption within the political class.

      1. “What the political class is doing”… the Center for Public Integrity recently posted, “Steve Bannon officially discloses the sources of his $2 mil. in personal debt… ” (4 homes). As I interpret the article, this WH edit is the 7th submitted. The article cites the addition of a few minor details about Bannon ties to Mercer family-owned businesses and mentions Cambridge Analytica.

      2. On Dec. 18, Vox posted an article about Cambridge Analytica. In the article Vox cites an Aug. Associated Press article that Vox claimed linked Flynn, Cambridge Analytica and the Trump campaign. If there are those who understand the article differently, have corrections, clarifications or confirmations about Vox’s reporting, it’d be helpful to blog readers’ understanding about what the political class is doing.
        In a 2016 speech by Cambridge Analytica’s CEO, as cited by Vox, the audience was told, “We rolled out… a quantitative instrument to probe the underlying traits that inform personality…if you know personality (your message resonates more effectively).”
        The five personality dimensions and how the tool linked to messaging is described in the Vox report.

          1. Excerpted from the article linked above:

            “In an amended public financial filing, Flynn was forced to disclose ‘a brief advisory role with a firm related to a controversial data analysis company that aided the Trump campaign.’

            The ‘data analysis company’ is none other than Cambridge Analytica. The precise amount of money Cambridge paid to Flynn is unknown, as are the details of Flynn’s role.

            But we know that congressional and DOJ investigators believe that Trump’s campaign might have helped guide Russia’s voter targeting scheme and that Flynn, who worked for Trump’s campaign and with Cambridge Analytica, is suspected of having extensive ties with Russian operatives.”

            So Flynn is cooperating with Mueller; and Cambridge Analytica is also cooperating with Mueller–albeit after having been served a subpoena. If there’s any provable connection to the Russian interference in the 2016 election, Mueller will find it. OTOH, I might have some serious crow to eat, if Louise Mensch, of all people, turned out to be right about the Trump campaign coordinating its data analytics operation with the Russians. Oh well, it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve eaten crow. And if it happens this time, then it will be mulled crow. Mull, Bobby, mull.

            1. Correction: Mueller did not subpoena Cambridge Analytica. He requested information and the company cooperated with the request.

    2. Looks like there may be cracks forming in the “political class” of the Clinton Crime Family Empire:

      “EXCLUSIVE: Top Execs Continue To Flee Clinton-Linked Laureate Education”

      “The most prestigious board member of Laureate Education has announced his departure from the firm, continuing a rapid exodus of top-level executives at the Clinton-connected company.

      Robert Zoellick, a former World Bank president, will leave the company at the end of December, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. His resignation follows on the heels of a number of unexpected departures since the company went public last February, as previously reported by TheDCNF. Those departures include the company’s founder and CEO, Douglas Becker, as well as its chief operating officer, chief legal officer, and its chief human resources officer.

      The for-profit education company is best known for paying former President Bill Clinton nearly $18 million to serve as the “Honorary Chairman” at Laureate International Universities (LIU), the company’s main corporate entity. LIU also donated up to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation, according to the Clinton Foundation’s website.

      The departure of such high-level executives “is very unusual,” according to Aswath Damodaran, a professor of finance at the Stern School of Business at New York University, where he teaches corporate finance and equity valuation.

      “Right after an IPO, the top management departs. It’s not good news,” Damodaran told TheDCNF last October, stressing that executives fleeing for the doors following an IPO is “never a good sign.”

      A World Bank entity called the International Finance Corporation awarded a $150 million investment to Laureate in Jan. 2013 during Zoellick’s term. IFC later increased the amount to $200 million. The company announced in Dec. 2013 Zoellick was joining the firm’s board.

      When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, Laureate’s Becker also received $17 million for another of his organizations called International Youth Foundation. The IYF funds came from the State Department’s Agency for International Development. IYF also collaborated with many Clinton Foundation programs.

      Laureate runs for-profit schools, that came under fire during former President Barack Obama’s administration. Unlike American competitors in the for-profit education industry, about 75 percent of the school operations are located overseas in about a dozen countries. Tuition from its international operations constitutes the organization’s largest single source of revenue, according to the company’s SEC 10-Q filing, a quarterly report for the period ending Sept. 30, 2017.”

      1. George,
        Sorry to interrupt you before you could elucidate readers about Jeb Bush and V.P. Mike Pence’s privatization of U.S. public K-12 education.
        You and I would be remiss if we didn’t condemn, for the Turley blog readers, both Arne Duncan and Betsey DeVos’ school privatization schemes.
        On the other side, the former Democratic V-P candidate, Tim Kaine, spoke out in support of schools that don’t serve up our kids for the enrichment of the richest 0.1%.

  3. The bromance among Russians, neo-Nazis and rich Republicans got Trump elected. Once elected, Trump filled his cabinet with the people that the richest 0.1% wanted.

    Speculate that Trump’s strategists never met rich guys they didn’t like nor, poor guys they wouldn’t abandon. Would that explain the marriage of a thrice-divorced GOP political operative and wealthy “Christians”? And, would it explain why (after the electoral votes were counted), the 3-way bromance ended with the ouster of the segment that lacks money? Are reports true that Breitbart is rejecting Nehlen? Alabama’s Republican senator announced he was voting against Moore, right?

    Republican politicians walk in lock step to impoverish the 99%. It’s time to make the GOP, a fringe party of the richest 0.1%.

    1. I fear for da middle class. T rump and his billionaire friends are gonna bleed em dry. Banks made out like bandits in da T rump tax bill.

          1. Which is more likely, Laurie?
            (a) Trump declaring China a currency manipulator, as he said he would (a move that would harm the stock market)?
            (b) Trump, as he said he would, defying the GOP house and senate in order to prevent cuts to Social Security and Medicare (the cuts would make Wall Street’s top 0.1% richer)?

          2. Da tax bill triggered a 4 percent cut In Medicare benefits. They have to whack some more to get some money for da trillions of dollars in cuts T rump and his Miralago billionaires get.

    2. Linda re “The bromance among Russians, neo-Nazis and rich Republicans got Trump elected”

      Tell that MSM-driven myth to this deplorable racist skinhead

      1. Da truth is very few black people support T rump and Roy boy Moore. Look at BAMA results. Da older white racists voted for T rump’s candidate Moore da molestor.

          1. After T rump was elected he turned real mean to black people. They took him and his party down in Virginia.

          2. He picks on blacks in da
            Media, da sports and da politics. People have taken notice and that includes Charles da Barkley.

            1. Ken – you are going to base your political commentary on a guy who got arrested for DUI while getting a BJ, and not by his wife.

            2. Da boxer Mike Tyson is a Trump fan He’s incorporated the Clintons into his new stand up show “Undisputed Truth 2”

              “Hillary is America’s most prolific serial killer – bar none.”

              “Manson family ain’t nothing compared to the Clinton family. Ted Bundy? John Wayne Gacy? Please… that’s kiddie stuff.” pointing out that the Manson family had killed five people, and that Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy had killed 35 and 33 people respectively in their sickening killing sprees. Apparently this is a number that pales in comparison to the body count created by Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

              She murdered her very good friend Mr. Vince Foster. She deliberately on purpose let Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans die in Benghazi. Do you know how many of her personal bodyguards have died deaths of a premature nature?”

              “Twelve. Twelve young men in close proximity to the Clinton’s have died premature. This information is all out there. You can look this up yourself. All of these bodyguards are indeed dead and it might all just be a tragic coincidence. Now I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to be on their list of associates.”

              Mike Tyson encouraged members of the audience to Google the Clinton body count, with the term “strange deaths surrounding the Clinton’s” and see what they could find. Tyson elaborated further in his set, “People in a hundred years from now going to look back at us and scratch their heads saying ‘Uhh really guys? Really? You couldn’t see what was right before your eyes?’”

              “Mike Tyson: “Hillary Clinton is America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer”


              1. I wouldn’t brag about having a psychotic convicted rapist as a supporter or reliable source on anything. Maybe Tyson thinks he and Trump are kindred spirits.

                  1. Autumn – considering that Weinstien was a major bundler for the Democrats, I don’t think they have much to say.

                    1. Was he an actual bundler or just a major contributor? I don’t think he had enough spare time to be a bundler. 🙂

      2. According to Tatum Boyd- “Trump’s not soft relative to international relations”- then, why won’t he declare China a currency manipulator?
        “The stock market is rising which is great for minorities”- what percentage own stock?
        “No one has been targeted like Trump has been”– has Boyd heard of Schaife? How many people have the right wing described as “murdered” by Hillary?
        “Trump’s bringing jobs”- then, why has Ohio not seen a drop in unemployment? And, the 400 jobs that Dollar General is adding, what do they pay?
        I’d go on refuting Fox’s distortions delivered via Tatum Boyd but since he’s angling for a job like the Black Republican Senator from S.C, I won’ bother.

      3. Does Tatum Boyd hold his nose when Mark Furman is on Fox? Does Boyd like the rheumy-eyed Bannon, the strategist who delivered Trump and Moore to voters? It seems unlikely because Bannon leads a crowd that many minorities and others find offensive.

        1. But but but Bannon was the keynote speaker at the Minority Entrepreneurs Conference hosted by Black Americans for a Better Future earlier this month

          1. Boyd, if he wants to be a champion to minorities (which he suggests in his lecture) should add to his immigration argument (but, it won’t make him very popular with Trump’s base). First, he can oppose immigration (as he states in the video), with the easy propaganda- loss of jobs (BTW, Trump used his commutation power for the first time to commute the sentence of a guy who had almost 400 “illegal immigrants” working in his plant). The second argument is that neither working immigrants nor working Black people should be making White Social Security sustainable. The program for Whites can’t survive without immigration (a required adjustment to accommodate a declining U.S. birth rate).
            Relative to Black people subsidizing White people’s Social Security, the evidence is clear in the Brookings Institute’s projections, reported in June 2016 (Life Expectancy…Social Security…”).
            Black men are projected to collect 2.3 years, White men, 6.2 and Black women, 7.7 years, White women 12 years. S.S.’s elimination may be a bit harmful to Black entrepreneurs who had intended to find a market among people collecting Social Security but, then, it’s not like middle class demand isn’t already down.

            p.s. The birth rate decline is largely attributed to the stagnant wage growth that accompanies wealth concentration.

  4. Republicans and Fox News creatures never had a problem with the FBI until their so called President is under investigation.

    1. Actually it began prior to that when Comey mysteriously concluded the investigation into Clinton’s emails without anyone being held to account. It’s been all downhill for the FBI’s credibility ever since. One need not be a Republican or FoxNews watcher to come to that conclusion.

      1. Too bad da Comey did not tell da people T rump was under investigation before da election. Comey screwed up on that. Better to know the Gambino T rump’s Kushes were facin some heat due to many years of mobstering.

      2. Gowdy could not find it either, does his credibility go downhill too? !0’s of millions from republican controlled investigations could not find it either. One need not be a democrat or a MSNBC watcher to come to that conclusion.

    2. What a tap dance must be required to vote “law and order” and then, to find oneself in the midst of attacks against the FBI.

        1. Comey failed when he kept what da putsy grabber, Mannafort, Flynn and Kush were up to secret from da voters. There were 2 crooks under investigation not just the Hills. We had a right to know.

          1. Ken,
            is there speculation about why no charges surrounding Manafort were brought, before Mueller became special prosecutor? Is the lack of investigatory and prosecutorial motivation the same as it was in the Madoff case?

              1. “People ask me why do you think you were fired, and I say ‘I dunno.’ I’m prepared to believe lots of things are possible, It could be because someone got angry that I didn’t return the phone call. It could be that people thought that all of these US attorneys were part of this nonsensical notion of the deep state. It could be a combination of reasons. It could have been an accident and they decided to stick with it. It could be that they didn’t want independent people around,” he said. “I’m not here to speculate. I just laid out the facts.”

                You might want to share with Preet what he was getting close to, because in his own words, he has no idea.

            1. You get close to da truth and they fire you. They bounced Crissy Christie from da white house cause he jailed da crooked Kush’s pops. There is a money trail and a firing trail.

    3. Pure “Fake News;” no, an absolute lie – perjury. Conservatives have cited the corruption of James Comey and for years beginning with his non-prosecution of Hillary, Obama, Holder, Rice, Power, Lerner, Lynch et al. while progressing to his pre-planned exoneration of Hillary, resulting in his firing. Not to mention the complicity of Mueller and the FBI hierarchy in the Hillary pay-for-play scheme while she was Sec. of State following the orders of Obama.

      1. Haha. “Conservative.” As if you know any. The inanities espoused here by the circus clown tinfoil hat brigade trumpers disqualify the speakers from claiming the label of “conservative.” Study the theories and writings of William F. Buckley and George Will for authentic conservative political thought.

        This is to “The deep state has tapped my commode” georgie

        1. Marky Mark Mark – as an admirer of William F. Buckley, even he would agree that conservatism has changed since his death. And I am not sure that George Will is a conservative, anymore. What I do know is that YOU are not a conservative and are in no position to decide who is or is not a conservative. YOU are a troll, we know that for a fact.

  5. They are sure running with more than one tail between their legs trying to dodge a year of garbage by piling more garbage on top of trash. Looks like a fine year for the counter revolution and the Constitution and the independent selfgoverning citizens of the country!

  6. Turley says, “Despite her [Jill Wine-Banks’] well-deserved reputation and accomplished background . . .” Huh? What well-deserved reputation? Would this be her reputation for running companies into the ground, like Motorola, which was once in the same league as Apple, but is now nothing? Or would this be when she ran Maytag into the ground, which once had a stellar reputation for longevity and durability, but is now considered junk by Consumer Reports? Or would this be Wine-Banks’s marriage to Ian Volner, which ended in divorce because Volner couldn’t stand being in the same room with her anymore? Yeah, Wine-Banks does, indeed, have a well-deserved reputation–for being a lousy attorney, business executive, and wife.

  7. Whatever credibility Wine-Banks once had is gone now with such an absurdity. I’d still like all the Impeachniks to come out and tell us what happens AFTER a Trump impeachment. Given their investment in impeachment of our President, one would hope they have more to offer than a ready, fire, aim strategy.

  8. Back in the Watergate days there was a product called Shinola. It was used to shine shoes and female toes.
    There was a phrase for idiots which is applicable to this old goat. “She don’t know itShay from Shinola.”
    I interpose some Pig Latin here so as to not offend.

    1. And it’s still in daily use. Also More full of….. than a Christmas turkey and Crying like a rat eating onions. Except I found out rats enjoy eating onions so we’re trying to find a suitable replacement.

  9. Let’s not forget this report is courtesy of MSNBC, which has a well established bias. Parading someone in front of a camera with a credential works well to convey the message. The accuracy of the message is not important as long as a narrative is presented in support of MSNBC’s platform. The goal is to repeat the narrative.

  10. The forces of the Obama/Hillary/FBI/”deep state” coup d’etat are attempting a cover-up.

    America is learning the truth:

    On a potential Trump 2016 election victory:

    “I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office – that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok texted on Aug. 15, 2016. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”

    – Peter Strzok to his paramour Lisa Page in the office of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

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